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Bonds of Time

Chapter 1: Prelude to a Vendetta

"A hard beginning maketh a good ending" -John Heywood (1546)

Ancient legends speak of the Seiji Clan, and proud but terrible group of people responsible for shedding the unnecessary blood of hundreds to achieve their goal. The Seiji Clan was led by a man of great power and intelligence, named Seiji Osamu. He was a military advisor as well as an elder of his village, The Village Hidden in the Fields. Seiji Osamu was a power-hungry, ruthless man. He was tall with short silver hair and piercing black eyes. He conspired to be the head of his village, in hopes of leading them to war and claiming many villages as theirs.

He was refused the seat of power he so desperately wished for, which drove him even further down the path of destruction and insanity that would alter his life for all of eternity. He decided that no one, save for his clan who supported his attempt at inauguration, had neither the intelligence nor the right to continue living in the village that should have been his. He met with the other heads and advisors of his clan and, clever as he was, spun a web of lies, convincing his clansmen that destroying the condemned village along with the corrupt villagers along with it. With visions of grandeur, they agreed to assist in his mutinous plot.

They spent months on the horrid plot, keeping healthy appearances throughout the villages festivals and meetings, even volunteering to clean up the village every once in a while. Over time, even the skeptical ones of the clan began to come to Osamu's side, agreeing with his logic that the village and the villagers were all trash that needed to be disposed of. The night of the mutiny went off without a hitch. Osamu and his fellow clansmen assaulted the village, catching them in a sense of ignorance to the nefarious plot. They began by assassinating the heads of the village in a sneak attack by running rough daggers through their hearts, Osamu assassinating the head who had taken his place as head of the village. He stabbed him in the forehead while he slept, then proceeding to slit his wife's throat before smiting his 3 young children by lighting their house on fire and sealing it with a jutsu.

The Seiji clan used their special kekkei genkai to suppress and smite the villagers that responded in time to fight. Their kekkei genkai allowed them to temporarily manipulate time within a certain area to a certain degree. After every man, woman, and child had been eradicated from the village and only the Seiji remained, Osamu seized power unopposed. His fellow clansmen, consisting of at least 150 people, accepted him without question as their supreme ruler. He renamed the village The Seiji Village began his reign over his newly acquired village. His reign, however, lasted but a year.

Their reign of terror was defeated, according to legend, by a single man named Uzumaki Satoshi. His brother was a former resident of the village, and he had a vast family. He, at the time before the attack, was even on good terms with a few Seiji family members. News of his brother and his family being massacred by the Seiji clan sent tremors of rage down his spine. Satoshi had long blonde hair that reached down to his shoulders, with piercing, calm blue eyes and stood over six feet tall. He was well stocked and had been trained to be a prominent young ninja since he was five years of age. He was cunning and swift, and with his gifted mind, he devised a plan and a technique that would help him overthrow the dictator and restore peace to the region.

Satoshi was the strongest and most intellectual member of the prominent and, at that time, vast Uzumaki clan. If he were alive today, he would probably have been Hokage in place of Tsunade. It is unknown what technique he used or how he went about unleashing it, for there are no records to date which know of the battles. The only historic document to date states that he invaded the village single handedly was somehow unaffected by the strange time-shifting jutsu, and, without killing a single person, defeated them all. When he faced off against the Seiji Warlord, he proved to be the stronger of the two. After defeating Osamu, and hearing his pathetic pleas to spare his life, Satoshi did something unexpected. He performed unknown, ancient hand seals and opened up a tear through time.

Satoshi lifted Osamu by the scruff of his neck and peered into his eyes, leering death to whipped victim. "Why should I show you mercy when you slaughtered my brother and his friends and family without remorse or concern? I shall spare your life, but only because killing you all would belittle me, and stooping to the level of the insane is not something I practice in."

