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Title: The kitsune's seduction

Author: Agni

Summary: The Kitsune are legendry creatures, known for their cunning and their sly ways. Yusuke knows this, that doesn't stop him from falling a trap that he would never escape from. The trap of love.

Warnings: Yaoi, Youko Kurama/Urameshi Yusuke. This chapter ends with a long lemon. Prepare yourself for it and those who do not wish to read it, skip the ending.

-Part Two-

-Raizen's heir and Kurama's…?-

"You are distracted." Keiko stated softly and Yusuke simply grunted, looking at the rice fields absently. "You have been behaving oddly lately."

"It's nothing." Yusuke said, his eyes still on the fields rather than the beautiful young woman beside him. Keiko and he had been friends since they were little children. However, these days it felt as though the distance between them was growing. There was a time when Yusuke would have told Keiko anything without hesitation.

"You are lying." She whispered, peering at him. She frowned when those fierce brown eyes glanced at her in displeasure. "Yusuke, have you given any thought to getting a job and settling down?"

Yusuke narrowed his eyes at the sudden question. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, you cannot just live your life like you are living now? Doing nothing." She glared at him, "All you do now is train under Master Genkai and fight. At least try to offer your services to the local warlord. How long are you planning on living like this?"

"Keiko, I don't want to think of this now." He said stiffly. With all the upheaval going on in his life, this was the last thing he needed to think about.

"Villagers are talking, you know?" Keiko said softly, "They talk about you as though you are some sort of abomination. They say that you will never be someone trustworthy or reliable." Her voice was sad but Yusuke did not look at her, maintaining an impassive look on his face. "I am worried about you Yusuke."

Yusuke closed his eyes and leaned back, "Well, stop worrying. I am not gonna be staying in this village for long anyways."

Keiko paused, her eyes wide, "Wh… what did you say?" She asked, her voice shaky.

"I won't be staying in this village for long."

"Why!?" she asked, turning toward him with a desperate look in her eyes. "Yusuke, why are you planning to leave the village? What about your mother?"

Yusuke shrugged but he did not have a plausible explanation for Keiko without revealing his demonic heritage. He opened his eyes, staring lazily at the sky but his lips seemed to form words on their own, "Keiko, have you ever felt as though you don't belong? As though you are someone who can never fit in?"

The girl looked at him with a frown of concern. "I have felt that all my life. Staying in that village, even with friends like you and Kuwabara, I felt as though I was someone who did not belong there."

"Yusuke… I…"

"Let me speak." He interrupted her, his half-lidded eyes observing the clouds absently, "I think I am on my way to find where I truly belong… to find people like me… who understand things about me that even I cannot understand." An image of a silver-haired demon fox flashed in his minds eyes and he absently traced his lips, remembering the parting kiss keenly. "Someone I can trus…"

Yusuke paused. 'Can I actually trust that bastard fox?' he asked to himself, ignoring Keiko's stunned eyes in favor of his new dilemma. 'He is a Kitsune, damn it. The Gods have willed them to have powers of seduction and deception and here I am, a poor fool, falling blissfully into his trap.'

"Yusuke…?" Keiko's voice was questioning, "Something has changed, hasn't it?"

"Yeah…" Yusuke's lips curled into a small, helpless grin, "Many things have changed…" he shrugged, "Who knows, maybe my life will take a turn for the better." He smirked at her roguishly and Keiko had to suppress a blush at the sight of his handsome features, "Besides, the villagers would probably die of boredom when I leave, having no one to gossip about until another ruffian shows up."

Keiko looked just about ready to cry. "Are you sure? You really want to leave the village? Leave us? Me?"

Yusuke sighed and looked at her, not pretending to be dense or ignorant of her feelings for him. "Keiko, I am a right bastard, you understand? I am not someone who can support you or any woman for that matter. As of now, I am just drifting, trying to get my screwed up life together. You deserve better." He narrowed his eyes in warning when she tried to protest. "I am not someone you can depend on all your life. Believe me."

Keiko did not know what to say. Something had changed and Keiko was losing Yusuke. She could try to beg and plead for him to stay, try to find purpose in their village instead of leaving. However, she knew from the determined expression in his eyes that there was no way she could convince him to change his mind.

He was stubborn like that.

The young demon inclined his head a little, his eyes narrowing imperceptibly. Keiko sat silently by his side, her eyes sad and her face was the very picture of depression but Yusuke did not wish to lie to her.

Suddenly, she stood her face pale and her hands clenched tightly together. "My father is talking about marriage." She whispered. "He told me that it was unseemly for me to loiter around with a man who was not my husband and be so open and free with him."

Yusuke looked at her with a raised brow. "I argued with him… then said that you are more important to me than my reputation."

The young demon closed his eyes, "You shouldn't have done that." He whispered, "A young, beautiful woman like you would make a man very happy one day. However," he told her solemnly, "Us men, underneath all morals and refinery, are simple beings who are arrogant, easily offended and possessive. They want their woman to be untouched and pure and feel slighted if they are not."

Keiko looked at him with startled eyes, "Yusuke…"

"Reputation of a woman is a priceless thing, Keiko, do not underestimate its significance." He whispered, "I have seen my mother drown herself in depression because my birth ruined her reputation and no man was willing to take her as his wife. While, ideally, you would think that there would be one honorable and unbiased bastard out there in this world who would actually accept such things, they are hard to find."

"You realize what you are saying?" She asked softly, "Yusuke we have been friends since we were children, how-"

"We are no longer children." He said decisively, "Had I been of good repute, we could have easily convinced everyone that we shared a relationship similar to what most siblings share. My protectiveness for you would definitely account for that. However, people in our village tend to think the worst of me."

Yusuke narrowed his eyes once again, "You should go, Keiko. I think this discussion is over."

She looked hurt for a moment before she nodded stiffly and left, running away as quickly as she could.

Yusuke tilted his head to the side, "You can come out now."

The presence he had sensed earlier became more prominent and Yusuke turned to face the demon.

The first thing that came to his mind was the word short. The demon in front of him was short but his eyes were fierce, glowing as though the flames of hell were caged inside his soul and were reflected in his gaze. Yusuke was perceptive enough to notice the strength. However, he also noticed the soundless and smooth manner in which he moved.


