Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho.

Title: The kitsune's seduction

Summary: The Kitsune are legendry creatures, known for their cunning and their sly ways. Yusuke knows this, that doesn't stop him from falling a trap that he would never escape from. The trap of love.

AN: This is a birthday present long overdue to my dearest friend Anusha. Happy very belated birthday, I promised you a one-shot but now it is a two-shot. Forgive me for that and I am sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy.

-Part One-

-Hidden Intentions-


Yusuke paused in his step before looking over his shoulder at the person who called him. His lips formed an annoyed scowl, "What the hell do you want, Kuwabara?"

The orange haired boy crossed his arms and glared at him, "You are going into the forest again, aren't you?"

Yusuke snorted, "Yeah. So what?"

Kuwabara growled at him and stalked forward, "Every time you go into that maze, you come back with all kinds of wounds on you." He grabbed Yusuke's haori and shook him, "I don't give a damn what you do but you always manage to upset Keiko!" he shook his head, "I don't know why she bothers with an ungrateful bastard such as you."

Yusuke narrowed his eyes and grabbed the hand that held him in a vice like grip, feeling immense satisfaction when the orange haired boy failed to conceal a wince. "What do you think you are doing…" Yusuke stated as he twisted Kuwabara's hand, forcing him to let go.

"I am stopping you from doing something very foolish! There will come a time when Keiko will stop tending to your wounds."

Yusuke paused, scowling, "Hn." He continued towards the forest without bothering to acknowledge Kuwabara again.

'Damn that Urameshi.' Kuwabara thought with a scowl.

As soon as Yusuke was out of sight, his pace increased. His feet landed on the ground soundlessly as he instinctively avoided being detected by the creatures of the forest.

Soon enough, he was just a black blur moving through the dense forest at incredible speeds. He narrowed his eyes as his blood pounded in his veins. The excitement of running making his large brown eyes seemed almost golden.

This was what made him different. Different from all those simpering fools in the village. The prospect of a long, satisfying battle made his blood rush in excitement. The forest was his playground and low-level demons were his toys. His friends did not understand his thirst for battle. To them, his actions was illogical and he was not about to justify himself.

How could he ever hope to explain that rush and passion he felt when he fought? How could they understand the feeling of triumph and dominance that he felt when he won a battle?

They would not understand.

They would never understand.

He growled low in his throat and increased his speed. He needed to get away from that easy life for a while. He needed to get away from his alcoholic, uncaring mother and the forest was the perfect escape.

Suddenly, something was blocking his path. Yusuke cursed under his breath and came to a smooth halt barely a few feet away from the towering demon before him. He raised a brow at the downright ugly, blue-skinned creature that had the audacity to growl at him. "What do you want?" he asked gruffly even as his body subconsciously slipped into a practiced battle stance.

The demon did not even bother to reply. It simply growled before attacking with strength provided by its large body, expecting Yusuke to crumble under the force.

As if that would happen.

What followed could only be called a child's play for the boy. Yusuke handled the attack with swift and deadly precision of an experienced fighter. He dodged the attacks nimbly with a taunting smirk on his face. "What's the matter, shit-face?" he sneered, "Not enjoying getting beaten up by little ol' me?"

The demon growled again, bleeding heavily, his body sporting ugly, dark bruises. "I get it," Yusuke said with his arms crossed, "You are one of those dumb low-class demons who aren't intelligent enough to speak." He sneered, "Heck, I was itching for a good battle… what a waste."

The demon screamed in fury as launched itself at him. Yusuke grinned sharply, his fist colliding with massive force against the demon's chest. The sound of cracking ribs made him smirk. The demon fell to his knees, his arm wrapped around his chest, glaring at him. Yusuke raised his arms in mock innocence, "Hey, you chose to attack me first." He smirked before bringing his hand down decisively, rendering the demon unconscious.