Placing a struggling hand on Satoshi's arm, Osamu said, "Y-you do not understand, nor would you ever come to understand the reason for our mutiny. We-"

Satoshi tightened his grip. "I did not say you could speak. You're right; I don't care for your story, but will have plenty of time to practice it. I will not send you to hell, but to a different dimension." Osamu's eyes widened further. "I shall trap you within the dimensions of time and space, lost in time itself. Since you murdered and desecrated this village so much, you can take it with you."

"I…Impossible!"Osamu stuttered. Such a feat could not be possible!

Satoshi chuckled. "You underestimate your opponents, believing them to be without family or friends who would willingly sacrifice their lives to avenge or saved the ones they care about. You wanted to rule your village, and eventually the country, but you were no match for even one man; One man whom had a brother in the village that you desecrated and made into a hell on earth. You, your clansmen, and your village will be lost throughout history, and eventually become a myth and a legend. You shall be forever known as 'The Village Lost Through Time."

After that, it is not known or how, be Satoshi managed to transport the village into a timeless void, or time itself as some have speculated. Separated from the natural timeline and thrust into a timeless void, where age does not exist and time neither ceases nor commences. As he and his village were sucked into the void, Osamu exclaimed "Curse you Satoshi! I damn you and your family into a never ending spiral of misfortune! Condemning me to this timeless void is the greatest mistake of your life. It is only a matter of time before my clansmen and I discover the secret for escaping this accursed prison, and once we do we shall have our revenge upon you. If not you, then your descendants! I swear it!" before being enveloped by the void, surrounded by nothingness for all eternity. And so, 200 years passed, without even a hint of escaping from the void known as time.

Uzumaki Naruto stifled a yawn as he sat at his desk in the Hokage Tower. He leaned back in his chair and folded his arms around his head, turning towards the window. The 23 year old had become Hokage around 4 years ago, and had a love-hate relationship with the position ever since. Not only was he the youngest Hokage ever, which he loved every minute of, but he was also the first Hokage to ever have followed in their parent's footsteps to succeed them as Hokage, inadvertently dashing two of Konohamaru's dreams. Naruto was beyond shocked when he had discovered that his father was Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage. He had always secretly hoped that his father and mother were still alive, on a mission that had forced them to part ways with their only son, vowing to someday return and claim him as their own, but he had learned long ago that it was never going to happen. It couldn't hurt to dream, though.

After glancing at his village, Naruto turned back towards his desk and sighed. This was the part he loathed more than anything. The paperwork was incredibly tedious. It was as if it came from nowhere. No matter how much Naruto signed away, stacks of paper would seem to appear out of nowhere and Uchiha Sakura, his assistant, would just smile and tell him that it came with the job. It got to the point where Naruto panicked when there was little to no paper work on his desk. And then the revelation that he could see that there was a calendar and a few pictures of he and his family on his desk astounded him.

Naruto eyed the photos lovingly. The first picture on the left was him at his inauguration, wearing the Hokage hat and robe, standing next to Tsunade and a blushing Hinata, his arms wrapped around both of them with his wide, stupid, ecstatic grin plastered on his face. If one looked close enough, one could see tears streaming down his face.

His eyes ventured to the next picture; He and his wife on their wedding day. He wore a simple ceremonious robe of orange with black flames rising from the bottom, while she was garbed in an elegant, noble kimono of light purple and streaks of light blue running diagonally down the back. Hinata was clutching Naruto's arm lovingly, eyes watering, her head resting on his shoulder. Naruto had his famous smile on with one eye open.

The last picture on his desk was one he cherished deeply. A four year little girl sat in a swing, her long blonde hair flowing through the wind and a happy smile on her face. Uzumaki Kushika wore a simple, lavender kimono with floral patterns. She had inherited her mother's eyes, as well as her kekkei genkai which had yet to show. She was a carefree child with many friends and relatives; there was her Aunt Sakura, Uncle Sasuke, Uncle Neji, Aunt Tenten, and Grandma Tsunade.

As Naruto looked from his daughter and back to his desk, he realized something else as well. There was little to no paperwork on his desk. The he relished the revelation, realizing he basically had the day off. His calendar was clear, there was no paperwork, and it was a beautiful day. Naruto grinned and summoned a kage bunshin. The clone regarded him with a salute.

