Good VS Evil. That is what this chapter is about. And finally, you all will know. Will the heroesof Konoha and Hyrule win? Or will evil triumph, and spread darkness all over world? It's time to find out!

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Chapter 26

The Legend Ends

Slowly, the smoke from the explosion began to clear. Once all of the smoke had trailed away, Eflower was revealed. The angel was kneeling on the ground, panting hard. Her wings where also slumped, showing how much that attack had drained her. The Healer of Team Outcast glanced towards the direction that Ganondorf had been, and sighed in relief as she spotted the unmoving form one the ground.

Finally, it is over. Eflower sighed, allowing herself to sit back, against the wall behind her, lower her head, and close her eyes. However, they snapped open a log time before they should opened, as the angel heard a sound she thought she would never hear again. She first heard the noise while fighting the wizard, and she knew that only he could make it.

Eflower did not need to look in order to know what was happening. The prone figure had become surrounded by a dark aura, this one more powerful than the last. Slowly, but surely, the wizard climbed to his feet. And only when he was standing on his own two feet once more, did the angel lift her head in order to see her enemy.

The Healer's attack worked, and the Tscuhikage's body was no more. But all that had done was release Ganondorf's true form. Now his cape fluttered in an unseen wind, power oozing out of every part of his body. The wizard's golden eyes gleamed with power that he had not shown before. Slowly the body thief raised a fist, to show Eflower the back of his hand. On it was the imprint of three triangles, that together formed the shape of a pyramid. The top triangle glowed gold with power. For it was the Triforce of Power.

"Did you really think that pathetic attack was enough to stop me?" Ganondork sneered. "I have to admit, it took me by surprise that anybody was capable of destroying that body. But it proved itself a useful shield." Slowly the wizard moved forward, his hand going down to rest on the hilt of a glowing sword sheathed at his side. "I see that you used practically all your power to wipe that body out. I may no loner be able to use this 'chakra'. But now my true power can be fully unleashed."

Slowly, the wizard drew the sword from its scabbard, revealing it to be a white long sword. Still moving forwards, he gripped the blade with both hands. Once the sword glowed with a pure, white light. However Ganondorf had tainted the blade, causing the glow to dull, and create an aura around it remarkably similar to the one surrounding him. The wizard then held the sword up, as dark magic began to crackle along its surface.

"You are beginning to annoy me. And do you know what I do with annoyances? I erase them. And now it's is time for you to be erased. NOW DIE!"The last words were a powerful roar as the wizard brought the blade down, Unleashing a powerful wave of dark magic at the slumped angel.

Eflower watched as the attack came closer. She knew that all her energy had been spent destroying the Tscuhikage's body. There was nothing left for her to do except close her eyes and wait for her death.

But that was not to be, as there was a dull thud as a magic blade hit the attack, deflecting it into the nearby walls. In amazement the angel opened her eyes. Standing directly in front of her was her savior, more times then once.

Arren had borrowed the Master Sword, and easily stopped his girlfriend from being killed by the wizard. With a smile, the Senshi asked.

"You okay E?" Returning the smile, the healer nodded while Ganondorf looked on in amazement.

"How did you get free? You should still be in my trap!"

"You underestimated us." Was the Pikku's response as he tossed the Master Sword back to it's rightful owner. Easily Link caught it, and as he did, the green-clad hero yelled.

"Next time you want to borrow the Master Sword, just ask!"

"But I did!"

"Right, as if speaking so fast I can't understand you is asking if you could borrow it." Link said as he slid into his battle stance. Next to him, his two Shinobi friends where also ready to fight, their weapons in their hands.

"When Eflower used that attack, some of her energy hit that magic bubble you trapped us in, disrupting it and allowing Hinata to destroy it." When he knew this, the wizard growled.

"Well, it seems that you-" Here Ganondorf pointed at Arren. "were right. But that doesn't matter, for none of you have the power to stop me!" Then, his dark aura pulsed. Before it started to condense itself into a shield. When it had finished, a purple - yet transparent – half dome was in front of him.

"Bring it!" Naruto yelled, as he charged forwards with his most powerful attack. "Rasengan!" The attack cannoned straight into the shield, but the black-clad Shinobi was blown right back. The barrier hadn't wavered one single bit.

"He's gotten stronger." Link said, looking at the dome. "He wasn't able to create any shield when I fought him before, and that Ganondorf had fed of the anguish of the Twili."

"That pitiful energy?" The wizard sneered. "I felt it, but it was nothing compared to the energy I fed off of while trapped in the Nexus. I fed off the anguish, fear, pain, anger, and hatred of hundreds of thousands of beings from dozens of different realms. My power has never been stronger!" Ganondorf's laughter echoed through the massive hall.

As the Wizard bragged about his power, the Senshi had prepared his own attack. With his trademark daredevil smile, the Pikku charged forwards. In his hands, where two spinning green balls of chakra. Nature chakra. As he sped towards his enemy, Arren merged the two balls into one, larger ball, then, he compressed it until it was just as big as his palm. "Seishitsu no Fungeki!" The Senshi roared, slamming his powerful attack into the shield.

For a few seconds, the force field strained against the attack. However, the Pikku was blown back, his attack not having enough power to punch through the dark magic. Skillfully, Arren flipped himself in mid air. Landing on his feet with the grace of the cat, and then skidded back a few feet.

Smirking, the wizard raised one hand. As he did so, a tentacle of energy grew from the force field, before swinging at Link and Hinata, who were still nearby. Hinata jumped over the attack, but Link was thrown against a wall. He slumped to the ground, coughing up blood.