"Che…" he scoffed, grimacing as he stretched a little, sorely disappointed. He closed his eyes, observing the sounds of the forest, wondering whether the demon before him had companions.

The sound of steadily approaching footsteps caused him to open his eyes and glance sharply at the direction from which the noise was coming from.

"That was quite entertaining." A calm voice stated.

Yusuke narrowed his eyes and slipped his hands into the voluminous sleeves of his haori. The creature, he assumed was a demon, stepped out of the shadows of ancient trees. Yusuke stilled, knowing instinctively that he was dealing with someone very powerful. The demon was ethereal; silver hair with ears on top of his head and narrow gold eyes. He was tall and lean but every instinct told him that as of now, he would not be able to fight this being and hope to win.

"Who are you?" he asked cautiously, his entire body tensing in anticipation.

The demon bowed elaborately, mockingly, "Youko Kurama at your service." The gleam in his eye indicated that he was garnering private amusement from the situation. That baffled Yusuke a bit but he did not question. He gestured towards the demon that was lying unconscious at his feet, "Your comrade?"

Youko snorted delicately, "A criminal we have been tracking for a while. He was able to travel from the Demon realm to this one and used it as a means to escape us."

Golden eyes pierced him and that gaze was intimidating enough for Yusuke to nearly step back.

There was something about this demon…

"You have done me a service." The elegant youkai said, raising his hand. Vines appeared from the ground to wrap about the unconscious form of the other demon. "Is there anything you wish for as a payment?"

Yusuke narrowed his eyes; something held him back. He was distinctly uneasy to encourage prolonged contact between them.

"No." he said with a firm shake of his head. "I want nothing." He turned away, itching to leave the company of the demon.

Suddenly his stiffened, there was a warm presence behind him and it was much too close for his liking. "I have given you my name; it is only fair to give me yours."

Yusuke narrowed his eyes. Youko was close; he could feel the faint caress of his breath against his cheek. "Urameshi Yusuke." He stated bluntly, stepping away from the demon to regain his personal space. "Is that all?" he asked with a raised brow, looking over his shoulder at the enchanting being.

Youko assessed him silently, chilling golden eyes burning with renewed interest and it made Yusuke wary. Frankly, he did not want to know what was on the demon's mind. "I am curious." The demon said and Yusuke raised a brow. "Why isn't such a skilled warrior known?"

"Yeah right." Yusuke snorted in disbelief. "How would a ningen gain popularity in the demon realm?"

Youko tilted his head to the side in confusion, "Ningen? What does this have to do with them?"

Yusuke's brow twitched. He was slowly getting rather irritated. "Are you blind?" he asked with a sneer. "I am human and demons do not like humans."

Youko raised a brow in disbelief, "You are no more of a human than I am." He narrowed his eyes, "I can smell it. It is faint so I assume that you are born to a human mother. Therefore holding onto the human disguise to stay in the human realm but you are definitely a demon." Keen eyes observed him and they seemed capable of unraveling all his secrets. "There is very little need to lie."

Yusuke looked at him and it was obvious that he did not believe him, "Whatever you say." He said blandly, "I am leaving."

"You don't know, do you?"

Yusuke paused in his steps, narrowing his eyes in annoyance. "Someone has been lying to you all your life, telling you that you are a human when you are a demon." The boy snorted and the demon seemed to chuckle. "Not just any demon. But a demon of high stature. No doubt when you drop your human guise, I would be able to tell exactly who sired you."

"What a load of bull-shit!" Yusuke snapped with a scowl, "What the hell are you trying to prove?" he shook his head, "Forget it."

"That rush…"

Yusuke paused once again.

"That excitement at the prospect of battle. The sight of a defeated opponent kneeling at your feet submissively, the strength that far exceeds those mortals." his eyes widened slightly, "The scent of humans, their loud voices and weak, fragile, imperfect bodies… doesn't that make you leave their company… come here…" he gestured expansively at their surroundings, "The forest."

Yusuke narrowed his eyes as his fist clenched.

