It's been a while since I updated, but I have a slight case of writer's block for my other stories, so I wrote this. Don't worry I'll finish the other stories. :-) This story is based around an event called a Slumber Party. Believe it or not, a Slumber Party is actually a party where women talk about sex and the Distributor sells all kinds of things from lubricants to sex toys and lingerie. I was actually dragged to one by my co-workers and didn't stop blushing the entire time. Anyway, let me know what you think. It's definitely not my best story...


"I can't believe I'm doing this", Iruka muttered to himself as he stood in front of the mirror facing his severely altered reflection.

A small slender woman stared back at him in the mirror, her chocolate eyes framed by shoulder length hair. She wore no make-up or any adornment; she simply stood there in a tee shirt three sizes too big and a pair of worn jeans.

Why am I doing this? Iruka asked himself for the umpteenth time that night. His hands nervously smoothed down the shape of his "new" body. Despite the bagginess of his shirt, the clothing failed to hide the rather large breasts that now protruded from Iruka's chest.

"I look like a fool." He said aloud, grimacing at his form in the mirror.

"I think you look pretty cute as a girl." Came a voice from behind him. "But I think you need to change the clothes, they don't do you any justice." Anko stepped up behind him, her fingers plucking at Iruka's baggy shirt.

"You know, when I agreed to go to this party thing, I assumed that I would be able to attend as myself. I didn't expect you to force me to use the Sexy no Jutsu because you forgot to mention the fact that only females are allowed." Iruka turned to face his friend, crossing his arms in an irritated manner.

"It's not just any party, it's a Slumber Party. And the rules are that only girls are allowed. All the boys get booted out until we're done having our fun." Anko began playing with Iruka's silky hair. "You know, this would be prettier if you let me style it for you. I can lend you some better clothes too." She threw another disgusted look at his attire.

"It's just a sleep over. Shouldn't I be comfortable?" The very idea of showing off this new body did not appeal to the schoolteacher. Better to hide it that draw attention to the way his new body curved and jiggled. And knowing Anko, she planned to display him like a piece of art for everyone to gawk at. Yes, better to hide the curves.

"Iruka, you look like a bum. Remember you're a woman now; take some pride in the way you look. For me? You promised." Her eyes glistened with tears, but it did not faze him, he did teach children after all, and no amount of crocodile tears would change that.

"I'm going as I am." He told her stubbornly. He absolutely refused to be dressed up, changing his sex for the night already had overstepped his limit by a mile. No way in Hell, he thought.

"Like Hell you are!" Now there was the Anko that everyone knew and loved. She placed one hand on her hip, the other wagging a finger directly in front of Iruka's face.

"If you don't at least attempt to look nice, I'll tell Lover-Boy that I found some Icha Icha novels in your desk and that you book marked pages in them for 'future activities'. I'm sure he'd enjoy that little fact, you know? The fact that his virgin boyfriend is finally thinking about giving it up."

On second thought… "What do you want me to wear?" Came the defeated sigh.

Grinning like a cat who just ate a canary… or perhaps dolphin, Anko took him by the hand and lead him to her bedroom.

While the kunoichi ravaged her closet for an outfit, Iruka sat upon the bed, thinking about what would happen if his perverted lover found out about the Icha Icha in "naïve and innocent" Iruka's school desk.

He'd be ready to jump my bones as soon as I got home. I've been holding out on him for so long that the little Icha Icha fact would blow his mind, and probably put more of those thoughts in his head. Just what I need… an even hornier Kakashi.

Iruka frowned as his thoughts turned toward his total lack of sexual experience. At the youthful age of 24, Iruka Umino was still a virgin. And it wasn't that he didn't want to have sex, he really did, and he wanted sex with Kakashi more than anything, but in his mind he needed to have more preparation. He needed more knowledge about what to expect before embarking upon that particular journey. In essence, he wanted to be the best damn lay Kakashi's ever had, hence the Icha Icha.

"Here try these on." Clothes were shoved in his arms and Iruka looked up to find Anko standing in front of him with her arms crossed. "Put those on and let's see how they look." Her eyes betrayed a slight irritation with Iruka's lack of motivation. "Get moving, we have to go soon."

He stood slowly and began to take off his shirt, but stopped mid-lift. "Turn around, this is embarrassing."

