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My Bella was close. I could tell. She was so damn tight. She was screaming my name. I could never explain the pleasure that gave me. It was the kind of sound that was

a gut-wrecking pleasure. The sound came from deep within her. I wasn't sure how she could be getting tighter, but she was. Then, she came. Her body clenched around


As her orgasm hit, she bit my shoulder. I felt her teeth break my skin.. How was that possible?! Then, I felt this pleasure spread though me. And it wasn't me releasing in

her. This, was something else totally. It was kind of like the opposite of venom, the opposite of the change to immortality. It was the greater than any pleasure I could

have imagined.

My mind quickly went though the memories that I usually tried not to remember. I tried to compare the feeling they remembered to what I was feeling now. It was

intensely a greater pleasure. This was off the charts. If I had a heartbeat, I'm sure they would have to admitted into the hospital.

I was so lucky to have my girl, Bella. She could have given anyone this immense pleasure, but she gave it to me. She gave me a pleasure that no other could be given. I

have never, in all the years I could hear people's thoughts, heard of someone giving someone else a pleasure like this. I was the luckiest man alive, well, in existence.

At that thought, my mind lost all reason and faction. That had never happened to me as a vampire. The only thought that I could think was that I was going to hurt Bella,

crush her. I rolled on my back, pulling her on top of me. With that I whited out into pleasured oblivion.


That easily took the cake of the best night of my life. That was the most peaceful sleep I've had in a long time. I knew I was waking up and it couldn't have been a more

perfect place to be at this moment. Warm in my bed.

Wait! Why am I warm? I can feel that I'm on Edward's chest. I can feel his hard muscles under my hand that's on his chest. There was a slight thumping in his chest. I

could hear it and feel it. His chest rose and fell with his breathing. It was so deep and even, almost as if he were asleep. And that thumping reminded me of a...heartbeat.

I sat up quickly then, and looked at him. He had more color than usual.. His eyes were closed too. Could he really be sleeping? How was that possible? What happened?

I then remembered the heartbeat. I carefully moved two fingers to where his jugular should be. His skin was warm. About the same temperature as me, maybe a

little cooler. I could feel a heartbeat. How in the hell did that happen?

"Edward." I said shaking him awake. He moaned a little, but didn't wake up.

"Come on, get up!" I groaned to him, and shaking him harder.

He woke up this time. It seems that I startled him because he jolted to a seated position. Then looked around. His eyes found mine and they looked confused. That

wasn't was startled me though. Nor was it the fact that he moved quickly. It was his eyes. They were green. Emerald green. They were beautiful, breath-taking.


I felt something shaking me. I didn't want to be moved.

"Come on, get up!" Bella groaned. She was what was shaking me, and she shook me harder.

I jolted up. I couldn't remember which direction she was shaking me from. I looked around and found her warm chocolate eyes. She looked surprised, but there was

something different about her eyes. They were closer to a honey color. As I was staring into them, they were getting darker. Back to their normal color. It was the

strangest thing I've ever seen in a human.

"Your eyes." she breathed out. I could barely hear her.

"What's wrong with them? Your eves are different too." I informed her.

What couldn't be wrong with my eyes? Are they too black? I don't feel thirsty. Something's different though. I don't know what it is but something's off.

"Your eyes are green." she said slightly breathless. I would have found that really found that sexy if I wasn't so surprised.


"Your eyes are emerald green. You're warm now and you have a pulse. I don't know how it happened." she added.

I didn't know what to say. How is any of that possible? I brought two fingers up to my neck to check my pulse. Sure enough I had a pulse. I hopped out of her bed and

ran to the bathroom.

My eyes were green again. I looked human again. I had more color, in fact, I looked flushed. We need to go see Carlisle.

"We should really go talk to Carlisle." I voiced my thoughts.

"I agree."

My Bella got in the shower right then. I decided to call Carlisle to let him know we were going to be over very soon. This was something he just had to see.


What the hell is going on? Why were my eyes different too? They were between his eyes and mine. There was some gold in them but they were still brown. It was a very

strange thing. I couldn't wait to see Carlisle to see what he had to say about this. Would he be able to explain this? I couldn't think of what he could possibly know about

this. How could something like this be explained?


We were finally pulling up to my house. It seemed like it took us forever to get there. I was so curious and exited and scared to what all this could mean. How could I be

human again? Am I even human? Do I still have my abilities? I noticed that all my reactions are much slower. They weren't as slow as most humans but they were really

slow for me. I could seriously pass as human now.