"Have you ever have to pull you strength back even when it came to dealing with the strongest ningen? How different are you from them?" Youko asked with nonchalance, "How many times have you found yourself in a position where they just cannot understand you? How many times have they found your battle-lust as something unnatural and a disease to be cured?"

Yusuke closed his eyes, wanting to leave. The words offered a tempting escape but he knew better than to trust a strange demon. He would not fall for it.

"Your eyes see better than any human's eyes can ever see. Your ears are sharper, your senses so much more sensitive that you can feel the slightest shift in a person's aura." Youko stood directly behind him, his voice whispering in his ear, "The trees speak to you, the wind is your playmate, and the fire fascinates you as you toy with it… your affinity for nature separates you from those ningen."

"You, Urameshi Yusuke, are no human."

"Are you done?" Yusuke asked with a scowl. When Youko did not answer, the younger boy simply started walking away.

This time, the demon let him.


Yusuke cursed under his breath as he placed his drunk, unconscious mother on a futon. He had lost count of the number of times he had been asked to pick his mother up from a random bar after she managed to knock herself out. He did not understand what forced her to ignore everyone, including her son, in such a manner but Yusuke was slowly getting tired of it.

Sitting back with a sigh, he observed her with narrowed eyes. He had never attempted to question her about his father, knowing instinctively that it would only invite trouble. Even when he was young, the word 'bastard' haunted his steps.

It stopped bothering Yusuke a long time ago. The desire to know of his father had long since disappeared. However, the encounter with that blasted demon, Youko Kurama, changed everything.

Seeds of doubt had been planted in his mind despite the fact that he tired his best to disregard the demon's words. Despite the fact that he did not know anything about his father, he had never suspected the man to be anything but human.

Now he was starting to doubt that belief. However much he might try to deny it, Kurama did have a point.

He stood silently as started walking out of his mother's room. Ever since the day he had the conversation with Kurama, he found himself observing his friends and villagers. Trying to find any human who was like him, someone who would assure him that while he was different from others, he was most certainly a human.

He had not found anyone.

Once he was in his room, he stood in front of the mirror thoughtfully. According to Kurama, what he was looking at now was only a guise he had instinctively used to co-exist with humans. He had also mentioned that he could remove this guise and revert to his true appearance whenever he so desired.

He had tried. He had tired repeatedly to shed the human disguise and had failed. It only served to assure him that he was human but doubt still lingered at the back of his mind.

Yusuke looked into his own eyes, spying specks of gold amongst brown. Keiko had once told him, in a rare moment of candidness, that his eyes showed that there was something powerful and brilliant hidden deep within him. She had said, he recalled, that though his eyes were quite ordinary, they seemed the make people falter in their steps.

He had smirked then but hadn't bothered to take the comment seriously.

Yusuke crossed his arms with a frown when he recalled Youko's brilliant golden eyes. He remembered feeling the need to back away from that piercing gaze and wondered if his eyes were like that as well.

"Nonsense." He hissed to himself, wondering why he was wasting his time pondering over the words of a demon he had met only once.

Taking a last glance at his unchanged features, he sneered and turned away, not noticing a slight flicker in his appearance.

He sat down on the futon, closing his eyes. Maybe he was thinking too much, trusting a demon's words too much. It would be best if he simply let go of all his doubts and continue living in ignorance as he always did.

Right now, he simply wanted to rest.

"That freakin' bastard." He snarled to himself as sleep evaded him for another night. He sat up with an angry scowl on his sharp features. He ran his fingers roughly through his unkempt hair, his body trembling with frustration and rage. "Kurama, I don't care how strong you are; I will find a way to beat the shit out of you for all the trouble you have caused." He hissed, glaring out of the window.

The sky was dark with a liberal dusting of stars that looked too cheerful for his current mood. He scowled and stood smoothly to his feet.

Maybe a midnight run would help clear his mind.

