Shinobi of Sunnydale

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Chapter two: Training and A Rescue





"497...498...499...500!" panted out a tired Xander Harris from the floor of the basement of his house. It's been about 3 weeks since the Halloween incident and since than Xander has been training when not hanging out with Buffy, Willow, or Giles. After he went through the knowledge of the both shinobi and Castle, Xander decided not to reveal himself until he could get up to their combined physical standards. But it didn't take too long, since Xander is now a half demon, his regenerative ability, so working is body could go farther in a short amount of time because of the constant tearing and repairing the muscles.

So for the last 3 weeks of physical and charka training, the results were impressive. But now that his charka levels were now at high jonin/low ANBU but with perfect control, it was now time for jutsu training as well as taijutsu. So that's where we find Xander now. In his basement with a recently purchased heavy bag. But with the seal master knowledge of Naruto, places an indestructible seal on it as well as most of his mother's house against demons or anything short of a god knock his first door off it's hinges. Running through a short series of hand signs, ending in Tiger and bringing up half the sign with his right hand up to his mouth. Taking a deep breathe, mentally saying the jutsu in his head and releasing the air in his lungs in 4 fast bursts.

'Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique)' Four basket ball sized fire balls came forth from Xander's mouth and impacted hard against the heavy bag making it swing back for the impacts, however still perfect condition thanks to the seal. Learning the art of seals wasn't that hard thanks to both Itachi and Naruto's mastery of them. Moving along the jutsu's of both shinobi took the rest of the afternoon. He didn't need to worry about his mother, a beautiful raven haired Italian women who still had guys after her, Renee Harris, since she was at work. His father left both Xander and his mother at the age of 3 to run off with his red haired secretary. It was hard for both Xander and his mother. His mom took up extra hours at her job to keep out with the bills as well as what ever Xander needed for himself. Xander has always tried to help his mother out by buying cheap clothes and doing some under the table jobs in the past. But ever since his mom got the promotion. Things have been better, but Xander still like to help out a lot.

It was around 6p.m. When he finished up with his taijutsu training to cool himself down. Since there was about an hour left of daylight before Buffy's patrol tonight and his mom was going to be home in 20 minutes, decided to make something for dinner and call Buffy saying that he didn't feel like going out tonight. Not having spent some time with his only parent in a while because of the all weirdness that is Sunnydale since the summer. But as he was working over the stove, his mind wondered to the fact he still hasn't told anybody about his changes. Deciding to tell his mother first tonight and show her that it was not a joke. He'll tell Giles at school but since it was a Friday, he'll have to wait until Monday. But what was really making his mind wonder was how was he going to get the money to fund his new profession. As he was thinking and finishing up the cooking, he never noticed his mother open the front door of the house. As he was setting up the table, Renee walks in and smells the air.

"You made dinner? I thought you would be out with Willow and Buffy about now."

"Yeah, I decided to stay in for the night." replies Xander.

As they both ate and made some small talk about his mom's day and how was work going. After dinner Xander got up and took the plates to the sink. Renee wondering what was on her son's mind decided to wait. Xander would always tell her what was bothering him, so she didn't push him by questioning him.

"Mom, I need to tell you somethings. They may sound crazy and impossible but everything I tell is all real and true."

"What's going on Xander. It not like the end of the world right?" At that Xander laughed. "You have no idea how close that came."

"Well not now. But I'll start the way I was told. The world is a lot older that you know..." and for the next hour Xander told his mother the same thing Giles told both him and Willow last year. Renee couldn't believe her son was fighting vampires, demons, and whatever goes bump in the night. As he tells her about the incident on Halloween she starts to doubt her son. Driven to show his mom the truth, takes her down into the basement. After showing her the Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu(Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique) and Raikiri(Lightning Blade), she has no doubts anymore. Turning to look at her son in awe, Xander turns and gives her a sheepish smile.

"How long have you been able to do these kind of things?"

"Three weeks. I've been training to master it all first before fighting. I wanted to tell you after the first 2 days but I was afraid. It's the reason why I haven't told Willow or Buffy."

"You're a good boy, no, young man. You just have powers now. I don't think any different of you. You're still my son."

"Thanks mom. I needed that. Well I could probably meet up with Buffy and Wills at Buffy's house later and tell them than."

After that both Xander and Renee sat on the couch as Xander told of all the adventures from the slayer trio since the beginning. After talking for about 5 hours, his mother went upstairs to get some sleep but not before Xander heard his mother whisper "My son's a superhero."

Smiling proudly with a tear in his eye, Xander opened the front door of his house and walked out into the cool November night. While walking down the streets at around 12:30a.m., Xander was well aware of his surroundings. By using his advanced senses was able to check who or what was around. He was carrying around a few stakes sanded down to the shape and weight of a kunai, with having Itachi's sword, in a seal on his gloved right palm. All he had to do was channel a little bit of charka into the glove to summon the sword at a seconds notice.

