Shinobi of Sunnydale

Summary: During Halloween, Xander picks a costume from Ethan Ryane's shop that is a mixture of three people with some extras. Now all that is evil, whether demonic or human must face a champion that will have them begging for the slayer to save them.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy TVS, Naruto or the Punisher or anything I throw in here.

Chapter 1: A Change of Fate

It was 10am on October 31st where we find Xander, Willow, and Buffy inside a costume shop called Ethan's. While Buffy and Willow were busy fawning all over an 18th century dress, Xander was browsing the male action section looking for a toy gun to finish his solider costume. Unfortunately or fortunately depending how you look at it they were all sold out. Now he was stuck looking through the shop for a new idea. A Xander was looking toward the back he found himself looking at the anime section or more importantly the Naruto section. Now both Willow and Jesse knew Xander was a comic fan only Jesse knew he was also a hardcore manga fan.

Both Jesse and Xander's favorite manga was Naruto. While Jesse was a fan of Itachi since he was just following orders to kill everyone except his little brother Sasuke plus Itachi was bad ass, Xander was of Naruto after he becomes the 6th Hokage. Now he had two costumes to choose from but couldn't decide on which, at this time our ever-so-helpful shop owner comes over to Xander's side with while said costumer is too busy deciding to notice, which he now finds himself jumping at the sounds of Ethan's voice next to him.

"Sorry for startling you." States Ethan with a smile a little too friendly.

At Xander gets his heartbeat slowed down he, "Don't sneak up on me like that unless you wanna give me a heart attack."

"And sorry, but I notice you seem to be having some trouble deciding on costume"

"Yeah, I can't seem to choose because this was one of mine and my brother's favorite manga. I was thinking of going out as Itachi since he was my brother's favorite." tells Xander.

"And which was your favorite one?" asks Ethan.

"Naruto as the 6th . I just was thinking if maybe I should try to combine both of them but I doubt I would be able to do that since another costumer might want one of the characters."

"Well fortunately you could if you want since no one seems to be buying them and since it's Halloween day I doubt someone would even know about the manga I think we could work out a deal."

"Really?" at this Ethan nods. "Sweet Could I get Itachi's contacts, sword, and his cloak, Naruto's necklace, wig, and his pants, and some sandles, Kunai, throwing stars, and fingerless gloves and headband?"asks Xander happily.

"Well you have an imagination, dress both yet like neither of them at the same time. But what about a shirt or just any one will do?"

At this Xander stops and considers to maybe take it one more step up and make it an original idea. Just as he was looking he spots and black shirt with a white skull on it. Another one of Jesse's favorite characters but from marvel, The Punisher. "How about that Punisher shirt as well?"

"Very well. Why don't you go to the counter while I go in the back and grab everything for you order."

"Sweet, hey thanks for allowing me to do this."

"It's no problem but since this is a custom order if you tell more people well you got your costume I can cut you a great discount as well."

"No problem but wouldn't you lose money on this?"

"Not really, I'll let you on a little secret, I have a friend that makes all of this anime costumes since he is a big fan of them and sells these at conventions. This are just the left overs from his last trip but since he made so much money he just gave to me. Well let me get in the back and get your order." and with that Ethan turns on his hell and walks to the back. And since Xander can't see his face, he never notice the mad grin on Ethan's face.

As Xander gets to the counter, Buffy and Willow are waiting with their costumes in their bags. Both girls look at Xander about to ask what he got but he just tells them that they will find out 3pm at Buffy's since they were meeting up before they head to school for the volunteer program that Snyder was so happy to sign them up for.

At 2pm Xander just gets out of the shower while his costume was laying on his bed except for the weapons which were in a separate box that seems a little on the heavy side. As he starts getting ready while listening to his DMX cd in the stereo, He notice the Punisher shirt is on the tight side but the pants were kind of on the baggy side, but the main thing that he realizes is that the weapons he was just finishing putting on were very real and very very sharp. But he just sees this as a good thing because even though Buffy said it was going to be a quite night for demonic activity, you can never be too careful while living or in this case trick or treating on a Hellmouth.

About 30 minutes later there was a knock on the front door of the Summer's home. Joyce and Dawn while in the kitchen when they heard it the knocking. Being the closest to the door while Dawn was finishing her homework, Joyce gets up from her seat to answer the door. As she opens it, there standing at the door is a 6' tall blonde man with red eyes that has three coma marks on a black ring that surrounds the black pupil, he's dress in a black cloak with crimson clouds while open which shows some kind of vest with three long pockets on both sides of the chest area that is half way zipped up, underneath is a black shirt with a white skull that was a little tight so you can make out some of his chest muscles that causes Joyce to blush a bit. Continuing down he is wearing black pants that seem a bit baggy that are trim with crimson held up by a dark crimson almost blood red belt which also held up some kind of katana and his left hip, the bottom of the leg of the pants are wrapped in white tape, and wearing open toe black sandles.