"Okay... that was definitely new." the green clad hero muttered, heaving himself back onto his feet as he did. Link looked at Ganondorf's shield, before smiling. "With all this new stuff, it's only fair that I try something new myself!" With that, he reached into his pouch, and pulled out the massive iron ball and chain. He held our his left hand, and then slammed in into the ball, calling out "Dins' Fire!"

The point studded ball burst into flames, before Link pulled it up, and swung it around. Faster and faster it went, until he launched it with a yell. The flaming iron ball smashed into the force field, and the flames spread off it, but didn't penetrate the shield. The ball was thrown back, and Link jumped to one side, as the ball went sailing passed him. He slowly got up, only to be met with another tentacle, which the wizard had sent at him.

Right before it hit, Hinata's bo staff came down on it, smashing it into the ground, Hinata turned, adopting her stance for her modified version of the Hyuuga's signature attack. "Eight Trigrams, Buin Sixty Four Strikes!" She launched at the shield, landing blow after blow with her bo staff, disconnecting it to finish the combo. The shield stood firm, against the attack. Ganondorf sighed.

"Are you pathetic fleas done yet? I'm getting tired of all your pitiful attacks." The wizard then lashed out with a second tentacle. It smashed into Hinata full force, sending her on a crash course to a nearby wall. However, someone caught her before she cannoned into it. The heiress didn't even need to look down at the arms around her to know that is was her fiancé that had saved her.

Naruto gently set Hinata on her own two feet before he turned to Ganondorf. The wizard was mildly surprised at the new sight before him, and made a mental list at the changes.'Enlarged canine's. Wilder hair. Hair has reddish tint. Eye's now red and silted. Nails are now claws. Those 'whisker' marks are a lot more pronounced. And this 'chakra' of theirs is surrounding him. But its red and three tails of chakra are attached to him.' Ganondorf was brought back to reality when the black-clad Shinobi growled.

"Let me show you the power that this 'flea' has!" Naruto roared as he held out one hand. Purple chakra began to twirl into it, as the wind suddenly began to howl. As a miniature tornado swirled into the hand. With a feral grin, the black-clad Shinobi compressed the chakra into a spiraling ball. A demonic version of the famous Rasengan. However, once it was complete Naruto didn't go and attack. For he was not ready. The wind he had summoned, was also compressed, and formed into jagged, blood red wind blades. These blades spiraled around the Rasengan, forming into the demonic version of the completed Rasengan jutsu.

"Fūuton: Akuma Rasenshuriken!" The Namikaze roared as he charged at the wizard, his attack at the ready. It took only a moment for him to cross the room, and slam the Wind-and-Chakra Shuriken into the purple energy field.

For a few minutes, the attack and shield strained against each other. The shield actually started to buckle. Naruto, showing the Uzumaki trademark determination, pressed on his attack.

Snarling, the wizard threw up his hands, unleashing a powerful wave of magic from the shield. There was no chance for the black-clad Shinobi to dodge, and thus, was knocked flying. Cannoning right through one of the still-stand pillars. With an invisible sigh of relief, Ganondorf straightened himself.

"Well, well. You might just prove to be a worthy opposition. But, if that's all you got, I believe it'll be time for me to finish this."

"Shut up!" The Senshi roared, as he called upon his friend's power, radically changing as he did so. "In combat, nothing is ever certain. A fight does not end until the last blow is dealt. And that will not be yours. I swear upon my very existence, that you shall fall this day!"As the Pikku spoke, the wizard made a mental note of his changes.

'Hmmm… lets see. His skin is now covered in dark yellow fur which is quite thick. With black spots appearing here and there. His canine's have also became fangs. Eyes have changed pretty much like the previous guy. But they're yellow instead of red. Ears are very strange… Long bushy tail as well. And that ain't all of it. His armor was once yellow plate with blue chain. But the chain is now navy in color. His helmet is now very feral with an added face guard. Last but not least, many runes cover the armor.'

Then, Arren charged. Everybody was taken by surprise. Even Naruto, master of unpredictability, did not notice that while the Senshi was speaking, two balls of chakra had been formed in his hands.The Pikku hadn't kept his hands still while talking. So how he managed to hide his custom Rasengan was anybodies guess.

Like before, he merged the two spinning balls of chakra into one. And then compressed it until it was the size of his palm. However, it wasn't the forest green it was last time, but a much darker, deeper green.

"Akuma Seishitsu no Fungeki!"Arren thundered, as he drove his attack into the force-field. Immediately it started to started to buckle, dangerously bending towards Ganondorf. Still, the attack was not powerful enough to punch through the shield before the wizard sent of shockwave of magic from it.

The Senshi's legs absorbed most of the impact when he finally met the wall, but he was still painfully slammed against thetall, badly cracked surface. The Pikku then pitched forwards, landing on his hand knees, right next to his cousin.

"Damn it, this isn't going well."Naruto growled, panting as he did so.

"Tell me about it, I can't afford to go angel now. I've used up to much energy to use it effectively. As for that shield, well, even our most powerful attacks can only punch halfway through that shield alone…"Arren trailed off,realizing just how they might be able to get through the force-field once and for all. The black-clad figured out the same thing at the exact same time. Both of them knew that each other had realized that they just might have a chance.

"So, how should we do this?"The Namikaze inquired as he stood up, gesturing that the Pikku should do the same.

"Simple." Was Arren's confidant reply as he climbed to his feet. "I'll summon a Shizen clone, and then we'll create two Akuma Rasenshuriken's, with added Nature chakra. Then, as I did for my attacks, we'll combine them, and then compress it. That okay with you?" The black-clad Shinobi nodded, as he prepared his half of the attack.