"Could you go home and let Hinata-hime know I have the day off? And ask her if there's anything she would like to do today. Dispel yourself when you are done."

"Yokai," said the clone as he leapt out of the open window, bound for Naruto's mansion.

The clone's memory came to Naruto minutes later.

The bunshin opened the door and approached Hinata, who was helping Kushika get dressed.

"Yo," Said the bunshin, as previously instructed so that Hinata would know it was a bunshin. "Naruto wanted you to know that he has the day off." Hinata looked up at her husband's clone with a glee expression. "He wants to know if there's anything you want to do today?"

Hinata thought for a moment as she finished slipping her daughter into her indigo dress with a bright blue swirl on the back of it. She picked up a brush and began brushing Kushika's hair. "Hmm, we could go for a picnic in the park," She suggested. "Would you like that Kushika?"

Kushika's eyes lit before turning to her mother. "We get to spend the whole day with Papa?"Her mother nodded. "Yay!"

The Naruto bunshin smiled at the little one in front of him. "Okay, so when do you want to go to this picnic?"

Hinata finished brushing her daughter's hair before answering. "Around noon. That would give Kushika-Chan and I an hour to get everything ready.

The Naruto bunshin nodded and left the house, listening to Kushika exclaim her giddiness to spend the whole day with her father. As soon as the door closed behind him, he closed his eyes and dispelled himself.

Naruto closed his eyes as he received the memory, and opened them when it was done. He glanced towards his clock and removed his hat and robe and hung the items on his coat rack along his wall. He left his office, advising Sakura, now his assistant, to feel free to take the day off and spend it with her family before leaving for his own family.

Today was going to be a good day.

"My fellow comrades, today is a great day for our people!" Exclaimed Osamu in the center of his village. Time had had no effect over him or his kin, appearing the same as the day he was banished into the void. His followers were gathered around him as he spoke. "We have managed to create a jutsu powerful enough to pierce through the dome that has held us prisoner for so long. Finally, we shall be able to get revenge on the Uzumaki clan for humiliating us and thrusting us into this empty void."

A woman with brown curly hair stepped forward. "Osamu-sama, is what you speak of the truth? Are we finally free of this timeless hell?"

He smiled down at the woman. "Aye, we have managed to deconstruct and analyze the jutsu that bound us into this hell. We are now able to reverse the polarity of the jutsu, thus allowing our escape." Murmurs of praise wafted through the large crowd.

Osamu motioned for a group of men standing behind him to come forward. 7 men approached; 6 of them clad in full body ninja clothing consisting of full face masks, black stealth camouflage body suits, and headbands with a twisted hourglasses upon them. The other man stood tall and proud, his short red hair barely reaching his neck and his ninja outfit a dark red, not black like his comrades. "These men have been selected out of dozens to undertake the mission of reconnaissance. They will venture into the new age and identify our target. Jin, please step forward. "

The man clad in the red outfit stepped forward. "Hai, Osamu-sama."

"You are to identify and engage the enemy, the descendant of Uzumaki Satoshi." Ordered Osamu.

Jin crouched to one knee and bowed. "Hai, Osamu-sama."

"Go now, and let those who are undeserving of life know the names of those they have been killed by, share with them the suffering that we have endured these past centuries, and let the world know that the Village Hidden Through Time has returned."

Jin looked up at Osamu and his upper lip curled into a haunting grin. "Hai, Osamu-sama."

Naruto found himself inside of one of Konoha's many cemeteries, kneeling over a tombstone, his hand resting over the words Namikaze Minato, Yondaime-Hokage carved into it. His eyes ventured from his father's grave to the one next to it, reading Uzumaki Kushina, Wife to Yondaime-Hokage. Pulling himself back up to his feet, he paid his respects to his parents and prayed for them. After, his eyes lingered over his father's grave once again. "Are you proud of me, Otou-san?" It was barely even an audible whisper and more of an escaped thought. He remained frozen to the spot for several seconds, as if looking for an answer. Naruto sighed as he turned to leave, his coat tail danced alongside the wind.