While Joyce was Staring at Xander, he was trying to hold off on laughing at the expression she has on her face. Dawn wondering what her mother was taking so long at the door decides to go see who knocked. As she enters the living room, she almost passed out due to the fact that there was some tall blonde god standing at the door with her mother opening staring at the man with a tint of pink gracing her cheeks. As Dawn takes a closer look at the man and then looks at the clock which shows it's 3:03pm, figures it out to be Xander since Buffy told her and her mother that he should be coming by at 3pm and that if he was there while she and Willow were great ready just to let him in.

"Xander is that you?" ask the 14 year old Dawn who also happens to have a crush on Xander.

That seemed to knock Joyce out of her less than pure thoughts about the now known best male friend of her eldest daughter and crush of her youngest. Xander looks at Dawn and smiles his lopsided grin. He gives a lazy wave with his right, "Yo Dawn patrol, Mrs S., I come at the request of Lady Buffy to be her escort to some thing that involves kids, chocolate and a troll that rules a high school with an iron fist." replies Xander in a lazy voice that sounds a little deeper than usually.

Joyce still a little shock that this man was really Xander. Meanwhile Dawn is openly drool at him with hearts in her eyes and thinking that her sister must be gay not to be going out with him. Not that she's complaining, now only if she can make sure that he stays single for a few more years when she hits 18 than she'll make her move.

While Dawn is wishing she was older, Joyce on the other hand was thinking, "Only if I was 20 years younger I would be...NO for god sakes Joyce he's your Daughter's best friend...But maybe she wouldn't mind a new father figure...Damn it they're the same age...Buffy lucky she can spend time with him but how can she not be going out with him, I mean he's funny, helpful when he's over...has a nice chest, broad shoulders you can hang on to...Fuck, (mental sigh) I guess I'll have to a little stress relief tonight when the kids are sleeping."

During Joyce's mental convocation, she lead both Dawn and Xander to the kitchen so Dawn can finish her homework before she goes to her friend's house for a Halloween sleep over and gets Xander a can of soda after she ask if he wanted anything to drink. As Xander was drinking Dawn grabs a poloriod camera to take a picture to brag to her friends about her crush.

When he walks back into the living room, Buffy is just starting to walking down the stairs to ask if Xander came by yet when she stops on a dime after all most tripping over her own feet in pure shock as she sees a sexy man standing by the front door reading a little orange book. At this point Xander looks up at Buffy and gives a lazy wave smiling

"Yo, Lady Buffy of Buffinton. You request an escort this evening did you not?" lazy asks the mask man.

Meanwhile Buffy is thinking "Angel who?"

After a second Buffy gets over her shock realizing that it's only Xander and prays that this won't make Willow have a mental overload. But her prayers were in vain as Willow came down dressed as a ghost and basically feints stands up eyes wide open. After a few pictures with the group but mostly for Dawn (and two with Joyce and Xander for her entertainment later that night...perverted milf), The trio leave to get to the high school so the can get the night over with.

As the three friends separate so that each one get a group of 6 six children, Snyder gives Buffy a hard time about not talking to her charges while Xander gives tips how to score extra candy and has the kids laughing. But the most surprising thing is the number of girls watching how he handles his group but what no one notices is one techno-pagen watching him and thinking of what a great father he would make, as well as one Queen C, not that she'll admit it...even to herself.

Across town at a certain Halloween shop, Ethan is chanting is Latin to a two faced statue, Janus the god of chaos. But the funny thing is that with chaos magic is that you never know just what will happen, and add one Hellmouth into the mix plus one character that had demon sealed it him but became a half-demon and you will get one permanent change.

As the spell hits Sunnydale like a tide wave, the people that had brought their costumes begin to change, Willow becomes a ghost that phases from her body but not as a white sheet but what she was wearing underneath which was one sexy outfit, Buffy become an 18th century noble woman that keeps calling cars monsters, but Xander passes out since his was a mixture of 3 different people. Unable to deal with the 3 different souls trying to take over his body for the duration of the spell.

:Xander's Mind:

Xander finds himself in a black void, surrounded by 3 people, all male and all around 6.' The first one has long raven hair tied in a low ponytail, dress in a closed black cloak with crimson clouds, but the most important thing was his eyes, the eyes of the Sharingan, this man was Itachi Uchiha.

The second man had short black hair combed back, dark brown eyes, dress in a black trench leather coat, under the coat was a black tee shirt with a white skull on it, black jeans, and black steel toed combat boots. This man was Frank Castle aka. The Punisher.

And last but not lest was a blonde man with three whisker marks on each cheek, and deep blue eyes. Dressed in a white and red cloak opened so it show his jonin vest (same as Kakashi) and what looks like a long hexagon crystal necklace around him. Black long sleeve shirt, black pants with crimson trim, and a blood red belt to hold up his pants. He was the 6th Hokage of Konoha, jailor of the Kyuubi No Kitsune (9 tailed fox), half demon, Naruto Uzumaki. Xander's one through for all of this was. "What the fuck."