The Senshi summoned a clone to the left of the Namikaze, before putting his hands above Naruto's right. The Pikku channeled nature chakra into the forming Rasenshuriken's. Mixing dark green with purple. Arren's clone was doing the same on the left. It was not long until two dark purple-green balls of chakra, surrounded by four blades of wind where resting on the black-clad Shinobi's hands.

"You ready?" The Senshi asked his cousin, who replied with a grin.

"I was born ready." And with that, the Namikaze slammed the two balls together. A powerful blast of wind howled through the room. As Naruto and Arren struggled to merge the two attacks.

"Come on, damn it! Hurry up and combine!" The Pikku growled, at the two chakra balls wavered, but Naruto reacted quickly and stabilized them. "Concentrate on merging the attack, I'll stop them from blowing us to pieces." The black-clad Shinobi nodded in response, and let his cousin completely take other the control.

It took awhile, but eventually the attack was complete. One dark purple-green ball of chakra sat between the two hero's hands. While eight blades of wind spun around it. Just before they where about to attack, The Namikaze had a thought.

"Hey Arren."


"What should we name the attack?"

"I've already thought of a name, and if you don't mind, I'll keep it to myself until we actually attack, which won't be long."

"Fine, shall we?"

"Lets."As one, the two Uzumaki's charged forwards at Naruto's top speed, as they shot towards Ganondorf, Arren roared.

"Shugo Ryuu: Rasenshuriken Fungeki!" The wizard reacted swiftly, channeling more magic into the force-field, reinforcing it for all it's worth. With a colossal boom, the two forces collided.

A huge cloud of dust swirled round all three of combatants as the wind tried to slice through the shield. For a long time they fought each other, sweat running down all of their faces. But the battle could only have one victor.

A monstrous roar echoed through out the temple as the room was filled with a blinding light. This was followed by a dynamic shockwave which scattered Team Outcast, slamming all four of them, plus Link, into the walls.

Most of the people there cannoned into the wall back first. But two people avoided that. Firstly, Link had his shield on his back, so he slammed into the wall shield first. Secondly, Arren flipped in mid-air, flew into to wall feet first. Then his backside.

"Damn, I thought we had him that time!"The Senshi said as the dust began to clear. His super-sharp hearing and caught six people breathing heavily, and it doesn't take a genius to work out that as there is five good guys, and one bad guy, the bad guy survived the attack.

"Me to"The black-clad Shinobi growled, glaring at the smirking wizard.

"Face it you pathetic pests. Your power isn't nearly enough to stop me." Ganondorf gloated as he strode arrogantly forwards. A chuckle emitted from the wizard's throat as he exclaimed. "I. Am. INVINCIBLE!" The chuckle was swiftly transformed into a full blown evil laugh. But while laughing, Ganondorf was struck with an idea. One that he decided to gloat about. This decision, sealed his fate.

"Death is too good for you lot now." The wizard said. "Once I have the complete Triforce, I shall take control of your pitiful bodies, and force you to serve me, you shall be the first, and most powerful of my minions. But unlike them, you'll still have your minds. At least, partly. You will be the ones that help me take control off all I want. And when I am finished, you will be nothing more the husks. For I shall take not just what you love, but every single thing from you!" Again, Ganondorf started to laugh, but then it froze as he throat constricted.

For the very first time in his life, the wizard felt fear, this killing intent was nothing that he had ever felt before. Dropping down onto one knee, Ganondorf stared with wide eyes at the fury before him. The Gekido no Arashi Yousoken

The KI that Arren was releasing was if the charts, Last time he flew into such a rage was in Oto. But this was different, vastly different. While facing Orochimaru, the rage was that of Nature, Demon, Angel and Man. But in this anger, there was no man.

"W-who … a-are … y-you."The wizards barely chocked out, falling down onto both knees at this power. All over the world, Shinobi and citizens alike did the same, frozen by sheer terror.

"I am, who I am. And nothing anybody ever does, can take that fact away." The anger that flowed through the Senshi's body, was not a burning, searing rage. For he had gone well past that, the anger was cold, silent. And a lot more deadly

(B/N. Don't worry, Arren isn't saying he's God. If you manage to figure out what he means, I'll let you have a character in the original story I'm co-authoring with Leafie!)

"Too long have you existed, brining nothing but pain and destruction wherever you exist, for no reason but to become more powerful. This is going to end." Without warning, the Pikku suddenly cut off the KI. Once it was gone, all those that had been affected rose to their feet. In all of the element nations, the Kage's sent their ANBU to find out what was going on. And to do so quickly.

Ganondorf no longer felt the fear that had consumed him. And thus, his arrogance and over confidence returned full first. Climbing to his feet, the wizard said.

"Let me guess, you are now going to swear to kill me, just like any other hero, but fail. Just like any other hero."

"No." Regardless to say, quite a few people where shocked at this blunt answer. "I am not to be your executioner, through they are in this very room. However, you still have to fear me wizard. You think you know everything about power. Well it is time for you the face the power from within. Shimon, open."

Shimon, the eighth chakra gate… to open is a great feat. Be one has to open all other gates first… to open all of the chakra gates at once is a remarkable achievement.

However, there is a price for the immense power given by the final chakra gate. For Shimon…. is the gate of death.

"It is time for you the face the most powerful jutsu ever created Ganondorf. It is the first that the Sage of the six paths – Uzumaki Arashi – created. Ironic that this attack, the foundation of all other Ninjutsu, is the most powerful. Only this technique can ever contain the power of infinity" Once he had finished, Arren simply vanished.

There was not one warning that the Senshi was about to move, it was as he teleported in front of the force-field. The Pikku then slammed his fist into the shield… There was a moments silence, a moment of peace… but it was broken by one, single word.


