BY: BrokenAngel1753

DISCLAMERS: If I owned Jumper don't you think I'd be writing a sequel? Or enjoying the Jumper boys company? So let's recap…I OWN NOTHING!

SUMMARY: My interpretation of the movie with a few OCs. Just please read it is AU!

Author's Note: Delilah is twenty four. I know Taylor Swift was who I chose to portray Del but in every picture she just looked too young! So I have found a new actress who sort of looks like her and is older. But she is still 24 in this story. Caleb is now five.


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Delilah "Del" Martin … Katie Cassidy

Caleb O'Conner … Jonah Bobo

Elizabeth "Liz" Andrews … Kate Winslet

Chapter One: Sweet Child O' Mine

Today was Caleb's fifth birthday and Delilah was with him in the park. Right now she was sitting on the bench watching her son on the swing. It was hard to believe that six years ago she jumped for the first time and met Griffin. And five years since she had Caleb. She heard the familiar sound of Griffin jumping behind her and smiled as she heard him walk out of the woods.

"Morning Del. How's Caleb today?" he asked kissing her cheek before standing still to watch his son on the swing. Just then Caleb noticed his father and grin before suddenly appearing in front of his father to hug his waist.

"DAD! YOU CAME!" he laughed not noticing his parents' shock that he had jumped nearly 40 feet. Their son was a jumper!

"Griffin…did he just…jump?" Delilah asked with raised eyebrows. Griffin just grinned at the idea of his son being a jumper like him.

"Now that is what I call a hello!" he said with a smirk; Delilah just rolled her eyes.

"You're hopeless you know that right?" she asked but if he had heard her he didn't say because he was now picking up his five year old son with a big grin. Before jumping to god knows where. Delilah's eyes went wide before shot up and quickly ran to his jump scar and jumped to Griffin's desert lair.

She gave a small smile when she saw he was jumping to chase his son who was surprising really good at jumping. A quick learner like his father. Deciding to join in and jump in; for lack of better word to save her son from getting caught she landed right in front of Griffin. He fell back in surprise his foot caught on her calf as she fell on top of him. She grinned as he just stared at her with wide eyes.

"I win!" she said sticking her tongue out, he just nodded while looking over her shoulders. She froze he wasn't nodding at what she said…he was signaling!

"AHHRGAHH!" shouted Caleb as he leapt on top of Delilah crushing her into Griffin making her scream out.

"Why you little! Griffin when I get up I am so going to kill you!" she said with a huff. He just laughed as Caleb rolled off and landed in the sand laughing.

"Why me? It was our son that landed on you…" he started trying to look innocent.

"But who signaled him to? Hmm?" she said with a raised eyebrow. He just gave a sheepish grin and shrugged before lying back in the sand.

"Aww but Del…we were just playing…what do you say we go to the beach or something? Maybe Hawaii? I'm in the mood for some tropics…Caleb? You want to go to Hawaii or some where else? Maybe Tijuana…they have rocks to climb on." Griffin asked with a smirk.

"Can we go anywhere with a beach? Wait I wanna climb on rocks! Can we dad?! Please?" Caleb said with a grin that made him look more like his father.

"And maybe I could help with the sunscreen…I don't want you to burn Del…that would be very bad…" Griffin whispered in Delilah's ear making her shiver with desire. Before she knew it they had changed into swim suits and we at the beaches of Tijuana it was mid day yet no one was in sight making Delilah grin, she liked it when no one was around it meant no, interruptions with her family. Griffin hardly had the chance to spend time with his son without interruptions.

"Del…come here you need some sunscreen." Delilah turned to look at Griffin with a smirk; he was sitting on the large beach towel. He already had some sunscreen in his hands and pulled her close so she was kneeling between his legs placing her hands on his knees she grinned.

"Fine but keep it PG rated Griffin. Our son is right over there. And maybe you should let me put sunscreen on him first. I don't want to have him complaining later okay?" Griffin groaned in displeasure as she stood to grab her son to put sunscreen on him. But Caleb kept struggling to escape.

"Mum! I don't want any! I wanna climb on the rocks! Dad tell mum to let me go!" He squealed as Delilah started applying some sunscreen.

"Caleb, hold still for your mum, she doesn't want you to burn. Besides the sooner she gets it on the sooner you can climb on the rocks." At Griffin's words his son froze, Delilah took this as a chance to finish putting sunscreen on her son. As soon as she was finished her son jumped over towards the rocks with a laugh. She turned to look at Griffin who was using the sunscreen in his hands for himself.

"Lemme help you baby…" she said with a smirk earning one herself from Griffin. She trailed her hands down his chest over his abs making him hiss.