On his way to the park, Naruto spotted Sasuke and Sakura walking down the road with a stroller carrying two small infants. Naruto hailed them before approaching. "So I see you took my advice Sakura-Chan."

Sakura smiled and nodded. "Of course. It's so rare that something like this comes along, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend the day with my family." Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I'm on my way to meet up with my family too," He stated.

"Then why are you wasting your time talking with us dobe?" Sasuke asked nonchalantly.

Naruto's eye twitched. "You do realize who you're talking to teme?"

"Of course I know who I'm talking to; I think you're the one who forgot dobe." Nope, not even the title of Hokage prevented Sasuke from being an ass to his best friend.

Sakura sighed. "Okay boys; please try not to fight in front of the children."

"Fine, Sakura-Chan," Naruto agreed. He bid them farewell and continued on his path to his family.

It didn't take Naruto long to reach the park. He spotted his wife and daughter sitting upon a picnic blanket, gathering the food from a small basket. The second he came into sight, Kushika bounced to her feet and sprinted for her father, her arms waving gleefully as she leapt into her father's arms.

Naruto laughed alongside his daughter. "Hey Kushi-chan, I missed you."

The little girl enveloped her father in a hug. "I missed you too daddy!" She exclaimed. Somehow, she managed to clamber onto his shoulders, ruffling his hair in the process.

Hinata giggled at the sight of her husband's and daughter's antics as they approached her. Naruto picked his daughter up, hoisted her over his head, and placed her down onto the blanket. Naruto sat down next to his wife and gave her a kiss. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing," She said.

"Aww, come on Hinata-hime. What was I doing that was so funny?" He pouted.

"It was cute when Kushi-chan ruffled your hair." She stated sweetly.

Naruto smiled and kissed her again. "So how are we doing today?" He asked, placing his hand over her rounding womb. Hinata was 2 months pregnant with their next child.

"We're doing lovely," She answered.

"I'm doing great too Papa!" Kushika exclaimed, plumping herself down onto Naruto's lap. Naruto smiled down at her.

"That's wonderful, Kushi-chan."

"Target within sight, Jin-sama."

"Excellent. What is the probability of defeat?"

"22 to 1, Jin-sama."

"As to be expected. Okay, we follow plan Alpha, going along the Zeta guidelines, Phase X."

"Hai!" Exclaimed his fellow men as they stealth fully made their way to their target.

"You wanna see what I colored yesterday Papa?" She asked earnestly. Before Naruto could answer she reached into one of her pockets and withdrew a scribbled drawing of herself in the center, Naruto on the left, and Hinata standing on the right, Hinata had a glob for a belly.

Naruto stifled a laugh"…That's great Kushi-chan, but your momma's not really that fat." He said.

Kushika looked up at her father with an inquisitive look. "But Papa, you said that Momma was gonna get bigger with the new baby."

"I did, but I didn't say she was going to be as big as a watermelon." Naruto said, patting his daughter on her head, chuckling.

Suddenly, he heard a branch snap and a twig crack followed by a whooshing sound. He quickly glanced over towards Hinata, who noticed something as well. Before they could do anything to counter any apparent attacks, they were surrounded by 7 ninja clad in stealth armor, only one clad in red armor. Naruto spotted the headbands first, scrunching his eyes. He had never seen nor heard of the country that carried an hourglass on their headbands. The closest he could recall were the Suna ninjas, but it wasn't an hourglass with dials on it.

"What is the meaning of this?" Naruto asked as Hinata wrapped her arms protectively around her daughter, who was staring at the strangers questioningly.

"Forgive me, that was quite rude of me," Jin said, stepping forward. "My name is Seiji Jin of the infamous Tokigakure (time village), perhaps you've heard of us?" There was no answer from Naruto. "No? Hmm…Shame. Can't be helped, I suppose. What, with being cast out of this dimension for over 200 years, it's no wonder we were forgotten. But no longer is that the case…"

This guy sure likes to talk, Naruto observed, silently forming a kage bunshin about 10 yards away. And he talks like an ancient being.

