So how can I put this. This story my story. Well let's see I have four best friends Tim, MgGee everyone calls him MgGee. Paris Geller the Hitler of our time, Isabella-Mia Halliwell and Resa-Elizabeth Kyriako. You wonder why I didn't mention my mother Lorelei she was my best friend until about five years ago.

The story goes like this about five years ago she convinced me to say no to my boyfriend who proposed and I regret ever since. My father only wanted me to be happy and if I was happy with Logan or Dean or Jess or just about anyone like Carter, John Carter my ex he would support me my mother on the other hand well let's just say her and Luke are no longer in my life for not supporting me for not wanting me to happy. Sure she says all that matters is my happiness and that's why she talked me out marrying Logan and I do believe her but I would have been happy with Logan. We wouldn't have been in society granted maybe we would have shown up and some parties but that's about it. So I moved away I moved with my father and that's when I found out the family secret. Sure I didn't believe him for one minute but he showed me proof I fainted, I screamed, but then I accepted the truth and two of my best friends are now my cousins. See my father isn't an only child there is Sam, Athena, Hope, and Hank. Although Hank is my Aunt Paige's child he's still my uncle because my grandmother had him since his mother passed away. MY grandmother isn't Francine Hayden that was just her cover name so she could have a normal life. I guess I should explain a little about my family

"We're eccentric we're magical the most powerful but we don't flaunt and Uncle Sam didn't want his children in any danger and neither did my father so they bounded our powers. Grams actually did that. She's still alive and I still go by Hayden well actually Hayden-Halliwell since that's my dad's full name Christopher Hayden Halliwell. I had another cousin by that name but he died trying to save his mother from his evil brother Wyatt. Anyways dad says gram's changed her name to Francine so no one would recognize you see she was the only Halliwell to survive in our family. My uncle Sam knew my cousins Wyatt, Chris, Melinda. And the twins Uncle Hank whom I know and his twin Jamie and Uncle Sam and my father are the only survivors of my grams immediate family. Let's see Aunt Hope died when she was fifteen, My Aunt Athena died when Resa Elizabeth was two years old and I have no idea how she died. All I know is Resa went to Harmony where our uncle Sam lives. My grandmother Emily knows everything her grams were best friends at one point or another. My dad and mom use to go on play dates and been best pals all through their lives until five years ago. Now I'm back to a boring society party. She knew how busy I am and that I have two crazy little children who is just like their Aunts get into mischief and trouble. There the second generation troublemaker twins.