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Chapter One

She stood there, unable to think. The dragon she had failed to slay stood before her in the official green suit and mask of a slayer-in-training. His human eyes—filled with worry—stared at her… nothing was said for a moment as the two attempted to comprehend their sudden reunion.

After grueling months of trying to destroy the Dragon of New York, she'd finally learned his identity. And because of her failure to kill the boy she adored, she was thrown back in rank. She was now forced to continue her training here, in this academy.

She never believed that she would see this man—this dragon—again. Despite her few calls into his dreams to warn him of her master's plots, she was certain that they were to remain separated. Yet here he was, in the academy, where thousands of men and women were training boys and girls to kill the very thing he was.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him furiously.

"I have to find out what the Master's planning. What are you doing here?" he asked her.

"I'm being retrained…" she trailed off. She was being retrained so the next time she fought a dragon… she wouldn't fail—thankfully the Master hadn't realized that she'd shown mercy rather than merely failing to kill the dragon... had he known the truth, she'd be in far worse shape. She said no more, but the look on his face told her that he knew.

She sighed, "You need to get out of here, Kevin. It's too dangerous here… for you…"

Kevin shook his head and narrowed his eyes, "Not until I find out what he's planning," he then held her cheek with his hand and stared into her eyes, "and not without you, May."

The book shut there, a red ribbon marking the page, and slender hands tossed the book on the wooden coffee table. The blonde shook her head, her long wavy hair being flipped over her shoulder as she cocked her head to look at her sister with a cocked brow, she asked, "How old are these guys supposed to be again?"

Rose pursed her lips in annoyance and answered, "They're fourteen."

"Don't you think that they oughtta act a little more… fourteen then?" she asked critically.

Rose picked up the burgundy couch pillow and threw it across the room at the identical woman sitting in the chair. "Just because May and Kevin are fourteen, doesn't mean they have to act like children. Both of them were forced to mature, May's a slayer and Kevin is a protector of magical beings. That's a lot of responsibility, so forgive them if they aren't immature enough for you, Marie."

Marie laughed, "You forget that they don't exist, sis. They're made up, so don't get so uppity," she stood and picked the book back up. "So when's the new one coming out?" she asked as she handed the dark green hard cover to her sister.

Rose looked at the green book in her hands, gold lettering in an Old English font read The Slayer, a simple name for—what she believed—a complex fantasy about a young slayer finding out who she really was and what was really right.

She looked up. Two identical pairs of ocean blue eyes looked at one another for a moment, before Rose tossed the book back onto the table.

Years ago Rose Whitman began a journal which played out the story of the nameless slayer and dragon she dreamt about since she was thirteen years old. It was two years ago that she took that journal and named the slayer and her dragon then transformed the journal into a teen fantasy best seller.

She sighed, though lately it had become a burden and her dreams becoming scarce. Her agent was strict with his deadlines and she only had half of the new book written. "My deadline is in five months."

"That's not too bad; you have a good bit done already."

"Yeah, with no where to go," she muttered. "No dreams… no inspiration… I'm completely blocked!" She dropped her head into her hands. What was she to do?

Marie walked over to her twin, identical to her in every way, she patted Rose's back. "It's okay, we'll think of something," the twenty-five year old told her. She thought for a moment and offered, "Maybe what you need is new scenery."

Rose looked up, "What do you mean?"

"May and Kevin are from America right? New York City? Well, maybe if we go there, you'll get your inspiration back."

"We?" she asked.

"You know I was planning on moving back to New York the first chance I got," she'd stated. Marie had a harder time adjusting to Hong Kong than Rose or their little brother Joey did… of course Joey was so young at the time—five years old to their fourteen—that he hardly even remembered his life in America.

Rose nodded, maybe that was what she needed; her own agent had thrown the same idea to her. "Maybe you're right."

Marie rolled her eyes, "Aren't I always?"

Rose shook her head slightly with a smirk, "I won't answer that."

A silence remained between the two for a moment as Marie pursed her lips in thought and ran her fingers lightly along the binding of the book. "Couldn't you have made them older?"

The younger twin by two minutes gave a loud groan in exasperation as she slumped dramatically in her seat.

Christine wiped her wet eyes as she helped her daughters pack up to leave, "I can't believe my girls are going to be in a whole other country from me," she sighed as she moved a strand of short light blonde hair out of her blue eyes.

"Don't be such a drama queen, Mom," teased the blue eyed sixteen-year-old with short dusty blond hair. Joey grabbed the heavier bags and took them into the living room, toting his mother beside him. He grinned as he put the bags down and looked at his older sisters, "They'll be fine."

Rose gave Christine a reassuring hug while Marie stood up next to their little brother—who currently rested his arm on an annoyed Marie's head. He always enjoyed poking fun at their shorter stature; 5'3 to his 6'1, Marie growled and jumped up to snatch the rectangular wire-framed glasses from him with a loud "Ha!"

"Don't worry, we'll call you once we get there and we'll call every week and you have our e-mail addresses," Rose consoled her, "Right, Marie?"

"Yep! E-mail everyday, call every week. Got the drill!" she shouted as she ran around the small living room, the now practically blind Joey blundering after her. She laughed, "Told you to get contacts, dopey!"

"Contacts bug my eyes, now give them back!"

Rose and Christine laughed lightly at the spectacle. "Oh, how I'll miss their fighting," Christine mentioned sadly.

"Me too, Mom," Rose spoke, equally as sad to leave her family.

Rose bit her pink lower lip; the farthest she'd ever been from her family was a few blocks. This sudden move… it was taking its toll on her. She looked at her sister who seemed to be having a much easier time than she.

And now it was final… they were going to America. New York was a long way away from Hong Kong and Rose was forced to accept the realization finally. She hugged her parents and little brother; their father arrived in time to drive the girls to the airport. His kind brown eyes wrinkled up as he smiled down on his daughters, proud to send them off on their journey.

Marie stood on her tip-toes to ruffle their dad's thinning gray hair, "No water works from you, old man. Mom's got that covered."

With that said the announcement for their flight was made and the twins went to get on their plane, a last wave to their family.

Once on the plane, Rose took the window seat and looked out the window, saying a quiet goodbye to the home she knew for eleven years.

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