Konnichiwa minna-chan! I'm so glad about Shugo Chara Doki! Second season; can you believe it? I'm so glad! Tanoshii deshou? This is my first time writing a Shugo Chara! fanfic. Please support me!

Shugo Chara: The Jewel's Heart

Full Summary:

Easter's out again, making their own version of the embryo, which happens to be Amu's evil radiance. Easter set Amu up and the guardians are all furious at her. Yuu was forced to darken her point of view and it results into her evil radiance. A new guardian character is born. Amu and her family moved to Tokyo and she joined the Royal Guardians, the lead of every guardian in each school. The Royal Guardians went to Amu's hometown and joined Tadase and the others to find the embryo together. Mysteries are all appearing just like the appearance of many X eggs and X guardian characters. It is suspected that a famous singer named "Crystal Jewel" was turning the eggs into X eggs. Who is the singer who's destroying the dreams of others? Who will Amu end up with?

Pairings: Tadase, Ikuto, Kairi, Nagihiko, Kukai, Riiko Amu

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