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Alright, this is my first Ranma ½ fic, but I should warn you, it is AU, alternate universe. The story is set in a fictional alternate world where vampires exist along with humans. I had the story itself pretty much planned before I decided to put it to Ranma ½ world, so there are some ooc'nes but I try, I try, to keep 'em as faithful as possible.

I've been inspired by numerous different vampire related stuff: books like Dracula, Historian, Salem's Lot, movies like Hammer- films and even some Blade films though I'm not fan of them, animes like Hellsing, Blood, Vampire Hunter D. I've also been inspired by things not related to vampires like Akira and 20'Th Century Boys.

Warning: I'm from Finland, so English is not my first language. This will most likely show in my text.

Pairings: this is not meant to be romantic fic but Ranma/Akane FTW. There will be mentions of other pairings also.

Disclaimer: I'm not Rumiko and I owe nothing.

Ranma the Vampire


History of vampires: The evidence indicating to the existence of vampires can be traced back to civilizations older than the ancient Egypt. Although nobody knows for sure when and where vampires began, they have been living with humans for thousands of years. During the time of the ancient Egypt vampires ruled over humans very openly, believing themselves to be invincible. However, as time went by, humans learned ways to destroy vampires and rose to resist them. Vampires went to hiding and slowly the majority of humans started to think of them as nothing but folklores and products of vivid imagination. Throughout the following centuries vampires kept their existence a secret, working from the shadows and behind the scenes to keep their power over the matters of the world. Only a small group of humans, the hunters, kept remembering the truth.

Still, the cat didn't stay in the bag for good and in the beginning of the 20'Th century the existence of vampires became once again a known fact. Of course this lead to the same thing as all the events when humans are faced with something they fear and do not understand: the war. The Great War, as it is popularly called, started in 1911 and lasted till 1945, claiming many victims from both sides. Vampires at the time, especially the most powerful ones, had however enough influence and power to make people realized they could not be get rid off. In 1945 the world leaders signed a contract with the most ruling class vampires, to maintain peace.

Today, vampires have influence and power in world politics and economics. The so-called "night people" try to survive, right there where humans also. Strict laws have been set to both sides: vampires who kill humans or feed upon humans without their consent are being dealt with, as well as humans who harm vampires without a proper reason.

71 years after the Great War

Nerima City, 2016

Akane Tendo, 19, was not having the best of times. It was 2 am and she had not taken her naps during the day. Now when she needed to be widely awake and alert she felt her eyes closing. It didn't help that she was dressed in a heavy outfit of a protection squad's uniform, holding a heavy machine gun on her lap, stuffed in a moving van with eleven other people dressed in similar way. It was in a times like these she hoped she would have listened to her father and not join HPU; Human Protection Unit.

Of course such feelings of regret and hesitation only lasted for a second. Akane was the youngest member of the unit and took a great pride of the fact. She had worked extremely hard to get to this point, putting both her mind and body under a tremendous stress. Her father, detective Soun Tendo, had not wanted Akane to choose this kind of life, but had realized that despite anything he said his youngest daughter had made her decision. Akane had from very early on showed signs of wanting to join the HPU and had trained and studied to the point that would drive most mad.

The day she was accepted to the HPU, as the youngest member it had ever had, was the most rewarding day of her young life.

Human Protection Unit aka HPU: A protection unit within police force, specialized in hunting and eradicating level 3 vampires.

Yet, she knew, the hardships of her life were just starting. Now she needed to prove herself almost 24/7 to her fellow workers and superiors. She knew what they thought of her. Little girl who wants to play tough, just because her daddy is Tendo. It wasn't uncommon to have women working in HPU, but one as young as her was unique all thought she would brake down in no time. And she was out to prove them all wrong.

The van stopped and all were commanded out. Moving in the heavy suit, which was designed to protect them from rabid vampires, was not the easiest things in the world. That is why HPU demanded from their members to be in a good shape and have fast reflexes. Akane had both, in some cases she was even faster than most men. This of course did nothing to help her getting better along with others.

She moved outside with the rest of the team. It was a night time. Akane resisted the frustrated sigh that was threatening to come out. Vampires were easier to take care of during the days when they had a limited space to move in. At night times they could rampage all they pleased. Akane looked around herself. There were some old buildings around them and another team seemed to be already taking actions around the street, but other than that she didn't see anything interesting.

The commander of the team, a huge man named Mogi, spoke loudly to everyone. "Listen up! About five hours ago then we received a report of level 3 activity around this neighborhood. The first team has already secluded the area. The nest is reported to be directly below our feet in the sewers. Mission is as follows: you will go to the sewers and eradicate all level 3's you can find and destroy the nest. Those that manage to get away will be taken care of by another team, already in their tactical positions. Any questions?" he asked.

No one made a gesture.

"Then let's move it!"

Before long Akane found herself below the streets of Nerima and down in the sewers.

"Move in the groups of three. Move calmly and quietly. Let those bastards think you are easy prays" commander Mogi's voice said from the earpiece.

Akane and two other members of the team, Hiroshi and Daisuke she ventured guessing, moved in the dark sewer tunnel. Seeing only through their helmet's nightvision lenses, everything was black and green. Somewhere in the tunnels they heard echoes of gunfire.