A blinding, colorless light echoed from Arren's hand as the force-field shattered. However, this did not shatter in all directions. All of the small, magical shards tore right through the vulnerable Senshi, decimating him.

Naruto quickly summoned up a shield of earth – a jutsu taught to him by Arren – protecting himself from the shards. Patiently, Naruto waited. Strange as it was, The Pikku – who is even more impatient himself – taught the Namikaze how to be patient. once a few minutes of silence had passed, the black-clad Shinobi lowered the rock wall.

Ganondorf was slumped against the rear wall, blown back by the Jutsu. But Naruto spared him just one glance, before his gaze locked onto the Senshi. The Pikku was laying in the smack bang middle of the hall, and thus it didn't take to long for the Namikaze to reach his cousin. But he stopped short, frozen in horror by the sight of Arren's wounds.

The Senshi's skin was covered in lacerations, some of which showed bone peeking through. What skin that still remained was soaked in blood seeping out of the many open blood vessels. However, the body was nothing compared to the head, for the upper part of the Pikku's face was covered in disfiguring slashes, and blood. Strangely through, Arren's mouth had not been affected at all.

Naruto was shaken from his shock when he saw Hinata drop down beside the Senshi her hands covered in green healing chakra, the black-clad shinobi sighed in relief that his cousin was getting treated so soon. Relief that was crushed when his girlfriend let out a chocked cry.

"A-Arren's being ripped to shreds! Blood vessels, muscles, nervous system. Even his chakra system are deteriorating! Something's repairing the damage, but as soon as anything's been put back together, it's just been shredded again! At this rate he won't survive!" Cursing, Naruto asked.

"Is there anything you can do?"

"I-I don't know. I think I might be able to slow down this ripping. But that's it. I don't know what's going on. Something has locked away Haiya's chakra, stopping him from helping Arren get through this!" Swiftly, the two where joined by Eflower and Link. Upon seeing the injuries, the green-clad hero stopped cold.

"Man, I've seen a lot of serious injuries. But this… it's a miracle he's still alive!" The Hyrulain exclaimed, his eyes so wide it looked as if they where going to pop out of their sockets. The angel said nothing, as she just dropped next to the Senshi and started to get to work. Only for her eyes to go wide.

"Something's wrong, really wrong." Eflower said, visibly hesitating as she worked.

"What it is?" Naruto asked concerned, noticing the hesitation.

"He… He isn't human anymore. Arren's DNA is practically gone, all that remains is his six-wing angel DNA… Something's replacing his human DNA. I can tell what bits and pieces are. There is demonic DNA being added to Arren, some of which is identical to Haiya's. The rest of it is nothing like I've ever seen… I don't think this has been caused by those shards."

"You think Ganondorf is trying to reconstruct Arren?"

"No…. It's not him who's doing it… I can't tell who it is."

The Namikaze cursed again. "Why do things like this always have to happen?" He growled, finally wrenching his gaze away from the stricken Pikku. The black-clad Shinobi watched as the wizard slowly climbed to his feet.

"Damn it, what the hell does it take to bring that guy down?" Naruto asked as he summoned Fuzen Ate, drawing Uzu Izou after he did so. Chuckling once more, Ganondorf spoke.

"Well, well. That was quite impressive." The wizard paused as he wiped blood off his mouth. "If it wasn't for my shield, I would actually be dead. But now… there is no one that challenge me!" With as small flick of his hand, Ganondorf summoned the blade he was fighting with to his hand. A sword that the Six Sages used in an attempted to execute him. But the wizard had taken the weapon, killing one of the Sages in the processes. Now the blade was corrupted, bent to the will of its master. Ganondorf.

(B/N The Six Sages… The Sage of the Six paths… Coincidence?)

The two remaining fighter's looked at each other, no works or action where needed to see the message in the others eyes. 'It's up to us to take him down' Naruto stepped forwards, moving round Arren, only to be stopped when the Senshi spoke.

"Naruto." Through he was bordering on death, The Pikku's voice was as strong as it was while in prime condition. Swiftly the black-clad Shinobi knelt down next to him.

"Conserve your strength, you need it." The Namikaze told his cousin, his voice full of concern and worry.

"No I don't. You however, you need all the help you can get." Like lightning, Arren grabbed Naruto's arm. The black-clad Shinobi watched as forest green chakra left the Senshi and started up the arm towards him. The Namikaze tried to yank his arm out of the Pikku's grip. But nothing could break it now.

"Take my armor, I won't be needing it where I'm going."

"Your not going to die!" Naruto said sharply, knowing what Arren meant in an instant.

"We shall see, we shall see." Slowly the Senshi let is grip slacken. And soon enough, The Pikku's dark blue eyes closed, slipping into the black void. Standing up, the Black-clad Shinobi inspect there amour he know wore.

Like Arren's, the armor was plate armor, with chain covering the limbs. However it was different in color. Instead of being yellow plate with navy blue chain, it was sky blue plate with flame orange chain. The Namikaze could see fangs coming down from the top of his long helmet, figuring that it was shaped like a fox's head. Glancing over his shoulder, Naruto spied an orange cape flowing behind him. The pattern was strange, with the end of the cape being white… it looked a lot like nine tails. Once he had finished, the newly armored Shinobi turned to glare at Ganondorf, his eyes blazing red once more for a split second.

"Hinata-chan, Eflower, stay back and try to keep Arren alive. Link, your with me. It's time to show this guy why he doesn't mess with us."

The Namikaze didn't wait for a response, instead he charged forwards at full speed. Link followed swiftly, but the Hyrulain's speed was nothing compared to the Shinobi's. Without thinking, Naruto formed his favorite seal, still holding the swords.

