Xander: The Guyver

Summary: During Halloween, Xander chooses to go out as The Guyver, An alien armor that enhances speed, strength, reaction time, and agility 100 fold.

Chapter One: Damn Chaos Mages

Willow, Buffy and Xander were walking down the halls of Sunnydale High on there way to the student lounge since they have a free period, when they spotted Principal Snyder pulling students aside to sign them up for the volunteer trick or treating for watching some elementary and middle school brats. After some witty comments from Xander about the forcefully volunteering people, the trio try to sneak by, unfortunately, Snyder saw them before they moved a foot trying to make a break for it. As Buffy was trying to give some poor reason why she couldn't do the volunteer gig, all three of them have to be at the school by 3:30pm this Saturday to take the little kids.

"The one day a year that I have a day off. I was gonna stay home a veg with some movies."

"Giles giving you the night off on Halloween, I figured he would want you to start right at sunset." replies Xander.

"Giles swears that it is going to be a quite night. Apparently, Halloween is dead for the undead. They stay in."

"Those wacky vampires, that's why you gotta love. They just keep you guessing."

As the talked a little more Xander went to go get himself a soda. As he was doing that Buffy and Willow decided to talk for a bit with out Xander around. "So will you be seeing Angel Saturday night after we drop the kids off back at the school?"

"Probably, might go to the Bronze before than. So what this I hear about you moving on from Xander huh?" asks Buffy.

"Well I met someone. His name is Oz, he's a guitarist for that band Dingos ate my Baby. Plus Xander did talk to me before that saying that he only considers my like a sister."

"Well I hope he still doesn't have that crush on me. I mean I'm with Angel, plus it really wouldn't work out, he's too immature." At that Willow just nods, unfortunately, Xander over heard them when he came back because he left his money in his bag. As he walks away from them, trying to keep his temper under control, Larry walks up to him.

"Hey Xander can ask you a question?" After calming down bit he just nods to Larry to ask his question and be done with it.

"You and Summers, how close are you two?"

"Pretty close."

"But not together? I figured you two would be going out with the amount of time you are together."

"Look Larry I know you just didn't come over here to ask me being with Buffy, so if you don't mind I not feeling too well so just get to the point."

Taken back by how the loser is talking back to one of the football players. "Well do you think she would go for me."

"Larry I save you sometime, she's seeing someone else and unless he ups and dumps her, she's not going with anyone else, sorry." After saying his piece, Xander was about to walk away. That is until the next thing out of Larry's mouth.

"Really because I heard she's fast." Xander stops dead after two step, and balls his hands into fist.

"I hope you mean fast like the wind." the tone in which Xander just spoke in was barely controlled anger. First dealing with his step-father smacking his mother this morning for waking him up too earlier since he had a hangover, than with Buffy and Willow talking about how immature he was, this would be the final straw that made happy, goofy, and witty Xander into someone only his mother has seen when Tony Harris tried to hit him after beating his mother.

"No, you know what I mean. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of that. But that's probably the only go thing she can do."


Everyone in the lounge stopped dead from hearing the sound of flesh hitting flesh painfully. When they look you see Xander right arm stretch out from what it looked like a right hook standing over Larry who happens to be on his back who has a busted lip. What really cause a lot of people to talk was the way Xander looked at Larry, pure rage. And than Xander spoke but his tone was one of ice.

"Never let me hear that you talk about anyone of my friends like that again and I don't care about being expelled, I will kick you ass so bad it will make hate crime look like a couple of kids fighting over a toy." Without another word Xander turns his back and starts to walk away. Unfortunately, Larry wasn't going to let the school loser get away with punching him. So Larry gets up and tackles Xander from the back to the ground. Meanwhile Buffy and Willow were in shock by the way Xander just acted.

As Larry gets up, Xander is still on the ground trying to get some air back into his lungs, Larry starts to kick him in the ribs. On the 4th kick Xander rolls away and get to his feet. As Larry goes for a right hook, Xander ducks underneath and comes up with a left straight into Larry's face. Larry little bit stunned from the left, doesn't have time to stop Xander tackle him to the ground and start punching all over him. About 10 seconds later Larry gets out from underneath Xander, as he was about to go back after Xander, Snyder walks in between the two.

"What the hell is goes on here!?" yells Snyder and Larry was about to reply when Xander beat him to the punch.

"A fight. He pissed me off and this was the result." tells Xander in a completely calm tone.

"Harris my office now, Larry go to the nurse and get that nose checked."

When Xander and Snyder head to the office, Buffy and Willow were standing still. Buffy was the first to break the silence between the two. "What the hell just happened? When did Xander start fighting at school?" But got no answer. Turning to look at Willow, she sees that Xander's life time friend was pale white. "Hey, Earth to Willow. I know that was weird but no reason to look like you just saw a ghost."