"Level 3's in tunnel 4! Repeat, level 3's in tunnel 4!" they heard the voice of another squad member talking in the earpiece. For a moment they heard again gunfire echoing. "There is probably a dozen or so of them. We took care of five. Others are moving in towards tunnels 5 and 6!"

"Some are coming here then" one of the men, Daisuke, whispered.

Akane readied herself. She held the machine gun firmly, knowing full well how fast those creatures were.

Level 3 vampire: Level 3 is the lowest of vampires, appearing as a monster to humans and as a rabid dog to higher level vampires. Level 3 has very little intellect or memories of its time as a human. They are moved by their instincts as they search for blood. During daytimes they hide in dark places avoiding the sunlight. Level 3 is the weakest of three different vampire types. They can't bare sunlight, they can't change their forms and they can't approach holy objects. The least bit of garlic or silver in their blood, no matter where injected, is fatal. Despite their weaknesses, they are also far faster and stronger than humans and can see in dark. If a person is ever bitten by level 3, his or her death and change to level 3 can not be avoided.

Hardly had Akane and her two companions moved forward for long when they appeared. First one, then there were three and suddenly five level 3 vampires approaching. They were running on all fours through the walls and ceiling of the sewer, like huge insects. They all shared the same signs of level 3: sharp teeth, long nails, awful smell. Akane also knew that if she would see them without her nightvision they would have a very pale, slightly bluish skin and red eyes. It didn't matter who they had been in their previous life. Now they were beasts.

All three started shooting at once. Instead of normal bullets however, their guns shot small silver capsules that had a holy-water/garlic mix inside of them. It didn't take a lot of these to drop level 3's to ground. Just couple of seconds later all five were down, with just one still trying to move. A gunshot later moving stopped.

Gunshots had quieted in other tunnels also. "Tunnel 6 is clear, no casualties" Hiroshi reported, speaking to the little transmitter.

"Tunnel 3 and 5 are clear also. No casualties. Check out tunnel 7" a voice reported.

Before Hiroshi had time to say anything, Akane had already started moving towards the tunnel 7.

"Tendo, wait!" Daisuke hissed through his teeth, trying to catch the considerably faster girl.

Akane moved quickly, walking past the motionless corpses she had just been shooting down, to the darkness of the tunnel. She would not give them a chance to escape. That had been the promise she made long ago.

Hurrying quickly towards the darkness it didn't take long for Akane to see two level 3's coming towards her. One of them was wearing a typical schoolgirl's uniform. If Akane had time she might have been shocked that someone so young would be reduced to a mere animal. But she didn't have time. Thinking of life's cruelty would come later. Akane held her gun and shot. The level 3 girl was fast, she got couple of feet closer to Akane than she would have guessed. Yet while coming closer she also became easier to hit and was lying face down in sewer water soon.

The other level 3; a grown up man with his clothes soaked in blood, had stopped in his trails. Despite having next to no intellect, level 3 vampires moved amongst their instincts and his instincts were now telling him that it was dangerous to go on. The creature seemed to be thinking its options. Akane raised her gun again, intending to take the rare chance of shooting one when it wasn't moving.

Just then something went past Akane with such a speed, coming from behind her, that it knocked her down, right to the filthy sewer water. The impact also caused her helmet to fall off, robbing her earpiece and nightvision. Quickly pulling herself up from the water, Akane coughed, trying desperately to see something in the dark. Her grip from her gun fortunately had stayed and, instead of wasting valuable time to search her helmet in the dark, she opened the small flashlight attached to the gun. Trying to stay calm and not panic in this sudden and surprising situation, she moved her gun from side to side trying to see the vampire. And she did see him. Only not as she had expected.

The level 3 vampire, that Akane had been planning to shoot, was currently being held by his throat in the air. The creature struggled to get out of the grip which was obviously very strong, since the figure that was holding him didn't even flinch. Akane could only see in the dim light that it was a figure of a man, with a long black coat and black hair that had been tied to a pigtail. The man held the creature in his grip, just watching it, as if studying it. Then suddenly the man moved his hand a little and the level 3´s head fell from his shoulders. Rest of the creature stopped struggling. Man dropped the dead corpse to the water.

Then he turned to Akane. His coat was open and revealed black trousers and a red Chinese styled shirt. The man had a young face, looking not a day older than 20. However his red eyes showed his true nature, and when it came to vampires it was difficult to say how old they really were. Judging from his calm behavior and not so pale skin, he was not level 3. As all members of HPU, Akane was strictly forbidden of opening fire against level 2 vampires, unless it was for self-protection. So far the vampire had not even taken a step towards her. The sudden new situation of facing a vampire of different level with unknown intentions had Akane startled, and she forced her hands not to tremble.

Then the vampire took a step towards her. Akane immediately shouted "Stay right there!" Truthfully she was surprised of how strong her voice sounded.

The vampire stopped and then pointed to Akane's left side. "Your helmet is there" he said, slight amusement in his voice.

Akane glanced to the side for a second, before returning her gaze only to find the vampire gone. She quickly turned around, half expecting him to be there ready to attack her, but found nothing. She stood there until Daisuke and Hiroshi came, her heart beating madly in her chest.

To be continued…

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