With a sigh, Yusuke looked down at himself. He was wearing a simple white yukata, it was unfit for running or going out but he did not care. It was not as anyone was going to see him.

He walked out of his room silently, knowing that his mother would not be awake for a while. Besides, he wanted to avoid being subjected to her handover blues.

Outside, the night air was cool and it was perfect for a midnight run. Smirking a little, he walked out of the village leisurely. No one was out and the forest seemed sinister. No one in their right minds would enter it during the night but Yusuke was confident that he could handle himself.

Despite having the desire to do so, Yusuke did not run. He walked through the dense collection of trees, lost in his thoughts. The forest was anything but calm, the creatures of the night singing their songs, filling the chilling air with life.

Yusuke closed his eyes and stood in the middle of a small clearing, basking in the light of the full moon.

"The allure of the forest has once again overwhelmed you." A soft, but impassive voice disrupted his peace. Yusuke's eyes snapped opened and he glared to his right.


The beautiful, stoic visage came into view and the demon nodded his head calmly in greeting, "I am honored that you remember me." His tone suggested that he knew that he was not someone a person could easily forget.

Yusuke crossed his arms, "You are stalking me."

A smirk teased the demon's lips, "Is that so?" he asked softly, moving forward. Yusuke didn't budge from his position though every nerve in his body was screaming at him to back away. It was a novel experience for him, to be so intimidated by someone who looked so beautiful.

"It is in the middle of the night. You are in a forest that his close to my village and the human realm." Yusuke gave him a dry look, "What else am I supposed to believe?"

Kurama smiled slyly, "Well, I suppose you are right." He stated with an elegant shrug although his eyes were intent on Yusuke. "You have been experimenting, haven't you, Yusuke-kun?" he asked thoughtfully, "Your scent is changing… there is more of demon in you now than the last time we met."

Yusuke stepped away once again, glaring at Youko from the corner of his eyes. "You are lying." He said bluntly, "I don't know why you are so intent on proving that I am a demon and I don't know why you are even bothering with me, but I would like you to stop it right now."

Youko chuckled, "You are naïve." He murmured, "So naïve and such a child." Yusuke did not like the sly look in his eyes. "Nevertheless, I will let you go now. Enjoy your run in the woods but soon, dear Yusuke…" he whispered softly, "When you release your true self, you will not escape me."

The boy looked at the demon oddly, his fierce eyes narrowed. "Whatever." He scoffed before moving swiftly towards the line of trees, disappearing amongst the trees.

"You need to be more discreet." A gruff voice warned him and Youko turned to look at a small demon who was sitting on a tree branch. "It will not take him long to figure out your true intentions."

Youko huffed in amusement, "Ah… I do not think so. A demon child raised amongst humans is never fully aware of his instincts." His smile was sly, "He is quite a treasure, is he not? Hiei?"

The other demon looked at the direction the boy ran in and smirked, "His scent is familiar." He glanced at Youko, "You are right in assuming that he is a demon of high stature. Raw and uncorrupted." He raised a brow, "A perfect mate."

Youko chuckled, "Exactly." He purred, "He is rather unselfish. He won't have any ambitions of gaining control of my kingdom moreover; he is powerful so I would have no reason to worry over his safety."

"Don't get too ahead of yourself." Hiei scoffed, "He must consent to be your mate first. As far as I can see, he is too uncomfortable in your presence. Forcing it would not benefit you at all."

Youko glanced at him with narrowed golden eyes, "I wouldn't be a Kitsune if I did not know the delicate art of seduction, would I?" He chuckled, "At tomorrow's gathering, we should be able to find who his sire is, if his sire is alive. We will act accordingly after we know which youkai clan he belongs to."

Hiei simply nodded in response and the demon blurred out of sight.

Youko chuckled, crossing his arms with a small smile. It would be fun. From what he had observed, Yusuke was not someone who would be easily tempted. He looked at the direction at which the boy went before turning away and heading towards his home.


