Ages the W.I.T.C.H is age 14 years old

Hotaru is age 10 years old

Saturn is ageless but looking like a 14 year old {also sometimes looking like a 10 year old hint}

Haruka is age 19 years old

Michiru is age 18 years old

Setsuna is ageless but looking 21 years old

Disclaimer I do not own W.I.T.C.H. Or Sailor Moon

Chapter One

"Hey Haruka-papa, I have something to tell you, and Michiru-mama" Hotaru asked with a very quiet tone, while looking at a picture of a red haired girl who looked to be 14 years old.

"OK Hotaru'chan, what is it that you have tell me and Michiru?"Haruka said with a calm tone while looking at Hotaru.

"Hotaru'chan, what do you have to tell Haruka and me, and what about Setsuna, don't you want tell her too?" asked Michiru while looking at Hotaru for a minute, and then she looked at Haruka then back at Hotaru.

"What I want to tell you, Michiru-mama and Haruka-papa, is that what I have never told you is that I have an older half sister whose name is Will Vandom. I didn't tell Setsuna-mama because she already knew." Hotaru said with a very quiet and calm tone while looking at her Michiru-mama like she was crazy for thinking there it was something that her Setsuna-mama didn't know, because her Setsuna-mama always knew about something important before anyone else.

"What do you mean Hotaru that you have a half sister?" Haruka yelled in an exasperated tone of voice, Haruka was a beautiful tomboy , who was a 19 year old, but other girls thought she was a handsome boy, before finding out she is actually a girl, plus she is also in love with Michiru. She's also a famous racer who races both dirt bikes and race cars. She ran track and was also a famous pianist. She has dirty blond hair that was styled in a boy cut and dark blue eyes , wearing a men's black shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.

"No need to yell Haruka-papa I can hear you." Hotaru quietly said while looking at the floor. Hotaru was a ten year old girl, she's also a very beautiful girl for her age, has midnight black hair with natural violet highlights, and violet eyes, and if you look real close in her eyes you'll see wisdom beyond her years. She's also very kind and shy, and she was wearing a light violet shirt, and a pair of dark violet pants.

"It's OK Hotaru'chan I think what Haruka meant to ask is 'What side do you have a half sister on, your mother 's side or your father's side,'" Michiru asked calmly while folding her arms and glaring at Haruka. Michiru was a very beautiful eighteen year old girl, in love with Haruka, and a very famous violinist. She has aquamarine hair and light blue eyes, wearing a light aqua blue dress

"My Mother's side, Michiru, the mother that I grew up with until I was three years old was my step mother, so my birth mother is still alive and was very worried about me because she has not gotten a letter from me since I started living with the three of you until I sent her a letter telling her that I was OK, but father was killed in a lab accident that destroyed my school and I would like to come and live with her and my sister for a while."

"She and my sister live in America in a town name Heatherfield." Hotaru said, all too calmly, with her arms folded and there was no emotion whatsoever on her face and her eyes were emotionless.

"HOTARU are you OK? You're not acting like yourself, what's wrong with you?" yelled both Michiru and Haruka in a panicked and worried tone. Panic and worry was also written all over their faces.

"I'm fine; maybe I'm acting like myself for the first time in my life!" Hotaru said calmly, there still no emotion on her face, but there was a hint of malice on her face as well as a desire to hurt to them in her still dull and lifeless violet eyes.

Setsuna, who had only gotten home a minute ago, had heard enough and walked over to Hotaru and said "Snap out of it now Hotaru!" and then slapped her on the side of her face.

Hotaru with a very weak look on her face said "Setsuna-mama is that you?" it was said with a very weak tone her violet eyes were still dull but there was a hint of life back in her eyes.

"Yes it me Hotaru'chan come back to us, you want to go live with Will and your mother don't you? You can't go live with them if you keep acting like you are right now so plz come back to your normal self!" Setsuna said it gently

"Yeah I want live to with Will and Mom, and I am sorry I don't know what come over me hope it does not happened again I don't want to worry Will and my mother!" Hotaru said with a worry tone her violet eyes were normal again and light fully back in her eyes

"Thank you Setsuna for snapping Hotaru'chan out of it she worried me and Haruka so we panicked some!" Michiru said calmly, a hint worry in her tone.

" No need to say thank you Michiru I love Hotaru-hime like a daughter too and was worry about her when I saw how she was not acting like herself for a minuute, I even fear that we'll lose her and that she would not come back to herself.." Setsuna said with a very quiet and gentle tone while looking at Hotaru who had fallen asleep while she and Michiru were talking.

"But Hotaru's sister Will and her sister friends can help Hotaru if they become real close to her heart she is real close to Will but she has not seen Will face to face in a long time last time she saw Will face to face was before her stepmother was killed in the accident started what that later became Hotaru's life nightmare and that was when she was three years old!"

"But I believe they can help her, if anyone can!"

Setsuna said It all with a very quiet and gentle tone, and with a I know something you don't look in her eyes, Setsuna was a very beautiful woman with natural dark tan skin and garnet red eyes and she has dark emerald green hair with some natural black highlights in it her age to old too count but looks too be 21 years old

"Hey Haruka'san can you take Hotaru'hime, upstairs to her bedroom and put her to bed, for the night?"

"Because it seems that she has fallen asleep while Michiru and I were talking and I don't blame her for falling asleep because she has had a very long day!"

"Plus what happened to her today left her feeling very weak and tired!" "So I'm not surprised that she fallen asleep without telling anyone that she was tired!" Setsuna said with gentle tone there was a hint of concern in it too

"Sure Setsuna I will take my little firefly upstairs to her bed for the night!" Haruka said with a calm and kind tone. And Then pick the sleeping Hotaru up walked up the stairs while carrying Hotaru in her arms, and then walked down the hall way to the room with a violet door that said Saturn on it, and stop before opening the door and going inside the room and carried Hotaru to the bed by the window before laying Hotaru down on it and covering her up for the night.