Somehow the armored fighter didn't harm himself, letting him perform his favorite jutsu. "Tajūu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Almost immediately, two thousands clones appeared near the Namikaze, each of them holding two swords.

The wizard didn't even flinch as so many copies where thrust into existence at once. 'Wait for it' Ganondorf told himself as the army charged at him. 'I have to wait until there are both within the area of my trap.' And so, the wizard waited. The Naruto's were upon him just as Link entered the border of his trap. 'Now!'

At his commanded, a huge purple seal suddenly flooded half of the hall, forming a huge arena for all of them to fight in. As the trap was deployed, the real Naruto lunged forwards into a double thrust, a raw yell tearing out of his throat as he attacked. He didn't notice the huge 'poof' as all of his clones where dispersed at once.

With an arrogant smirk, the wizard side stepped, swinging his corrupted blade towards the Namikaze's head. There was a loud clang as the sword smashed into Naruto's helmet, its magical aura leaving a large gash in the armor, and slamming the Shinobi into the wall.

Ganondorf was not expecting the armor to still be there, and thus his grip was light. The blade flew out of his hand, and with a curse, the wizard summoned it back. But that small delay allowed the Namikaze to recover. Swiftly Ganondorf stepped away.

"That armor should be gone, no energy is allowed to be molded in this arena without my say so. And it prevents you from escaping from me."

"Even you can't control Nature, and that is what this armor draws upon." The wizard grimaced, before smirking once more.

"That only creates a minor set back. All you have to save yourself are those long tooth picks that you laughingly call swords. Now, I do belief it is time for you to die." Ganondorf surged forwards, holding his weapon high to deliver a devastating overhead attack.

Naruto stepped forwards, meeting the wizard head on, brining his own two blades up in an X position, with the Uzu Izou behind the Fuzen Ate, giving it extra support, as the corrupted blade smashed into it. Swiftly the armored Shinobi kicked Ganondorf's stomach, knocking him onto the floor. The Namikaze tried to stab his floored opponent, but the wizard rolled out of the way. Rapidly the villain climbed to his feet, but was forced to jump back as Link swung the Master sword, tying to slice through his arm.

The two hero's wove a web of steel around Ganondorf, but each attack was countered by the wizard. For a full five minutes the three fought this way. Naruto and Link attacking, but Ganondorf stopped every slash and thrust. Dodging. Parrying. Blocking. However, this pattern could not last for every. One of the combatants where destined to make a mistake.

And it was the green-clad hero that did it. The Hyrulain mis-stepped while going in for another attack, going of balance. The wizard saw this, and slammed the back of his fist into Link's head. Sending him crashing to the ground, at the same time. Ganondorf unleashed a burst of magic from his blade, knocking Naruto of balance. However, the villain didn't press the advantage, but instead tried to impale the green-clad hero with his blade.

But Link rolled away, as the sword stabbed down where he was on the ground. He kicked at Ganondorf, while Naruto kicked him the back. Ganondorf fell forwards, but went into a handstand, with Naruto coming behind him. Ganondorf suddenly channeled magic into the sword, and a blast of energy leapt at Naruto, who got hit full on. He flew back, and crashed into the ground. Ganondorf did the same to Link, who barely blocked it with the Hylian shield. He launched another, but this time, Link swung his sword, and sent the magic blast back. Ganondorf struck it back, and Link dodged to one side. Naruto leapt forward, slashing downwards. Ganondorf barely got out of the way, but there was a slash down the front of the hardened leather tunic he wore. He growled, as Naruto leapt back.

"I'm not through yet!" He raised his sword up, and suddenly, several ghostly riders appeared, rushing at Naruto and Link. Naruto leapt up over them, while Link managed to dodge in between them. The riders hit the barrier, and vanished. Naruto landed, and rushed forward, faking a slash, and going into a thrust. Ganondorf parried the blade to one side, and punched Naruto, sending him flying. Naruto landed, and spat blood from his mouth.

"We're in trouble." He said softly, and Link nodded. Ganondorf smirked.

"I think it's time to show you exactly who you are messing with!" Suddenly, Ganondorf began to grow, and bulge, as he fell to his feet. He transformed into a giant, pig like creature, with a red, orange mane. He roared at them, glaring with yellow eyes. Naruto and Link stepped back.

"Okay... how do we beat that?" Naruto asked softly. Link shook his head.

"We need help. Unfortunately... the only person who can isn't here." Link said. He moved away, as the pig creature prepared to run them over. Suddenly, a huge yellow and black hand grabbed the creature and threw it into a wall. Link and Naruto looked up, as a giant figure made of black and yellow energy stood above them. The figure had seven or eight limbs, ending in hands. It's head was a cylinder, with a strange crown made of four rising prongs. Suddenly, the figure became smaller, and turned black, and white. Long orange hair flowed over a robe made of black and blue-green. Two slender arms reached up, and removed the strange armor, revealing a beautiful woman, with red/black pupils, and yellow eyes. She smiled at Link, as she spoke in a strange language, that somehow, they still understood.

"Long time no see, huh Link?" The woman said with a smile. Link just looked at her in amazement.

"Midna? What are you doing here?"

"You can thank the three goddesses. They thought you might need some help." She said, as she dispelled the barrier. She bowed at Naruto. "I'm Midna, Queen of the Twili."

Naruto nodded, only to be interrupted as Beast Ganon roared, as he got to his feet. Midna turned, her orange hair beginning to flare around her. "I thought we put him down all ready."

"We did. This is him, before he took over Zant." Link said. Midna looked at him, and Link shrugged. "It's a long story."

