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Meanwhile, two days later in Heatherfield, America.

A girl with red hair and beautiful amber eyes was walking down the street on a calm, peaceful night. Her face was relaxed, as expected, as she walked home from The Silver Dragon, the restaurant her friend Hay Lin's grandmother owned. Typical chinese restaurant, which Will and her three other friends Irma, Taranee, and Cornelia visited often. Not because they liked the food, though that was probably one reason, but because they were not ordinary teenage girls. They were the guardians of Kandracar, the center of the universe. Hay Lin's grandmother was the former Wind Guardian, and since she was the most experienced available, they met there for her advice.

Will was the leader of the Guardians, controlling the power of the heart. Irma had Water, Taranee had Fire, and Cornelia's power was Earth, in spite of her utter lack of a green thumb. Hay Lin's power was air.

Still, despite the peaceful air of the night, Will looked up at the sky, which was dark and black. No stars. 'It's like the calm before the storm.' Will paused, 'Should I have told them about my younger sister? Usually, when I feel like this, something bad happens and we have a new crisis on our hands. I hope Hotaru will be okay.'

Will nodded to herself, "I'll tell them tomorrow."

The Next Day

Will and her mother drove to the airport where they would pick up Hotaru who had flown in that night. They stood in the pick up area with a sign written in japanese that said Hotaru.

Hotaru look around the crowd of the busy airport, wiping her eyes tiredly from crossing the time zones with Setsuna at her side. Hotaru spotted the sign written in Japanese, "Look Setsuna-mama, there!" she said happily. Setsuna only smiled at Hotaru being so happy 'She's feeling much better then before' Setsuna lifted the sleepy Hotaru into her arms, and walked over to Will and her mother.

Will was searching the crowd herself. When she saw Setsuna in the crowd, she paused. There was something.. off about her. Will looked to the girl in the woman's arms and instantly knew that this was Hotaru. Will pointed them out to her mother, and they both waved. When they arrived, Will's mother started the introductions, "I'm Susan Vandum, Will's mother. This is Will. I assume you're Hotaru's surrogate mother?"

"Why yes I am I was also one of her first friends was it great to able become more to her " Setsuna said smiling her smile. While Hotaru looked up at Setsuna when she had said she was friends with her before being surrogate mother ' I don't call trying to kill me being friends.. The inners and Chibi-Usa were my only friends back then.'

"Hi Will it's nice to see you face to face." Hotaru says smiling 'I hope this turns out well Saturn better be good, and not ruin anything.'

"Yeah." Will replied, a bit distracted by Setsuna, before she smiled and looked to Hotaru. "It is. Come on, mom's driving."

" Okay Will, bye Setsuna." Hotaru said with a slightly different tone at Setsuna's name. She gave quick, dark look to Setsuna when Will, and her mother were not looking before jumping out of Setsuna arms, and landing perfectly on her feet then walked with Will.

When the car pulled up to Will's house and everyone got out, Will made an apology to Hotaru and left, "I promised my friends I'd meet them this evening."

Susan looked at Will annoyed, "You just left a meeting with your friends, your sister just arrived here, and you're leaving to meet them already?"

Will had the decency to look sheepish as she replied, "Yeah, sorry, but it's really important." Will rushed off without giving her mother a chance to reply. Susan turned to Hotaru after that, "Sorry about that, Will's not usually like this. We just moved here today actually and..."

"It's okay, I know what meetings with friends can be like, so please don't be mad at Will." Hotaru cut Susan off as she set her suitcase down, "Can I explore the city a bit, I won't go too far.."

Susan paused, a bit surprised, "Okay." 'Hotaru's more like Will than I thought.'

Hotaru then ran to find and found her meeting up with some girls who could be her friends. She hid in a nearby pile of trash.

Will was talking with her friends.

"This looks like the perfect place to practice our powers." A girl with long blue hair in twin ponytails said.

'Powers?' Hotaru thought curiously.

A long haired, blond girl snorted in response, "You know I still don't believe any of this stuff. No offense to your grandma or anything, but she's completely deluded. Probably not enough vitamin D."

"What about the flower that grew when you just looked at it, and the water in Irma's glass, and the picture Mrs. Lin drew in the air." An African American girl said. She was another blunette, whose hair was short with the exception of a long tail in the front.

"Just tricks. Ten bucks on the internet." The blond dismissed. Meanwhile, Will was pulling an odd, pink jewel from her jacket. What was odd about it? It was glowing. Suddenly it glowed even brighter and lifted Will into the air, spinning her around, before suddenly the area was bathed in that light. Several 'beams' of light, each a different color, left the jewel and wrapped each of the girls in a ball of light. Meanwhile a smaller, much less noticeable beam shot to Hotaru.

When the light was gone, Will and her friends were wearing odd outfits. Green and blue leggings, pink shirts, and, oddly enough, fairy wings. Inside her, Hotaru felt something change, try to react, but fail.

Hotaru then cried out in slight pain alerting Will and her friends to Hotaru's presence.

Will turned to the trash pile and spotted Hotaru immediately. "Hotaru? You followed me?"

\"Who's this?" A redheaded girl said.

Will turned from her friends to Hotaru, "Er.. This is my little sister Hotaru." She looked back to Hotaru. "How much did you..?"

"All of it Will. Ah a small light beam shot hit me when all the others wrapped around you, and your friends."

"I felt something change inside of me it then tried to react but failed like something was blocking it, that's why I cried out in pain." Hotaru said, struggling with her voice. Saturn was awake, and she was angry for some reason.

"Are you okay?" Hay-Lin asked in concern, "You don't look too good."

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit shocked.." Hotaru replied nervously."I mean, look at yourselves, you have wings, and all of you looked 18 now!" she was still struggling, her eyes flashed for a second

"Well, it is a lot to take in, isn't it?" Will said.

"Forget that, she knows our secret!" Cornelia interjected.

"Chill out Corny, she's just a kid. Besides, it can't hurt for one person to know, right?" Irma said, taking Hotaru's defense.

"Yeah, and she said some weird light beam hit her. Maybe she's connected to all this anyway." Taranee added.

'I hope not' Hotaru thought to herself, 'There's enough on my plate as is.'

"What are your friend's names? I know that nice redhead called the mean blond Corny, but somehow I don't think that her name." Hotaru asked. Meanwhile, in her mindscape Saturn growled "Let me out now!" before Hotaru locked her up a mental chest, covered it in chains, and threw away the key. 'That should keep her at bay for now.'

"Ah, sorry, the red head is Irma, the one with the glasses is Taranee , the blond is Cornelia, and the Chinese girl is Hay-Lin." Will said, introducing her friends.