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Shinobi of Sunnydale

Chapter 3: Birth of a Fox





It was Monday after Xander saved Harmony, over the weekend. As he was walking to school, Xander thought about what he has done over the weekend. On Saturday, he took his Halloween costume and made some changes to it so nobody would be able to figure out it was him. He figured if Buffy, Giles, and Willow wouldn't even talk to him during the day when he called them, they didn't need to know just yet about his secret.


After dying his cloak into a midnight black, cutting the sleeves and sowing them them closed to make a full cloak that only closed at the top by a clasp and applying seals to it for self repair as well as a weight seal for consent training. Taking the jonin vest and dying crimson/blood red, and buying a pair of steel toe combat boots as well as a face mask and a what looked like a black cowboy hat (the hat Hugh Jackman wearing in Van Hellsing). But the great thing about being a half demon fox is the ability to shape shift, so using that to change his hair color to white, and lengthen it to about his shoulders, instead of using a transformation jutsu.

That night, Xander dressed into his "work clothes," decided to go to the graveyards and find some vamps. Lucky, at around 9, he found himself following a rather huge green scaled demon. As he watched from the tree branches down wind from the ugly bastard so not to be noticed, going farther into the woods. As Xander followed the creature, all the while silent, he spotted a cave just ahead of his target. Watching as the demon entered the cave's mouth, Xander waiting about 10 seconds before dropping down from the tree limbs and silently enter, using his senses to avoid being spotted. The cave was deep but barely lit from torches every 20 feet. As he progressed farther down, his ears caught several voices.

"Is the sacrifice ready?" asked the first voice.

"Yessss. And we were lucky to find a virgin female. Her blood will pleasssse Loki." answered another.

"We have also brought the other tributes as well." replied a third one.

"Then let us begin."

Realizing that a women was about to be killed for someone named Loki, Xander summoned his katana into his right hand. Running down the path from where he pin pointed the voices, he jumps over one of the demons that had a body of a human from the neck down but the head was that of a king cobra. The snake was startled by the figure jumping over it that it never noticed the sword slice until the light from one of the torches reflected of the shining metal of the blade, but as the demon was about to move forward to attack, his head slide off it's shoulders and rolled on the ground.

The other two looked on as the partner's head was separated from it's body by this mere mortal. One was the huge, green demon Xander followed while the other was not a demon at all, but human. Standing at 5'10" with long white hair, and blue eyes wearing some sort of robes that belong to a priest but black trimmed with white. As Xander slowly turned toward the other two, he let his Sharingan flare to life. As his enemies glazed into the blood red and black orbs with was their final mistake, to them Xander just disappeared like a phantom, but it was really just a genjutsu to hide from their sight. With two flawless stokes of his katana, the would-be-sacrificers were falling backwards in death before they even knew it.

Flicking the blood off his blade before sheathing it, his eyes scanned the room for the girl they were about to sacrifice. Looking at the far wall to his right he saw a woman about his age with long black locks covering her face. She was wearing an expensive black dress that made he body look beautiful as a goddess. Her body was that of someone athletic with well toned legs and her arms with slender but with some muscle that appeared to be from light lifting, that of a gymnast or cheerleader.

Rushing to the woman chained by her arms, he grabbed a kunia and channeled a bit of wind charka into it. With a quick stoke, the kunia sliced through the iron chains as if they were made from paper. Catching the female in his arms before she fell to far, he laid her down and blushed her long locks from he face so that he might be able to identify her. Looking at her face which held no baby fat and was in a state of uneasiness, he knew who she was right off the bat, a one Miss Cordelia Chase. Flowing through a few hand signs, a lite green glow covered his right hand, as he was running his hand over her body from head to toe in order to list her injuries.

As he was running a diagnostic jutsu over her, Cordelia was waking up, opening her eyes she looked into the masked face, white haired man hovering over her with his eyes closed. Feeling his right hand over her stomach, her heartbeat began to increase with fear and anger, thus letting Xander know she was awake. Before Cordelia was about to yell and hit her "attacker," he opened his eyes to show a concerned and warm chocolate orbs staring into her frighten ones, when he spoke in a deep baritone voice that easy her mind and heart, but held undertone that he was not here to hurt her but save her.