Anko just rolled her eyes and gave a long-suffering sigh. "Like I haven't seen boobs before. Honestly." But nonetheless she turned her back to give him privacy.

The clothes she had chosen for him were simple yet elegant. A dark green long sleeve blouse that dipped down into a V-neck coupled with a pair of brown pants gave Iruka a very earthy look. The blouse left quite a bit of Iruka's ample bosom out for display. He frowned down at them, attempting to stuff the jiggling flesh back into the shirt, lessening the exposure. They're bigger than I thought.

Anko have even placed jewelry on the bed for him to wear with it. Simple gold chain with a celestial charm and gold dangly earrings. Once fully dressed, Iruka folded his old clothes, laying them upon the bed.

"I'm ready."

The kunoichi whirled around. "About time. We gotta go!"

A hand grasped Iruka's wrist, pulling him through the house and out the door.

It was barely after seven yet the sun was just beginning to set. The warm fall day began to fade into a chilly fall night. Anko and Iruka rushed down darkening streets as the sun set behind them. A left turn later, they both stopped in front of a lovely two-story house warmly lit by small electric candles in the windows.

A smiling woman answered the door, light and warmth spilling out from doorway.

"Anko, you made it! Hey, you brought a friend. I'm Hina Harada, nice to meet you." She gave Iruka a warm handshake.

"I'm Iruka."

Hina smiled, beckoning both of them inside, into the warmth of her home. They followed her into a well-lit kitchen where several other women were busy munching on snacks and finger-foods. The other women all smiled and waved at the newcomers before returning to their munching or chatting. Iruka only had time to grab a carrot stick when Hina clapped her hands.

"Well, now that everyone's here. Let's get this party started! Everybody head into the living room!" She announced, directing everyone through an archway to the right.

Crunching his carrot stick with vigor, Iruka followed the other women into the large living room. Several chairs were all situated in a semi circle facing a table in the front of the room. Taking a seat by Anko, Iruka wonder what was going on.

What do girls do during sleepovers? Do they talk about men? I hope they don't decide to give makeovers, I've had enough of that for one night. I honestly don't know what to do. Eh, maybe we'll just discuss clothes and jewelry, I can fake most of that.

Curious, Iruka glanced at the thing arrayed upon the table.


Iruka's mind practically blew a circuit at the sight of what lay upon the table.

Oh no, I can't do this… Oh no…There, displayed upon the table without any propriety were kits labeled "Door Swing: Turn any doorframe into the doorway to orgasmic love" and "Erotic Massage"; not to mention bottles of every flavor lubricant under the sun.

What is this? Sweet Kami-sama, are those… are those sex toys? What kind of sleep over is this?

His hand quickly grabbed hold of Anko. "What kind of sleepover is this?"

She practically laughed in his face. "This isn't a sleepover, it's a Slumber Party."


Again with the long-suffering sigh. "It's a party that sells things to sexually empower women and to spice up love lives."

"You dragged me to a sex toy party?" Iruka put his hands over his face, feeling his cheeks burn as the blood rushed through them. Kami-sama…. This is worse than reading Icha Icha…. This is real.

"Oh come off it Iruka, this is a prime time to be more comfortable with the idea of sex. Stop blushing like this'll make you lose your innocence. Besides, they sell some sex manuals that I'm sure you and Kakashi will appreciate." Her grin reminded Iruka of some evil demon baring down upon their prey.

" I really hate you right now." He whispered.

"That's ok, 'cause you and Kakashi will love me late." This time the smile held a sexual promise to it. Iruka blushed and looked back to the table where the Hostess was starting to hand out catalogues. Everyone was given a clipboard with a list of items on it, basically their buying checklist.

And so it began. The Hostess greeted everyone with a smile and immediately began to talk about the products on the table. She started with the lubricants, passing around samples for everyone to taste and feel.

"This lubricant rewets itself when you do." The Hostess came around putting a drop of the stuff on everyone's finger, telling them to rub it in until it dries then, lick it. Iruka frowned as he rubbed the stuff between his fingers, not enjoying the slippery feel. When it had dried, he looked around at the other women and then licked his fingers like the Hostess had advised. His fingers instantly became slippery again.

Well, I bet that's handy.

After another round of tasting lubricants, they were told they were going to play a game.