"God I fucking need you Del…it's been five bloody years since I've shagged your brains out!"

"Easy there Griffin! Our son is right over there…" she trailed off as he began to kiss her neck.

"Well go get Liz and have her watch him or I will fucking shag you senseless right here." He hissed in her ear making her shiver.

"Remember last time we had sex? We had Caleb. And I became the size of a fucking whale. Do you want that to happen again?" she asked rolling her eyes at her boyfriend.

"As a matter of fact yes, I want a little girl who looks just like her mum. And you didn't look like a whale…you looked sexy." He said with a smirk.

"You have class babe I'll give you that…" she said before jumping to Liz's flat in London.

"Lemme guess you want me to babysit so you and Griffin can go at it like you're on the Discovery channel? I'm in the middle of watching a movie. Come back later." Liz said before Delilah could even open her mouth.

"B-but Griffin is waiting for me on a beach!" Liz looked up after pausing the movie.

"Beach you say? Gimme five." She said before sprinting to her room to change. Within seconds Liz came out in a bathing suit her sunglasses on her head.

"Let's go!" Liz squealed in delight as Delilah grabbed her arm to jump to the beach.

As they arrived, Griffin was lying on his back, his knees drawn up and arms spread out on the towel making Delilah practically drool at the sight.

"Go my little ducky shag his brains out. And don't do anything I wouldn't do." Liz said with a smirk.

"What wouldn't you do Liz?" Delilah asked with a raised eyebrow making her friend laugh.

"Exactly now go!" she said with a Cheshire cat grin. Delilah walked over to her boyfriend kneeling before him; she rested her arms on his knees with a grin.

"Shit I didn't hear you jump." He said as he shot up to a sitting position.

"What's this? Griffin O'Conner caught off guard? Hmm…" before she could say anything else he kissed her lips and jumped to his 'desert lair'.

"You have no idea how much I fucking want you Del." He whispered lustfully into her ear, making her smirk.

"I think I have an idea…now shut up and kiss me O'Conner." She said as she jumped them towards the bed.

"Yes Ma'am." He said with that smirk of his before crashing his lips onto hers. Clothes went flying in all directions as they frantically undressed each other. Griffin crashed his lips on Del's making her moan. His warm and calloused hands trailed up her bare sides before reaching her face, caressing it lovingly.

"God I need you Griffin…" she said with a moan before he thrust into her. God she had missed this feeling. His thrusts quickened as he grabbed her hips pulling her closer to him. Delilah's breath was coming out in frantic pants and gasps of pleasure. Griffin rolled over so she was on top, watching her move up and down on him with a smirk. Delilah placed her delicate hands on his chest pushing her self up and then lowering herself, she let out moans as she tilted her head back. Griffin sat up and captured her breast in his mouth, twirling his tongue around the rosy bud. She latched onto his brunette locks with one hand, holding him in place as she quickened their pace.

"G-G-Griffin! O-Oooh!" She panted as he shifted to her other breast repeating the same process making her scream out in pleasure.

"Come for me Del…scream my name…" Griffin whispered lustfully in her ear making her bite her lip. Seconds later she came quickly followed by him, she never felt so complete in her life. Griffin flipped them so he was on top again and kept thrusting madly into her. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she rode out the last of her passion filled climax.

"I love you Griffin…" she whispered sleepily as he slid out and held her close. Her head curled into the crook of his neck as he rested his head on hers'.

"I love you too Del." He said as he kissed her head lovingly.

One Year Later

Griffin was sitting in the recliner of Delilah's flat holding his daughter. She was looking up at her father with her big blue eyes giggling as he made faces at her.

"Gracie you excited to see your mummy? She's coming home today!" he said as he bounced his one-year-old daughter on his knee making the little girl squeal.

"Griffin? Are you home?" Griffin turned to see his girlfriend of six years walk into the living room. Delilah smiled at her little girl who let out an excited shrill at the sight of her mother.

"Mummy!" she cried holding her arms up to her mother who scooped her up.

"Did the kids behave? Caleb didn't jump to the—" before she could finish Griffin had stood up and wrapped his arms around her.

"I think I can handle watching our kids. Del I've been watching Caleb for years. They were little angels…for once. Me on the other hand…I need to be punished…" Griffin said wiggling his eyebrows, resulting in Delilah laughing.

That night Delilah was sitting up in bed talking to Griffin, who was resting his head on her lap.

"A strange man was watching me Griffin…he was watching my every move in Italy. I'm scared. What if he knows? I think he knew I was a jumper or something. Am I just paranoid?" She asked as Griffin sat up to look at her.

