-1The Planes-walker Wars.

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Chapter 5: Gathering of the Walkers-Part 2

A volcano in the center of a mountain range on Lorwynn, suddenly erupts. Lava explodes from the mountain as it runs down the side of it. The corrupted creatures of Lorwynn flee for their life, lava cares for no one or anything as it moves. It burns down whole Boggart towns, the goblins continue to flee.

One goblin watches this from a nearby mountain, Snee shakes his head these mountains are as close to hell as you can get. He looks to the top of the mountain to see if anything worse then lava comes from the top of the volcano. Nothing, suddenly the earth beneath his feet starts to quake. Whole chunks of the mountain fall away, as a fissure opens up almost right under Snee's feet.

He starts to run trying to outrun the fissure racing behind him, suddenly the fissure stops. Snee falls forwards thankful the mountain didn't eat him alive. He turn so face the fissure and looks deep into it…its stairs? Two shadows walk up along the stairs, Snee lets his goblin sight take over so he can see who or what they are.

The first is a hulking human, a tower of sheer muscle. Dressed in furs and skins of animals he has probably killed, also decorated with teeth, claws and the like probably trophies of the same creatures he killed. His face is gruff, covered in dark brown hair. He holds a giant axe draped over his shoulder as he walks up the stairs. This is a hunter, no doubt about it.

Snee turns to the other, and is instantly taken over with a feeling of sheer lust, he felt his reaction to the being in his pants.

A gorgeous female walked next to the gruff barbarian. Starting from her gorgeous face, soft features and long dark red hair that cascades down her back. Snee's eyes move down to her chest, her breasts were big and lushes looking, barely being held in by a tight fitting black shirt that might as well just be a corset. The shirt pushed her breasts together showing off such wonderful cleavage that Snee felt like he was going to explode. His eyes lingered a little longer on her chest, then continue to move down, her skin was pale and soft looking. She wore a black short mini-skirt that slitted up the side showing off long legs and wide thighs.

The two beings finally came out of the fissure and looked around. The barbarian just walked by Snee not even noticing him.

The female on the other hand looked at the goblin, her senses felt that he was on the verge of losing himself and it pleased her to no delight. She leaned down looking at the goblin, giving the goblin a full view of her chest.

"Hello little one, what is your name?" her voice was sweet and seductive.

"Sn-Sne-Snee," stuttered the goblin, his eyes completely focused on her chest, he could barely hold himself anymore.

The female smiled, if Snee wasn't so entranced by her he would of noticed the long pointed canines. Unlucky for Snee he was completely entranced.

The female placed a hand on the goblins cheek and slowly dragged it down, his neck and down his chest. She felt the goblin shiver under her touch, giving her even more pleasure.

"That is a good strong name," she stated in the sweet soft voice. Her hand moved to his groin as she gently stroked the goblin.

Snee was lost in her spell, he no longer had control of any of his body. Completely ensnared by this beautiful creature, that at the current moment was feeling him up. He shuttered again, he was about to completely lose it.

The female smiled again, the goblin was now completely under her spell. She gently leaned forward her chest pushing against his body as she kissed him, a lustful kiss.

Snee kissed the female back, completely unaware of what he was doing. His hands rose up to grab a handful of her chest, even though his small hands couldn't get much, he squeezed anyway.

The female smiled behind the kiss, a little more. She continued to kiss him as she took his hand and slipped it down her shirt, to get a full grip of her.

As he felt his hand touch the soft skin of her breasts that is all Snee could take. He felt himself orgasm in his pants, over and over.

The female smiled as she smelt his orgasm she moved her mouth down his face kissing until she reached his neck. When she reached that at the point of his orgasm she bit into his skin…and drained him dry. The blood was like fire racing down her throat, even more fiery since he was orgasming at the same time. The taste was sweet to her as she continued to drain him until no blood was left.

When she was done she separated her mouth from his neck and let the dry husk of a body fall to the ground. She gently wiped her mouth and stood up, she caught up with the barbarian.

"You cruel you know that," he stated his voice gruff.

"Can't help it, its my nature, at least he died happy," she stated matter of factly.

The barbarian shook his head, "Kalina you are the epitome of a bitch."

Kalina smiled, "But you still love me Delbeath."

Delbeath shook his head, "I don't love anything, I put up with you because you have your uses that is it."

