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Legend of Naruto

Chapter 1: The Stage is Set

In one time line, Naruto Uzumaki from Konohagakure no Sato was defeated by Sasuke Uchiha, a traitor to Konoha, in the Valley of the End. Because of this, he returned home, and trained to become stronger, and bring Sasuke back. What he didn't know was that because of this, there were two deaths in the world, which led to the conquering of the Elemental Nations by an evil from another realm. One was his only surviving blood relative, who died two years later, fighting against impossible odds. The other was a hero from another realm, who was killed a few days after arriving.

But that is not this timeline.

Naruto slowly stood up in the crater he was in at the foot of the Shodaime Hokage's statue. The Kyuubi's chakra swirled around him, forming a type of cloak that was shaped like a fox. It formed two fox ears above his head, and one tail behind him.

Across from him, in a crater in the statue of Madara Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha was crouched over. The curse mark placed on him had gone to level two, turning the Uchiha's skin a dark brown grey, and his black hair grey as well. His eyes were black, with amber pupils. Two massive hands erupted from his back, like demonic wings.

Suddenly, Sasuke clutched his shoulder, where his curse mark was. At the same time, Naruto felt his left arm going numb, and he grimaced.

I can't hold this power for long. It's too much.

"I see you can't hold that power for long either. Then let's end this now." Sasuke smirked, as he held his hand to the ground, his palm spread. Grey lightning formed in his hand, creating a chirping sound like a thousand birds.

Naruto nodded, and held out his right hand. A swirling vortex of chakra formed in it, but turned purple because of the effects of the demonic chakra. But suddenly, a voice echoed in his head.

"Stupid mortal. He'll overpower you. Don't meet him like this, take him out another way."

Naruto would have told the demon kitsune to shut up, if Sasuke hadn't launched himself at Naruto, his wings flapping. Naruto leapt forward, holding his attack ready. But as they drew closer, a plan formed in Naruto's head. Just as they were about to collide, Naruto let go of his jutsu, and used his right hand to knock Sasuke's attack to one side. At the same time, a left hook smashed into Sasuke's face, and drove him into the rocks behind the waterfall. Both of them fell to the waters below.

Several minute's later, Kakashi Hatake, the famous "Copy Cat" ninja of Konoha arrived at the scene. The sliver haired jounin scanned the battle field, until he spotted a patch of orange on the far bank. He and his Pug dog summon Pakkun moved quickly. When they arrived, they found an unconscious Sasuke, with two large rips in the back of his blue Uchiha genin shirt. Naruto was lying next to him having dragged the unconscious boy out of the water. Naruto was definantly worse for wear. There was a hole in his orange jacket, which the scarring underneath confirmed what Kakashi feared.

He used Chidori on Naruto. Why? Why did I teach him that blasted jutsu?!

Naruto turned and smiled weakly at Kakashi. "Hey... sensei. Sasuke... still here?"

"Yeah. You got him Naruto. He's here, and we can take him back."

"That's good. I... I kept... my promise." With that, Naruto fell unconscious. Kakashi checked him over.

He's alive. But he needs rest. And this blasted rain isn't helping.

Kakashi created a shadow clone, before turning to Pakkun. "Return to Hokage-sama, and tell her mission success. Sasuke has been captured. Tell her to have the hospital on ready for both Naruto and Sasuke."

"Right." The little pug looked at Naruto. "He is one heck of a kid. I can't believe he defeated Sasuke Uchiha."

"He's a lot stronger than we give him credit for." With that, Pakkun disappeared, and the Kakashi's carried Naruto and Sasuke away.


At the gates of Konoha, several people waited. Most were dressed in the garb of the medic ninja's of Konoha's hospital. A few were ANBU, while the remaining two were the chuunin guards at the gate post. The other one with them was a pink haired genin kunoichi, dressed in a red dress/shirt, and charcoal black shorts. Sakura Haruno had watched as one by one, the Sasuke Retrieval squad was brought back in. Chouji was thin, and pale as death. Neji had numerous piercing wounds on his body. Kiba, being carried by Kankuro of Suna, was still conscious, but bleeding from his side, while Akamaru was out cold. Shikamaru, with Temari, only had a broken finger, and Lee was fine, other than a couple cuts, strain to his injured leg and arm, and being tired. Gaara of Suna was about the same as Lee.

Nobody else saw the other kunoichi hiding near by. Her lavender eyes watching the forest for any sign of orange. The wind ruffled her short, indigo blue hair, and the two bangs that framed her face. She was wearing a large biege coat, with a furry collar and a red flame over a gold field. She had on black short pants, with a shuriken holster tied around her right thigh. She was holding her hands together, almost like she was praying.

Is he safe? Hinata Hyuuga wondered. Please, let him be safe.