Speed was this particular demon's strength. "Who are you?"

The other demon leaned against a tree, observing him keenly before his lips quirked a bit, "The son of the Great Raizen… demon royalty living amongst pitiful humans and being shunned by them? It is most amusing."

Yusuke scowled at him but the demon remained unfazed, "I am Hiei… an acquaintance of Kurama's."

"And where is that sly bastard?"

"Now, now, Yusuke-kun. Such language." A voice he recognized too well stated smoothly. Yusuke narrowed his eyes in frustration. That voice was the very meaning of seduction and it haunted his every step ever since the Kitsune had the audacity to kiss him. "Why are you here?"

Kurama looked at him with those chilling eyes that always seemed to unsettle him. "I thought that it would benefit you if you met some other demons. As of now, Raizen-sama had entrusted me with the job of ensuring your safety. I have brought someone who I know does not intend to harm you." He glanced at the silent shorter demon before turning back to Yusuke. "Hiei is a close friend."

"And why doesn't this Raizen-sama come himself?" He asked with a sneer, never moving from his relaxed position.

"Don't be stupid." Hiei said gruffly, "A demon of such strength and stature… Reikai would never allow him to crossover to this realm."

Kurama nodded in agreement, "We have worked for Koenma a few times so we get to come and go as and when we please."

"Can you take me to him?"

Both Kurama and Hiei looked at him, somewhat startled. "I have a right to see my old man, don't I?" he asked with a scowl, "I want to know just who this Great Raizen-sama, is." He said mockingly.

Hiei glanced at Kurama and shrugged, "I don't see why not. Koenma already knows about you. Raizen did tell him that you should be allowed to go back and forth as you please. After all, with your mother here and your father in Makai, things are much more difficult for you." Hiei seemed slightly amused, "I recall the frustrated expression on Koenma's face when he lost that argument against Raizen. It is very difficult to deny that demon what he desires."

Yusuke crossed his arms and raised a brow, "Well, are you going to take me to him or not?"

"But of course." Kurama frowned at his impatience, "Why this sudden decision?"

Yusuke simply shrugged, "Dunno."

Kurama narrowed his eyes at the response but did not say anything. He nodded to Hiei, "You go ahead. There is a gate to Makai a few miles towards east. Please go there and inform the gatekeepers of our arrival. They know that we do not need specific permission from Koenma to take Yusuke to Makai."

Hiei nodded before blurring out of sight.

The moment Hiei was gone, Kurama moved. His hand reaching out to grab Yusuke before the younger demon had time to react. The son of Raizen soon found himself trapped in a rather possessive embrace. "Who was that woman, Yusuke-kun?" Kurama asked icily and Yusuke tensed. "The woman your aura was enveloping so protectively…"

Yusuke grit his teeth to suppress a shiver as Kurama's breath caressed his ear. He could sense the underlying hint of steel in Youko's silky voice. "She was a friend…?" he whispered uncertainly.

"Was she?" those strong arms tightened around him. Long, clawed fingers grasped his hair and he growled in irritation when Youko pulled harshly to make Yusuke look up at him, "Is that the truth?"

"Bastard." Yusuke hissed though he was somewhat amused by the possessiveness. "You did overhear our conversation, didn't you? She is a childhood friend, a very close friend but just a friend."

The grip on his hair eased a bit and soon those fingers where combing his hair tenderly, "Good." Kurama whispered, his lips caressing Yusuke's cheek, "Make sure that she does not entertain the notion of becoming more than that."

Yusuke scoffed, knowing that it was fruitless to try to break the strong embrace. "What's with you being so clingy?" he asked with a glare, "You don't get to boss me around, punk." He crossed his arms, "Let's go, shall we?"

Kurama paused for a moment before pulling away, "Very well, then. Follow me."

Yusuke waited for Kurama to take off before following him.


Raizen sensed Yusuke the moment the boy stepped into his territory. He was lazing about on his throne with a bottle of sake when he sensed that presence.

There was no doubt about it. That boy was his son.

He narrowed his eyes and silently summoned his subordinates. The four bald monks appeared in front of him soon, bowing in respect. "Do you sense that?" he asked gruffly. The brat was strong. His aura was like a shining beacon of pure energy to their keen senses.

"Yes, Raizen-sama." They answered together.

"That is my son." He said, "It seems that Kurama has finally managed to convince the boy to come here." He leaned back thoughtfully, "He is strong but untrained. Secure the borders. No one should be able to slip in."

They nodded and vanished from sight as soon as Raizen dismissed them. The God of war narrowed his eyes as he gazed out of the large windows, his eyes tracing the desert like abyss that was his land. He knew that his subordinates would secure the borders, sealing them off tightly until Raizen gave them permission to relax their guard.

His brat was not strong enough to deal with Raizen's enemies. He needed refining; he needed to be trained thoroughly until all that weakness he could sense was beaten out of him.

The demon stood, walking over towards the window, his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. 'This will be fun.'

It was a long wait, certainly. It took days for Yusuke and his companions to reach Raizen's home and the older demon had become quite impatient.

He could taste it, the aura of his child, the presence so similar to his own that it would take someone who saw them often to differentiate between them. It was coming closer and closer, so much so that Raizen imagined his heir to be at his arms length.

It was an exciting prospect to have someone to train, mould and teach everything that he had learned over his long, long life. After him, Yusuke would maintain the balance within Makai and Raizen wanted to make certain that the boy was ready for his all-important duty.

The time passed as Raizen got involved in his work and musings and soon Yusuke was at his doorstep, his presence staining the very air with its brilliance.

Raizen smirked.

It was good that both Youko and Hiei decided to leave without coming up to greet him. Raizen wanted to spend time with his son alone and given what the silver fox's intentions were, he wanted to watch his son without Youko's influence.

"Hey old man!"

Raizen concealed a smirk and narrowed his eyes, turning to see his child for the first time.

What greeted him was a surprise. The child was obviously in his human form but Raizen could easily see what lay underneath that disguise. Long black hair, proud clan marks and large, piercing brown eyes.

'Good. He bears the markings of our clan strongly.'

Kurama had been right. There was no mistaking that this was his son. He leaned forward in interest, observing the child. "So you are the boy…" he said musingly, "I find you at last."