About 1 am., Xander reached the Summers' household with the living room light still on, no doubt that Joyce was still up waiting for her daughter to come home. Looking down the street, he sees Giles beat up clown car driving toward the house. Channeling a bit of chakra behind his eyes, the Sharingan blazed to life, with all three tomes spinning. As he was able to see farther and clearer, he was able to make out Willow's red hair and Buffy's bottle blonde hair. Smiling as he deactived the Sharingan, thinking it was going to save time telling everyone about his changes.

Buffy was thinking about a lot of things that have been on her mind lately, after catching Angel talking to that female vampire without staking her was one. But what was really bothering her was Xander. It seemed like he was hiding something from both Willow and herself. Leaving earlier from patrols, or from just hanging out. After Xander called saying he wasn't coming out for patrol tonight had her worried something happened.

Willow was thinking along the same lines about Xander. But the majority of her thoughts lately have been between going after Xander or going after someone else.

As the car pulled up, both girls step out of the car. As both looked up to the front door of the house, they saw Xander sitting on the stairs with a thoughtful expression on his face. Noticing them walking toward the stairs, Xander gets up and greets them.

"Hey, Buffy, Willow. Sorry about baling on you guys tonight I just needed think about something."

"Well you've been acting pretty strange these past few weeks." states Buffy.

"Well you see, that the thing I wanted to talk to you guys about."

"Well maybe we should wait until tomorrow. It's late as is, plus I want to see Angel before the sun comes up."

Signing in depression, Xander looks toward Willow to see if she still wanted to talk. Unfortunately, like reading his mind. "I need to go home and call Oz."

"Okay. I guess I'll see to two tomorrow sometime. Later." And with that Xander turns on his heel and walks toward his house. On his way home, he hears a scream from one of the ally ways. With out thinking, Xander rushes toward where the sound of pure fear came from in a blur. As he turns down the ally way, he spot a girl about the same age as himself. She had long blonde, shiny hair that reached the middle of her back, blue eyes filled with terror, wearing a black, long sleeved sweater which was tight enough to accent her assets but without looking trashy, and a navy blue, knee length skirt.

In front of her was a vampire with his game face on. Quickly reacting to the threat before the girl becomes a happy meal for the undead bastard, throws one of his real kunai at lightning speed, which pins the sleeve of the vamps shirt that was stretched out to grab the girl, to the wall. Shocked of where the knife came from, the vampire and girl looks toward the opening of the ally to first a tall male with, spiky dark brown hair and cold onyx eyes staring at the vampire, he was wearing a semi tight black long sleeved t shirt, and blue jeans that were kind of baggy, loose enough not to hinder his fight ability.

"Let the girl go now or you dust." commanded Xander in an emotionless voice that sent a chill down the vampire's spine. Oddly enough had the girl weak in the knees in a good way.

"Make me human."

With out warning, Xander seemed to fade from their sight at the ally way. As the vampire smirked thinking he run off, the smirk instancely left his face as a voice spoke next to his ear in one of the coldest voice that would make the devil himself shit his pants.

"Die vampire trash." with that said, Xander plunged one of his wooden kunai into the back of the vampire, right into it's unbeating heart. It eyes wide in shock, the vamp didn't even have time to open it's mouth in order to scream before he became to crumble to dust in front of the terrified girl. As the girl fell to her knees in shock of that in turning into dust right before her eyes. She looked up to see not the cold stare of the man that just saved her, but the warm eyes of Xander, filled with concern. "Are you alright?" asked Xander in a gentle voice that was completely opposite of the way he talked to the vampire before ending it's undead life.

"Y-y-yeah?" Stuttered the shocked young woman.

"It's dangerous to be out by yourself this time at night. If you want I could walk you home, but that's up to you." holding his left hand out for her to take to help her to her feet.

"What was that thing?" asked the girl after getting to her feet.

"A vampire." without missing a beat. After he said that, the girl was shaking.

"They're real!?"

"Afraid so. Well let's get you home before any other's show up." That broke the girl out of her shock. Looking up wide eye at her savior she recognizes him since his face was now in the light. Unfortunately, her face is still in the shadows.

"Harris?" Ask the woman as she walks into the light revealing one of the most popular girls from school beside Cordelia Chase.

"Harmony? Why are you by yourself, I thought you would be with Cordelia at the Bronze still?"

"I would be but I was starting to feel sick and decided to walk home, but since my lazy boyfriend didn't feel like walking me home stayed at the Bronze."

"Sorry didn't mean to bring that up. First thing's first, getting you home. Sunnydale isn't the best place to be after sunset by yourself." and with that they both start walking toward the richer part of Sunnydale. But Harmony started asking questions.

"So vampires are real? How did you find out about them?"

"Beginning of sophomore year. Jesse was turned into one after he left the Bronze one night. Two days later comes he attack the Bronze with a bunch of vampires. I had to stake him" replies Xander with a tear escaping his left eye.

"Sorry about bringing that back up."

