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Timeline: Early series 2, after 'Tooth and Claw'. And Eclipse in the Twlight saga.

Notes: Not much knowledge of the Twilight saga really needed... except they're about a human girl who's fallen quite madly in love with a vampire... and then a slight love for a werewolf.


"Here we are. Seattle, Washington, America, Earth, 2006!" The Doctor stepped from the Tardis, eyes gleaming; he turned to his companion, as she stepped out beside him, and grinned widely. "What d'you think?"

"Uh… nice," Rose said hesitantly with a small nod, head tilted slightly in curiosity as she glanced around the quiet town street. "Any reason we're here though? Thought a place like this'd be a bit… normal, for you."

"Correct! But you said you wanted to have a nice normal day if I remember rightly." He grinned wider, grabbing her hand and swinging it back and forth. "Can't get more normal than your average 'U S of A city' ." His face puckered under the truly terrible American accent he tried with the last few words.

"Why is it," began Rose, the corners of her mouth lifting up, eyes crinkling, "that your Scottish accent is perfect, but your American accent sounds like somethin' off of a really bad English comedy show?"

"Oi!" he protested, brow furring but grin still evident. "It's not that bad. And anyway," he waved a hand dismissively, "I was down in Scotland for a while… their accent grew on me."

Rose snorted, eyes rolling as they walked along the pavement – or sidewalk, should it be? It became slightly less quiet as they came round onto a high street. Yet, to Rose, it still seemed hushed, subdued, rather as if people were waiting for a bomb to go off or something similar. As if they were holding their breath, ready for something to happen. The faces of the people her and the Doctor passed were reproachful, and worn. Each one was crunched in small crowds, giving the Doctor and Rose odd, wary looks. Their movements were fast and steady, eager to go about the errands in due course.

The Doctor appeared totally oblivious to these indignant stares, purposefully walking ahead, his hand still swinging Rose's back and forth as he chatted on. "Did you know this city was the birthplace of the now omnipotent Starbucks and there's hundreds of other coffee houses scattered around the city, offering the best quality cups in the country!"

Rose rolled her eyes, "You sound like a travel agent… that, or a caffeine addict."

"Phhtt. Please, me? Caffeine addict?" He bounded along, either ignoring or clueless to the nervous quiet of the street. "Now if you were talking about the caffeine in tea, then I'd know what you were talking about… but coffee? Nah, no thanks. Coffee has always made me a little bit edgy. I mean, for starters I don't really need it anyway. I'm as awake as I'll ever be. Imagine what coffee would do to me…"

Rose was barely listening by now. Her attention was caught by a newspaper stand they were passing. Through his ramble she had detached herself from the Doctor, trudging with a frown towards the stand, she picked up the local paper. The title stood out in large black letters.

Seattle Terrorised By Slayings

Brow knotted in the middle, Rose's eyes skimmed the page, becoming evermore wary with each sentence. Words and phrases stood out amongst the rest

suspected homicide… no evidence…all remains burnt… serious bone damage…

"Doctor?" she whispered, still staring at the paper.

He was stood a little in front of Rose, his back to her, still blathering on, "And then there's the actual way you make coffee. I mean those tiny little coffee grains can be a nightmare to clean up if you spill any, I swear –"

"Doctor!" she called louder, finally lifting up her gaze from the paper, turning to him.

He whipped around in confusion, "Hmm?"

She held out the paper to him, which he accepted with a frown. His eyes scanned the article faster than Rose's had. She watched the emotions play across his face one by one. Confusion turned Sceptic, which turned to wariness, then to fear. He stopped at anger, his jaw gritted and brow curled inwards.

Rose bit her lip, "Not human is it? That's doin' all them horrible murders? It's not human, it's alien, right? Not from round here?"

"Oh, they're from around here," he replied grimly, his eyes boring into the paper, his tone hard.

"Wha-? They're people? But –" Rose shook her head.

The timelord looked up from the paper, his brown eyes clouded and distant as he gazed at Rose, "They're from earth. But not human, though they were once."

Rose took a sharp intake of breath. She walked towards the Doctor, placing a hand upon his shoulder. Her features were a mask of confusion, "Doctor… what is it? What's killing all those people?"

The Doctor sighed, looking forbidding. "The worst possible thing," he began quietly, his tone growing more and more dangerous, full of clear and passionate hate. "Creatures that give no mercy, going by instinct alone. The beautiful evil, some call them. The immortal killers." He looked at Rose, fear and anger clouding his darkened eyes, "The Vampire."