Xander: The Guyver

A.N. I had some reviews and messages saying I pushed things up too soon regarding both Joyce's knowledge of Buffy being the Slayer and bringing Dawn in. I just wanna say that this story and "Shinobi of Sunnydale" are not going to go by the show a lot. Nobody who writes on fan fiction goes by any of the shows, but their take on what they wanted to happen. I've watched all seven seasons of Buffy and to be honest, they messed up the show a lot. Xander was always screwed around with. But I want Xander to step into his own in my stories, and for the readers who don't like what I've written I'm sorry but I will not stop, for those who enjoy my stories, thank you now to let's get this started.

Chapter 2: Changes

Dawn was the first one to "wake" up. Finding herself in her own bed, she tosses the sheets off her and on her feet in a second. Unfortunately, her head was pounding with all of the knowledge that was just downloaded into her skull via chaos spell. After getting the world to stop spinning, she heads toward the door. Looking at the clock next to her bed, the time read to be about 7 am. Opening the door and heading downstairs into the living room she spots Xander laying on his back on the couch, bare chested from the wait up and a bed sheet covering his lower half. Dawn was blushing redder than a tomato at the sight of the muscles he has, but because of the way he dresses one who never notice.

About 30 seconds later, Xander began to stir. Slowly he sat up rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Opening his eyes and looking around, Xander finds himself on the couch with no shirt on. Eyes roaming he sees Dawn standing over by the stairs, starring open mouth with a bit of drool leaking from the corner of her mouth. Standing up, and letting the sheet fall off his lower half, lucky he was wear some sweat pants, he walks toward Dawn, not that she is noticing this since she's in her own little world.

"Ah, morning Dawn." That broke her from her perverted thoughts. That and the fact Xander was waving his and near her face.

"M-m-morning." said Dawn finding her feet extremely interesting at this point.

"Well, since we somehow ended up at your house and my costume is missing I don't suppose you know what happened. Though I did have a strange dream of talking to my suit while you talked to Sakura. Weird."

"Um, I don't think that was a dream Xander since I had the same one."

"Really? Well, that would explain the headache of all this stuff I know now."

"Yeah my head was pounding as well." Still looking at the floor.

"So maybe we should talk to Giles."

"Yeah. Oh and Willow and Buffy too. My mom might freak out over it since now she has two super daughters instead of one now." Laughing at that Xander walks in to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Dawn goes back up stairs, back to her room to grab a change of clothes as she goes into the shower. Meanwhile Xander is looking around the kitchen to make something for breakfast. Thanks to Shawn's knowledge of living alone, he knows how to actually cook, which is one up on Buffy now.

20 minutes later, Dawn walks down stairs into the kitchen to a wonderful smell. As she looks at the table she sees a few stacks of pancakes. Sitting at the end of the table was Xander with a thoughtful look on his face. Coughing into her hand to bring him back to the world of the living, Xander blushes a little at Dawn was wearing a tight black tee shirt which seemed to be like second skin, some tight blue, low cut jeans, and with her hair wet made her look like some kind of goddess.

"I didn't know you could cook."

"Yeah well not everyone Shawn knew was about the Guyver or fighting. Speaking of which maybe I should see if I can call on it soon and what my limits are."

"Yea. I should too since I wanna be of some help."

"Well maybe we should talk to Giles about training us or at least using the library."

After that both of them just sat down and ate just enjoying each others company. Half way through breakfast, Buffy and Joyce walked into the kitchen surprised at the pancakes left. Buffy was more surprised at Xander sitting at the table with out a shirt on, and at the muscles he has that she never seen because of all the baggy clothes he wears.

"Well you two seem to be in a good mood." says Joyce with a smirk as Dawn blushes.

"Morning Mrs. S, Buffy.

"Hi Mom. How was the party at the gallery last night?" asks Dawn.

"It went fine until people started turning into their costumes. Than it just went to hell."

"Yea well, blame Giles saying it was going to be a quiet night. He should know by now never jinx us on a Hellmouth." jokes Xander.

After they all share a laugh, Dawn and Xander finish eating as Joyce and Buffy sat down and stared. Xander grab his and Dawn's plates and started washing them in the sink as Joyce watched and nodded at his actions. Dawn and Buffy were just staring at how his back muscles moved as he did the dishes. Xander turned around wiping his hands on the towel and sees both sisters looking at him. Raising an eye brow at Buffy, he couldn't stop himself from teasing her. "So Buffy, enjoying the show?" he asked with a smirk.

"Yea...I mean no. Oh god no." replies Buffy dreamy at first but it knocked her out of her stupor into shocked outrage. But all three noticed Dawn was still staring with a tint of red on her cheeks. Xander smiles softy at her.

"Well, I should get going at get a change of clothes unless Dawn thinks I should go half naked all day."

"I won't mind." replies Dawn which got a laugh out of Joyce and Xander but a horrified look from Buffy.

"I'm sure you wouldn't." replies Xander with a smirk.

