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Chapter one

Edward POV

It was time to move on. We decided to "die" in a plane crash. Of course we will walk away with no problems we just have to make sure there's enough fuel to catch fire so it will burn "our bodies" so that search teams wont waste their time looking for us when we know they will never find us anyway. Only one more week until the plane crashs. Jasper has his piot's lincense so we don't have to worry about killing an innocent human. Which is great, we don't want to be monsters that kill people when we need to disappear.

'I wish we could just settle down and never have to move...I hate it! I wish we were human again and I could have children and grow old with Emmett..' Rosalie thought. I agree though. i hate that I can't change physically. I'm 17 forever.


We are boarding the plane now so we will be ready to move on in about 3 days. We have to stay out of sight for a few days in case they put pictures on the news about knowing any information. Alice says that a brunette calls the police to report that the accident. So we're covered there. Less than one hour life before we have to start over again. Carlisle is supposed to start at the hospital in Forks, Washington in one week. That will be more than enough time to stay out of sight and get everything unpacked. We were to start at Forks High School on Wed.

Jasper's doing a nose dive and the right engine just blew. The humans needed a reason why the plane crashed so Rosalie messed with the engine so it would only fly about 250 miles. We're going to crash just north of Seattle. We just hit the ground.

"Jasper, good job! That was the perfect angle...now we wont have to make a hole in the side." i told him as we were walking out.

Bella's POV

"I was on my way home from I saw the random huge shadow. I looked up and I saw a plane on fire decending down with the right engine on fire. I assume that's why the plane crashed in the first place." That was the statement i was telling police. I knew the rest of it though. They would think i was crazy if I told them.


I was driving home when I saw the plane crash. 'OH MY GOD!' I thought as I pulled over.

Then i saw seven figures just walk off the big hole on the side of the plane. Four guys and three girls. They all looked young from the looks of it.

A big, brawny guy with brown curly hair. Beside him I saw a girl with long blond hair, and she had really long legs. Next I saw a blond man taking the hand of a woman with shoulder length carmel colored hair and a heart shaped. After them was a little pixie like girl. She black hair that stuck out in every direction in soft spikes. She was pulling the hand of a tall blond man. He looked back to the last person I saw coming out. He had the stangest shade of bronze colored hair. He wasn't as tall as the blond man that came out just before him. They were all really pail as well.

They took off at the speed of lightning into the forest towards Forks. i just sat there until the police came and I called Charlie to let him know why i would be home late.

end flashback

I was driving backtowards home in a dazed. Before I knew it I was parking in front of Char-I mean our house. I just moved in a couple of days ago and he let me have a few days to relax before I had to start school. I went to Seattle to go to a good book store and get a couple new outfit fit for Washington. When you lived in Phenix most of your life you don't have many clothes warm enough for the weather here.

I have to start school tomarrow and I don't know how well I am going to be able to sleep tonight.

I just got in and I grabbed a slice a pizza to eat. Charlie told me that he ordered it since I wasn't able to get home that quickly. After i finished it I decided to get in the shower to hopefully relieve some of the stress of today. It didn't help as much as i would have liked. As i laid down to try to sleep I thought of the crash again and the people that walked off that burning plane. I realized a few things...

1.) They didn't even look shaken. Almost as if they knew it was going to happen.

2.) They didn't have a scrach on them. Their clothes weren't event ripped up.

3.) They all ran so fast I seriously couldn't see them.

I came to the conlusion that they could not be human. I didn't know how else to explain it.

As I realized this the more I wondered who these people were. That was my last thought before I fell asleep.

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