Kalina pushed up against the barbarian, making sure her chest touched him, "Well if you let me I could show you a good time."

Delbeath grunted, "And end up like the rest of the guys you show a good time, I think I will pass."

Kalina pouted, every man she has ever come across could never turn her down. The only one who could was her current companion, because of that he had nearly killed her those many years ago. Since then Kalina has been trying and trying to entice the barbarian, but he just seemed to have no heart.

"Come on, we need to find shelter till the opening ceremonies," stated Delbeath.

Kalina nodded, "Fine, maybe some dark cave, with little room?" Her voice was full of seductiveness.

Delbeath just shook his head and walked off.

Kalina pouted again, he was a tough rock to crack.

The two walked into the mountains to find a place to stay. Only thing to show they were their was the dead husk of Snee, who died with a smile.

A small island in the middle of an ocean, shadowy and dark from the effect of the Aura. Swimming around the outskirts of the water a Drowner Intiate named Jeck, prowls for a new victim to take down to the dark depths of the ocean.

The crazed look in his eyes of the thrill of the hunt glints in the twilight. As he swims, something catches his eye. A large portal spun just on shore. It was a powerful source of energy, that radiated power. Jeck swam closer to take a look.

Suddenly out of the portal two humans walked out. The male turned and waved his hand closing the portal just as suddenly as it appeared. Jeck looked at the two strangers.

The male of the group look to be about mid-30s in age. He was lean and athletic in build. With short black hair and sharp green eyes that were full of intelligence. He wore a white shirt and a pair of black pants. A long blue trench coat over it all and knee high black leather boots. The strangest part of the individual was left arm. It was completely made of a living metal of some sort, it shimmered in the twilight. The man looked around taking in everything there was.

Jeck moved to the other person.

She was about shorter then the first, with dark green hair and emerald green eyes. She was dressed in an Emerald green bra and a long emerald green flowing skirt. Jewelry of all kinds covered her arms and her hair. She looked around curiosity glowing in her emerald eyes.

"Lyeam we need to find someplace to camp out," stated the male.

The girl nodded, "Alright Revlis, lead the way I will follow."

Revlis nodded at his female companion, the two had met in the Azorius Guild many years ago. There they worked together on a few missions but that was all the contact they caught. When Revlis's accident happened he finally made it back to Ravinica and was given a new mission…compete and win in the Planeswalker wars for the glory of the Azorius Guild. There he was partnered up with the djinn that now walked next to him, the two had been training for this for some time now.

He shook his getting the memories back where they belong. He nodded and the two walked off into the island prairie grounds.

Jeck wasn't going to let his pray get away that easy, moving his hands in a complicated arcane pattern he summoned a whip of water to rise from the sea and lashed out at the companions.

Revlis sensed the attack and whirled around sticking himself between the water whip and Lyeam. A swallow appeared in his hand as he slashed through the water causing the magic to drain away from it.

Jeck went to cast another spell, before the man could do anything. He went to perform the arcane gestures once again but he had forgotten about the girl.

Suddenly he heard words that were not good, "Every culture has its unlucky number. In a city where your either alone, or in a crowd, or being stabbed in the back, two is the worst number of all."

Tentacles of water coursing with magic shot out of the sea and wrapped around Jeck. They wrapped around his tail, his arms, his neck, and his chest draining him of all his magical energy…the counter spell was a success as Jeck felt the last of his arcane magic seep away into nothing.

Jeck looked up just in time to see a beast made of water and slime wrap itself around Jeck. Trapped in the heart of the Plaxmanta he felt his skin start to melt off from the beasts stomach, the pain was excruciating and long. Jeck finally died in the center of the beast completely destroyed by it.

Revlis waved his arm, un-summoning the Plaxmanta he turned to Lyeam.

"You alright Lyeam?" he stated

Lyeam nodded, "Yep, now lets go find that shelter."

Revlis nodded and the two took off to find someplace to wait for the opening ceremony.

Among the trees of a ancient swamp a tribe of fairies tormented a lone Boggart. Dozens of them danced around the poor boggart stinging him with their small daggers covered in faerie poison.

The boggart swatted and dodged trying to get the fairies away from him. His club spun and spun trying to get the stinging evil little creatures away from him.

Skic, had been wandering through the swamp, exiled by his clan for a crime he didn't do. He had accidentally stumbled across a fairy den and was instantly attacked for his trouble.

