Disclaimer: I do not own anything

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. I wish I owned Griffin though -.-'

Xqulth: Okay people heres the deal, I believe that there are not enough fanfics that are Jumper ones so yeah.

I was walking down the street in my blue jeans, black cami, white sweatshirt and black leather jacket, yawning. I wished I could just jump to school but of course there was the small fact of the paladins and there were too many people here. I sighed and continued walking with my hoodie hood up. When I saw the school, I hoped and prayed that the paladins wouldn't decide to attack me here and now. I broke out in to a run to reach the school.

I know weird, huh. Why is a kid so happy to get to school? Well, I'm what people call a "Jumper" which in short means I can teleport anywhere at anytime. However, when there are people like us, there are people who hunt us. Those people are the paladins. Like most jumpers, my first jump was when I was 5, all the way to Egypt. See I had this weird obsession with Egypt then. But anyway, back to the point. My mother was a jumper and was killed by paladins when I was 6. My father, he's another story, an absolute alcoholic and stays out so late I usually don't ever see him. Well, back to the story.

When I got to my locker I pulled down my hood and looked in my mirror. My spiky brownish-blonde hair was a bit frizzed and my chocolate brown eyes looked bored and tired. My pale skin was proof of the constant cloud cover here my small hometown. I grabbed my books and went to science class where I sat with my friend Alice.

"Alex! You made it today. Class was getting pretty boring with out you here"

"Sorry Alice, it's not my fault I'm never here." I said.

When I sat down my teacher, Mr. Montgomery, came in and said, "Well, Ms. James, you've decided to join us today. We will be discussing the concepts of time and space. What is possible with it? Is it possible to travel through it instantly? Or will we be stuck in one place forever waiting in plane lines or on boats, trains, and in cars?"

At this Alice and I just barely stifled our laughs. We had to do this all class. Afterwards on our way to gym, Alice brought it up, "Was it me or did Mr. Montgomery direct that towards you? I mean seriously that was hilarious!"

"I know, I know, I could hardly keep from laughing my head off and jumping him to Switzerland."

"That, my friend, would be funny"

"I know. Hey what are we playing in gym?"

"Ah. Football I believe."

I groaned, "Why? Why did I come today?" We changed out and grabbed our football and jogged out. Since it was just passing today I did just fine.

The rest of the day went about the same, Alice and I just making fun of every class, even lunch (yeah, we consider lunch a class). At the end of the day I had no homework and Alice and I headed back to the apartment I was sharing with my sister.

"Hey Alex, can you hang out tonight or do you have to work?"

"Sorry, Alice, I gotta work. Maybe tomorrow."

" 'kay. See ya tomorrow!"

With that we went our separate ways home. Once out of view behind a building, I jumped to the apartment to change into my wal-mart work clothes. When I walked out my sister was waiting for me.

"Have a fun day at school?"

"Yeah, sure you could call it that. Well got to go"

I jumped before she could say another word. I signed in at work and started stocking. This is just another day in the life of me. Alexandra James. Or just Alex for short.

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