"Sorry for waking you up princess but you looked to be in pain while asleep, I'm just making sure there were no injuries these things inflicted on you." said Xander with a hateful tone toward the recently slayed

Looking more at easy with the man over her, she allowed him to finish what he was doing . While she was relaxing due to the warm and comforting feeling that came from his pale green energy that covered his hand she began to think back to how she was captured. It was earlier tonight that she and her boyfriend were out at the Bronze, after a night of her boyfriend flirting with a bunch of trashing looking sluts, they were walking out toward her car in a heated argument. She was pissed at his forwardness with those other girls. Due to their yelling, they attracted the snake headed demon to them. Upon seeing the demon both were afraid, but being a coward he was, her boyfriend pushed her toward the demon like some sort of human shield while he ran off in the opposite way. When Cordelia looked at the demon he bit her on the shoulder and injected some kind of venom into her that made her feel tired. That was the last thing she saw be for waking up to her savior.

As the diagnostic jutsu was finished, Xander found trace amounts of a sleeping and paralyzing venom that was flowing through her body, but let out a sign that they would were off with in about 30 minutes. Letting the charka from his hands die out, Xander turned to look Cordelia in the eyes and started to speak. "Well Miss Chase there was some sleeping venom that is now losing it's effect on you as well as some paralyzing too. You should be able to move in about half an hour thou. If you would like I could carry you home or we could wait here until it wears off. If you can't talk blink your eyes once for the first choice or twice for the last." Blinking twice, Xander picked her up and prop her against the wall in a comfortable position. Make a hand sign, three clones popped into life next to him. Turing to the Kage Bunshins, he ordered them to spread out and search for anymore victims.

As the clones followed their orders, Cordelia looked on in awe. Looking as the man who she assumed was the real one asked a question without realizing she could now talk. "Who are you and how do you know my name?"

Turning to face the young woman to look her in the eyes he debated whether or not to show her his real face now. Thinking about it for about 3 seconds he made his choice. Releasing the shape shift from himself, he pulled down his mask so she could see his face clearly.

Taken back by the change of hair color going from white to dark shorter hair. But as she looked at his face when he removed his mask, she was thrown for a loop. The loser, Xander Harris, the same person that traded barbs back and forth since 2 grade was the same boy- no man- that has just saved her.


"Yes." he answered with his lopsided grin that only he could pull off.

"But where's Buffy and the rest of that loser group you hang out with at the library?" asked Cordelia with out realizing she was insulting his friends until it left her mouth, which she grasped.

Xander although heard her but decided to ignore it, as he was about to say something, his three clones came back into the chamber. As each one vanished with it's job done, Xander's eyes became distant as his mind processed each clones memories. Looking through the clone's memories it found another chamber filled with weapons as well as gold, gems and books but there looked to be more demons entering the cave. Making another Kage Bunshin to stand over Cordelia.

"Listen Cordy, I'm gonna go and check out a few of the caves around here to make sure there is no one else here that will attack. I'm leaving a clone here to protect you. I'll be right back in a few minutes. Okay?"

"Y-y-you won't l-l-leave me behind?"

"Nah, that's not my style." replied Xander, Turning to his clone, "Keep her safe but use an earth jutsu to seal this room and don't let anyone but me in." With that said Xander unsheathed his sword and darted out of the room, his dark grew cloak becoming part of the shadows of the cavern. All the while Cordelia watched with awe and sadness.

As Xander moved down the earth made halls, all the while silent as a tiger hunting down it's prey. His senses were working over time on constant alert, never once dropping his guard for even a second. Rounding a corner and stopped dead in the shadows, he sees three vampires talking among themselves. Eavesdropping a bit he overhears that the were hired as extra muscle if the slayer ever caught wind of this ceremony. Reaching for his kunia pouch from under his cloak, Xander withdrew three wooden ones. Taking aim within a sec he lets them fly with deadly accuracy. The vampires didn't even make a gasp as the became dust in the wind.

Without a second glance, Xander withdrew back into the shadows like a wraith. Making his way down farther he comes behind the other 6 demons that came for the ceremony. They were just about to head to the chamber in which held Cordelia. Noticing that the entrances were blocked by a barrier made of earth had the demons confused. As the were wondering why the barriers were up in the first place, Xander placed his sword in it's sheath and started some hand signs ending in tiger. Bringing up his right hand with his thumb and middle finger touching and his pointer finger pointing upwards to his mouth, taking in a huge breathe in and adding charka to his throat, he mental yelled his technique.

Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu

As he breathed out, instead of just harmless air coming out, a column of fire was exhausted heading toward the bastard demons. One of them noticed a change in temperature, turned around and watched in horror as the stream of fire barreled toward the group with fearing speed. Unable to dodge, the flames impacted and went right though turning him right in to ash along with the others. As the jutsu ended, there was nothing left except blacken earth.

Turning around and heading for the chamber that housed the gems and books, Xander turned around the corner and let out a whistle. The sear number of books made the library look like a magazine rack at a Walmart. Pulling out six sealing scrolls, along with making 6 Kage Bunshins he gave them all orders, one would seal the pile of gold, another would seal the gems. The third would seal the weapons and rest would seal the books going in order by language. With the orders being carried out, Xander turned on his heel and ran back toward he clone and Cordelia, it was time to get the lady home.

As he walked up to the chamber, Xander knocked on it in Morse code, using Frank Castle's memories he let his clone know it was him outside and to drop the jutsu. Within a second, the earth barrier was dropped and walked right in. As he walked up to Cordelia, he sat down in front of her to ask her how did she ended up in this situation. After telling him how her "brave" boyfriend used her as a distraction, Xander was pissed.

"So what now?" asked Cordy

"Well I was thinking that I would take you back to your car and have you go straight home. After that I still have to patrol." laughed Xander. "But be for that how about we see if you can walk before we have you drive."

Holding his right hand out for Cordy to take in which she did slowly. As Xander helped her up, she was a bit dizzy from being poisoned that she fell forward, right into Xander's chest with his hands resting on her waist to steady her. As Cordy turned her head up, she glazed right into the warm chocolate orbs. Her heart beginning to pound in her chest and she felt her face about to burst into flames. Putting her hands on his chest to push herself off reluctantly, she smoothed out her dress as not to look at Xander and get back in control of herself.

Xander noticing how shy the "Queen C" of Sunnydale was acting decided it was time to leave. Sending a mental command to his clones to bring the scrolls straight to the house after they finished, he looped Cordelia's arm around his to up steady her. Shifting his hair back to white but now longer to reach his shoulders, and pulling up his mask, guided her out of the chamber and out of the caves. Realizing that her car was still at the Bronze, which was a good 30 minutes walking distance away, made a decision on what would be a fast way to get the young woman home. Turning to the brunette high school goddess to explain to her the situation.

"Ok Cordy, it's about a 30 minute walk from here to the Bronze but I could get you here in about five but there's a catch." As he was saying this, his nerves were acting up. Sure he just killed a dozen evil and veil demons but telling a woman that he would have to carry her for about a mile was like telling Gary Coleman getting to the ring with Mike Tyson. Plus it doesn't help she was extremely sexy in that dress either.

"What's the catch Harris?" Cordelia asked with a tone of it better not be something perverted or he would be in a world of pain.

"Well, hahaha, You see I would have to carry you but if you don't want to we could just walk through town. Hahaha." replied a very scared Alexander Harris.

"Oh, well I don't feel like be out more than I have to so should I hop on your back or jump in your arms?" Teased the brunette. Loving the fact that she is making him blush a color that could make a tomato look pale.

Finally getting the blush under control, Xander knew he got one upped. But being a half demon fox also made him a very cunning person as well. Besides he couldn't live with himself if he allowed her to beat him in a battle of wits. So without a word, he scooped up the goddess into his arms earning a squeal of surprise. Before Cordelia could yell at him, he cut her off "When since you don't want to spend anymore time out on a beautiful night like this, hold on tight because you're in for one hell of a ride." With that said Xander canceled the weight seals and dash at around mid – jonin speed which was around 70 mph. Cordelia watched as the trees blurred into houses all the while feeling safe in the "loser's" arms. Within 5 minutes Xander set her down by her driver side door of her black BMW.

Cordelia realizing that her feet were once again on solid ground slowly moved away from him, The funny thing was that part of her wished it took longer for them to get here but she didn't know why. Slowly she turned toward him to say thanks for everything but before that could happen Xander held up his hand stopping her. Just by the confused look on her face he answered her unasked question. "I would love a thank you from you but now isn't the best time since we seem to have some guest that want to have us for dinner, so it might be better if you drove home now so your parents don't called the swat team looking for you."

Realizing that he was warning her of vampires, Cordelia just nodded with a small, shy smile and got in the car. As she turned the engine over, she looked out the front windshield and saw him looking straight at her with his eyes closed in a 'u' shape some how knowing he was smiling at her. As she turned the headlights on she saw five vampires there behind him.