Suddenly, there was a shout from atop the wall. Several shapes appeared in the distance, and within seconds, the last of the medical teams arrived. One of the medics was carrying Sasuke Uchiha, and Kakashi was carrying Naruto Uzumaki.

Sakura became overjoyed to see Sasuke, but that joy was diminished when she saw he was unconscious, and had dried blood in his hair and on one of his arms. She didn't pay any attention to Naruto. But Hinata did. She saw the wounds he had, and was almost in tears at the pitiful state he seemed to be in.

He can't... he can't be dead. She sank to the ground, crying, as the group rushed past to the hospital. The gate was closed, and Konoha was secured.


Tsunade sighed as she finished filling out the paper work on the mission. It had been a success, but was close to a disaster. Neji Hyuuga and Chouji Akimichi almost died, and would be out of action for a while. Kiba was not as bad, but Akamaru was hurt bad, so the two would be down for a while too. But it was Naruto that had her worried. She had checked him over, and found that if it wasn't for the Kyuubi, he never would have survived the Chidori shoved into him by Sasuke. He would probably be out of action for a week or two, unless Kyuubi healed him even more than usual. As for the Uchiha, he was fine, other than damage from a severe beating, and having his head smashed into a rock. She sighed, as she sat back. She knew there would be a multitude of problems because of this mission, but she was just happy that Naruto had come back in one piece.

In Rice Country, in Otogakure no Sato, in Orochimaru's private chamber, the Snake Sannin was beyond anger.


Kabuto Yakushi quailed in front of his masters fury. "They were tracked down by a team from Konoha. It seems they were all genin, led by one chuunin."

"Are you telling me... that my prized Sound Five... were beaten... BY MERE CHILDREN!"

"One of them was Naruto Uzumaki, Orochimaru-sama."

Orochimaru snarled in anger. "Contact our ally in Konoha. Tell him that no matter what it takes, Naruto Uzumaki must be driven from Konoha, and left on the outside, for me to deal with. Tell him I will help him achieve his dream, if he does this."

Kabuto bowed. "Yes, Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto quickly left, and headed to find one of the operatives who could sneak into Konoha. Orochimaru snarled in anger as he beat the fist of his new body on the arm rest of his throne.

I will have the Uchiha's body, no matter what!


Next Day

Hinata made her way slowly through the halls of the hospital, until she came to the door she had wanted. Slowly steeling herself, she opened it, but stopped at what she saw. Naruto was covered in bandages, with only his eyes, mouth, and hair visible. He was still unconscious, but was breathing easily. Hinata's eyes watered, and she brushed away the tears in them. Slowly, she approached the bed, and placed the simple vase with one yellow flower in it on the bedside table. She sat in a seat next to the bed.

"N-Naruto-kun. I'm glad you're okay." She said softly, before breaking down into tears.

Elsewhere, Sakura was angry. She had just seen Sasuke, who had bandages over his nose and covering the top of his head. He was still unconscious. Sakura stormed up towards Naruto's room.

He promised to bring him back, but he didn't need to beat him up like that, did he? Of course not!

Sakura reached the room, and opened the door, only to stop as she saw Naruto. She hadn't realized that he had been hurt so badly, that he had needed to be almost completely bandaged. She turned to see Hinata sniffling and looking at her.

"Sakura... w-what are y-you d-doing here?"

Sakura immediately felt guilty, and slowly came in, closing the door. What neither girl realized was that Naruto was actually in a state of unconscious awareness. In his mindscape, he was awake, and aware that there were two people in his room. He could tell from the stuttering that one was Hinata.

What a weird girl. I wonder what she's doing here. But he had been happy to hear Sakura-chan was here also.

Sakura slowly came over. "I... I just saw Sasuke-kun. I wanted to come... come check on Naruto."

Naruto's mindscape self fell from joy to depression. Of curse. She went to see the teme first.

Hinata looked up at the pink haired girl. "Wh-why Sasuke first? D-didn't you w-want to t-thank Naruto-kun f-for b-bringing him back?"

Sakura glanced guiltily at Hinata. "Well... I... I didn't know Naruto was hurt this bad. I saw Sasuke was hurt real bad, so I... I wanted to make sure he was okay."

Naruto's mindscape self slowly sat on the floor, completely depressed. So I was right. When I saw her at the gate, before we left. She really does care about the teme, and not me. I guess I just need to back off.

Hinata felt a small flare of anger towards Sakura. "I-I would think you would want to check on Naruto-kun, since he was your loyal friend and teammate." Her anger caused her to forget her shyness, and her stutter disappeared.

Sakura flinched under Hinata's words and stare. "Well, I-."

"Sakura, I don't know what you see in Sasuke. He's spoiled, he's self centered, he's cold to everyone, he betrayed the Village, and he almost killed one of your teammates. Don't you have any decency?"

