"FANG!" I screamed as he was suddenly tackled in mid- air by a Flyboy. But my terror for Fang was short-lived as a Flyboy flew headfirst in to me. The next few minutes was filled with screams, punches, and kicks. The Flyboy had a strangle hold on me and had me an inch from death when it suddenly relaxed and fell to the ground, where it then exploded. I looked around and saw that this was happening to all the other Flyboys.

"What the…?" I wondered. I sat there in amazement for a few seconds. What the heck just happened? We had been traveling high above a mountain out in the middle of nowhere when we were suddenly jumped by Flyboys who then blew up. How many times does that happen? I put out of my mind for the time, and looked around for the rest of the Flock. I noticed Fang lying on the ground below me moaning in pain. I quickly flew down to him.

"Are you all right?" I asked worriedly.

"I'm fine. Go look for the rest of the Flock," he ordered. I was fine with being ordered around right now because I was still so confused about what had happened with the Flyboys. I took off and noticed them flying off over a ledge. I put on a burst of speed when suddenly I saw Jeb on the ground near the ledge. Oh crap! I thought, as Jeb suddenly pulled out what looked like a sniper rifle. Oh CRAP! He raised the gun and… fired the gun 8 times in almost 1 second. The bullets pierced the Flocks wings and they went spiraling down the 5,000-foot drop. I was too furious to realize that Jeb had intentionally fired the gun just enough times for the bullets to pierce each of their wings. I flew down to Jeb as fast as I could so I could kill him, but an armored car pulled up right next to him and he jumped, and soon the car was gone. I changed my direction and began flying to the ledge. They might not have stopped falling yet, I hoped but I knew there was a very small chance of that. I flew down the drop as fast as I could. On a few of the rocks jutting out I noticed sprays of blood and each time I saw this I felt a large lump stick in my throat and tears come to my eyes. But I kept on flying. I reached the bottom of the ledge and saw…nothing. Absolutely nothing. I started to cry until I realized this was good news, most likely. If there wasn't even blood down here that meant that they hadn't hit the bottom, meaning there was a possibility that they had clung onto a piece of rock and had crawled into a cave. It was very far-fetched, but I need to think that there was still a chance they were alive. I searched all over the side of the mountain until it was dark. I flew back up to the top howling in sadness and pain of losing the only family that I had ever known. But then I realized that Fang was still alive. And then I realized I'd left him alone on top of the mountain for almost five hours. I quickly flew back to the place where I had left him. It was pretty easy to find as he had started a fire and was cooking… something that looked a bit like a lizard. He didn't look up at me when I landed gracefully next to him.

"F-f-fang they are- I m-mean the Flock is d-d-d," I couldn't to say that the Flock was dead. But he knew what I was trying to say.

"I know," he said simply.

"What?" I asked, surprised at the calmness in his voice. I mean Fang wasn't exactly a person who cries a lot… or at all, but I hadn't expected him to be so… so calm about it.

"I know that you were supposed to look out for them but you failed them and let them get killed," he replied coldly. I stood there, shocked by his words, until I realized that he was right. But I didn't have much time to think about this as suddenly Fangs fist swerved up at my face. I saw darkness ebb into the corners of my vision and was then consumed by the black.