Yusuke crossed his arms and scowled at him, already Raizen could see the sparks of defiance in that brilliant gaze. "You found me?" he asked with a scoff, "You slept with a human woman, knew that I would be born and it never once occurred to you to search for you son on Ningenkai?"

"Your mother is smarter than I gave her credit for." Raizen admitted casually, "She asked a witch in Ningenkai to conceal both your presence from me, it seems."

Yusuke gave him a dull look, "Or you are just stupid."

Raizen chuckled, the boy was testing him. "Tell me gaki…" he said and the boy in front of him twitched, "Do you have the slightest idea of what lies before you?"

Yusuke scowled but shook his head.

The older demon stood and walked towards the large windows that gave a bird's eye view of his lands. Silently, he gestured Yusuke to come forward.

The younger boy stepped forward, placing himself by Raizen's side and looking out at the desert. "Far and wide span our lands." Raizen said softly, "Though you cannot see it, the territory is full of unruly demons. Stupid with their desire to fight and see bloodshed, with their desire to amass power and control. They respect power but also despise it. They respect me but would rather see me dead so they can swoop in like vultures and claim whatever power I leave behind in my wake."

Yusuke crossed his arms and observed the barren looking land before him with narrowed eyes. "This is a vast realm with dangers that you would have never encountered even in your most frightening nightmares but this is your home."

"What do you want?" Yusuke started at the unexpected question, looking at his father in confusion.

"What do you mean, oyaji?"

Raizen's lips twitched at the address but he concealed his amusement. "Do you want power?"

Yusuke shrugged, "No." he answered simply and provided no explanation for it. Raizen looked at him keenly, those narrowed eyes gleaming with something that Yusuke could not understand.

"Fame, riches… what is it that you want?"

Yusuke paused and was unsettled to realize that he had no such ambitions. Before he could contemplate on the matter further, Raizen chuckled and he looked up at the baffling man once again. "What's so funny?" he scowled.

"You are so similar to me." He murmured before lowering himself into a crouch so he could look at Yusuke eye to eye, "Ruling these brutes is not going to be easy but you will, eventually. You will have the power, the fame, and the riches that you do not covet. That is what will make you the best damn ruler there is."

Yusuke eyes went wide, "I am to rule?" he shook his head, "Are you out of your mind baka oyaji!"

Raizen chuckled once again, ruffling Yusuke's hair roughly, "Not for a long while, brat. You need to toughen up. You are far too weak now."

The words had a strong effect. He watched as his boy's eyes narrowed fiercely at him. "Weak?" the word was practically hissed. "What do you..."

"Don't mock me, boy." Raizen said seriously and Yusuke paused, looking into those fierce eyes. His father's power was palpable, searing the air around and Yusuke fought not to stagger. "You are so young that you are practically a baby. Just 18." He scoffed, "You have lived your life in complete ignorance of your true heritage and it will take time to make up for all the lost time."

He stood and Yusuke looked up at him, staying silent. "You have become attached to Youko."

The younger demon blinked at the abrupt change of subject. He frowned slowly, remembering the steadily growing companionship between him and the fox. "That bastard." He grumbled half-heartedly, "I know what he is doing. I know what he wants but I damn well can't resist."

Raizen chuckled, "You are a smart boy then." The older man observed him with amused eyes, "The Kitsune you are cursing is nearly three thousand years old and I am now certain that he is not playing any games." He smirked at Yusuke's astonished look, "Yes. That old; which is why you are a baby in my eyes, my dear child. That demon is still going turn all three realms upside down to have you."

Yusuke sneered, "I don't like him."

"Of course you don't." Raizen chuckled, "Come on." He turned as gestured Yusuke to follow, "First I will show you to your room and then we can discuss your training schedule."

Yusuke shrugged uncomfortably, he had come prepared but found himself lost. Raizen was not as he had expected him to be. He simply allowed the older demon to lead him out of the... 'Come to think of it,' Yusuke mused as he looked around, 'this place looks like a throne room, doesn't it? It just does not have anything of luxury or of great expense in it… '

Soon, he found himself in front of two large doors. With a frown, he watched as Raizen opened the doors and gestured inside.

What the throne room lacked in luxury, his room made up for it. However, his concept of luxury was probably different from others. There was a large bed but it was in the corner of the room, in keeping with the odd architecture of the place, the bed was by large windows. Yusuke was grateful to see thick curtains on them. He tended to sleep late and wake up late as well.

The other side of the ridiculously large room was more interesting. The wall was lined with weapons of all kinds and it looked like a mini-dojo of sorts. A perfect place to train.

Yusuke grinned. "Wonderful."

Raizen chuckled, "Thought so."

"You know what oyaji…" Yusuke said with a saucy smirk, "I am starting to like you."


"Damn it!" Yusuke cursed and he bent backward, almost parallel to the ground to avoid his father's fist. With a snarl, he executed a graceful back flip with the assistance of only one hand. His other hand retained his grip on the elegant Chinese broadsword his father had commissioned for him with ease.

"Come boy, you can do better than this." Raizen provoked, his countenance serious. He dodged that strike of Yusuke's sword but only by a hair's breath. His son had become skilled after nearly six months of handling the weapon. "No! Be lighter on your feet, boy and you need to counterbalance the movements of the sword with your other arm."

Yusuke nodded as he continued attacking his father, altering his stance as per the older demon's instructions. "Good." His father said as he countered another strike, "Remember that fluidity is the key here. Bend that body of yours; relax your muscles a bit so you can move more freely."

"Hai." Yusuke grunted, automatically following the instructions.

"Much better." Raizen said after a long while of silent sparring. In one quick move, he grabbed Yusuke's wrist and twisted it, causing the boy to lose his grip on the sword. His other hand moved in a blur, colliding painfully with Yusuke's chest, sending the boy flying.

"Tsk." Raizen scoffed, "That is all for today." He stretched before wiping the sweat of his brow, "Congratulations brat, I am actually tired and bruised. You are finally showing some improvement. About time…"

Yusuke simply scoffed at the man's taunting, so used to it that he could shrug it off without feeling even the slightest bit of anger. Raizen observed the boy for a while before walking away, "I am going to go take a long nap."

The younger demon rolled his eyes before settling himself in a stance. Narrowing his eyes, he slowly moved from one kata to another. Gradually, his speed increased and soon his movements were simply a blur. With a frown of concentration, he continued sparing against an invisible enemy, determined to get a better hold on his technique.