As he was running he ran straight into a tree, not paying attention to where he was going. With a loud thud he fell backwards, the fairies were on him like a pestilence.

Suddenly a burst of black flame erupted in the clearing that Skic had ran into. The sudden appearance of the column of fire caused the fairies to scatter into the safety of the swamp. Skic was to hurt he couldn't do anything, he just laid there watching to see what horrible demon or what not would come from the black fire.

Out of the fire two humans walked out. The first to make an appearance was a guy he stood about 6' something. He had sky blue hair and piercing red eyes. Dressed in a brown cloak with a white t-shirt and a pair of brown pants. The twilight through his shadow across the ground which was the strangest part of him…his shadow was that of a wolf. He turned around waving his hand he caused the portal of fire to close behind him.

Skic looked at the other person, a female human.

She was shorter then her companion with dark black hair with red streaks. Dressed in a tight fitting top and baggy pants. She glowed with an unholy aura that caused Skic to shiver. Around her neck was a dark-red and black scarf, on each of her arms were matching arm warmers. Her eyes were a shining emerald as she looked over the swamp that they had teleported into.

"What are you thinking about Azariah?" stated the male as he finished closing off his portal.

The girl, Azariah turned to him, "You couldn't of teleported us somewhere nicer, Shatos."

The boy shook his head, "Never happy are you?"

Azariah just glared.

Shatos shrugged, "Whatever lets find someplace to wait for the opening ceremonies from."

The two walked towards Skic who tried to make himself as small as possible he was in no shape to fight. They walked by him without evening noticing or if they did they didn't care. Skic breathed a sigh of relief that was instantly quelled when he caught sight of what did notice him, the elemental came up to Skic and the last thing Skic every felt was dread.

Deep in a jungle where nothing but the most ferocious beasts roamed, large collection of vines and flowers was gathering by some invisible force. They gathered and twisted forming into a doorway. Suddenly between the doorway arcane magic zapped to life, swirling and spinning in different shades of greens.

Two figures appeared in the doorway walking towards the opening. One a large burly man with dark reddish brown hair that was wild and tangled like the vines he worked with. Copper fierce looking eyes that glinted with the thrill of danger and trouble. He was dressed in a simple pair of trousers and a pair of fur lined boots. A shoulder guard was on one arm, a insignia on it that no one in this plane would recognize. Strapped to his back was a huge great sword.

The other figure was much smaller then her burly counter-part. With long black hair that reached down past the small of her back. She was dressed in a long flowing, almost see through black dress. Flower spun around her as if carried by some invisible wind.

The two walked out of the doorway and stood in the center of the jungle.

"We made is hun," stated the female to her burly husband.

"Yeah, now we get to see the strength of this plane compared to our home," stated the man.

"Rush, you think we are making the right decision entering this fight?" stated the female.

Rush wrapped one of his arms around his petite wife's shoulder, "I know we are Diana, hopefully we will be able to find some magic to cure you."

Diana pushed herself into her husbands arms, the two have tried everything to cure her but their just wasn't anyway. When they heard the games were going to start they decided this was another way they could maybe find the answer.

In reality all the two wanted to do was settle down and live happily with a family, but in her current state Diana couldn't have children at all. She sighed curse that day.

Rush felt his wife shutter and knew what she was thinking about, "Push it out of your head for now, we will find a way to cure you no matter what, I won't let you fall to the darkness, and when we get you cured he will pay…Boris will pay for the condition he put you in."

Diana snuggled against Rush, "We will get through this right?"

Rush nodded, "You better believe it, lets go find someplace to stay until the opening ceremonies."

Diana nodded as she stayed in her husbands arms they walked through the jungle looking for a place to stay.

Valandil stood in the center of the glade he had lived in for his entire life. He looked into the swamp seeing planes were aligning.

"It is time," he whispered, "to think it is going to start here, my home plane of all the planes to start." He looked into the reflection pool again.

Two slender arms wrapped around his waist as someone laid their head against his back, "You ready hun?"

Valandil looked at the pool one last time then turned around to wrap his arms around Elbereth, he held her close, "As ready as I will ever be, you?"

Elbereth placed her cheek against his chest as she shook her head, "Yeah, we will bring him down."

Valandil shook his head, "Yeah we will, did you sense them?"

Elbereth nodded her head again, "There is a lot of them."