"You don't understand. Xander has never done anything like that when he is angry. It was almost like it was Larry he was fighting, more like his fa..." realizing the slip up, Willow grabs her things and runs out of the lounge. Buffy was about to follow but gets stopped by a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she sees that the hand belongs to none other than Queen C.

"Don't ask her anything about Xander's home life. You won't like the answer." says Cordy in a sad tone.

"Why should you care what I ask Willow. Last time I checked you hated Xander."

"It's complicated, we didn't always hate each other. But it's because my dad,and me being his little girl didn't want me talking to Xander any more, but it wasn't Xander's fault. Just give it some time." and with that Cordy walked away.

Time skip to Saturday morning at the Summers home

Xander was standing out on the front porch of the Buffy's house. Raising his right hand to knock on the door when it opened and someone came running out without looking crashes into Xander. As he gets his barrings back, Xander looks up to find Dawn, Buffy's twin sister who just moved in from living with her father, was the one to crash into him, and they way that they landed would be considered inappropriate. "Uh, Hi Dawn, not that I am complaining but you might want to get off." says Xander laughing nervously.

Dawn who was trying to get the world to stop spinning, realizes that she was on top of her crush. Now since both Dawn and Joyce know about Buffy's night job and that both Willow and Xander help her along with Mr. Giles and his girlfriend, Jenny, Dawn looks up to Xander as a hero more than her sister since he choses to fight along side the slayer instead of watching from the side lines.

Unfortunately, Dawn was always shy around Xander, when she visited. Now that she moved in with her mother and sister after her father remarried and could not stand her new step mother, she was both excited and scared out of her mind of seeing Xander almost everyday.

"Sorry, I was just about to go to the store for some last minute things for my costume. But you're here for Buffy and Willow?"

"Yeah we were going to go get your costumes together at that new store Ethan's. How about you wait a few and we could all go together?" asks Xander with his lopsided grin on his face.

"S-sure. By the way what are you going as?"

"Haven't the slightest clue since I wasn't planing on going out. I figure something out at the store. What about you? What did the lovely Miss Dawn Summers decided to go as for All Hallows Eve?"

"Well I wanted to go as Mai from Fatal Fury the movie when we watched last weekend, but the outfit was too revealing for Mom's tastes, so I'm going as one of the best female shinobi ever, Sakura Haruno, from Naruto when they are older." replies Dawn with a little blush on her face about the lovely part from Xander.

"Ah, the beautiful med nin that ends up marrying Naruto after the war. Good choice."

"Dawn why is the door opened? I thought you left to get something for you costume." asks Joyce walking toward the front door.

"Sorry mom, just run into Xander on the way out. He invited me to come with him, Buffy, and Willow to that new store Ethan's."

"Really? Well they already left about 20 minutes ago. I thought they would have called you and told you to meet them there."

"Well I guess they forgot." says Xander a little down. Both Joyce and Dawn both mentally call Buffy an idiot for different reasons. Joyce because she thinks that Buffy ditching going out with Xander for some vampire, who cares that he has a soul. Dawn for hurting Xander's feeling. "Well since they took off without us, you can come with me and help me with picking something out. And maybe grab some food on the way."

Dawn was in shock, instead of running to catch up with Buffy, asks Dawn not only to go with him to the store, but also help him pick something out as well as food. It was like an unofficial date. "Sure but if I see one twinkie during lunch, I'll eat it in front of you."

"Deal, only since I refuse you let you have any of my twinkies." replies Xander with a smile that make Dawn's heart skip a few beats. As Joyce was watching on she couldn't help the smile on her face. Buffy may have bad taste in boyfriends, but Dawn was smart enough to see Xander for who he is. As the two walk off, Joyce shuts the door, hoping that Dawn takes a change before someone else does, especial Buffy or Willow. She loves Buffy with all her heart just as she loves Dawn, but she knows Buffy doesn't deserve a man like Xander.

At Ethan's

Buffy and Willow were both drooling over an 18th century English dress. Willow already has her costume, a simple ghost with the word "Boo" across the sheet. Neither of them notice that both Xander and Dawn walked in, As Dawn heads over to the counter to ask if they have any anime stuff, Xander walks around a bit, looking into bins at toy guns thinking that he could go as a solider since he has his fathers old uniform at the house.

Thinking of his father, Xander reaches up and grabs the dog tags his father had given him for his 4th birthday, the week before he was redeployed during the Gulf War. Two weeks later he was killing in action. When Xander was 9, his mother remarried thinking that Xander could use a father figure, but it wasn't happy as after the first two years, Tony Harris started drinking and hitting his mother. Xander's true last name was Kent.

