-1The Planes-walker Wars.

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Chapter 2: The Start of a Champion

Valandil stood in the darkness of the swamp, his senses not hindered at all, a long sword was strapped to his waste. It had been 150 years since that fateful night, and Valandil has come into his full Planeswalker power. His "mother" told him everything as soon as he was able to understand it, and one thing has brewed in his heart since then…revenge.

Before he could planes walk himself he needed to gather his own magic and only now had he learned the sealing technique to claim his own power. The blind elf witch who had been his mother as long as he could remember, showed Valandil the way to bind. Valandil loved her like any son should love a mother, even though he distained his own for condemning him because of something he had no control over. His adopted mother taught him to pass by this, do not blame innocence just blame the one that condemned him.

Boris, the name still haunted his dreams and nightmares. Valandil shook his head, he had grown into quite a handsome elf due to his unnatural corruption. His hair was long and white, his eyes were a pale blue color with a tint of red, tall and athletic built, many girls would fall all over him if it wasn't for his unnatural white skin and the long canines that showed his vampire nature. Usually dressed in a long black cloak and black studded leather armor.

He has accepted the fact he was a vampire, after much struggling and teaching from his adopted mother. Actually, probably the main reason he has come to terms with it has to do with the young elf maiden that grew up with him, Elbereth.

She was never scared of Valandil, always stood by his side and cheered him on in his training. When he had learned of the truth he had told her and the two just sat under the twilight and held each other.

In that quiet twilight a pact was made between the two, Elbereth would help Valandil hunt down and destroy the reason for his horrible condition. Then the two would return to their shadow twilight swamp underground and live the rest of their life out together. The two have never been separated since, so much that Elbereth developed a Planes Walker spark as well, her mastery over white, green, and blue magic balances out Valandil destructive colors of red, black and blue.

Valandil shook his head he needed to focus if he was going to harness his first summon. Nienna had told him to start out easy with a small creature of the swamp. So Valandil decided to hunt down a Cinderbone to be his first binding.

This required Valandil to travel deep into the swamp to the core of fire, a small object that keeps the place down here habitual for beings like Elbereth and Nienna, those not immune to the horrible cold that comes with the swamp.

He moved through the shadows like a ghost, a whisper on the wind, another "gift" of his maker. He senses never missed a beat they heard, saw and felt everything that was to be felt. He smelled the heat of the core of fire before he felt it, the smell of cindered and burned flesh. It was like a sweet aroma to one such as him.

After a few more minutes he arrived on the outskirts of the valley of the orb. Nobody knows who put it there or why, but it was surrounded by burnt swamp and grounds, this is where he would find the Cinderbone. This is where he would start to build the strength he would need to destroy that one being…Boris.

Valandil slipped into the valley, his blade sparkling dark black in the gleam of the orb. The twisted blade thirsting for blood, bone, flesh, anything.

It didn't take long till Valandil found his target. The Cinderbone jumped from the ground its long skeletal fingers scratching for his flesh. Valandil rolled back and crouched, he looked at his target.

The Cinderbone was a smoldering skeleton of ash. Cracks of red showing the heat the creature possessed showed through at different spots. Its eyes were burning red, an eternal fire that could not be put down no matter what.

Valandil smiled, his fangs glistening in the radiating heat of the skeleton. Yes, a being that refuses to die just keeps coming to weaken its foes. One of the things Nienna taught his was all about the creatures of this swamp and their powers and abilities, to help Valandil learn how he could best use them.

Valandil moved like a shadow, he went from standing in front about 5' away from the Cinderbone to standing behind it.

"I Valandil, Planes Walker of the swamps. Seal your soul in me so I can call upon it when a time is needed," Valandil rose his blade then he slashed down, "I Valandil SEAL YOU!"

The blade glowed a dark purple color as it slashed through the Cinderbone, stealing the essence of the creatures as it passed through. Then a symbol appeared in dark purple fire behind Valandil, his symbol, the symbol of his clan with two fangs across it. The essence was then sucked into the symbol and locked away for Valandil to call upon when and where he needed.

He collapsed on the spot, sealing was not easy, even for someone with his unnatural stamina. He breathed heavy as he felt his body relax, finally fully relaxed he smiled again. He had done it, sealed his first creature into his essence.

Standing up he looked to the cavern ceiling, "Boris, your days are numbered, I will hunt you down till you no longer haunt me."

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