A silky laugh interrupted his thoughts but he ignored the intruder and continued with his movements. "Not fair, Yusuke-kun. What have I done to deserve your cold shoulder?"

Yusuke scowled, Kurama did not sound upset, he sounded amused. He finished a kata and calmly sheathed his sword to pay attention to the troublesome fox. "Kurama, what the hell do you want?" he asked in exasperation but within his heart he knew that Youko's presence was not as bothersome as he portrayed it to be.

"Why to visit my favorite mazoku, of course." The Kitsune said softly, observing him, "You are improving a lot, Yusuke-kun."

The younger demon sighed and wiped the sweat off his brow. "I am certain that old man is holding back on me."

Kurama nodded, "Well, you must understand that your father is an old, experienced demon. His power does not come only from training but also his age. Neither you nor I, for that matter, can be a true contest to him as of yet."

Yusuke simply scoffed at the explanation but did not argue. It was the truth anyways. Stretching a little, he looked at the sky, his fingers laced behind his head. "So where is Hiei?"

The fox demon shrugged elegantly, "About. He likes to do what he feels like and disappears from time to time." He looked at Yusuke, somewhat amused, "I am impressed that you have managed to become a friend to Hiei. He is not the type to willingly associate with anyone. Even with all these years of friendship, he considers me to be a mere annoyance while just after six months; he seeks your company whenever he wishes it."

Yusuke glanced at him and scoffed, "You are an annoyance, and Hiei is not the only one of that opinion." Even as he said those words, the younger demon knew that they were not true. They have been playing this game for the past six months. Kurama with his constant attentions and Yusuke with his denials.

Yusuke did not recall when he realized that his denials did not hold any feelings behind them and when Kurama's attentions started to contain something more than mere interest on the Kitsune's part.

Their interactions had now evolved into a complicated courting dance and Yusuke wondered just how long it would be before Kurama's patience waned and something drastic happened.

Somehow, probably because he was crazy like that, he was waiting for Kurama to snap.

Suddenly Yusuke stiffened; the grip on his wrist was vice-like, almost cutting off his blood circulation. He did not even bother to protest when he was pulled into Kurama's embrace, shivering as those lips caressed his cheek tenderly, threateningly. He knew he should be used to Kurama's touch by now but he was not, he did not understand the slow heat that developed within him at the slightest caress.

Yusuke did not know whether he liked the way Kurama was touching him. There was such confidence in his actions, as though he had every right to touch Yusuke, every right to be intimate with him.

It was as though Kurama knew that he had already won his affections and was only waiting for Yusuke to admit it.

"One of these days…" Kurama whispered against his ear, "One of these days I will lose my patience and take you without your consent, love." He purred, "Tied and helpless, fighting yet submitting to me knowing that you love it and still denying yourself the pleasure."

Yusuke closed his eyes. "And you think you can force me?" He asked, leaning against the older demon.

"Oh yes." Kurama said firmly, "You are strong, Yusuke… you have the potential of being so much stronger than I am. However," Youko smirked, "Unless you want to fight, unless you truly desire to rebel, that strength does not emerge."

"Do you really want to fight me, Yusuke?"

Yusuke paused, opening his eyes as he recalled his discussion on this particular topic with his father.


"Would you explain something to me?" Yusuke asked his father as they relaxed together underneath the night sky after a long, tiring spar.

"What do you wish to know?" Raizen asked, a brow rose in question.

"When we first met, you said something about Kurama not playing games." Raizen hummed in agreement and Yusuke continued, "That implies that you thought he was playing games before. Care to explain that?"

Raizen leaned back, "Kitsune are tempting creatures and people are so easily seduced by them that when they find someone who is not, they strive to conquer them, loving the challenge of it." The Demon lord smirked slightly, "At first, I thought that you were putting up a good fight and that was why he so interested in you. He called you endearing, you know?"

Yusuke looked away, a slight flush of embarrassment staining his cheeks. "However, I underestimate you, clearly."

"Me?" the younger demon looked at his father, confused, "What does it have to do with me?"

"You will make a good mate. Kurama saw that the moment he saw you. That decision was calculating, it had nothing to do with emotions and everything to do with instincts. He has gone too long without a proper partner so he must have decided that if he were going to take a companion, he would take a mate rather than a lover. He saw you as a good mate and pursued you. That is basic demon nature."

Yusuke scowled. He hated to sound like a girl but he wished that there was more to that. "And this is how all demons mate?"

"Well, yes." Looking at the doubt in Yusuke's eyes, he smirked, "As far as I am concerned, it is much better than what humans follow. They mate for political interest and they rarely have a choice. They go along with what their parents select for them. Demons choose their own mates."

"And Kurama chose me."

Raizen chuckled, "Don't be like that. He is a perfectly good mate for someone of your stature." He smirked slyly at his son, "This is a game of courting now. You lead, he chases. It's an age old intricate dance and you understand its significance, don't you?"

Yusuke narrowed his eyes, "Can you tell me more about this mating stuff?"

Raizen hummed thoughtfully, looking back at the sky, "There isn't much to explain. It is a rather simple concept to understand. You mate and then raise a family. The mating itself is a little different from what humans go through because there is a lot of energy involved, or should I say, there is an exchange of energy involved."

"Exchange of energy?" Yusuke asked, confused.

The older demon nodded, "I have cautioned Kurama about it. Mating is very serious and very few demons actually mate. If they want young, they generally have them without mating their partners." Yusuke grimaced, "Mating means forever, Yusuke. Serious business. You will be unendingly loyal to each other throughout your life. Mated demons are generally very powerful because of the exchange of power that happens between them however, they are weak as well. The death of one mate can destroy the other's will to live. In most cases, the other mate will commit suicide just to escape the madness that exists at the loss of their mate. Some demons go on but their lives are hollow and soon they submit to insanity." Raizen narrowed his eyes, "Some of the most dangerous and blood-thirsty demons in our realm are the ones who have lost their mates."

Yusuke frowned, crossing his arms behind his head, "This sounds like something you would do only if you are very serious about your partner. Isn't it a great risk to take? Why would a smart demon like Kurama wish for it?"