After finding his sneakers, Xander leaves the house telling Dawn he'll call her later. As he makes his way home, Xander starts accessing the knowledge of his new Guyver Unit. Comparing his to Shawn's from the movies, Xander's the functions of the one from the anime series. Such as the ability to fly, the blades that were suppose to be on the elbows were moved were they come out from above the wrist, emit high frequency sound waves from were the mouth is, and to shoot a ball of condensed gravity. Plus instead of a metallic gray color for a main color, his was a pitch black, trimmed with silver.

As he walked through his front door, he sees his stepfather passed out on the couch with an empty bottle of Jack Daniels near his head. Quickly walking upstairs as quietly as possible so not to walk the drunk up and hear his mouth. Once in his room, Xander grab a change of clothes with were a set of camouflage pants, an white tee shirt and a black jacket, hopped in the shower and scrubbed down for 10 minute. After getting dressed, he looked at his alarm clock on his end table next to his bed, it read 9:30.

Leaving his house, Xander walks into one of the near by woods. Once he reaches deep enough to sees no one around, he closes his eyes and relax his body. Once he seems focus, his eyes snap open which are slightly glowing and says softly one word. "Guyver."

A bright light surrounds Xander, as it dies down a male figure standing around 6'5" tall, dressed in midnight black armor that was trimmed with silver. The head had to lens that seemed to be for his eyes, and a what seemed to be a curved blade that started at it's forehead, right above an orb that had a glowing ring around it standing up and curving backwards without touching the top of his head almost like an antenna, on each side of the "blade" was a silver orb that moved back and forth.

The figure let out some compressed air out from what looked like two vents from one the sides were his mouth would be. Between the "vents" were two tiny orbs the size of marbles. Bring his hands up to his face and turning them to look at his armor, he looks at the nearest tree with was right in front of him by 4 feet. Walking over to it until he was about an arm length away. Balling up his right hand into a fist, with the speed of a snake, snaps his right out in a straight punch the connected with the tree. The sound of wood being stuck with metal filled the clearing, followed by the sound of wood snapping. The figure pulled his hand back while string at for a two seconds before looking a the hole that was just punched through it.

"Woah." Xander's voice which sounds like he's talking through Darth Vader's mask. Disactiving the armor in the same bright light, Xander is standing there in his clothes grinning like a fool. "Well might as well start going through the katas of Jeet Kune Do." For the next 3 hours Xander would train his body, he knew that the Guyver just increased his strength, speed, and agility, so if he worked his body out more, the more power the Guyver could bring out

At 2pm, Xander was just finishing up his shower and heading back into his room. As he was getting dressed, Xander was thinking about how him and Dawn were going to tell the others about their changes. He was so deep in thought, he never noticed someone walk up behind him. Hearing a gasp, Xander turned on the balls of his feet into a defensive stance. Looking at the female figure in front of him who had long raven colored hair and dark hazel eyes. The woman was around her early forties.

"Mom. What's wrong?" ask Xander

"Alex, what happened to your back?"

"Huh? What's wrong with it?"

"Look at it, there's like two red circle marks near each of your shoulders" Looking at the mirror behind him he could see what his mother was talking about. A total of four equal sized circles, two on each side and no bigger than the size of a ping pong ball. He knew why they were there, to call upon the Guyver from it's dimensional pocket. Turning back to his mother he was about to tell her about the fight with the jock from school when Tony Harris' drunken yell came though the house.

"Jessica! Get me a drink god damn it!"

Some what afraid, Jessica Harris ran down the stairs into the kitchen to get her husband a new bottle of alcohol. As she was handing him the bottle of JD, Xander was walking down into the living room to see a site the would finally break his restraint when it came to his step father.

After talking a swig of the bottle, Tony spit it out. Looking at his wife with anger, he slapped Jessica across the face. "You stupid bitch, it's warm. Can't you do anything right. No wonder the husband of your's got himself killed, it was better than dealing with you." Bringing back his right hand for a full out punch, he was surprised when a hand grabbed his wrist. Turning his head to look over his shoulder, Tony saw that it was Xander and that his eyes turned so cold it make Tony sober up quite quickly.

"Tony, I think it's about time someone taught you a lesson about how to treat women. The painful way." with that said Xander pulled the wrist towards him and kneed him in the gut. The blow knocked the air out from Tony's lungs and made him bend over. As he was trying to gasp for air Xander just his free right hand and upper cutted Tony so hard in the jaw it knocked two teeth from his mouth. Jessica was torn between stopping Xander or joining in on the beat down.

Xander grabbed Tony by the collar of his shirt dragged him to the front door, opened it and picked him up so he was eye level with Xander. "I think you over stayed your welcome in this house, so it's best that you leave, FOR GOOD." as soon as Xander finished that yell, he let go of Tony's shirt and spun on the ball of his left foot and kicked out with his right leg into a vicious round house kick into the drunk's gut, knocking him off the porch and on to the front lawn. Jessica walked up behind Xander, and put her hand on his shoulder,

"You didn't need to do that Alex. But thank you."

"I think it's time to get those divorce papers mom. I'm not going to let this happen anymore. Because if it does, let's just say nobody will miss him." Xander just turns from the door as he closes it and walks into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Picking up his cell phone he dials the Summers' home, hopeful to talk to Dawn.

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