Valandil smirked, "Oh well, we have to do our best to win this, then we can go after Boris."

Elbereth nodded, "I will follow you to the end Valandil."

Valandil looked at the young elf, she was so beautiful he remembered the day they first actually got to talk to each other…

It had been about 18 years since he was banished to the dark swamp under his home. Nienna had been raising him and her daughter, but Valandil was angry at the world so never talked to the daughter. One day he was walking around the swamp, easily avoiding pit falls and sink holes. He suddenly heard a scream of sheer terror.

Valandil followed the scream and saw Elbereth running through the underbrush being chased by a swarm of goblins. Valandil cursed the stupid girls clumsiness for treading into there territory but out of respect for his only mother figure he went to help.

He suddenly appeared between the goblins and Elbereth his longsword which he was already extremely talented with shined in the ethereal light of the swamp.

The goblins not scared of a 18 year old elf, just a 9 year old in any other race laughed at him as they continued their charge. Now two things in the world that Valandil at the time hated the most being laughed at and being under-estimated. The goblins did both.

Like a shadow Valandil already coming into his vampire abilities was among the goblin horde, slashing and hacking them down. Completely caught off guard at the brutality of this young elf the goblins started to scatter. All the blood had sparked Valadil's bloodlust though and he didn't let any of them go. The final goblin that was impaled by his sword, was brought to Valandil's mouth and before he could even stop himself he bit into the soft neck flesh of the goblin.

The blood was like fire as it raced down his throat, he couldn't stop he just kept drinking and drinking. He drained the goblin completely dry, after he was finished he tossed the goblin husk away. His eyes now completely red turned on the elf maiden. He started walking up to her but what he saw reflected in her eyes terrified him.

He saw his own reflection in her clear eyes, a red aura was all around him. His cloak was tattered and frayed but it bucked and rose in an invisible wind. His eyes were blood red to match the blood around his lips. Valandil was terrified.

The fear gave him his control back and he fled into the night, he could of hurt her his only companion in this dark place. He ran and ran until he couldn't run anymore then he just collapsed. Sitting in the dark for hours, crying Valandil suddenly heard a crackle of a twig.

He looked up to find Elbereth standing in front of him.

"I didn't get to thank you," she stated in a soft voice.

Valandil turned his head, "I'm not worth thanking, I lost control."

Elbereth sat down across from him she lifted his chin and pulled out a handkerchief, "But you saved me none the less." She started dabbing away the blood and tears on his face.

"I was about ready to kill you, how can you be so kind to me?" Valandil was confused nobody ever showed him any compassion except Nienna. The few times he got to go to the surface people just cowered from him or threw things at him, calling him a devil spawn, or tainted one, or worse names.

"But you didn't," she stated plainly, "you regained control and didn't hurt me at all."

"But I could of," he stated turning his head from her eyes, he never noticed how beautiful they were.

She got up and sat down next to him resting her shoulder against his, "And I could of ran from you, but I didn't, it doesn't matter what we could of done its what we do that matters."

Valandil turned to her, "It only matters what we do?"

Elbereth nodded, "Saying I should of, could of, would of, doesn't matter all that matters is what you do…you didn't kill me so I don't see why we have to worry about the could of."

Valandil once again made eye contact and was lost in the elf maidens pools, "Thank you Elbereth."

Elbereth looked at him, "For what?"

Valandil replied, "Fore treating me like a friend."

Elbereth smiled, "Of course you're my friend, we grew up together I would never betray that." She reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

Valandil was taken back, sure nobody had ever shown him compassion but nobody at all had even thought about doing what she just did. The weird part about it was that it warmed Valandil's cheek like never before, it was a strange feeling.

Elbereth smirked as she caught up, "Now you have to catch me." Then like that she took off into the twilight swamp.

Valandil smiled, an actual full-blown smile. He got up and chased after her, this was the beginning of something amazing and he knew it…

"Valandil?" stated Elbereth's voice.

Valandil shook his head the memories drifting off into his sub-conscious, "Sorry babe, I was lost in thought."

Elbereth smiled as she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, "Well lets get you out of that, but before that you have to catch me." With that she took off into the swamp.

Valandil smiled, that day was the beginning of something amazing. He took off after her. Today was the start of something else that would lead to the strength to destroy Boris…but first he was going to enjoy himself.

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