Ranma helped Ukyo unpack his camera and equipment from his motorcycle and prepared to take the photos for a martial arts magazine that Ukyo ran featuring his dojo. Ukyo instructed a few of Ranma's students who volunteered to be in the issue where to stand. She held a large reflector and told the students to hold their poses as Ranma took some test shots. Ranma was about to take the first shot, when a beautiful brown haired girl ran into his field of vision. On instinct Ranma clicked the shutter and took the young lady's picture. The young lady quickly stopped and noticed that she was in such a hurry that she didn't notice that she blocked someone taking pictures in front of her. Ranma quickly looked at the photo on the small LCD screen of the camera. He was awestruck by the beauty that by chance he captured. He was knocked out of his dreamlike state when he heard Ukyo shout.

"Hey! What the heck are you doing? You're blocking our shot." Ukyo shouted.

The brown haired girl bowed and apologized to Ukyo and turned to do the same to the cameraman whose face was no longer hidden by the camera. A pair of deep blue eyes surprised her. He wore a boyish smile on his face that made her blush as she smiled back at him. Ranma waves at her and recognized the uniform she wore. The brown haired girl looked at her watch and gasped. She then bowed to the blue eyes young man and dashed off. Ranma was disappointed that she didn't stay made sure to save the picture he took of her. Ranma had a goofy grin on his face as he stared at her picture.

"Yo! Ran-chan… Earth to Ran-chan." Ukyo called out to him.

No response. Ukyo stomped over to him and took out her battle spatula.

"Wake up jackass!" she yelled as she whacked him on the head.



Ranma flailed his arms as he almost dropped the expensive looking camera. Annoyed the Ranma glared at his companion.

"What the hell was that for U-chan?" he yelled.