"…For we have returned to Earth, intent on achieving our plan of vengeance and destroying every village that dares to challenge us."

Naruto understood the village destroying part. "Like hell I'd let you destroy my village," He growled.

Jin tilted his head. "No, I suppose not Rokudaime. However, you are the object of our revenge, so this works out perfectly for us. What better way to destroy a village than to kill its leader?"

"No!" Kushika cried, but Hinata quickly shushed her.

Jin's attention shifted from Naruto to Kushika for an instant before regarding Naruto once again. Naruto lifted an eyebrow. "What the hell is that supposed to mean? I've never even heard of you guys."

"No, I suppose you wouldn't have. It happened long before your time. About 200 years ago to be more accurate. You're ancestor sealed us away, and we vowed revenge upon him and his descendants, which is the category you fall into." He motioned for his men to attack.

Naruto whirled around and ordered Hinata to shield Kushika's eyes. Hinata did so as Naruto swiftly drew out 4 kunai knives as 4 men rushed him. Naruto quickly disposed of them in less than a second, their limp bodies falling towards the ground, kunai protruding through their heads. Jin applauded Naruto.

"A fine performance, Rokudaime-san. Tell me; were those men even a challenge for you?" Without even waiting for an answer, "Thought not. Not that it matters anyway, I now know your speed. Care to press your luck against me?" He withdrew a single katana from the sheath upon his back.

Naruto scowled at the man and his ignorance. He longed to move the fight away from his family. Using the only way he could think of, he rushed Jin, actually catching him by surprise. Naruto threw his fist at Jin's face, but Jin back flipped several times, to Naruto's relief. He saw Jin utter a few words under his breath. "Oy! What are you waiting for?" He asked as he approached his new enemy.

"I had heard that the new Hokage was bold and rash, but to attack me like that and leave your family completely unprotected?" Commented Jin.

Naruto smirked. "I can't believe you would underestimate my wife."

"And I am surprised you would underestimate my clansmen."

Naruto's brow furrowed. "What is that supposed to-" Naruto's body stiffened as he turned to his wife. He froze, unable to freely move. Try as he might, his arms would not move, but his mind continued to function and he could perceive the environment normally. He saw several flowers remain bent by the wind; even a few insects remain motionless in the air. His eyes widened when he saw Hinata surrounded by the other 2 men, stiff as a board. Naruto tried to move his body and rush to her aid and fall the other two ninja, but his legs wouldn't move, nor would his mouth to cry out her name. His pupils ventured back to Jin, who was grinning madly.

"A glorious technique, is it not? It's called Jikou Haikiryou (Time Displacement). It's a part of the Seiji kekkei genkai. You and your family cannot move within the-Hmm? What's this?" He asked, looking past Naruto at his family. Naruto cursed, briefly turning his attention to his hidden clone, which was also immobilized, before turning his attention back to his family. Hinata still remained immobilized, so why….

Kushika was looking around worriedly, tears welling up in her eyes as she desperately cried for her mother and father. Naruto's heart broke as the men pried Kushika out of her mother's arms. "It would seem that your daughter is unaffected Rokudaime-san. No matter, she is of no threat to us. Kill her if you feel like it." He called to his men.

Naruto's eyes snapped open, eyes narrowing in hate. He closed them and fell into a short bit of unconsciousness. Jin noticed this, his smug grin never leaving his face. "Is it too unbearable to have to watch your daughter die while you are helpless to do anything about it? I admit I do find it queer you are able to remain conscious of your surroundings, but it seems you aren't able to freely move around in our Jikou Haikiryou, like your daughter. No matter, after we finish with your daughter we-"

His eyes widened as a razor sharp-clawed hand grappled around his neck. Naruto had broken free of the jutsu, his eyes blood red with black slits for eyes. "You talk way too much!" He roared as he slammed free hand into Jin's face, breaking several bones and sending him careening through several trees. Naruto abandoned his Kyuubi powers, for over the years he had learned that the more time he spent in his Kyuubi form, the more the demon took over of his mind.