She was finally parked in front of my house now. I got out of the car and walked over to her side to open up the door for her. I grabbed her hand and we walked up to

the front door. Her hand wasn't nearly as warm as if used to be. In fact, it felt the same temperature maybe even slightly cooler. Walking into the house was really

nerve-racking. I had no idea what to expect.

Carlisle was in the entry way waiting for us. His eyes widened when he saw me.

'How is this possible?! I can hear his heartbeat! There's blood moving though his veins. What could possibly have happened to change Edward's eyes back to green?

And he has a flush to his cheeks. What the hell is happening?'

"I can still hear you Carlisle. I have no idea what any of this could possibly mean. I've noticed that most of my actions have slowed down a lot too. I don't remember

much of how I moved when I was human, but I think I might still be faster than before. Oh, and this morning, Bella's eyes were strange too. They had gold in them, but

they were still mostly brown, though." I brought him up to date with what came to my mind.

Carlisle led us to his office. We saw Esme on the way. She was carrying a basket of freshly done laundry. When she saw me and looked into my eyes, she gasped. She

almost dropped her basket, but her quick reflexes caught it.

"Now," Carlisle began as he got seated behind his desk. "I need you to tell me everything that happened leading up to this morning. Please don't leave anything out. It

doesn't really matter how insignificant you think it is."

So we started to tell him everything. I mean everything. We both blushed at parts, and Carlisle's mind noted that. I wanted to make sure that he could figure out what's

wrong. Or right. I wasn't sure what any of this meant. Is everything that happened to me a good thing or a bad thing?

Carlisle was sifting though so many questions in his mind. Questions that I didn't have the answer to. Mostly questions about Bella. I had to admit that I was curious too.

Obviously something that happened between her and me that would cause me to be a little more than human. That would make me mortal. I had no idea what had

happened to cause this.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased that this happened. There were so many more possibilities now. Things that I won't have to worry about now. I don't have to mind my

every action. No longer will I have to worry about hurting her.

There is so much to this to process. I mean, yeah I am mortal again, but at the same time I don't remember much of being mortal. Plus, I'm more than mortal. I still have

my abilities. So, what does that make me now? A freak? At least before I had the excuse of being a vampire. A decent amount of vampires have abilities, humans don't.

You hear of someone now and then having a taste of what we did, well what I did, but mine is much stronger. Most humans can only hear people they touch or people

who are within five or ten feet from them.

So now that I have a heartbeat, am I human? Am I something else? Am I between the two? If I am, who am I closer to? A human or a vampire?

"Okay," Carlisle began. "I think I should draw and test Bella's blood. There are so many factors here. She was injected with that drug. We have no idea what that was or

even what it was supposed to be used for. It could very well have something to do with this. It may not be a factor at all. This could have been something Bella was born

with. Like an ability that goes along with you not being able to read Bella's mind. It may have nothing to do with that at all. Or maybe it's a combination of the two. I will

know much more after we run tests." Carlisle explained.

"UCK! Needles." Bella scoffed. "I hope we can figure all this out soon.. How could this happen? I thought I had really seen everything. Apparently.. that's not the case."

"I know what you mean, love." I agreed.


Damn it. He has to draw blood. Needles are definitely something the evil spirits made up to make me suffer.

And I really thought I saw everything. My vampire boyfriend turns into a human after we

made love for the first time. I really hope Carlisle gets the results of my blood

comes back soon. The curiosity is killing me. What am I supposed to do while we wait?

Jasper walks into the room just them with a worried look on his face.

"Carlisle, we have a problem. A young man, saw us and just came forward. His name is James. He says that he was afraid to the police because he thought they wouldn't

believe him and finally decided to come to us first." Edward turned to him. "OH MY GOD! Edward, what the hell is going on? What happened to you?" Jasper must not

have heard the news or hasn't been in the house. I'm sure all of them know what has happened by now.

"We have no idea what happened Jasper. That's why we're talking to Carlisle. We are hoping he could figure out how this happened or if it's even permanent."

Jasper just kept staring at Edward. I looked at Jasper. His eyes were light so he must have been hunting. That's probably why he didn't hear about this sooner. Oh god!

If they were all here, then that means they all heard our story. Everything that happened last night. About our magical night together. Emmett's never going to let me live

this down. I put my head in my hands.

"Bella, what's wrong." Edward said in a worried, panicked voice.

"Everyone just heard about our beautiful night last night. Emmett's never going to let us live it down." I groaned.

I heard a roaring laughter come from downstairs that could only be Emmett.

"That may be so, my dear, but at the moment we have more pressing matters. Like what we're going to on downstairs with that James guy." Edward makes a really good


With that all four of us head downstairs.

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