Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Naruto never thought he himself was special, the only extraordinary fact about him was that he had the nine tailed demon sealed inside him. But because of that the village that he had so badly wanted to protect had hated him his entire life. He lay on the ground going over what had happened, the many times he had nearly died, they had all been painful, but this was just like being very sleepy. He realized, or thought that he realized, that his life had been completely useless, he had no friends to miss him, no family to cry for him, the only people who cared for him had died. There for when he died he had expected to just disappear, out of sight and mind. But this comes later in the story.

!About three months back!

"Team 7 will be Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumakiā€¦" Naruto looked up to show he had heard his name. After graduating with what he thought were average grades for himself, he wasn't expecting to get onto a team with at least one of his friends, but as he was at a higher level than both of those people. He looked over to Kiba and Hinate. The only people, besides the ramen man Teuchi and his daughter Ayame, that had ever been nice to him. Thought he did see that those two managed to get on the same team with Shino. 'Well what did I expect with my luck? At least Shino is nice, if not indifferent.' Naruto thought to himself.

"Okay everyone," Iruka called having finished saying teams. "Come back here after lunch to receive your Jounin sensei's." Slowly the class emptied out, only leaving Naruto and Iruka. "Was there something you wanted to talk to me about?" Iruka asked to the sullen looking Naruto.

"Iruka," Naruto started, unsure how to say what he wanted to say; he stood up and walked down the stairs to the front of the room. "Do you really think that I'm good enough to be on a team? I mean, my grades were only par and I'm nothing special when in comes to jutsus and fighting." Iruka sighed and looked down on his pupils face. There was so much pain in what once were happy eyes. 'What did those villagers do to you to make you so sad?'

"You really should stop talking about yourself like that. You passed with some of the highest grades in the class. Your standards are too high, even for yourself. You're a good ninja Naruto." Iruka assured him. He gave his teacher a small grin and turned to walk out of the class. Iruka watched his reseeding back. 'You'll do well Naruto, I'm sure of it.' He thought to himself before turning to the large stack of paper work before him.

Naruto sat on the swing in front of the school looking at the groups of kids. He sensed someone watching him from behind, but this happened so often he never really looked to see who it was anymore. Normally it was just a villager glaring at him any ways.

Hinate watched Naruto's back, wishing he would turn around but at the same time glade that he didn't. "Why don't you notice how I feel about you?" She whispered to herself. Naruto looked to the front gates of the school to see a large group of mothers from the village. From a reflex he had developed over the years he quickly hid behind the tree on the opposite side as Hinata. The mothers walked by without noticing Naruto. He sighed in relived that he had not become a target for their glares and cruel words.

The rest of the lunch break past without anything of intrest happening. Naruto hid in the tree, deciding it best if he stayed up there until it was time to go back to class. Hinata left to find Kiba and Shino. The bell went and the students all went back into the school. Some of the new sensei's were already in the class. After half an hour everyone was gone save for Naruto's team and Hinata and Kiba's team. Kiba looked over to Naruto curiously; normally he was really talkative after break. Today however he looked depressed and almost scared. He didn't want to upset him by saying something, as he knew that after 'the event' he was very sensitive. He looked over to Hinata. She always seamed to know what was going on with Naruto.

"Hey Hinata," Kiba whispered as he tried not to look at Naruto. "Is there something wrong with Naruto? He seams off today." Hinata glared at Kiba's stupidity. "What? I was only asking."

"You can be so stupid sometimes Kiba. Obviously he's upset that he didn't get onto the same team as us. His skill level is higher so of course he was put onto the highest-level team in the class. Didn't you know that they changed the grouping rules this year? There is one 'dream team' and the rest are just balanced out." Hinata said all this as if it was common knowledge. Kiba looked shocked at her reaction, the usually shy Hinata was now telling him off. 'What is with everyone today? Naruto is depressed and not talking and Hinata is mad? The world has been flipped upside-down! Next thing you know we'll all be dancing around a Christmas tree in August!' Kiba thought to himself.

