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Slumber Party: Chapter Three.

People bustled around the Missions Office. Papers exchanged hands and shinobi lingered for the latest gossip. The day had progressed fairly calmly despite the earlier embarrassing conversation with Genma and Anko. Iruka felt relieved that his interrogator had finally left him to do his job. It would have been even more embarrassing if Anko had stayed much longer; the woman had almost launched into a list of items Iruka should buy from the next Slumber Party in order to make sex more appealing to him. Luckily Iruka had leap from his chair in time to cover her mouth just as a report bearing shinobi had walked through the door. Anko's help was amiably appreciated but truly meant for a less public arena. Before she left, the purple haired kunoichi left him some painkillers for his "back ache" which made his day infinitely more bearable.

His mind continuously wandered back to think of his physical pain's source: none other than the Legendary Copy-Nin himself, Kakashi Hatake. Would Kakashi get bored with him now that they've had sex? Getting into Iruka's pants had been Kakashi's first goal when they both started dating and now that the goal had been fulfilled, Iruka worried over the future of their relationship. Would he really want to stay with me? The past rumors of Kakashi's infamous one night stands kept compacting the doubts in the chuunin's heart. One incident in particular had left behind a wake of numerous men and women after Kakashi's sex rampage, none of them very happy with the Copy-Nin's get-in and get-out attitude.

That happened years ago though, back when Kakashi was full-time ANBU. He'd never do that to me, I'm sure of it. His head lowered into his hands and his frown deepened. Then again, that's probably what the others thought too, right before he dumped them. Kami-sama, was he just using me? Was I just a challenge to him? A virgin with seriously prude ideas about relationships who had no intentions of having sex. Was it a game? Pink lips pulled into a wry smile. Ha, to him I practically advertised "participation required, prize inside". But if the whole relationship was another notch on Kakashi's bedpost, shouldn't I have noticed? Something should have jumped out at me waving its arms screaming "get out while you can."

Iruka shook his head. What am I doing? Anko was just talking about how much Kakashi loved me. I'm probably worrying over nothing. Kakashi will pop in to seduce me any minute now.

Chocolate eyes stared out at the doorway, observing the comings and goings of the reporting shinobi. Papers fluttered in the constant movement within the Missions Office, shinobi had begun forming lines as they waited to turn in their reports. Yet Iruka became too busy to notice the comings and goings of the shinobi as a line started to form in front of his desk. Papers exchanged quickly and Iruka kept repeating the same things over and over.

"Thank you for your hard work."

"Did a genin write this? Do it again."

"Where's the report?"

The shinobi of Konoha never failed to surprise him with their lack of effort put into the mission report. Only one had ever impressed him.


The loud voice left his ears ringing. Gai-sensei had made it through the entire line quietly only to explode into epic greeting directly in front of poor Iruka's desk.

"Gai-sensei, we've talked about this. I'm sitting right here, there's no need to yell or announce every sentence to the world. Alright?" It was like speaking to an overenthusiastic child. Gai merely nodded his head, eyes wide with innocence. He quietly held out his mission report. Iruka glance over it. Yep, the only one that can impress me. The paper was crisp with a sparkly green border with the sections colour coded for easy reading. A fragrant smell lingered around it too.

"What's today's scent Gai-sensei." He lifted the paper to his nose, gently inhaling the perfume.

"Lavender" Gai giggled. Every paper he ever turned in had a different pleasant smell, which gave the excitable green adult kudos in Iruka's book.

"Thank you for all your hard work" The paper went in the bin with the other papers of lesser quality.

"Um…Iruka-sensei?" Gai hesitated. Looking up from filing the report, Iruka raised his eyebrows. What does he want? OH! Realization startled him and he laughed as he reached into his desk.

"I'm sorry, Gai-sensei. I forgot." He held out a green lollipop to the jounin. Again Gai gave a giggle then plopped the lollipop in his mouth.

"Farewell, glorious Iruka. May you day be bright and relaxing." The door closed behind him, which cued comments from the shinobi still in line.

"How come we don't get lollipops, Iruka?" one asked, waving a ragged piece of cloth. His mission report no doubt.

"Gai-sensei earns a lollipop because his mission reports never look like that." A tanned finger pointed to the trash the man waved. The other shinobi snickered and Iruka got right back to work.

The day shift was almost over. As the sun began to set, so did Iruka's heart. Kakashi hadn't shown up at all today. The doubts that had plagued him earlier were now stirring again. The clock ticked and when Iruka looked again he felt his heart drop further. The Mission's Office was closed, closed and Kakashi had not shown up all day.

"Stay calm, he's probably off saving some squirrel or something. Nothing out of the ordinary."

The crowds in Konoha's streets slowly thinned as the sunlight faded. People turned to indoor activities, their voices and lights creating a surreal grey environment in the once bustling streets. The grey that surrounded him only served to deepen Iruka's mood as his feet strode towards his apartment. It hurt him to think that Kakashi had not even bothered to show up today, especially after last night. Usually Kakashi would pop in all the time just to see how the 'little sensei' was doing. And the fact, Iruka's boyfriend was nowhere to be found the day after Iruka shared a part of himself that no one else had touched made the chuunin's thoughts of abandonment and one night stands more plausible. I just hope that isn't the case.

The little porch of his apartment came into view with its hanging plant baskets and the wind chime tinkling softly in the cool night breeze. Iruka put his key in the door—and stopped. Someone was in his apartment. He could sense their chakra, yet his limited skills did not tell him who the chakra belonged to.

His pulse increased. Kakashi?, he wondered, pushing the door open. Hitting the light switch chocolate eyes searched for the telltale silver spikes only to find… a dog?

Pakkun waved a paw at the sensei. "Boss sent me. He's on a mission. That's all." And with a 'poof' the little brown pug disappeared.

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