As Xander was thinking of his father, Dawn walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder. Shaking his head clear of his thoughts, he turns toward Dawn smiling, not noticing the single tear running down from his right eye, but Dawn doesn't. Not wanting to ask him right now because not wanting to get on his bad side since he asked her to come. "Hey, I found this great costume that you might like, but I don't know anything about it. Since you got me stared on anime last summer you might know about it."

"Well let's check it out. Besides, you have good tastes for clothes have stuff."

"I resent that, but I'll let it slide only if you buy me an ice cream after lunch."

"Are you trying to extort a free desert out of me Miss Summers, I have taught you everything I know. Now the student has surpassed the Master." jokes Xander with a mock bow.

"Ladies don't extort things. We prefer the term, "suggest" since we don't sound like a con artist." laughs Dawn while brings the attention of one slayer and a red headed witch in training.

"Is that Xander and Dawn over there Will?"

"Yup. Oh we forgot to call Xander that we were leaving early. Hope he's not upset with us."

"I doubt he even realizes that we are here" says Buffy a little shocked at how Xander and her sister are acting around each other. Part of her is happy that Xander isn't fawning over her. But a part of her is also bitter at Dawn for taking the attention from her. As both Willow and Buffy make their way toward the two, Dawn grabs Xander's hand and basically drags him in the back to look at the costume Dawn pick out.

As Xander looks at it, he seems to remember something about the costume. "This is the armor from the Guyver movies."

"Guyver? What is it?"

"I was an alien armor that boosted a humans abilities a 100 fold, strength, speed, etc. The main character found it by accident, after that he had a group called Chronos after him to get the suit. They found a way to manipulate human DNA to make monsters called zoanoids. After fighting them he was able to destroy their corporation in L.A., but later found out that they were world wide. The third movie took places years later, just before the final fight between Chronos and the Guyver after he master his martial arts and the Guyver. The anime series was the same but, the main character lost his father and some of his friends to Chronos."

"Wow, I just figured it suited you. I kind of are like a knight you know, noble, self sacrificing, brave, and always around when someone needs help." replies Dawn with a blush.

Taken back about how Dawn see him, Xander can only smile. Buffy and Willow, who over heard Dawn, are shock about how Dawn looks at Xander. Buffy was feeling a bit bitter at Dawn for some reason she couldn't explain. Willow because someone else sees Xander like she does.

"Well it's settled. I'll take it. Now lets go see the cashier and get it."

"No need to look for me."replies a voice with an English accent. Turning around, both Xander and Dawn come face to face with a middle aged English man with brown hair and eyes that sparkle with something both couldn't pinned down. "A fine pick. Hello, the name's Ethan, and as you can guess I own this store."

"Xander. And this happens to be Dawn."

"Pleasure to meet you. Now I overheard you wanted to rent this suit?"

"Yeah, and anything that she would like." Dawn was about to say that she had money for her things but Xander turned to her. "I invited so you could help, it's the least I can do." Dawn just nodded dumbly, not only getting lunch out of him, but also paying for the rest of her costume. If she was braver, she would have kissed him.

"Very well, why don't you go to the counter, while I get your costume and put the young lady's items in some boxes." Taking the items and the suit, Ethan disappears in to the back. After paying the man, both Dawn and Xander leave the store, never noticing that Willow and Buffy were following them.

Buffy and Willow watched as both of them went to a diner and got some lunch, and talked. Dawn was laughing at some of the comments about living in Sunnydale. Dawn made some jokes about Angel being 200 years pedophile for dating Buffy, with Buffy did not like. As Xander looked at his watch he it was about 1:25pm.

"Damn, it's already this late. Well we better go and get ya that ice cream, I'll call Willow and Buffy and tell them I'll meet them at the school."

"Oh, I have to get ready too. I have help mom with a few things than go to the Bronze."

"Maybe we could do this again?" nervously asks Xander.

"I would like that." shyly replies Dawn.

"Cool, well I might head to the Bronze after this whole watching little kids. Maybe we could meet up. I'll call first, don't want to be like Captain Forehead and just sneak up on people like a stalker." At that Dawn laughs. As the got the two ice cream cones they both go their separate ways with Xander heading home, and Dawn almost skip her way home.

When Dawn walks through the door, Joyce was on the couch watching the news. As Joyce sees Dawn, she noticed that Dawn was basically glowing with that smile on her face and bounce in her step. "Have a good time I take it?"

"Yeah, I never had that much fun. We might meet up at the Bronze later tonight."

"Really, did you two run into Buffy and Willow at the store?"

"What? Oh we were so busy talking and laughing to even look for them. Well Xander said that he would meet up with them at the school."

"So the date went well?" asks Joyce with a smirk.