"Well, I'll hear it later. For now, let's bring home some bacon." She said with a smirk, as Ganondorf charged. Her hair flared around her, and turned into a hand, which grabbed the pig at his forehead. The pig was stopped, as it strained against Midna's hair/hand thing. Midna struggled for a moment, before throwing Beast Ganon to the side. Naruto jumped away from the chakra seal, and ran through some hand signs.

"Fire Style, Dragon Inferno Jutsu!" He unleashed a huge wave of fire at Ganon, who was lying on his side. There was a roar of pain, as the pig was engulfed in flames.

Naruto stopped, and the flames slowly died down. There wasn't anything there. The three of them looked around, until Naruto noticed a blank energy drifting towards Eflower and Hinata, who were busy helping Arren still. Naruto yelled out, as the energy solidified into Ganondorf, who grabbed Hinata, and held his sword to her throat.

"I don't know how you got here, she-witch. But if the three of you don't surrender, I'll cut her throat." Hinata just growled in annoyance, while Naruto just stood there. He slowly was lowering his sword, when Hinata did the unthinkable. She kicked Ganondorf in a sensitive are for men.

Ganondorf screamed in pain, before back handing Hinata. She fell to the ground, as Ganondorf raised his sword. Suddenly, Naruto was there, his blade blocking Ganondorf's. Ganondorf grunted, as he felt something different about the boy. Slowly, Naruto looked up, his eyes flashing red.

"Big...MISTAKE!" He yelled, as Daini's chakra flared, throwing Ganondorf back. The chakra continued to flare violently around him. It began to mutate the armor he was wearing, changing the blue armor pieces to blood red, and the orange chainmail into black. The eyes of the helmet glowed red, as a lower part formed over Naruto's lower face, creating a 'lower jaw' to the helmet.

Naruto crouched, before disappeared, and hitting Ganondorf with a punch at high speed. He kept up the barrage, sending Ganondorf flying. Into a wall, before continually striking him. Suddenly, Ganondorf's fist hit his face, sending him flying. Ganondorf came out, his dark aura flaring.

"That's it... FEED ME! Feed me your rage, and anger!" Ganondorf yelled, following after Naruto. Midna and Link kept back, as neither could keep up with the speed they were at. Naruto growled, as he went after Ganondorf. The two engaged in an all out sword brawl, with fists, feet, elbows, and knees flying, while they tried to kill the other with their swords. Ganondorf yelled, as his corrupted sword flared with dark magic, and he slashed at Naruto, slashing open his breastplate, and chest. Naruto fell back, and hit the floor, as blood leaked out. Ganondorf smirked, as he readied his sword for the final blow.

"It was futile to begin. I am stronger than anything your world has ever seen." Suddenly, the Master Sword erupted through Ganondorf's chest. He coughed up blood, as he lowered his sword. Link stepped back, as Naruto slowly got to his feet.

"You're also... the most arrogant." Naruto gasped out. With that, he swung Fuzen Ate, taking Ganondorf's head off. The body instantly disintegrated, and vanished into the winds. Naruto panted, as he dropped to the ground, slipping out of consciousness.

Two weeks later

Naruto sat in the hospital room of his cousin, Uzumaki Pikku Arren. For five days Konoha and their allies struggled to keep him alive, and at one point, it seemed that the Pikku did die. But now the Senshi was covered in bandages, and hooked up to some life support systems, feeding him, and keeping his hydrated. He sighed, as he lowered his head. So far, Arren was still unconscious, in a coma. Naruto and Eflower had barely left his side, leaving only long enough to get something to eat, or go to the bathroom.

Hinata came in, and gently placed a hand on his shoulder. "Link and Midna are ready to go." She said softly. Naruto nodded, and gently placed his hand on hers. She smiled, and kissed his cheek. "I'll keep an eye on him for you."

Naruto squeezed her hand, before getting up, and kissing her. He turned and left, heading for the gate. There, Link, Midna, and four ANBU stood waiting. Naruto nodded, and the group left, heading back to Wave.

Two days later, Naruto, Link, and Midna stood in front of the Nexus, which pulsed gently. Naruto sighed, as he hugged Link. "I'm going to miss you." He said. Link just smiled.

"I'll miss you too." He said. Naruto pulled away, and bowed to Midna.

"I was honored to meet you."

"And I you, Naruto. And your girlfriend was quite friendly. Say bye to her for me." Midna said, in her strange language. Naruto just nodded. With that, Link and Midna stepped into the portal, and vanished. Naruto sighed, as Daini appeared next to him.

"They were good friends. If it wasn't for Link, me and you wouldn't be where we are now." Naruto nodded.

"Let's get this done." With that, he and Daini drew a seal on the ground, around the Nexus portal. Daini began chanting in an ancient language, and slowly, the portal diminished, before disappearing completely. Naruto closed his eyes, before turning away.

"Let's go home."

Two Months Later

Once more, Eflower and Naruto sat by Arren's bed. Waiting for the Senshi to awaken. This day, they had already spent four hours next to the Pikku. With a sigh, Naruto stood up.

"I suppose we better get going." One month ago, Tsunade threatened to ban them from seeing Arren. Naruto pointed out that he was the most powerful Shinobi of the village, but the Godaime Hokage countered this by telling them that if she moved Arren out of the hospital,and didn't tell them where she had moved him, they won't be able to find them, as there are some places which Naruto didn't know about. However, she did let them spend four hours a day by his side.

With a reluctant nod, Eflower stood up and followed Naruto out of the door. But before she left the room, she took one more glance at her love. As she gasped.

The Seal on Arren's stomach was glowing, and Haiya's chakra was leaking out of it. As she watched, the chakra slowly began to take shape, until eventually, a familiar, tall, leather-clad figure was standing in the room.