At that moment a dark haired, red eyed Jounin walked in. She was looked over to Kiba and Hinata. "Team eight your coming with me." She said sternly. The team stood up. Kiba waved to Naruto who forced a smile in return before returning to gazing out the window.

It was another two hours before the final Jounin showed up. During that time Naruto didn't move, barley even blinking. Sasuke had attempted to get some brooding done but was so rudely interrupted by Sakura who was bothering him for a date. Kakashi looked around at his team. 'Joy a fan girl, a grumpy git and a depressed looking demon. What better team could I ask for?' Kakashi thought sarcastically. "My first impression of you. You're all worthless and annoying. Prove me wrong and meet me on the room in two." With that he poofed away, leaving a group of three confused people. Iruka hadn't expected that sort of thing from a Jounin. Even if it was Kakashi. Sakura was glaring at the spot that he had been only a moment ago. Sasuke looked almost grateful, as the Jounin had distracted Sakura long enough for him to make a getaway. Naruto however seemed indifferent. He was accustom to that sort of thing and merely brushed it off as he got up and walked out the door heading to the roof.

On the roof two minutes later Kakashi sat down in front of the three new Genin. "To start, tell me about yourselves. Likes, dislikes, dreams, future plans. That sort of thing. I'll even start off. My name is Kakashi Hatake. I don't really have any likes or dislikes, and my dreams are really none of your business as I only just met you. No it's your turn." He looked over to Sakura.

"Well, my name is Sakura Haruno. My only like is my Sasuke-kun. My dream is to-" She cut herself short before turning a very bright shade of pink and quickly whispering "to go out with Sasuke-kun." The shade of pink seemed to brighten if that was even possible. Sasuke quickly and quietly scooted slightly farther away from the pink haired girl. "And I hate Ino and other annoying people." This time she looked over to Naruto with a cruel glare. Naruto cringed back, looking back into her hateful face thought the corner of his eyes. Kakashi watched the evens unfold. 'Well, she is a very determined girl, but there seems to be some conflicts between her and Naruto. I'll have to keep a close eye on that. I heard about what happened two years ago, I'm not surprised how quiet he his.' Kakashi made a mental note and moved on.

"You next grumpy." He indicated for Sasuke to go next. He looked up at the man glaring not moving his chin from his interlinked hands.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. My only interest is getting stronger, my dislikes are to numerous for anyone else to comprehend. I an ambition to kill a certain man and restore my clan." He returned to having his eyes closed, brooding to himself in his head. Sakura had hearts in her eyes.

"You're so cool, Sasuke! Will you go-" She was going to ask him on another date but was cut short, this time by a freezing glare from the Uchiha.

"No." Sasuke said bluntly before she even finished her sentence. Sakura's head fell. Kakashi looked around again. 'Well isn't this a cheery bunch? Why did I have to get this group?'

"Your turn." Naruto was last to go, he looked at his teammates who seemed more interested in what they were doing than to listen to him. Kakashi eye-smiled at him in hopes of getting him to open up and talk. Surprisingly it worked.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like ramen and learning jutsus. I dislike my past, and what most likely will be my future. My dream is to protect the village that hate's the fox." Naruto answered in a quiet voice. Sakura and Sasuke didn't seam to hear what he had said but Kakashi, though he didn't show it, was in shock. 'Does he already know about the demon? Should I talk to the Hokage about it?' He made another quick mental note before starting again.

"Now that that's over with lets get organized. Hey, lovebirds. You can flirting on your own time, pay attention." Sakura blushed cherry red while Sasuke's glare hardened and he got a faint tint of pink in his otherwise pale cheeks. "Thank you. As I was saying, meet at training ground 14 at six tomorrow. We'll be having our final test. Oh and don't eat breakfast. You'll only throw up." With that, Kakashi poofed away to find the Hokage. Sakura tried and failed for another date with Sasuke and Naruto slowly stood up and walked back to his apartment to get ready for training the next day.

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