The gathering was as peaceful as one would expect a youkai gathering to be. Many of the demons present were looking for the expansion of their own power. Some of the most grotesque looking creatures mingled with demons that could be described as celestial beings rather than youkai.

Many were weak, some powerful. Many were greedy, some wise and much more dangerous than others could hope to be.

Youko was used to this. He had lost count of the number of gatherings he had attended in his lifetime. However, that particular gathering was special. If he found Yusuke's sire, many things would change. He needed to see to it that the change would be in his favor and not against him.

"Raizen is not here." Hiei's monotone voice invaded his thoughts.

The fox nodded, looking around with narrowed eyes. "I wonder if he will come. His reluctance to attend the gatherings is rather obvious."

"He will." Hiei murmured, "If Yomi and Mukuro are here, he should be as well."

Youko glanced at the two demons who were conversing amongst themselves. Hiei was right. Raizen will come if the two were present.

"And here he is." Youko, his eyes landed on the tall, white haired demon. Of all the three elites, Raizen was probably the one he respected the most. He was called the God of War for a reason yet he was probably the one who was the sanest of them all. He looked as he always did, ruffled, his clan marks standing out proudly against the tanned skin. He never did bother to dress for the occasion, appearing only with his pants on. Even Kurama could not deny his appeal.

However, that scent…


"I know." The smaller demon replied with a frown, his nostrils expanding a bit to take in the scent. "Of all people…"

Youko frowned. He was not sure that this worked in his favor but he did not have any other choice. Going against Raizen was not something he wanted to do. He looked at Hiei, "What do you think?"

"Tell him." He crossed his arms with a scowl, "If he suspects, even for a moment, that you kept his own son from him, he will kill you."

Youko narrowed his eyes but conceded to the logic. Swiftly, he walked towards the older demon, his head held high and his golden eyes thoughtful.

Raizen, sensing Kurama's gaze on him, looked at the fox demon with a raised brow. Discreetly, Youko pointed towards the doors, indicating that he needed to discuss something with the older demon in private.

Raizen shot him a baffled look but he did follow Youko out, letting the younger demon lead him away from the gathering and towards the gardens outside the Yomi's mansion.

"Is there a particular reason for such discretion, Youko Kurama?" The older demon asked as he watched Kurama lead him to a very secluded part of the gardens, "You are being careful."

"There is a need for it, Raizen-sama." He said respectfully, "Something has come to my attention that I think you must know." He frowned, wondering whether he should be blunt.

"Oh?" Raizen observed him keenly, noting the uncertainty on the younger demon's face, "Well, I am all ears." He encouraged. Kurama and he were not exactly close acquaintances. However, Raizen knew of him and often found himself interested in the younger demon. Such power and cunning was not something to be ignored.

Kurama crossed his arms and sighed, "Recently, I have come across this youngling." He started of reluctantly, "He goes by the name of Urameshi Yusuke."

"And this would interest me because?" Raizen asked with a frown.

"He believes that he is a ningen, Raizen-sama when his scent tells me that he is a demon." He looked at the older demon intently, "I investigated a little and found that he was born to a human mother… out of wedlock."

Raizen narrowed his eyes, leaning forward in interest, "His mother never did disclose the name of his father. He has subconsciously put on a human guise that he is just beginning to shed." He paused for a moment, "Raizen-sama, he… his scent matches yours…" he looked into the older demon's icy eyes, "In fact; I would go on further to say that everything about him is similar to you."

"Is the brat 18 years old?" Raizen asked.

Kurama nodded, "Somewhere around that age." He confirmed, "He is very young, his instincts seem to baffle him."

Raizen closed his eyes, "So she has been hiding him."


"Boy, you may have unintentionally found my son." He opened his eyes and looked at him, "As unintentional as it may be, you have done me great service. You say that this brat believes himself to be a human?"