Sakura broke down at this, and started to cry. "I'm sorry! I didn't know! I don't know anything anymore!" She slumped to the ground, crying.

Naruto, listening to everything, was quite shocked. I've never heard hinata talk or act like that before. What got into her?

Hinata slowly walked over, and kneeled next to Sakura. "S-sakura, you need to r-remember that you h-have two teammates, not just one. You s-should care about h-how both of t-them feel."

Sakura looked up at hinata, and nodded. She smiled as she wiped a tear away. "You r-really care for Naruto, don't you?"

Hinata blushed, but she nodded. "Y-yes. I do r-really care for him. I-I just wish I-I could tell him."

In his mind, Naruto's head snapped to attention at these words. What? Di-did she just say that she cared for me?

Naruto stood up, and began to walk down the corridors of his memories. Here and there, he would stop, and examine memories involving Hinata.

She would always become so quiet, and shy around me. She would go all red, but what if it wasn't a fever? And during the prelims, she gave me that medicine. And later, she helped me when I felt all nervous about fighting Neji. Does this mean-

"Of course it does, you dumb mortal! The Hyuuga girl likes you!"

Naruto found himself in front of the cage of Kyuubi, who glared down at him. The kitsune's lips furled in a sneer.

"She's had a crush on you since the first day of the Academy. I may not have been awake, but I've seen your memories."

Naruto stood there in shock, and slowly sat down. All this time? All this time, and she's cared for me. Why? Nobody does, except for Iruka, the old man, Teuchi, and Ayame.

"Well, she does too. Kami, you are so dense!" With that, the fox, closed it's eyes, and Naruto suddenly felt himself in his body. He slowly cracked open an eye, and saw Hinata and Sakura talking quietly. Naruto looked Hinata over, as things began to make sense now.

She is cute. Not physically cute, like Ino and Sakura. She's... it's like an aura around her. But she is also physically cute. Maybe... maybe I should try and get closer to her? Maybe... maybe she is what I've been missing in my life?

Naruto tried to speak, but all that came out was a croak. But it caught both girls attention, and they turned towards him. He cleared his throat and smiled at them.

"Hey... anyone want to get me some water?"

Hinata went red, and started to push her index fingers together, while Sakura just smiled. She got Naruto a glass of water, and helped him drink it. When Naruto smiled at Sakura in thanks, Hinata felt her heart drop.

He likes her still. And because she will be nicer to him, I've pushed myself further away. Maybe I should give up.

Naruto saw the sad look in Hinata's eyes, as she turned to towards the door.

"Hinata, where are you going?"

She gasped, and turned around, her face glowing. "I... I was... w-well I..." Her fingers were pushing together so fast, they could break at any moment.

Naruto smiled encouragingly at her, trying to calm her down. It worked somewhat, as her fingers slowed down, and her face dropped a few shades. Naruto decided then that maybe it would be worth a shot to becoming closer to Hinata. She at least wouldn't hit him.

"Well, I was wondering if maybe after I get out of the hospital, would you like to have some ramen with me?"

Hinata just completely froze, as she heard those words. She couldn't believe it. Naruto, the boy she had been secretly crushing on for five years, just asked her to eat with him. She felt the darkness closing in on her, but she managed a faint "yes", before falling over.

Sakura rushed over, and managed to catch her, and placed in one of the extra beds, before turning to Naruto in shock.

"Naruto... did you just ask her out to ramen?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Why didn't you ask me?"

Naruto slowly turned his face away. "Because you have your 'Sasuke-kun' back, and I know you don't really like me."

Sakura felt the tears well up, and came over to Naruto. "Naruto, I... it's true I don't see you as a boyfriend or something. But that doesn't mean you can't be my friend. I've been a bad teammate, and I want to make it up to you."

Naruto looked at her, and smiled. "Okay. I'll take that. Maybe we can train together, along with some of the others."

Sakura nodded. "Okay. Um... can I get you anything?"

Naruto shook his head. "No. But you may want to stick around for when she wakes up. I doubt she'll believe that wasn't a dream, unless you tell her."

Sakura nodded. "Sure. But you be nice with her, understand?"

Naruto nodded. "Right. But right now, I think I need to sleep." He slowly closed his eyes, letting his body rest. A smile lit up his face.

Sakura smiled at the sight of her sleeping comrade, before taking Hinata's chair, and waiting for the Hyuuga heiress to awaken.


That afternoon

Tsunade didn't know why this Council meeting had been called, since she hadn't called it. But ever since the Yondaime died, and her old sensei, Sarutobi, retook his job as the Sandaime, the Council had gained more bower, until they believed they controlled Konoha. Or at least, the civilian half did.

