Well hello. How many still remembers me?

That's okay, I kind of forgot myself also.

So it has been what, over a year now since I last updated this fic? What can I say? Shit happened.

Writers block, other things in life and complete loss of interest are just few things that kept me from coming back to this story. Ultimately when I took a look of what I had written so far, I started to become simply disgusted what I saw.

I would like to apologize to all who read and/or reviewed this story and who, it seems, actually liked it also. There will not become update any day soon, at least not in this current form.

I recently read this fic through and I came to conclusion that I did have an idea in there, an idea that I really liked, but I lost in excitement of trying to make this story unnecessary complicated.

I would like to someday return to this fic, but if and when that happens, it would be a complete rewrite from the beginning, making this story as I should have meant it to become in the first place, and not have unnecessary side plots.

So once more, I'm sorry to have let you down, but there will be no updates for this fic anymore.

When the time is right I will hopefully start to work on a complete re-write of this story. Maybe you will even read it then.

This will not however happen in near future.

So once more, I'm sorry, and I hope if we'll ever get there you'll come back to read the, hopefully improved, redesign of this story.

Until such time, stay well.

And once more, I am sorry, if I let anyone down.