"Hai, Raizen-sama." Youko nodded, "He believes that his father abandoned him as a child as well. I have been trying to convince him that he is a youkai and have managed to tickle his curiosity awake. Slowly, he is shedding the human guise."

"Hmm. It seems that if I approach him now, the situation could turn against us." Raizen said ponderously, "You say that you have managed to put seeds of doubt in his mind?"


"Proceed as you have done now. Introduce the idea of having a father to him; I will only contact him when he is less likely to react negatively."

"That shouldn't be a problem." Youko said, a triumphant gleam entering his eyes, which, unfortunately for him, Raizen caught.

The great demon narrowed his eyes, "You have plans that involve my son?"

Kurama tensed before bowing his head, "Your son… is quite endearing, Raizen-sama." He whispered softly, "An ideal mate…"

Raizen laughed loudly, a rakish grin spreading across his lips, "Oh? He has roused your mating instincts, has he?" he leaned forward, his countenance amused, "Endearing you say? I would imagine that it would take someone quite enchanting to lure the great Youko Kurama."

Youko chuckled softly, "Enchanting?" he shook his head, "I do not know if he truly is an enchanting being underneath that guise but…" he looked at Raizen with a small smile, "He is certainly hard to impress." He looked serious, "Please consent, Raizen-sama. My intentions are honorable, I assure you."

Raizen nodded, crossing his arms and looking at the night sky. "We shall see about that. You are a young demon with a healthy appetite for earthly pleasures, after all. Such demons tend to go after anything that takes their fancy." Those sharp eyes landed on him, "Maybe you found the child exotic and unique? Mating is not a decision to be taken lightly. The one you chose should be absolutely compatible to you, someone who you can spend a long youkai lifetime with."

Kurama nodded calmly, nothing on his icy features betraying his ire, "I know that."

"Do you?" Raizen asked with a raised brow, "Isn't he just a conquest, boy? Someone who is not tempted by the Kitsune's seduction?" the older demon smirked, "Once you have had him in your arms, that allure will fade. Will you not regret having him as your mate then?"

"Not tempted." Kurama purred, "You are mistaken, Raizen-sama. I am simply waiting for him to realize that he is a demon. Once he does…" he looked at the older demon with a determined look in his eyes, "I will make him my mate." He closed his eyes in remembrance, recalling the scent that tempted him, those eyes that challenged him. He could not forget the gleam of that golden skin nor the confident smirk on those plump lips.

Raizen smirked, looking amused. "We shall see." He glanced around, somewhat surprised to find that they were still alone, "Anyhow, I assume that you are going to meet him again, soon?"

Kurama nodded, "As soon as possible. His true form has started to unravel. I must keep an eye on him."

Raizen nodded, "Then I will trust you with his care." he slanted a glance at him, "If you wish for him to be your mate, you must care for him a little. Be wise to heed my warning, boy, it matters not how strong the child is, if he is harmed by you, I will see to your death."

Youko tensed before closing his eyes, his head bowing in a brief show of submission. He could not begrudge a threat given to him by a concerned father. "Duly noted, Raizen-sama."


Yusuke stood before his mother, his long black haired tied messily. He had demon markings on his body and his eyes were wide with more golden than brown in them.

There was no way he could deny it now.

There was no way she could deny it.

"Were you raped by a demon?" Yusuke asked bluntly and his mother winced, massaging her temple with a resigned sigh. "Tell me the truth this time, mother."

"No." She said, looking at him lazily as she sipped sake.

"Were you drunk?" She shook her head, and Yusuke scowled, "Did he abandon you after you slept with him?"

"I ran away." She admitted, "I ran away the moment I understood that I had submitted to a demon."

Yusuke sat down, running his fingers through his long messy hair with a sigh, "And you did not tell me because?"

"You think that I want to remember what happened?" she asked with a scowl, "You think I want to remember that one night that ruined my entire life. I was hardly in love with that demon and nor was he going to keep me with him as his wife or mate or whatever they call it." She sneered, "I knew he was of Royal stature, someone who was of great importance in their world."