Raizen laughed, his mirthful eyes glancing at Yusuke in amusement, "I think you have misunderstood me, boy." He chuckled lightly at his son's baffled look, "There are fools out there who do not mate simply because they consider it too risky. They have no idea about the benefits of it simply because they are too afraid. Kurama, as you said, is smart. Much too smart."

"Oh?" Yusuke asked with a raised brow, "And what are those benefits."

Raizen smirked, "I think you will find those out for yourself soon." He ruffled Yusuke's neatly combed hair, getting a snarl of irritation from his son, "I do not think that you will be able to escape Youko's attentions for long."


"You know the answer to that." Yusuke said finally, after a long moment of silence.

Kurama chuckled, "Yeah." He pulled a strand of silky black hair, bringing those enchanting chocolate colored eyes to him, "I want your time… and your undivided attention on me and only me." He peered into Yusuke eyes, an enigmatic smile on his lips, "Just you and me, this evening."

Yusuke looked up at him in confusion, wondering whether there was any hidden agenda to Kurama's request.

There was nothing in Youko's expression to indicate any ulterior motives so he nodded, "Okay, what do you want to do?" he asked.

Youko pulled away, that enigmatic smile growing a bit, "A spar…" Yusuke narrowed his eyes in suspicion, "You are getting stronger day by day and I want to test my strength against yours."

There was nothing odd about that request and Yusuke nodded, "Alright." He settled into a stance, "Let's do it."

Kurama smirked, "Not here. If we spar here, there will be some interruptions. I know a place… I am sure you will like it."

The younger demon narrowed his eyes a bit, his suspicions rising. However, the prospect of a spar against someone as powerful as Kurama was enticing so he nodded reluctantly. "Just give me a moment to freshen up and change." He said and jogged towards his room.

As soon as Yusuke was out of sight, Kurama's expression changed, a sly smirk replacing the smile and his golden eyes glittering with suppressed passion. He had been gentle in handling Yusuke ever since he met him. He only stirred Yusuke's curiosity, gently making him familiar with his touches. He had used only the slightest caresses, the tamest kisses to attract his attention.

He had definitely made his intentions clear but he had a feeling that now it was time to step up a bit. Yusuke would be able to handle it. Of that, Kurama was certain.


"What is this place?" Yusuke asked as he observed the scenery in front of him with a dry look on his face. Nothing but barren land stood in front of them. While it was a good place to spar, he knew that the heat and the sun beating down on them in this desolate place would take the fun out of everything.

Kurama chuckled, "This is what we call the realm of illusion. An anomaly." He gestured toward the barren land before him with a smirk, "Because we are standing outside the barrier, we cannot see anything. There have been many incidences reported where a demon accidentally runs past the barrier. Different demons report back different tales which is why they say that this is the realm of illusions."

Yusuke spread his awareness a little, feeling a little intrigued. He tested the barrier with a bit of his own spirit energy. "Hmm… I cannot sense anything beyond it."

Youko nodded, "No one is able to. At least, I think no one is able to." he smirked at the younger demon, "Raizen-sama certainly knows what it is all about but he does not reveal his thoughts. Always smirking whenever he is asked."

"Hmph." Yusuke scoffed, "He is just a sly old bastard."

Kurama slipped his hand around Yusuke's waist and led him through the barrier. The younger demon felt his skin tingle as he passed through the invisible wall of pure energy and he closed his eyes at the feeling.

The moment the sensation passed, he opened his eyes, his lips parting in surprise. "Man. This place is… like Ningenkai!"

"Indeed." Kurama chuckled for that was the only way Yusuke could describe it. Raizen's territory was not known for forests so he assumed that the entire Makai was a desert like place with dark skies. He had not seen Yomi's territory or he would not have thought so.

The land in front of him was lush with trees. The forest floor littered with bright green grass, fallen leaves and insects.

Overall, it was a perfect trap.

Youko's grin was well concealed as he led Yusuke through the thickest portion of the forest to a large clearing. It was an ideal place for a casual spar. The temperature was cool and the wind, pleasant.

Moreover, this was Kurama's domain. The desert-like terrain of Raizen's lands was a distinct disadvantage to him. Here, everything could be manipulated by his youki. The trees could grow and shrink at his command. The grass could turn needle sharp or silken soft at the mere flick of his hand.

He ruled this place and Yusuke would soon find that out.

"So, Yusuke-kun…" he asked softly, his eyes glowing in a cunning light, "Are you ready?"

Yusuke narrowed his eyes, the hairs on his neck standing on end.

This was not simply a spar. Youko was up to something.

Before he could decide on an appropriate action, Kurama attacked.

Yusuke flew back, taken aback by the speed. He moved instinctively to counter all of Youko's strikes. The smirk on the silver-haired fox's face was frankly unsettling. "You bastard! What are you up to?" he snarled, catching a pale wrist as he slammed a palm against Kurama's chest.

Kurama chuckled, a brief look of pain ruffling his fine features. As expected, his little mazoku was strong. "My my…" he coughed, flipping backward to avoid another strike, "So suspicious, my dear Yusuke-kun."

"I have every reason to be suspicious of you, you sly fox. You are up to something. I can feel it." Chocolate colored eyes gleamed as he counterattacked. The kitsune's strikes hit him with bruising force as he deflected them with his arms. Raizen was never this vicious or so full of purpose. His father, naturally, felt the need to hold back against his young son. There was always a sense that Raizen was indulging him whenever they sparred. It wasn't that his training with his father was not painful. He was simply more careful, more delicate in his handling.

With Kurama, however, it was an entirely different game.

He winced, a single eye falling shut as he somersaulted over Kurama with agility that would make many green with envy. He dropped to the ground quickly, bringing his leg out to kick Kurama's legs, catching him off-guard.

Youko chuckled as he placed his hands firmly on the ground; he was on his feet in a blink of an eye. He drew his hand back, cracking his knuckles and revealing razor sharp, translucent claws, ready to be stained with blood. Excitement ran in his veins like a potent wine, making him feel heady. What Yusuke thought to be a simple spar was something entirely different for Kurama.

He was moments away from claiming his mate and that very thought was so delicious that it made him shiver in anticipation.

Despite revealing his claws, Yusuke drew first blood, a thin, crimson flaw marring those aristocratic features. A fanged grin greeted Youko as the younger demon slipped into a defensive stance, openly mocking him with his eyes.