"The game is called 'Have You Ever'. I'm going to say a sentence and if you have ever done it, move one seat to you right. The first person to make it all the way back to your seat is the winner. Everybody got that?" The Hostess looked around at the nodding faces and then read the first sentence off her paper.

"Have you ever had sex in a hot tub?" Several of the women, including Anko, moved one seat over. Iruka felt himself blush. That was definitely something he didn't need to know about his friend.

"Have you ever bnen caught in the act?" Even more women moved this time, again including Anko.

The list of "have you evers" went on for at least five minutes and still Iruka had not moved from his seat. Self consciously glanced at everyone else who moved, Iruka felt that his virginity was very obvious right now.

"Have you ever had sex with multiple people at the same time?" This time only one person moved; dear old Anko had made it all the way back to her seat.

"Yay, I win." She giggled as she went up to claim her prize—a position pillow.

All the women laughed, chattering about the things they'd done, when the Hostess asked. "Was there anyone that didn't move?"

Iruka knew that he'd gone white, he had felt all the color drain from his face. Trembling, he raised his hand. "Me."

The Hostess gave his a kind smile. "You get a prize too." She place a small box in his hands.

The box contained little bottles each labeled with a different flavor. The box itself was labeled "Oral Gel". He gave it a confused stare before leaning over to Anko.

"What's this used for?"

"It numbs the back of your throat so you can go down farther. Plus it makes things down south taste better." She stated simply.

"Oh." Was all Iruka said in return.

The rest of the party displayed all the different toys one could purchase. Some were even passed around so that the women could hold them, feeling the different settings before making a decision on which to buy. When the vibrating, awkwardly twisting toy reached Iruka, he was too embarrassed to even touch the thing, let alone think about buying it. So he quickly transferred it to Anko who gave an announced to everyone how much she loved this particular toy and that her's was purple.

When the time came for everyone to go order what they wanted, Iruka practically flew out the door, having had enough of the constant sex talk. He said hurried goodbyes and raced home in the dark all the way to his flat near the Academy.

Quickly unlocking the door, he ran inside and quickly dropped the Sexy no Jutsu. However once doing so certain articles of clothing became awkward and tight. Angrily fumbling with the buttons on the blouse, he attempted to take the thing off without damaging it. He had just walked into the bedroom when he unbuttoned the last button, allowing the blouse to gape open and expose the white lace bra that had held his feminine curves. The latches of the bra definitely weren't cooperating with his fingers.

"Iruka? Why are you wearing a bra?"

The man in question nearly jumped out of his skin (and clothes) as he suddenly realized that someone was draped across his bed, staring at his exposed skin. An unmasked Kakashi smiled, waving a hand. "Yo."

A nervous chuckle greeted him in return. "It's a long story."

"Really?" His lover raised an eyebrow. "Need some help with that bra?"

Iruka was practically turning around in circles trying to undo the bra. "Yes, please!"

That graceful body that he loved moved from the bed, coming to stand behind the schoolteacher. Warm hands caressed his back before moving to the bra latches, which came undone with a small movement of Kakashi's long sensual fingers. Iruka breathed a sigh of relief as the bra no longer constricted his chest. Leaning back into his lover's arms, the schoolteacher let pale hands roam all over his chest and turned his head to meet soft lips.

The kiss deepened and Iruka turned to face Kakashi, the Jounin's hands moving in slow strokes down Iruka's sides to his hips.

"Hey, Iruka." Kakashi pulled his lips from the kiss, allowing the smaller man to rest a brunette head upon his chest. Iruka's body was hot all over, aching with need, especially after that party where things were displayed everywhere, practically inciting lusty thoughts of his boyfriend with every glance. I could give in. I'm sure Kakashi wouldn't mind that I'm not very experience, in fact he'll probably teach me. Ah…Kami-sama, I want it badly.

"Hmm?" Iruka nuzzled his lover's chest.

"What's this?" Kakashi held something up, something in a box.
Iruka blushed at the sight of the Oral Gel. Then, in a moment of overcoming his prudishness and virginity, Iruka smiled. "Here. Let me show you."

Gah, this is probably the dirtiest thing I've ever written. I'm not very good with talking about sex, so I tried to keep it somewhat clean. Please read and tell me what you think. It's certainly not my best work. And sadly, I kind of based Iruka off myself at my first Slumber Party(boy, was that an awkward event. LOL)