"Yeah," replies Dawn with a happy sigh. "He said we should do it again." Just than Buffy and Willow walk through the door, both looking a bit unhappy.

"What wrong girls?" asked Joyce.

"Xander is going to meet us at the school instead of coming over here and walking with us. I mean we always walk together. What's changed?" says Buffy with Willow just nodding her head in agreement.

"Well you too should get ready soon since you only have about an hour to be at the school. I'll drive you there."

High School 3:35 pm

"Alright, now tears are the key to getting a double bagger. You could try the classic "you missed me but it's risky if not on old people or a big group." Explains Xander with his helmet off.

As he was busy with his charges, Buffy, Willow, and Dawn walk through the doors. Buffy was dressed up in an 18th century tan dress, with a brown haired wig. Willow was in the classic ghost sheet. But what Xander was looking at was Dawn, dressed in a pink sleeveless shirt with a white circle on the back, tight black biker shorts with a a mini skirt over it. Pink hair wig, green contacts, elbow and knees pads, ninja sandles. As the female trio walk up to him he stand at full height which was about a head taller than all three girls.

"Hey guys. You look great Dawn." at this Dawn blushes and Buffy coughs into her hand. "Oh, nice dress Buffy, anyways Dawn I was wondering what time you were going to the Bronze?"

As Dawn and Xander were talking, Buffy walks over to get her charges for the evening when Cordy walks over to her. "Well well well, looks like Xander really has moved on from miss slayer. So whose the lucky girl?"

"That would be my twin sister Dawn."

"Really? Wow, look at them. Must have been something really funny to have her holding her stomach laughing that hard."

"Yeah whatever. Look I'm already late so I just going to get these kids and take them around the block a few times."

As everyone heads out to go trick or treating, Dawn was about to get back in her mother's suv when Xander called out to her. Wondering what he could want to talk to her a bit, she walks over to him. "Yes Xander?"

"Well since you're not going to the Bronze until about 7, do you want to come along and maybe grab some free chocolate?"

"Xander-san are you asking me out on a night on the town filled with little kids and chocolate?"

"Why yes. Yes I am. No woman can pass up free chocolate. It would go against the bible."

"Well I could wait for another few hours at the house bored. But you did offer chocolate."

"Great, now all it needs to do is rain twinkies and it's has been the greatest day of my life."

"Hey, are we going to go trick or treating, or are we going to have to watch you and your girlfriend kiss?" asks one of the kids.

Both Dawn and Xander blush. Xander recovering first heads toward the doors and opens them for Dawn and the kids while Buffy and Willow look on bitterly.

Across town, a certain chaos mage kneels down in front of a two headed statue, while chanting in Latin. Releasing the spell, a wave of magic covers all of Sunnydale. As the wave passes by everyone that rented a costume from Ethan's, the change into whatever they were wearing. But two people just pass out. Both Dawn and Xander found themselves in some black void with nothing but the two of them around.

"Ok, I thought Giles told Buffy it was gonna be a quite night. Stupid English librarians." rants Dawn. After she was Finished ranting, they hear the sounds of two different people walking toward them. Xander gets in front of Dawn in order to protect her. Soon they see two people walking toward them. (I'm not going to describe what they look like so look up Sakura post time skip and Guyver 2 dark hero on Google.)

"Ok this is getting freaky. Why are the two people we dressed up as standing in front of us?" asks Dawn.

"Be damned if I knew."

"Easy there, we don't mean any harm. We just want to talk." states Shawn in the Guyver suit.

"About what?" asks Xander.

"Well you see there is a chaos spell at work here that has turn a lot of people into the costumes. Before we came here, we were in control of your bodies. Someone named Willow found us and told us what was going on. Since both of us have experience with going into our minds, we were able to come here." states Sakura

"But we were able to see all of your memories. What has us worried is the face that you two live on this "Hellmouth" and that Xander is just a normal human who helps fight against the darkness. So we figure to help you two out." finishes Shawn.

"How?" asks Dawn.

"You Dawn will fuse with Sakura while Xander fuses with me. All you will get is our abilities and knowledge and skills. Dawn will get medical jutsus and her taijutsu skills that would make a slayer jealous but she would have to built up her charka. Xander will get his own Guyver plus all my skills in the marital arts but again will have to work on perfecting on his own. But there are other things that we don't have time to explain since the spell is will end soon since Willow went to go get Giles for help since the slayer turned into a crying little noble woman."

"So how do we fuse?" asks Dawn.

"You sure you want this Dawn?" ask Xander.

"I want to be able to help you and Buffy."

"Okay. Well you heard her how do we fuse."

Both Sakura and Shawn just walk toward the duo. As the each stand face to face with their respective costumes, they each hold out their hands and as soon as the take them, there was a flash of light and than nothing.

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