Instead of being rattled, he felt a surge of fondness at the playful light in those precious eyes. The need to have Yusuke in his arms increased sharply and he nearly faltered, wising with his entire being to reach out and pulled the boy to him. The feeling of anticipation tainted with lust gave way to a deeper need; a different sort of longing guided his actions.

It was unclear when his instincts to possess took over every semblance of control he had over the situation. The look of surprise on his mate's face when his rose whip made its first appearance would have been amusing in any other circumstances but in that situation, it was simply advantageous. He had hoped that it would catch Yusuke off-guard and it did.

However, the younger demon recovered with swiftness that Kurama had never encountered with any other opponents. For a person who had never encountered such a weapon in battle, Yusuke coped remarkably.

Nevertheless, the younger demon was still vulnerable to the troublesome thorns on his whip. It marred that pale honey colored skin with thin cuts that bled steadily. "Damn it!" Yusuke hissed and he was pushed backwards. The younger demon's strength was his spirit attacks and he could not use them in a spar without causing Kurama considerable harm. Using his sword was not wise either, he was no expert in that field and something told him that it would only be a hindrance.

Youko's eyes gleamed as his trap snapped shut.

Yusuke cursed as the rose whip wrapped around his wrist, binding both his hands together. His mind was already working on ways to get out of his current predicament. However, before he could act, Youko pulled on the whip, making the younger demon stumble forward, right into his arms.

What an ideal situation it was.

"This is where I would have asked you to surrender." Youko purred in Yusuke's ear and the younger one stilled, suddenly aware of the warm body pressed against his. "But I don't want you to surrender, Yusuke." He whispered, his lips gently caressing the silent boy's cheek, "I want you to submit to me… wholly and completely."

"You bastard." He hissed, trying to loosen the whip that was wrapped so tightly around his wrists.

"Tsk tsk…" Youko whispered chidingly, "That is getting so old, my love." He pushed Yusuke to his knees, quickly following him with a sly smirk, "Just as this game of chase is getting old."

Glaring brown eyes met seductive gold, "This is why you brought me here… you and your games. Why must you always do this? Manipulate everything in accordance to your wishes!" he asked in frustration, wincing when the rose whip tightened its grip. "For once, why can't you simply ask for something and see if you get it!"

Youko chuckled, kissing Yusuke's forehead with tenderness that momentarily disarmed the boy.

Soon, the mazoku found himself on his back, Youko hovering over him with a smile that spoke of all sorts of secretive pleasures. "Come now, Yusuke. You like this game just as much as I do." He murmured against his ear, a hand slyly slipping underneath Yusuke's clothes, roaming over his chest caressingly, "We youkai like to be pursued, we like to conquer and be conquered. It is a game of courtship as old as time itself." Hot lips brushed against sensitive skin and Yusuke closed his eyes, stifling a moan. "You chose not to take the aggressive stance. You chose to be the prey instead of the predator."

Yusuke hissed, his eyes wide and his back arched as sharp fangs dug into his shoulder, "I want to consume you." Youko purred dangerously, "Make you drown in an ocean of passion where you will think of nothing but me… love no one but me. Mine, wholly and completely mine."

Wide brown eyes peered at him, looking so innocently vulnerable. Yusuke's usually neat hair was in disarray, his hands tied as his haori fell off him temptingly. He was begging to be ravished like that, with his shoulder bruised by the bite that Youko had so possessively given him and his face flushed.

Yusuke shifted underneath the unnerving stare, a shiver running down his spine when those golden eyes gleamed with hunger. He twisted his wrists, trying to loosen the firm grasp of Kurama's whip, "Is this really necessary?" he asked huskily, hating the feeling of being bound and completely at the mercy of the sly fox. However, he could not deny that delicious thrill that assaulted him when Youko leaned forward again, his eyes hooded and his lips forming a smile that could only be described as predatory. "Oi, bastard! Quit that!" he snapped, leaning away, subconsciously participating in Youko's game.

"Quit what?" The silver-haired fox asked softly in confusion but the knowing look in his eyes gave him away. He reached forward, his slender fingers fisting in silken strands of black hair. "C'mere…" he purred lazily, pulling his young mate towards him, capturing those tempting lips in a languid kiss.

Yusuke groaned, the alien tongue that prodding his lips open was setting his entire being on fire. He parted his lips, sharing his breath with Kurama. "Yes…" Youko whispered huskily, sinking his fangs into Yusuke's plump lower lip lightly, "Give in…"

So engrossed in the sensation of being kissed thoroughly, he hardly noticed when the whip released his wrists for a moment. Kurama smirked against his mate's lips, removing Yusuke clothes slowly and carefully, unwilling to draw the other demon's attention towards it.

Naked under the open sky in broad daylight, honeyed skin gleaming with sweat; Yusuke was the very picture of seduction. Youko drew back, golden eyes softening at the sight of those half-lidded liquid brown orbs. He reached forward, cupping Yusuke's soft cheek and nuzzled him, his lips brushing softly against the younger demon's ear. "Six months since I chose you," he whispered, rubbing his thumb against those bruised lips, "and my want for you increased with every passing moment."

He leaned over his mazoku as he channeled his youki into the ground underneath them.

"Will you deny me once again, Yusuke?" he asked softly.

The grass formed a soft, cool cushion for Yusuke's comfort, thick enough to ensure that the small stones on the ground would not bother his young lover. Vines that were like rubber and without thorns ensured that Yusuke was deliciously bound, at his mercy.

His favorite demon directed a piercing glare towards him, unhappy with his obvious refusal to allow Yusuke any freedom. "A predator does not allow his prey to go scot-free, does he?" Youko asked with a smirk, his claws scratching the smooth skin before him lightly, being careful not to cause any pain. That would be for later, when slight pain would feel more than welcome. He chuckled when Yusuke squirmed, gritting his teeth and stubbornly refusing to give in. "Come now, love, stop being so stubborn, after all, your body's reaction is rather blatant." He purred, trailing his fingers caressingly along Yusuke inner thigh.

"Control freak." Yusuke hissed, stifling a moan.

