"It is obvious that Mr. Rochester doesn't like the man but in her joy Mrs. Rochester was oblivious to that at first. Then seeing his uninterested, grim behavior she asked if he was displeased and he replied that why he shouldn't be when his wife was so overjoyed to see another man. How could he be indifferent?

"And the mistress was so hurt by that comment that tears welled up in her eyes. She said that she didn't understand why he acted that way after all that had passed, that it was natural for her to be happy since he is her cousin. "Cousin or former lovers?" were his words.

Well, pale went the poor mistress when she heard that and asked in a hard whisper "do you still doubt my love?" and with that she left the table for her room with him hot on her hills. And though we could still hear their voices we could barely make out any words; until about five minutes later the master came down, cloaked, and left the house without a word, slamming the door shut behind him"

"Leah never told me there was a rival!" I said

"Oh no, there never was any for the poor Miss Eyre. That was a bitter misunderstanding on the part of Mr. Rochester but was long cleared away. Everyone knew that Miss Eyre loves him passionately and him alone."

"And what is Mrs. Rochester doing now?" I asked

"She's locked herself up in her room" she said; worry creeping on her old features again.

We anticipated the master home by night but he didn't come nor did he the next day and the mistress was taken sick with worry. On the Tuesday she did not even leave her bed and lost the little appetite she had. As the day developed she became worse and started to throw up all she had been forced to eat for breakfast. I prayed that Mr. Rochester would come home sooner for I couldn't bear to see the frail Miss Jane melting away like that.

It was nearly eight o' clock when the sound of hooves coming at full gallop were heard and some minutes later the black form of Mesrour with his rider were seen. I rushed to the mistress's room to inform her but the door was locked. I knocked, but there was no sound. I tried harder, again silence. I panicked. It was then that I heard the front doors open and hastened downstairs.

"Sir!" I exclaimed as soon as I saw him. "It's Mrs. Rochester. Please do come quick." He turned pale with fear and followed me without a second's delay.

"She'd been ill all yesterday and today, and now she has locked herself up again and wouldn't answer." By the time I finished we had reached her door.

"Jane, Jane, open this door. Janet, darling, please open the door. There was a sound of movement and again stillness.

"My dearest, it's me, Edward."

"Edward?" came a weak voice from behind the wooden barrier. At long last the door opened but hardly a moment went by before the frail, thin figure of a glowering Jane collapsed into the tender arms of her caring husband.

"Agnes, send for Carter, quick." He commanded. I rushed down to send John for the physician in record time. Mr. Carter was here soon and went straight up to the masters room.

"Agnes, will you tell me the rest of the story/" came a small voice. Looking down, I saw Matthew.

"Why don't you play with your sister?"

"She is sleeping"

"Well don't you want me to tell it when she is here so that she can listen to it too?"

"I do.- Agnes where is Papa?"

"He has just come and is with your mother now."

"Is mother ill?"

The innocent question crushed me and I knelt down to take the little boy in my arms. "Let's hope not, darling"

We waited together at the foot of the stairs for Mr. Carter and at last were rewarded for the patience. I called out to him as he was about to leave.

"Mr. Carter…how is Mrs. Rochester?"

"Oh both of them are well" he smiled

"Both? Why, was Mr. Rochester…?"

"I mean the child, Miss. You should take better care of you mistress. After all, expectant mothers should have extra care and not be distressed."

All I can say is that my jaw dropped and I just stared at the old man leaving. Matthews voice brought me back.

"Well, is mother ill?"

'No dear, your mother is well. Tell me do you like a brother or another sister?"

The End

A/N: I know they are a bit out of character and that arguments don't suit this particular favorite and perfect couple but I just wanted to try one. Tell me what you think!