"Don't worry about it. Once someone is turned, their soul passes on, only to be inhabited by a demon that only has the person's face and memories. I didn't kill Jesse, but the thing that took over." states Xander with a small smile.

"So how long have you been fighting vampires?"

"Over a year."

"So how did you move so fast? I never since that side of you at school."

"Well I started training. That was the result." Not really lying but not telling the whole truth either. "As for me never acting like that in school is because I don't like too much attention to myself. If you noticed I only have a few friends."

"I only thought that was because you acted like a loser." realizing her insult. "Sorry that didn't come out right."

Waving a hand dismissively, "Naah, don't worry about it. I do act like a loser sometimes. But the real reason I only have a few friends is because I don't like fake people. The kind that are only friends with someone else for stupid thinks like looks, money, standing and all that other bullshit." states Xander with a laugh. "I know my friends are true. I just wish people could see things the way I see them. Life's too short to not like someone just because they don't dress up to the latest fashions, or have money to go on random shopping sprees just about every other day." says Xander with a voice that held some wisdom.

Meanwhile, Harmony was thinking about what Xander just said. What a lot of people didn't know was that Harmony was a very smart girl, but because a lot of the smart people in Sunnydale high are labeled outcasts, she acted like the dizzy cheerleader blonde in hopes of fitting in. Her only true friend was Cordelia who does the same thing.

The rest of the walk was in silence. Harmony was too busy thinking of what Xander said, while he was walking letting his eyes sweeping left and right making sure that they weren't attacked. As they came out to Harmony's house, Xander walked her up to the front door. Harmony was pulled out of her thoughts by Xander's voice.

"Well this is a sweet house, though house is a very big understatement." joked Xander

Giggling, Harmony reaches of the front door but stops short. Turning toward her savior for the night. She was unable to meet his eyes. "Sorry for the way I treated you in school."

Somewhat shocked as one of the most popular girls in his class apologizing. Shaking his head to clear his mind, he smiles a gentle smile that made her heart skip. "Don't worry about it, it's in the past."

Nodding her head happily about not having him hate her for being a total bitch toward him. As she turns to walk into her house, Xander puts a hand on her shoulder. Turning to face him about to ask him what was wrong, he answers her unspoken question. "Listen a lot of people are not ready to deal with the truth about vampires, so don't mention anything about what happened, if you need to say that you were about to be mugged or something. Saying that you were attacked by a vampire will get you a one way ticket into a straight jacket. Plus you don't want to send people into a panic. If you need to talk to someone, I'm always good at lending an ear." With that said he turns and walks a way while waving lazily. "Night Harm, see ya Monday."

"Night Xander." Harmony walked into her house and leaned against the door with her back. She was startled when her cell pone went off. Not even looking at who is calling, she just hits talk. "Hello."

"Hey Harm. Where did you go." asked a male's voice from the other end while she could hear music in the background.

"I'm at home, since someone didn't feel like walking me home Brad." replies Harmony barely hold back on how pissed she was at her "boyfriend."

"Hey, you weren't feeling good, not me."

Thanks for asking if I'm ok. Jeez, some boyfriend you are."

"Learn, I'm not in the mood to hear your pmsing attitude. So.." he was cut of by Harmony whose voice seemed to promise a lot of pain.

"No you listen, Brad. I'm tired of you thinking that I'm just some trophy girlfriend. Either start treating me better or find someone else for you arm candy." After saying that, Harmony hung up, Feeling a lot better since before going to the Bronze.

Meanwhile with Xander

As he was walking home since Harmony's house was out of the way by at least a mile, he notices a black BMW pull up along side him. As the window rolled down he could see that it was Cordelia driving. She was looking quite upset about something and seemed hesitating in asking.

"Yo, Cordelia, look like something on your mind?"

"Harris did you happen to see Harmony anywhere around here, and why are you around here to begin with. And where are those loser friends of your's?" Fired out the upset Queen of Sunnydale High.

"Well nice to see you too. I just saw Harmony going into her house, as for me I decided to go for a walk tonight. As for Buffy and Willow, who by the way are not losers had a girls night out." asked a slightly peeved Xander.

"Oh good, she got home safe. Thanks." And with that Cordelia drove off leaving Xander watching until her tail lights were gone.

"She could have offered me a ride home. Oh well, been meaning to try roof hopping for a bit now." As soon as he finished that sentence, Xander channeled a bit of chakra into his legs and jumped onto the nearest roof and landed without making a sound. A second later, he was off, hopping from root top to roof top while adding some flips and twists into the mix to loosen up his body. It only took about 3 minutes to get home compared to the 30 minute walk from the ally way to Harmony's house. As he was walking into his home, all the lights were out. Looking at the clock he noticed it was close to 3 am. Deciding to call it a night, he went to his room and undress until he was only in his boxers. After crawling into bed, he was thinking about how he should tell the others about being a half demon/shinobi. It only took about 20 minutes to fall a sleep.