Xander turned around and threw his last wooden kunia at the middle of the group and watched as the hit was true. As the first dusted he drew his sword from the sheath on his left hip and rushed the remaining four. All the while Cordelia watched in awe of the pure skill in which Xander slew the walking blood sucking corpses.

Pushing some fire chakra in his sword, the blade was consumed in a bright orange and yellow flames that looked like it was forged in the mouth of a volcano ad has yet to be cooled. As Xander fought them, slicing off the limbs of the vampires or the sometimes going straight to the kill by taking their heads. All in all, the fight didn't take more than a minute as he was a whirlwind of dead and grace.

Not once did Cordelia take her eyes off of him as dealt with the bottom feeders of the night life on the Hellmouth. Now she knew he wasn't the same person that she and her crew of sheep, with the exception of Harmony, made fun of through out the schooling years. But somehow, some way she couldn't find herself scared of him. As he turned around to face her, Xander gave her an 'eye smile' ad waved. Making a one handed seal he proofed into a cloud of smoke and leaves. Cordy getting the hint, put her car in gear and left for home, neither one noticed a lone raven hair woman in the ally way across the club holding an old fashion doll.

"Kitten turned into a fox. A very dangerous fox. Me and Spike need to be careful Ms. Edith or the red eye kitsune will burn us in his black flames." With that said, Drusilla, chide of Angelous, sire to William the Bloody, turned and walked back to the warehouse where her love stayed.

End Flashback

As he was walking towards the doors of the school, Xander was thinking on how to cash in all the gold and jewels get got from the cave. Thinking about it now he should of went to Willy's bars, of course dress in his work clothes. Plus he needs to work on this seal that he has been thinking about, it was a repeater/storage seal. Now the basics were made by Naruto to make copies of documents for alliances and what not so each person signing it were have their own copy. But he wanted to make it so he could have more sets of his work clothes, or gas for his and his mothers car since. Hey just cause he's a good guy doesn't mean he couldn't get somethings for free right, he is a shinobi now.

Walking down the hall, he hears two females and one male yelling. Taking a left around the corner he comes to a sight that would make most males run in the opposite direction so the wouldn't be next in a tounge lashing by two females. Cordelia ad Harmony were ripping into Harmony's boyfriend, but after this Xander knows it's about to be an ex-boyfriend. Brad, Harm's soon to be ex, was becoming more and more red faced from anger and embarrassment that the two Queens of Sunnydale High were yelling at him in front of his friends and fellow football players.

From Xander's position, he could tell that Brad looks like he's about to snap. Carefully and Silently making his way behind Brad, He notices Brad ball up his right fist, while his arms twitched slightly. Knowing from all three character's experiences, Brad was about to punch one of the girls. As Brad raised his fist and pulled back, Cordy and Harm looked shocked and unable to move. Closing their eyes and waiting for the pain, they were surprised to having felt none, hearing grasps of people being shocked, they open their eyes to see Brad's right fist three inches from Harm's face but what threw them for a loop and Xander's left hand around Brad's wrist.

Brad looked at Xander with a shocked face, as well as the rest of the crowd the was around them. But looking into his eyes, Brad and to fight off the strong urge to piss his pants at the coldest pair of onyx eyes that met his glaze with a cold fury begging to be released on to the jock.

"And what do you think you doing about to punch your girlfriend?" ask the teenage shinobi in a very cold voice that made Brad flinch and his friends take two steps back.

Dragging up some false bravo Brad replied in a cocky voice. "Just teaching this bitch her place. Now get out of the way Harris unless you want to get your ass kicked as well."

With one quick twist, Brad's wrist snapped like a stick being stepped on by the a cast member of the 'Biggest Loser.' Needless to say, Brad screamed in pain. Releasing the hold on the wrist, Xander let his right fist fly in an uppercut right to the asshole's jaw, knocking him off the ground about a foot and out for a least a few hours. Looking and the down prick's friends with a silent message saying 'Try something and end up worse the deuce bag.' They ran quickly after pulling up their downed bud.

Turning on his heel, Xander looked right at the two woman and smiled a kind smile and walked off to his locker leaving a crowd of shocked and confuse teenagers and two very happy cheerleaders. With a lazy wave over his shoulder to the two girls, "See ya around ladies but I can't get detention for being late for class." Just than the bell for first period sounded in the halls knocking everyone out of the stupor and rushing to class.

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