Kurama smirked; the very prospect of having a bound Yusuke responding to his touches was enthralling to him. He was, by nature, a very dominant lover. He liked to keep his entire focus on his partner, playing them as a puppeteer would play with his puppets. His ultimate pleasure came from making his lover dance to his tune in the bed, rendering them helpless and drunk on pleasure.

The only difference in this case was the fact that Yusuke was not just any lover; he was his mate. Consequently, every helpless moan, every heated look and every kiss he stole chipped away at Kurama's resolve to tease. He wondered just who was the slave when he felt his entire body quake as Yusuke's body arched off the ground to mould into his.

Eyes narrowing, he placed his hands on the ground by Yusuke's head. His long, silver-colored hair fell forward, enclosing them in their own, private world. Yusuke writhed underneath him, chocolate colored eyes hazed with passion. "Come…" he whispered seductively, "Just say it… give in and I will show you a world you have never seen, Yusuke." He tempted the younger demon, peppering his chest with sharp nibbles and deep, sucking kisses. "Say it, love. I will not move an inch without your consent."

Yusuke moaned, his eyes falling shut. Kurama was a first-class bastard. Was he really giving him a choice? Hovering over him like that, his naked body pressed against his, moving against him enticingly. Those kisses broke his resolve one by one and those touches disarmed him completely.

He really couldn't escape.

The mazoku shivered as the silk-like strands of Youko's hair caressed his sensitive body and he closed his eyes in silent surrender. What more could he do? The game had reached its end and Youko had captured him completely. Heart, body and soul.


Golden eyes gleamed him triumph and Youko crashed his lips against Yusuke's, drawing a startled gasp. A single hand fisted in the mazoku's hair, keeping him in place as his other hand moved down his sides. Yusuke fought where he could, kissing back just as fiercely as he was being kissed. He leaned forward, sliding his tongue alongside Kurama's, drawing out a long, passionate groan from the silver-haired fox.

His hands still struggled to escape their binds but this time, the need to touch Kurama drove him. His legs came up to wrap around Youko's waist and the other demon chuckled, "Always the fighter, aren't you, Yusuke?" the fox whispered softly against his lips.

Yusuke groaned in agreement when Youko pressed against him, their bodies sliding against each other erotically. "Let me go…" he breathed in the kitsune's ear, tempting him with a sultry voice, "Please Kurama."

Youko chuckled breathlessly again, knowing very well that Yusuke would be able to turn the tables on him in an instant. Such strength and spirit could not be tamed for long.

'Just this once…'

With a sensual smile on his face, Kurama slid his hands down Yusuke's chest, cunningly caressing his aroused nipples. "Damn it!" Yusuke hissed, struggling in his binds and arching helplessly to the touch. A sharp gasp escaped him when the mild sting of Youko pinching one of the sensitive buds registered. He tossed his head to the side, a heated flush causing his smooth skin to glow. The grass near his mouth ruffled at his harsh pants and he moaned, feeling dazed and drowning feebly in an ocean of desire.

Kurama's eyes gleamed as he took the opportunity offered. As his hands continued their journey southwards, caressing his arousal delicately. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against the unmarked skin of Yusuke's neck. The younger demon moaned, his eyes falling shut as the tongue dancing teasingly on his skin drove him to madness.

Golden eyes shifted a bit, temporarily taking their attention off Yusuke and turning towards a small plant that had appeared by the mazoku's head. Sensual lips curved into a sharp smirk, his faithful plants never failed him. He reached forward and plucked a couple of fleshy leaves from it.

Moving slowly, carefully over Yusuke's body, his brushed his lips against a nipple, taking the sensitive areola in his mouth and giving it a brief suck. "Be still now…" he whispered, "This will sting a bit." He crushed those leaves between his fingers, instantly turning them into a gel-like pulp that was extremely slippery. He watched as Yusuke panted, his eyes slowly regaining their sharpness, letting him know that the mazoku would not be complacent for long.

Yusuke twitched violently, his eyes widening in surprise as he snapped his head towards Youko. His skin tingled and broke out into goose-bumps as he shook his head, "Wh… what do you think you are doing!?" he asked hoarsely, feeling the slick finger entering his body. "Kurama…" he whispered, squirming.

The kitsune leaned forward, his fingers grasping the lush grass on the ground tightly, striving for control. Such warmth greeted him that he was trembling at the mere thought of being surrounded by it. "You are receiving." he whispered breathlessly, "You chose. You chose to be the prey." He reminded him again, "Next time, if you choose to be the predator, I will submit." He moved his fingers experimentally, drawing a gasp from Yusuke. He smiled, golden eyes gleaming with passion, "There is great pleasure in this; I assure you."

Yusuke licked his lips, his entire body trembling. He was aware of those long, artistic digits, keenly aware of them. His body twitched every time they moved, digging deeper, spreading him wider. His hands clenched spasmodically. Kurama was looking at him, oh lord; those eyes were looking into his very soul. There was so much confidence in his touches, so much possessiveness and passion that Yusuke ached to raise his arms and pull him closer.

"Please…" he murmured, "Kurama, please, let me touc… oh…"

Yusuke tossed his head back, his breath escaping him in an oblivious whisper. "You want to touch me, is that it?" Youko asked, removing his fingers. He brought Yusuke's legs onto his shoulders and leaned forward, capturing those tempting lips in another passionate kiss.

He finally took what he had claimed as his all those months ago.

Yusuke hissed, gritting his teeth and tossing his head to the side when Kurama slipped inside him in one deep, slick thrust. Every nerve in his body seemed to be on fire. He bit his lip harshly, his breath coming in short, harsh gasps. It was so alien, the sensation of something so hot and big entering such a small space. Yusuke grit his teeth together, refusing to let a whimper escape.

Youko's fingers dug into the ground by Yusuke's head, his expression tight and his lips thin as he tried to hold onto his restraint. "Relax." He forced out through his teeth, "You will crush me, love." He whispered desperately, "Relax. Breathe."

A gust of air escaped Yusuke's bruised lips and liquid brown eyes met loving gold, "Kurama." He called out pleadingly once again and this time his request was granted. He surged forward, wrapping his arms tightly around his lover's neck and pulled him close, not caring that he was putting himself in an uncomfortable position. "Kurama, Kurama, Kurama…" he whispered his name repeatedly and Youko laughed huskily, just as overwhelmed as his mate was.