Naruto rushed the two men, attempting to subdue them before they could lay another hand upon his family. Before they could blink, Naruto slammed into them. They blocked several of his attacks, which troubled Naruto. He swore as he blocked several hits, clasping their arms within his hands. He noticed Jin was starting to rise again. Damn, still alive. He thought. He cast his gaze quickly to his daughter. "Kushika, get out of here!" He yelled, still trying to hold the men in place.

The tears were streaming down her face. "B-b-but Papa! I-"

"Kushika! Now!" Naruto yelled.

Not wanting to anger her father any more, she tearfully nodded and sprinted off in a random direction. I hate being mean to her, but I want her to be safe. And she's nowhere near safe around this battle.

With a battle cry, Naruto shoved the two men into another and slamming them down onto the ground. Naruto quickly whirled around and caught Jin's katana blade in-between his index and middle fingers. He twisted the metal blade, snapping it in half. "Damn you, Uzumaki!" Jin cried, sending many combos Naruto's way. It took Naruto's full attention to dodge and counter them all. "What are you fools doing?" Jin shouted in the midst of the battle. "Get up and capture that child!" Naruto's eyes widened when he realized that he was talking to the men he had fell. Naruto kick flipped Jin into the air before sparing a glance towards his daughter. Sure enough, she was being pursued by the two Jikou Ninja. Cursing, Naruto returned his attention back to Jin. "Damn it, I don't have time to waste with you!" He said, forming a Rasengan in the palm of his free hand.

Jikou landed upon his feet and smirked. "Then I guess you want to finish this fight right away! Fine, have it your way." He outstretched his hand to his side, and as he did so, short currents of ripples among the air began to convulse into his open palm, forming what would appear to be an invisible Rasengan.

Jin rushed at Naruto. "Konku Jikou Haikiryou!"

Naruto rushed at Jin."Rasengan!"

The two powerful attacks clashed in a brilliance of light, blinding both combatinants. Ripples began to appear throughout the battlefield, ripples of time as they were, that continued to appear and disappear as rapidly as they had appeared. Both Naruto and Jin never relinquished once, each determined to finish the other off. Finally, the force of the attacks reached such a critical moment, both men were launched backwards off of their feet and onto their backs.

Naruto quickly sprung to his feet and turned to run to his daughter's aid. What he saw sent shockwaves down his spine. His daughter ran blindly into one of the ripples, disappearing from his sight, along with the two Jikou Ninjas. Unable to contain his anger any longer, turned to the only man whom he could take his anger out on. Jin staggered to his feet, a triumphant smirk plastered on his face.

"I may have not been able to kill you, Uzumaki, but I have succeeded in killing you emotionally. Rest assured that your daughter is not dead, but has been transported through time itself. Where she will end up, only the men who followed her will know. Don't worry; you might see her again, as one of our prisoners. You can't hope to-" His eyes widened.

Hinata had long awoken from her trance and had witnessed her daughter's disappearance. With tears streaming down her face, she delivered a deadly Jyuuken directly into his heart through his back. Blood spluttered through his mouth, pouring down like small stream. He collapsed to his knees as Hinata took her place beside Naruto. Not even taking the chance, Naruto had his clone that was hidden away reappear on top of Jin and, treating himself as a human bomb, commenced a chakra explosion. Naruto and Hinata leapt away to a safe distance. All that was left of Jin's body were a few charred remains of flesh that had yet to burn.

A tear stricken Hinata turned to her husband with worry. "Naruto-kun, what happened to Kushika?"

Naruto turned to his wife, grief plastered on his face. He could already hear his fellow villagers rushing to their aid, calling out his name. They were too late. His daughter was gone. Hinata collapsed in Naruto's arms and began to uncontrollably cry for her daughter, and Naruto wept as well. His daughter was gone, and he was powerless to find and protect her. The only question was, where, or when, was she?

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