Danzou slowly stood up. The crippled war hawk took a look around with his one eye, before speaking.

"Fellow Council members, as you know, Sasuke Uchiha, last if that illustrious clan, recently attempted to leave Konoha, and join Orochimaru. It has come to my attention, that the reason why was because he was seeking power to defeat his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, who slaughtered the Uchiha clan."

Many of the Council began to murmur to themselves. Danzou continued. "He was stopped from leaving, and returned her. However, he was injured more so than was necessary to bring him back. And the person who caused these injuries? None other than Naruto Uzumaki."

At the mention of Naruto's name, many of the civilian Council members hissed in anger and disgust. One even muttered a word that suspiciously sounded like "demon". The ninja Council members, which consisted of the major clan heads, and the Village Elders, merely looked at each other. Tsunade sighed.

"Is there a point to all this, Danzou?"

"There is. Naruto Uzumaki has threatened, and used excessive force against the future of Konoha. Under normal circumstances, this would automatically call for his execution."

Tsunade sat up right, as the clan heads began to talk to each other. None of them really had a problem with Naruto. Some had even enjoyed his pranks. But the civilian members cheered, and some even began yelling for the execution. Danzou held up his good hand.

"However, his actions in bringing the uchiha back earn him consideration. That is why I say the boy should be banished from Konoha."

Immediately, the Council divided in two. The civilian members applauded and cheered, while the clan heads roared out in protest. Tsunade stood to her feet. "And what of the excessive force used against Naruto?! He had a Chidori shoved into him! As far as I can tell, Naruto did nothing more than beat Sasuke enough to bring him back alive and uncrippled, while Sasuke Uchiha tried to kill him!"

"It's too bad he didn't! That boy should have never been allowed to live!" More cheers and roars followed this statement. Before anyone could protest further, Danzou shouted. "I call the vote! All those in favor?"

The entire civilian part of the Council, along with Danzou, raised their hands. He smirked, knowing he had all ready won. "All those opposed?"

Hiashi Hyuuga, Shibi Aburame, Tsume Inuzuka, Inoichi Yamanaka, Shikaku Nara, Chouza Akimichi, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane raised their hands. Tsundae, being Hokage, couldn't vote, but merely try to influence the Council to see her view. She shook in rage, as Danzou smugly looked around. "In a eight to ten vote, the punishment is decided. Three days after he has recovered enough to be dismissed from the hospital, Naruto Uzumaki will be banished from Konoha, and the surrounding five mile area."


The night of the next day

Naruto lay in bed, reading a manga that Sakura had gotten for him. Outside, the light of the Village blotted out the stars in the night sky. He smiled happily, as he remembered his upcoming "friend date" with Hinata.

When Hinata had regained consciousness, and been assured that Naruto asking her to lunch with him wasn't a dream, she had smiled, and thanked Naruto for his invitation. Then she had left, a happy smile on her face. Naruto was glad he had made her so happy.

Who knows? Maybe I've been going after the wrong girl this whole time. Hinata feels more like a person I would want to be around.

He flipped a page, reading the next section, when there is a knocking on his door. When he tells them to enter, Jiraiya stumbled in. Naruto looked at him, wondering what the old pervert wanted.

"Hey Ero-sennin? What is it?" Then he noticed the look on the old mans face. It was one of pure despair. Naruto felt something drop in his stomach.

"Jiraiya? What is it?" The Toad sannin turned to Naruto.

"Kid... I don't know how to tell you this. I still can't believe it myself."

"What? What is it?"

Jiraiya sighed, and sat down. He stared at Naruto for several minutes, then sighed.

"The Council had a meeting today. They were talking about you."

"Yeah, so? They do that all the time."

"Not like this. Danzou, one of the older members, charged you with excessive force in returning Sasuke Uchiha. He called a vote, to have you banished."

Naruto just sat there, staring at Jiraiya. "W-what?"

"Yeah. The civilian's, because they all hate you, voted with him. None of the other ninja's did though. It was close, but Danzou had you banished the minute he called for it. I'm so sorry kid."

Naruto just sat there, unable to do anything but let tears roll down his face. Jiraiya slowly reached out, and hugged Naruto.

Minato, I'm so sorry. I couldn't save your son. I'm his freaking godfather, and I let him down.

Naruto just sat there in Jiraiya's embrace, as the tears continued to fall down his face.


In the Land of Earth, out in the middle of a barren plain, a strange occurrence began. A dark mass of energy slowly began to form, spinning, and crackling with lightning bolts. Suddenly a gloved fist emerged from the mass, and a tall, heavily muscular man fell out. He slowly stood to his feet, yelling to the sky above.

"FREE! I AM FREE!" He laughed maniacally, as a strange glow emanated from his right hand. Three golden triangles forming one large one.

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