"This is so perfect…" Youko whispered dazedly, his lips moving to the flawless milky skin of Yusuke's inner thigh as he pushed into the receptive body underneath him. "So, so perfect," he let Yusuke's legs slip off his shoulders and wrap around his waist. He leaned forward, harshly pulling Yusuke off the ground and into his embrace, holding him in the prison of his arms as though he would never let him escape. "I will never, never let you go." He whispered feverishly in his mate's ear, watching as Yusuke tossed his head back, jerking with every thrust of Kurama's hips. "Even if you ever come to despise me, wish to leave me, I will cage you, bind you to me and never let you go."

Yusuke trembled, pressing his face against Youko shoulder as those strong arms tightened around him. Fisting his fingers in Youko's silk-like hair, he sank his teeth into the pale skin before him. Kurama hissed in response, golden eyes gleaming in passion that affected both of them.

Youko's hands slipped onto Yusuke's waist, helping him move, pulling that warm, receptive body onto his arousal repeatedly. He watched as Yusuke's body arched gracefully, droplets of sweat shinning against his skin. "Gods." He whispered to himself, leaning forward a licking at the tempting skin, "Yusuke." He trembled when sharp nails dug into the pale skin of his back, leaving behind crimson welts. It was so delicious, knowing that Yusuke was just as consumed by passion as he was.

It was maddening, the desire, the pleasure and the sheer ecstasy of it all. Yusuke felt has though he was filled to the brim, nothing made sense yet everything seemed so clear. Youko's slight gasps were like music to his ears and the hard piece of flesh driving into him was burning him, marking him.

The younger demon groaned, his stomach clenching with every thrust of Youko's hips. He had never felt such unrestrained passion before, the heat of it threatened to consume him completely. The feel of Youko's presence in him was unforgettable. The slight sting of Youko's teeth along with the occasional pain of him thrusting into his body mixed so deliciously with the pleasure of it all.

A low, helpless moan escaped him when he left Youko's lips on his chest, teasing his nipple with a sly tongue. He fisted his fingers into that silver hair, drawing his mate into a kiss. Youko's tongue invaded his mouth, possessing him without restraint. Slowly, he was pushed back onto the ground again, the kitsune's hips moving faster, his mouth harsher.

Yusuke gasped with every thrust, tossing his head as he fingers dug into the ground below. "Look at me…" a low, hissing voice commanded and the mazoku looked up, ensnared by those burning golden eyes, "Move with me." He purred, his voice husky and seductive. Youko's lips parted in a silent gasp as Yusuke complied, arching off the ground, meeting every thrust of Youko's hips with his own. The slick, wet sounds of lovemaking caused him to shudder in desire. He leaned forward, his long hair falling about them gracefully. He peppered Yusuke's face and neck with soft, light kisses, "Come with me…" he breathed.

Yusuke tossed his head back, his lips parting in a silent gasp, his restraint snapping. Youko's fingers around his length did not help any. With a whisper of Kurama's name, he came, his entire body convulsing in pleasure.

Youko stiffened, his back arching as he let go along with Yusuke. Shivering as he felt his strength leave him, thrusting weakly as his world turned white for a single moment, his pleasure reaching its peak.

The mazoku gasped weakly as Youko's fell on top of him. He marveled at the feeling of the warm liquid entering his body and filling him, as he had never experienced anything like it before. It was an uncomfortable sensation yet there was an odd pleasure in it as well. Something so meaningful because he knew that with this, he would be forever stained by Kurama's scent.

A strange silence descended upon them, the atmosphere changing from the chaos of passion to the serenity of fulfillment in an instant. Yusuke stared blankly at the sky, liquid brown eyes blinking in a dazed fashion. His body was tingling, his legs felt numb, his neck and his back were throbbing, his thighs were disgustingly wet with both his and Youko's release. He felt used and abused.

It was wonderful.

He blinked again, feeling light kisses on his neck and hummed, content to let Kurama explore to his satisfaction. Youko chuckled in response, "Now you choose to be compliant and let me have my way, after I spent so much effort to get you to submit."

Yusuke simply grunted in response, too content to let Youko's teasing bother him. He protested weakly when Kurama moved onto his back, taking Yusuke with him. He looked down at the kitsune with a lazy glare and Kurama chuckled again. "You look surprisingly cute right now."

Yusuke scowled, "I am feeling disgustingly happy right now, so don't talk to me." He commanded languidly, "When I feel like myself, then talk, after I kick your ass for pulling this stunt, you bastard." He murmured half-heartedly.

Kurama raised a brow in amusement before cupping Yusuke's face with both hands and pulling him into a dizzying kiss. Yusuke hummed appreciatively and parted his lips, meeting Youko's tongue with his. The kiss was unrestrained, full of passion and familiarity and would have been almost obscene to witness but Yusuke didn't deny that it felt good.

It was a curious thing, the sense of belonging that he now felt. All his life being an outcast and here he was, feeling as though he was a part of Kurama's essence and Kurama was a part of his. It was beyond his understanding how such a potent bond had developed between them in mere months. He couldn't even begin to comprehend why Kurama chose him to be his mate.

His father had been right. How could anyone resist the allure of such security and love was beyond him. Mating Kurama was something he knew he would never regret. Not when he felt as though this was the best damn day of his life.

He did not protest when Kurama wrapped his arms around him possessively, golden eyes gleaming with lazy satisfaction and triumph. He did not complain when those experienced fingers gently caressed his spine. Sly lips curved into a smirk as those fingers moved down further, cupping his butt-cheek. Yusuke grumbled but didn't say anything, absently tracing the red marks on Kurama's neck and shoulders that were left behind by his teeth.

Kurama's smirk widened as a mischievous finger traced the opening that the silver-haired fox had explored thoroughly just a few moments ago. He stifled a chuckle when the brown eyes he so adored, flashed in rage. Teasingly he pressed the finger into the wet ring, "How about another round?" he asked slyly before swiftly rolling them over, trapping Yusuke underneath him again.

Yusuke's eyes widened as his lips parted in a silent gasp, his eyes falling shut as Kurama thrust into him once again, startling his still sensitive body.

"Kurama…" he gasped, "You bastard!"

A soft chuckle was his only response before everything descended into the chaos of passion once again.