"Haiya? What's going on?" Naruto asked, having stopped and looked in to the room when the angel gasped.

"Hell if I know." The demon replied glancing at the still unconscious Senshi. "Something is really wrong with the kid."

"What do you mean?" Eflower asked softly, her voice full of concern. The Hybrid sighed before answering.

"The Kid's mind scape, its changed. It's... I couldn't get in there anymore. And then... I got booted out here."

Naruto checked over the seal over. His eyes widened as he found out what was happening. "The seal is failing. You two are separating."

Haiaya's eyes widened, and then suddenly he screamed in pain, as chakra flowed from Arren, and into him. He dropped to his knees, panting, before transforming into his demon form, then turning back again. Slowly, he got back up, and shook his head.

Naruto and Eflower looked Arren over. Eflower finally sighed, as she sat back. "Well... he's not worse then he was, but's he not better either."

Naruto gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "He'll be fine. Don't worry." Eflower nodded, as they got ready to leave. She turned back to look at Arren.

Please, get well soon.

Twenty Years Later

Naruto sighed, as he finished another piece of paperwork. He sat back, enjoying a break in his duties. He knew being Hokage meant dealing mostly with paperwork. But still, some of this was ridiculous. Still, it was worth it, if it meant he could protect those who he cared about.

There was a knock on the door, and he turned to the door. "Come in."

A woman about 36 years of age entered. Her long red hair matched her mischievous eyes. As she smiled at him. "You called for me, Hokage-sama?"

Naruto smirked. "Nee-chan, how many times have I told you not to call me that?" The Kyuubi, now named Daini, just smiled, as she sat down. About five years after Haiya and Arren separated, Naruto and the hybrid demon had made a break through on the seals used on Naruto, Gaara, and Eflower. They had been able to modify them, so that the demons were able to live almost completely separately of their hosts. Also, the seals would release the demons on the death of their hosts.

Naruto reached under his desk, and pulled out Fuzen Ate. "This is why I called you here. Uzu Izou, being an Uzumaki heirloom, will be remaining in my clan. But this sword... I have no claim to it. No one in this village does. And... when I die, I'm afraid that it will fall into the wrong hands. Which is why...when I die, I'm placing this sword in your hands."

Daini looked at him in amazement. "N-naruto, I can't take this."

"Daini, there is no one else I trust to watch this sword. This sword... you're a part of it. I feel you are the one to watch over it, until someone else needs it's power. Please." The Kyuubi demoness slowly nodded, and Naruto smiled. "Don't worry. I don't plan on dying anytime soon. Now, isn't there a certain sand demon coming today?"

Daini blushed, before sobering. "How's Arren?"

Naruto closed his eyes. "No change, other than his age. He's still comatose. I... I don't know what to do."

Daini just hugged him. "Have faith, otouto. He'll be fine." Naruto just nodded, before checking the time.

"Thanks. But if you'll excuse me... there's someone who I need to go see.

Near the Academy

Aikou Namikaze hummed happily as she left the Academy. The little seven year old had blue hair, just like her mom, Hinata Namikaze. She also had the same eyes, but she had gotten three whisker marks on each cheek, like her father. She also had his energy and happy go lucky attitude. Unlike her older brother, Jurei. Her sixteen year old brother had spiky blue hair, and vivid blue eyes. He was all ready a chuunin, while she was barely starting the Academy.

She looked up, and saw her father approaching. She smiled, and ran towards him. He saw her smile, then that smile disappeared. Next thing she knew, she had been grabbed by someone.

Naruto yelled, as two men grabbed his daughter, and bolted at speed that only a ninja could achieve. He created a shadow clone, as he raced after them. "Get Hinata, Eflower, and every damn ANBU you can find!"

The two men carrying Aikou headed towards the Forest of Death. They were both Iwa ANBU, sent on a 'hands' mission to assassinate the youngest child of the son of Iwa's most hated enemy, Minato Namikaze. They knew it was a suicide mission, that their village wouldn't even recognize their sacrifice. But ti didn't matter to them. One of the ANBU turned, and launched several kunai at Naruto, who blocked them.

In the hospital room, in a room in the long term care section, green chakra began to seep around a prone figure.

Naruto shot a fireball at the Iwa ANBU who was stalling him, when the other disappeared into the trees. The second ANBU disappeared into the trees, only to trip. Naruto was on him, and slashed through him like he was butter. Leaving the corpse behind, he chased after the other ANBU. Suddenly, he found him in a clearing, holding his daughter with a kunai at her throat.

"Back off, or else I'll kill her!" Naruto stopped, and slowly sheathed his sword.

"What do you want?" He asked softly, his hands going up in a peaceful gesture. The ANBU smirked, holding the girl tighter.

"Simple. Just don't move." Suddenly, a fist smashed into Naruto's face. A clone of the man started beating up Naruto, while the real ANBU turned the girl around. "While your bastard of a father is getting what he deserves, I think I'll finish my mission."

In the hospital, there was suddenly a huge explosion of green chakra. Doctors and nurses rushed through the hospital, until a nurse ran into Arren's room. The equipment he had been hook up to was blown to the walls of the room, and he... was simply gone.

In the forest, Aikou screamed, as the kunai flashed down at her. She closed her eyes, awaiting death. Only to hear a clang of metal on metal. She opened her eyes, and they widened even more.

Arren Pikku Uzumaki stood over her, his right arm held up. He was covered in the yellow and blue armor her father had told her about. His right arm vambrace had a blade extending from it, which blocked the kunai.

The ANBU stared in horror, at the man in front of him. His face was covered in a mask, which covered the upper section of his face. The only thing visible was a pair of glowing green eyes, and a mouth, set in a grin. The smile increased, as he shoved the ANBU back. "You have no idea, how good it feels to move again."