"Does he know?" he asked softly, "Does he know about me?"

She shrugged, "As the lore goes, the demons sense when their off-springs are born. He could have sensed your birth." She looked at him, "I made sure that he would not be able to find me."

"How the hell were you able to hide yourself from a demon?" he asked her, feeling anger burn in his veins. "Why would you hide me from my father!?"

"There are ways." She answered, "Humans are not that powerless." There was a hint of pity in her eyes, "Yusuke, I don't think he would have associated with us even if I informed him about your existence. Demons… they are different. They don't associate with humans and they don't mate with them."

Yusuke scowled at her, "I am a demon as well."

"Yes you are." She admitted, "One of the fortunate few who were born as a youkai from a human mother's womb. You should be glad that you are not a half-demon and let the matter rest."

Yusuke fell silent after that. Closing his eyes, he leaned aback against the chair. Things had gotten more complicated than he liked but he knew that eventually he would have found out about this.

He felt lost.

He stood silently, sparing a glance at his nonchalant mother before leaving the room. As soon as the boy left, she sighed and bowed her head. "Sorry, Yusuke."

Yusuke paused outside the shut shoji door, hearing the soft whisper before walking towards his room. He paused outside his door, his hand resting on the door as he closed his eyes. He was not ready for this.

With a resigned sigh, he opened the door, his eyes instantly landing on Kurama.

The demon looked as stunning as always, sitting casually on his futon, glowing in the silvery moonlight. He looked as though he was some sort of celestial being. "You won't leave me alone, would you?"

Kurama turned to him, his golden eyes gleaming and he nodded in greeting. "Yusuke-kun." He leaned forward in interest, his eyes taking in Yusuke's yukata clad form, "Finally, your true form emerges."

Yusuke snorted, "And you get the satisfaction of knowing that you were right." He glared at the demon, "Now, get out."

Kurama chuckled, "Temper temper." He tsked and stood elegantly, walking towards Yusuke in a rather predatory fashion. He reached forward, capturing a few strands of ebony colored hair and examining them, "As soft as silk even though it looks so harsh." He murmured, "There is more gold in your eyes now. And such proud marks." He said in amusement as he caressed the marks.

Yusuke slapped his hand away with a fierce glare, "What the hell do you want from me?"

"Many things." Kurama replied with a gleam in his eye. He moved swiftly, before Yusuke could react, slipping behind the boy and wrapping his arms around the strong lithe body. "You are not so naïve, are you, Yusuke?" he purred, nuzzling the sensitive skin of Yusuke's neck.

The younger demon's eyes widened, a shiver coursing through his body at the contact. It was really an unfair competition. He was a youth inexperienced when it came to such intimate touches against the complete and expert attention of a creature meant for seduction. "Kurama…" his was held a slight warning but he was rather weak against those lips that were gently brushing kisses on his cheek.

He took a shuddering breath, his eyes falling shut in unknown bliss as the older demon's strong arms caressed his sides, a moist tongue teasing his sensitive ear.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and he gritted his teeth before spinning out of those powerful arms, his face contorting in anger. "If you touch me once again, I will break every bone in your bloody body, you get me Kurama?" he sneered, "This time, I am certain I will be able to accomplish that."

Kurama raised his arms in mock surrender, "You probably will be able to." Golden eyes observed him keenly, "But do you really wish to?" Youko leaned back with a thoughtful look on his face, "Is there something wrong with me desiring you?"

Yusuke scowled but did not answer. Walking over to his futon, he pulled back the sheets. "Leave, Kurama."

Golden eyes narrowed.

Yusuke gasped as suddenly a vice-like grip caught his wrist. He winced when the claws bit into his skin. "You test my patience." Youko whispered against his ear, his moist breath sending shivers of awareness down Yusuke's spine. "Always so tense and aggressive, like a child who is used to everyone taunting him." Yusuke's eyes widened when he felt those soft lips on his cheeks, "I want to own you. You are just so tempting." He murmured.