"Ok, unless I ate a bad Twinkie something bad happened. And since I live on a Hellmouth and considering my luck I'm going to go with the later." states Xander.

"You would be correct. Fortunately, we can't take over your body, but that's also a problem since you are stuck in your mind with us while your body is passed out on the sidewalk while this chaos is going on around you." replies Itachi.

"Yeah but there is a reason for all of us being here since that guy wants us to lend him some help for the slayer." says Castle.

"What guy? How do you know about Buffy?" asks Xander.

"Whoa easy there Xander. You see, since this is a temporary spell as long as the statue of Janus stays intact or the caster ends it. Lucky for you that some people up stairs must really like you." tells Castle

"Yeah, Castle is right, That guy Whistler said that his boss wanted Xander to be blessed if you would, so he can help out the slayer more. Plus if he looked behind him, there is two more people here that has been wanted to talk to Xander for over a year." says a smiling Naruto.

As Xander turns around, he comes face to face to someone dress as a retard Brooklyn pimp, compete with a feather in the hat. But the next person was some he knows, and misses since the day he killed the demon that took over his friend's body. As a tear rolls down from Xander's eyes, there standing from across Xander was one of his life long friends, Jesse smiling.

"Jesse? Is that really you man?" weakly asks Xander while slowly walking over to the two.

"Yeah Xan-man. We don't have much time here but I came down here so I can tell you what's going on. You see the Big Guy upstairs has been kind of pissed at his Powers That Be. Since they're at fault for a lot of innocent lives lost, so he wants his own champion to do what needs to be done and punish the evil, whether demonic or human." replies Jesse.

"But what about some one like Angel? I thought Whistler brought him to Sunnydale to help Buffy. Right?"

"Yeah funny thing about that is that's what the Powers That Be wanted but the Big Guy saw what is to come in the future thanks to Angel and Buffy. He wants you to become he's champion because you see what needs to be done but lack the power or knowledge to do anything to stop it, plus you in good favor with God since you fight a long side the slayer as just a normal human." tells Whistler with a thick Brooklyn accent.

"So what am I suppose to do, it's not like I have slayer powers?"

"That's where we come in." states Naruto. "We were sent to fuse our knowledge and skills with you, the downside is that you become like me, a half demon but at least you will have perfect charka control thanks to my bloodline since I'm also a med-nin thanks to my wife Sakura, but you still be who you are."

"So I will become a half demon ninja?"

"Yes, plus you will get my knowledge and skills with guns, military, laws, computer hacking, understanding , speaking, writing, and reading 7 different languages." says Castle.

"You end up with my bloodline, but you won't have a lot of charka, maybe mid-jonin but you can work on that." tells Itachi.

"That's fine with me. I don't want to be cocky, but what skills will I get from you two since Frank told me his?"

"Genjutsu, kenjutsu and ninjutsu from Itachi, seal master, taijutsu, ninjutsu, and medical jutsu and knowledge from Naruto plus you be able to use all elemental jutsus because you will be a half demon." states Whistler.

"So how do we start this fusion?" replies Xander with a smirk. As he finishes asking the was blue flash of light and the three shinobi and one punisher vanish from the void. As Xander turns toward Whistler and Jesse they start to fade.

"Jesse! I'm sorry I couldn't save you!" yells Xander

"It wasn't your fault Xan. But help those that need it now. Do what you have to to punish evil." And with that Jesse and Whistler vanish. About 5 seconds after they left Xander wakes up on a couch. First thing he notices is that there are a lot of opened books on a table. The second thing he notices was that it was a huge room that seems familiar. It takes him a second to realize that he was at the school's library. Getting up and stretching to work out the knots in his back, looking around to find no one around but sees what time it was on the clock. "Uh, it's 2 am? Shit, where are the kids!?"

"Calm down Xander, all the children were brought back home safe and sound. How are you feeling, you have been out ever since Miss Calendar found you at 5pm." calls Giles from the office door.

"I feel fine, actually better than ever. Well thanks for looking over me but what happened?" asks Xander even though he already knows.

As Giles retells what happened when Willow walked through his filing cabinet, to going to Ethan's shop and stopping the spell. Unfortunately, Xander was still out for about 3 extra hours.

"Whoa. And you said it was going to be a quite night. Here's a tip Giles, never say things like that on a Hellmouth. It will jinx us." jokes Xander. "Well I better head home, can't have mom worrying about me now."

"Yes, I'll see you on Monday before classes. Have a safe trip home."

"You too G-man." with that said Xander leave Giles to clean up the books. All that is on Xander's mind right now was going through the knowledge of three different people. One thing was for sure, he was never going to be the same again. "Sunnydale watch out, there's a shinobi here, and waiting to kick some ass." Thinks Xander with a smirk.

A.N.: Ok people, what do you think? I don't have any idea who to pair Xander up with except Dawn since she is with him in a different story, so any ideas will be helpful. Next time on Shinobi of Sunnydale, the hunt begins.