Naruto slammed a fist through the chest of the clone, and it turned into Mud. He shook his arm, and grabbed up Aikou, his eyes wide as he looked at Arren. The ANBU growled, before charging at Arren. The Uzumaki just smirked, as he ducked, and rammed a fist into the man's gut. A small blast of chakra knocked the man back several feet. He doubled over, holding his gut, only for Arren to smack his gut again with an uppercut, sending the man flying. Arren followed, hitting him with four more uppercuts, each accompanied by a blast of chakra, and the man flying. Then Arren spun, delivering a strong kick to his chin. The man went flying, and Arren appeared behind him. He struck at the Iwa ANBU's right side with his foot. The ANBu managed to block, only for Arren to attack the other side, and his head. A kick nailed him in there, followed by a fist. Arren rotated around, and prepared to finish the barrage. His fist glowed, as he shouted "Arashi no Shimetsu!"

The fist smashed into the ANBU's chest, and he crashed into the ground, creating a crater. Arren landed nearby, and dusted his hands. "Not a bad warm up." He turned around, his armor dispelling, but his mask still in place. Naruto just stared at him, while Aikou clug to him. Arren smiled as he opened his arms.

"What? No thank you for your cousin saving your butt, again?" Naruto just slowly stood up.

"Arren? That's really you, isn't it?" Arren nodded, and suddenly, the two were hugging, and laughing. Naruto punched him in the arm. "What the hell man?! You spend twenty years in a coma, and then come out like nothing happened."

At that moment, twenty ANBU, Hinata, Jurei, and Eflower landed near them. The ANBU quickly grabbed up the Iwa ANBU, while HInata hugged Aikou, kissing her and crying. Eflower just slowly approached Arren, who moved closer to her. "A-arren?"

"E." He said happily. Eflower stopped right in front of him, just looking at him. She slowly reached up, and touched his face. When she did realize he was real, she grabbed him in a hug. The two of them stayed like that for several minutes, Arren whispering softly to Eflower. Naruto and his family watched them, until they finally separated. But Eflower didn't let go of Arren, as he smiled at Naruto.

"So, got busy on a family while I was gone. That's good news. I would be out of a job , otherwise." When Naruto looked at him in confusion, Arren sighed.

"That last attack. I told you I wouldn't survive. And in a way, I was right. Arren Pikku Uzumaki... died after that attack. I'm not human anymore. I'm... I'm pure Pikku now. And... Daishizen has called to me. The reason I was unconscious for twenty years was she was training me to be her avatar. Her champion. She wants me... to be your 'guardian angel'."

Naruto smiled. "Well that's good news. But why the long face?" Arren sighed, as he lowered his head.

"Because I have to leave. Daishizen needs me to join her, so I can be on call, should she need me." Naruto lowered his head, while Hinata's eyes began to water a little. She slowly came over, and hugged Arren. Naruto came over to, and just looked at Arren.

"I guess that's the way things work, huh? You wake up from twenty year coma, and have to leave right afterwards."

Arren nodded, before hugging Naruto. "I'm going miss you." Naruto nodded.

"Hey, you'll be watching over us though, right? That makes me feel a whole lot better." He pulled away, before looking at Eflower. "You're going with him, aren't you?"

Eflower nodded, and then suddenly, she gasped, as she felt the seal holding Onbin burn. Onbin appeared, as the seal on Eflower faded. The eagle demoness looked at Eflower, before hugging her. "I guess this is goodby, huh?"

Eflower nodded, before pulling away. Arren and Eflower stood next to each other, as they began to fade. With a final wave, they both disappeared. Aikou looked up at her father. "Otou? Are you crying?"

Naruto just nodded, as he hugged Aikou to him. "Don't worry, honey. I'm fine. I'm just going to miss him." He looked up at the sky, before leading his family away.


Naruto Namikaze lived many years. During his time as Rokudaime Hokage, he brought Konoha an era of peace and prosperity unlike any before him.He went by many titles in his life. Rokudaime Hokage, Black Fox, Number One Unpredictable ninja. Faithful Husband, Loving Father.

Thus ends, the Legend, of Naruto.

But the Legend of the Outcast, has just begun…


Senshi: Warrior.

Fūuton: Rasenshuriken: Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken

Seishitsu no Fungeki: Nature Fury.

Akuma Seishitsu no Fungeki: Demon Nature Fury.

Fūuton: Akuma Rasenshuriken: Wind Release: Demon Spiraling Shuriken

.Shugo Ryuu: Rasenshuriken Fungeki: Guardian Style: Spiraling Shuriken Fury. (Note that Ryuu also means dragon)

Gekido no Arashi Yousoken: Fury of the Tempest.

Shimetsu: Extinction (Note that it also means Annihilation)

Nani: What

AP is having bloody stumps where his hands where healed by Eflower. Arren was standing near him, while everybody else was goggling at the story.

AP: Aw man, why did I have to type so much? And I still got 2 years of school left!

LR: What? How old are you?

AP: 14.

LR: … Oh. *Leaf Ranger faints*

AP: … What just happened?

RS: Leafie's 21.

AP, Arren and Eflower: NANI?!

I want to say thanks to Allan Pike, for everything he did for this story. He was a great help in Beating this story, and lending me his OC's. Thank you, Allan Pike.

My first crossover is completed, and I hope you all like this. This is actually the longest chapter I have done, at 14 pages, and I don't know how many words. But... it's done. Till later.

P.S. The Legend of the Outcast is Allan's idea. I have no idea what it is, other than it's a trilogy, using Legend of Naruto as the first. We'll just have to see how it plays out.