"You bastard." The newly acknowledged demon hissed, "Do you really want to do this to a man?"

Kurama chuckled, "You have a lot to learn about your own race, Yusuke." His grip on the younger demon was possessive and something inside Yusuke stopped the boy from breaking the hold. "To us, as long there is attraction and compatibility, gender hardly matters." He smirked suddenly, pressing his face against Yusuke's shoulder, kissing the cotton cloth that covered it. "Maybe, your father would help you in that."

Yusuke stiffened, his eyes narrowing, "Father?"

Kurama brushed his lips against the delicate skin on the boy's neck, his tongue sampling the taste of that smooth skin. "Yes." He murmured, "The great Raizen-sama, of all people." He chuckled, "He hasn't even seen you yet he threatens me, telling me not to harm you in any way or he will kill me."

"What do you mean? You told him about me?" Yusuke asked in anger.

"It wasn't nice of your mother, you know." Kurama said thoughtfully, keeping Yusuke in his embrace and placing his chin on his shoulder. "He knew about your eminent birth the moment your were conceived. You are the only child he has sired so you are doubly precious to him." Kurama looked at the stunned face with a small smirk, "You have no idea of what stands before you, Yusuke."

"Damn you!" Yusuke growled, "You are loving this, aren't you? Turning my life upside-down with every word that spills from your lips."

"Would you rather that I lie to you?" Kurama asked seriously, "I told you that you were a demon because it was the truth. I told you that you were assuming a false form because it was the truth. I told you that you have a father who is alive and has been searching for you for over eighteen years now, I speak the truth." The older demon tightened his arms around Yusuke, "You should know to trust my word by now."

Yusuke pulled away from him, "I don't know what to trust." He said in frustration, sitting on the futon, "My mother tells me that she ran away because she knows that demons don't associate with humans. Well, good for her, but I am a demon!" he ran his fingers through his hair, "You tell me that my father did not abandon me and my mother, that he has been searching for me all this time… I don't know what to do!"

"Hey," Kurama said softly, kneeling in front of Yusuke. He looked at the flushed, angry face and disconcerted eyes with a frown, "Hey," he called again, "Look, I will leave you to think about this for a few days, okay? And Raizen-sama does not expect you to be comfortable with this so soon. He told me to be careful but I know that you would like to hear the truth straight out and without any flowery decorations."

Yusuke looked at him, "Your mother did what she thought was right because she did not understand demon nature. Your father is someone I respect greatly so don't be worried about him. Believe me when I say this, you are under no pressure. Take your time."

Kurama stood with a small sigh. Leaning forward, he grasped Yusuke's chin to make him look at the older demon. He smirked faintly before capturing those lips in a short-chaste kiss. "Oyasumi-nasai, Yusuke-kun." Before swiftly disappearing from Yusuke's vision.

"Kurama, you bastard!"

Cursing furiously, Yusuke fell gracelessly onto his futon, his fingers tracing his lips. His rapid breath caressed his fingers; that was when he finally noticed that he was panting and that his skin felt warm, and his hand was trembling...

Could a simple kiss affect him so much?

Yusuke shook his head and looked blankly at the ceiling. It was not just the kiss but also a combination of things. Kurama's touches were intoxicating, his kisses tempting beyond compare. The demon was just so beautiful and ethereal that Yusuke did not understand why he was chosen to be his latest pursuit.

He was not a fool. The Kitsune had been intent on him since the very beginning. He recognized manipulation when he saw it. Kurama, by being his sole contact in the demon world, had placed himself in a very important position.

Yusuke was forced to trust him even though he was loath to do so.

But who can resist such sweet, sweet temptation?

Sneaking in so deviously and taking advantage of his confusing circumstances, he had easily taken over Yusuke's thoughts.

How long would it take that sly bastard to claim his heart?