"Was he a black man with bleached hair? Long tan coat?" Delilah froze as her boyfriend described the man that followed her in Italy for two whole weeks. Slowly she nodded her head wincing as Griffin jumped out of bed and began to pace.

"He is making you his next target Del. You aren't safe here anymore. He follows your every move. His name is Roland. He's been after me for six months now. He's a paladin. Paladins kill Jumpers. You need to find a new place to live Del. If they find you they'll kill you, they'll kill Caleb and Gracie." He said as he stopped pacing to hold her face close to his. Slowly he kissed her forehead, nose and finally her lips.

One More Year Later

Another year had gone by. Delilah and Griffin had moved six times already. They finally moved after Liz had been killed, she was killed to get to Delilah who just began to cover her tracks even more. She was heart broken when she came back and found out her best friend had been brutally murdered in her flat. Now that she lived in Sydney, Australia she made sure to jump from different spots each time. She never jumped to the same spot twice. Griffin even began to find new places to jump to. He even suggested she took his name to stay off their radars. As Delilah O'Conner she was unknown to them. At least they hoped she was.

"Griffin? Would you just please come to bed? The kids are asleep…" she said as she played with the small diamond ring on her finger. Just the other day Griffin proposed. So now she would soon officially have Griffin's name as her own. It only took him about four months to actually ask her to marry him.

"Something doesn't feel right…" he said as he continued to pace.

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you are pacing in nothing but your boxers in front of the window? That would feel weird to me." She said with a smirk which made him jump towards the bed and kiss her.

"But I thought you liked me in nothing more than my boxers?" he said mocking her American accent. She just grinned as she kissed him.

"Not tonight Griffin…I just got over a stomach bug. And I am exhausted baby…lemme sleep but tomorrow night…I'm all yours." She said smiling at her fiancé's frown.

"You're no fun Del. But fine tomorrow your sexy little knickers will be forgotten on the floor as I shag you senseless. You hear me?" he said with a smirk making her laugh.

A few hours later both had fallen asleep. Around midnight Delilah shot up when she heard a loud crash. Seconds later Grace began to scream and cry. Griffin had already jumped to her room and Delilah was sprinting towards Caleb's room. Before she got to Caleb's room a large man blocked the door. Panicked she screamed for her son.

"CALEB! RUN! MEET US AT THE MEETING SPOT!" she screamed letting out a thankful sigh as she heard her son jump out of his room with an 'okay'. She quickly was reminded of the large man as he threw her against a wall with a thud. She immediately sprang to her feet and gave the man a round house kick to the chest. She quickly ran towards Grace's nursery and screamed.

"This is how it has to be Griffin O'Conner. You jumpers are a menace and don't deserve to live. By stopping your daughter from growing up I am thus stopping another generation of jumpers!" With that Roland had pulled a knife out and quickly stabbed Grace in the back, Delilah let out an ear piercing scream of terror. Griffin ran towards Roland who just dropped the little girl and pulled out a large rod that shot out like a tazer, the second it hit Griffin he was on the ground convulsing in pain. Delilah screamed and jumped towards the man bringing her knee to his face, Roland flew back in pain with a broken nose. Quickly regaining his balance he shot out another tazer like spear at Delilah who jumped out of the way, Griffin ripped off the wires that had previously shocked him and ran towards Roland. Delilah screamed as the wires latched onto her and began shocking her.

"GRIFFIN!" she screamed in terror before Griffin could grab a small chair from what once was Gracie's tea party table and slam it on Roland's head. Roland was knocked out from the blow and a cry of pain. When Griffin turned to look at Delilah he froze, she was laying on her side with cuts covering her arms and body from where she fell on the small table. Quickly picking her up in his arms he jumped to the lair. Seconds later Caleb grabbed onto Griffin's legs desperately.

"DAD! Is mum okay? Where is Gracie?" with one look at his son he walked past his son and placed his fiancée on the couch softly caressing her cheek.

Nearly four hours later Delilah had woken up in the arms of Griffin. She looked at him and noticed tear stains on his pale cheeks. His eyes were swollen and red she knew he had cried himself to sleep, meaning it wasn't a bad dream. Gracie was dead. Her little girl was dead because her parents were jumpers. Holding back a sob the best she could, but it was impossible when she noticed a picture that Gracie had drawn of Griffin in London; hanging on the tack board hanging next to the door. Griffin who heard her woke up with a start and held her close.

"I'm going to kill every last one of those bastards Del. I swear they will never hurt you or Caleb again…" he said with such venom in his voice that Delilah began to cry harder. She knew Griffin would never be the same again.

This chapter was dark I know. And it was hard to write but I needed to show why Griffin changed so drastically and this is how I decided to portray his dramatic change.