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"I quit!"

'kring-kring-kring' the sound of the alarm clock made the young teen fall out of the bed.

"Did I make the right decision?" Kagome asked to herself half asleep. "Of course I did! That Ms. Mishi-I mean Queen Nasty will regret that she ever wants me to quit!"

Hi there! The name is Kagome Higurashi. Listen here, I am really a very short-tempered girl so I suggest that you'd better not made me mad or you will live your life in hell! Actually the reason why I am this mad is because that I am an athlete (I mean just a beginner kind of level) and my sport is skating.

So the main problem is that I quit my life in being an athlete! Just because of that old hag Mishiro! What I don't understand is that the first time she saw me skate; she told me that my reflexes are good and I have a lot of good points when it comes to jumps! So she just applied me into the Skating Association and gave me my own coach. Coach Takishima is my very caring coach. I mean he's the only person who has enough common sense to have trust in me.

Geez, what's with the old hags these days?

Well, it's not only coach who cares for me but my whole family does…..except my father, I really don't know him. Alright, let's stop the drama and go on with my short biography.

So I was saying my whole family cares about me and also my best friend in the whole world. Her name is Sango Taijiya. She is the best friend that I ever had. She helps me in all my problems. Especially when that situation happened. I also have other friends. Yuka, Eri, Kagura and Ayumi are part of the school's newspaper. Ayame and Rin are next to Sango.

I have a younger brother named Souta. You can say he's grandpa's boy. I have my grandpa, and my mother Aida, she is the best mom ever! We live in a shrine. The Higurashi Shrine. We also live in a seemingly large house which my father owned. Seemingly? Hmm... That's a very wrong term to use...

Though, we only stay there for holidays or during vacation times, you can say it's really a palace. More of like a Kingdom. It's the only Kingdom that holds Japan together. It's kind of a big part of the government. Let's say three-fourths of the government but only traditional. The people aren't allowed to know the members of the White Kingdom. They're not even allowed to know some of the court members.

Even if some of the people know, they keep it as a secret. The same with Sango, Ayame and Rin. The only difference is they're my guardians. More of like my bodyguards if I must say. They're called the White Guardians. They protect me with their magical powers. I've been with them since I was kid. But Sango is the first in my life.

The White Prince also has his own guardians. Oh well, I don't know him so why bother? Anyway, my friends from the scchool newspaper thingies don't know... yet. About me being the you-know-who.

It's called the White Kingdom and let's just say that I am part of the White Royal Family. I'm the heir to be exact. Though I have to marry this White Prince so that I can obtain my position as White Queen or whatever. I really don't know him. Mom says, he will just come out of the blue just like that.

Pfft... As if I would ever believe that.

Yes, we do live a normal life but I want to experience something more normal. Like going to a magic school and learning on my own. Yes, it's normal to have magic powers here. You can do it with spells or even with your actions. I'm home-schooled ever since I was child. Tutors began quitting on me since there was nothing to teach me because I already know all the things they teach me.


Hell yeah.

And I'm so not proud of it.

I had this Magic teacher, Ms. Midoriko. She is very kind and she's the only tutor that I have left. Considering that I need to learn more about magic than anything else in the world. I'm supposed to be the White Princess who will save everyone from the evil clutches of the Black. (AN: Let's talk more about that on the next chapters)

That is, when I decided to beg the White Queen or my 'mom' to get out of that hell hole. Hell hole because I'm really not used to formalities even I am one of those people you can call formal. In such important occasions I mean. I also hate the people pampering me.

I remember when I was a little kid, I accidentally snapped at a maid who keeps on following me around the corridors and transformed into a White Princess. I really hate it when I transform. I am becoming a different person. Like the sadistic and looking-for-bloodshed type.

That's what Mom said.

Ooh scary.

Well, I kinda got what I want to get out of the castle and you can say that I'm contented with my life now. I'll definitely miss Ms. Midoriko. It has been what? Five years?

Yeah, pretty much.

So now you know my story, I bet you would like to know that I study in the most famous magic school of all, The Shikon. Don't worry, you'll know more of the magic and life of Princess Kagome Higurashi once you get to read more of the chapters of my story. Well, in this school, I pretty much stand out. Oh you know, about certain issues...

There are also elite students here. Mostly from the rich family. Including me of course! But they really shouldn't know that I'm the White Princess. Since it's really not allowed and such...

Anyway, this is the start of the school year...

Sophomore year to be exact...


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