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"The Twins are Logan's aren't they" Collin asks and Isabella could not say anything.

"He hasn't seen her in five years Iz how are they his twins" Collin asks

"they're three years old Collin Rory hasn't seen Logan in five I believe" Isabella answers

"No they look like him what did she do" Collin asks

"Nothing I don't know what your talking about Collin"

"No she did something I know she did what was it"

Isabella sighs "I hate you"

"Yes I know I hate you as well Iz but tell me the truth"

Isabella huffs "The twin's father is not in the picture"

"Only because he does not know"

"Would you hold on" Isabella says

"Iz you better not shut this door on me"

Resa came and froze him.

"What the hell are we going to do" Iz says


"He can smell a lie from a mile away Resa"

"What else do we have we can't tell him the truth"

"I agree but he'll bug us to no end" Isabella says

"Distract him"

"What he can't be distracted"

"What do we have to lose"

"Ah everything"

Resa sighs and nods her head "We use the dust"

"Um Kyle has that stuff won't allow us to use it"

"I'm fresh out of idea's"

"Send him to timbuck to"

"Then we expose us we might as well tell him" Resa sighs

"Unfreeze him" Iz says and Resa sighs and she unfreezes him

"We'll talk this evening" Izzie says shutting the door on him.

"This is not over Mia" Collin says. He goes back to his car. He knows the twins were Logan's but how he knew Logan hasn't seen Rory in five years but those twins were three years old spitting image of Logan.

"What the hell are we going to do"

"Distraction is always the best thing to do" Resa says

"Right it won't work with Collin may work with Tom or Jay hell even Finn and Logan but Collin no way"

"she's going to have to tell Logan the truth in one way or another" Someone said behind them.

They both looked up at their grandmother Phoebe.

Phoebe smiled sadly

"This is Logan Huntzberger"

"It's the consquences she's going to have to face"

"Yes but those consquences kind of going to put us in prison"

"Or pysch ward"

"Or killed"

Phoebe sighs "your right the cleaners will come after the twins"

The girls frown "We love them"

"I know Wyatt was almost erased as well"

"Ugh don't say his name"

"The point girls is that everyone has to face consequences no matter what"

"But grams I can't trust Collin"

"I don't think Rory trusts Logan" Resa says

Phoebe sighs "I know and she shouldn't have done what she did but what's done is done"

The girls knew their grandmother was right. Rory came inside

"I have to get ready for a date with Collin" Isabella says stomping her feet all the way up the stairs.

"And I have to get ready to go check up on the club" Resa says as well,

Phoebe looks at Rory and shakes her head

"Aunt Phoebe what am I going to do"

"I don't know trust your heart Your grandmother did"

Rory frowns Piper her grandmother.

"I advise you tell him" Phoebe says

"How do I Aunt Phoebe ah I just go up to him and say hey Logan I'm a witch I went back in time we slept together and I ended up pregnant yeah sure that's going to go over really well" Rory says

"He's going to find out"

Rory sighs "I got the twins to put to bed"

Phoebe sighs and shakes her head.

Six that night

Phoebe got the door

"Hi Ms. Halliwell is Mia around"

"She's upstairs getting ready"

Collin nods his head.

"You love her"


"What do you know of my granddaughter"

"A Good person at heart misunderstood sometimes all around good person"

"Yes well you don't have to suck up to me"

"She lies to protect herself and her family that include Nolen Harris and Jon C arter"

Phoebe nods her head

"She has fury friendly animals ah Alf and Russia"


"She'd do anything for them as well"

"Very true"

"She's a witch" Collin says

Phoebe was shocked and surprised

"How do you know"

"She must have forgotten that I knew"

"How do you know"

"My Aunt and Uncle are friends with her mother side of the family"

Phoebe went rigid "I'd advice you not to mention her mother or any thing revelent to her mother if you want her to open up"

Collin nods his head "I know"

"Grams I'm leaving"

"Tell him he maybe able to help you"

Izie scrowls "I'll be out late" She says giving her grandmother a kiss on the cheek. Collin led her to his car.

"Where are we going"

"To my place to talk"

Izzie rolls her eyes

"We'll order room service" Collin says

"Great I dressed up for nothing" She says

"You look beautiful" Collin says

"Thank you"

They leave back to his hotel room.

A few minutes later they were at a rich swankly hotel going up to Collin's room.

"So I want to know the father of the twins" Collin says

"Get right to it Mr. Lawyer"

"I don't bullshit around"

"Yes you do"

"Who are they're father"

"Now does that really matter"


"Even if it were true Logan is the father how is Rory going to tell him"

"He has a right to know"

"Plus they haven't seen each other in what five years so explain to me how exactly is he the father"

"They could have met up"

"No don't remember that"

"You're a witch"

Isabella starts laughing

"Its true"

"How'd you know"

"Our families are connected Iz"

Isabella frowns "so your right"

"I told you my deepest darkest secret"

"Yeah you're a prince and Shawn is your cousin big secret" She says sarcastically

"Yeah it is"

"Well you didn't need to tell me that" She says

"Iz we need to figure out"

"Look the only way he is going to know those children are his is if Rory tells Logan EVERYTHING and right now she does not trust him and plus how the hell is he going to react he'll go crazy and possibly tell everyone who would listen"

"He's open minded"

"Sure he is"

Collin knew she was right

"So I propose one thing"

"Which is"

"You keep it a secret"


"Well then I guess we're at a stand still what will make you change your mind"


Isabella sighs "She doesn't trust him none of us do"

"You don't know him and neither does Rory"

"See that's where your wrong Rory does he left her"

"She said no"

"He gave her an ultimatum it was either all or nothing marry him or they break up now how is a girl suppose to feel about that he's like all those rich people doing business"

Collin knew she was right

"Am I right Collin"


"Good so how do you propose she tells him oh hey I went back in time we slept together got pregnant had the kids in the future two years after they were conceived yeah don't think that's going to go down well"

Collin knew she was right and he hated it when she was right.

"I now know and if he finds out I know"

"That's your problem you decided to come and confirm your supiousions"

Collin hates it when she's right

"Well then I have to get going now we got the air cleared

"No we didn't get anything done"

"Well you wanted to know Logan was the father you got the answer what else do we need to discuss"

"How to tell Logan"

"No that's all on Rory sweets"

"Why did she do it"

"How the hell should I know thanks to you she might lose them"

"Why how"

"gee I wonder why maybe because of LOGAN"

"He has every right to know"

"Yes he does I agree but how the hell is she suppose to reveal the tidbit where she's a witch dumbass"

Collin sighs and sits down on his couch "I don't know"

"Well until she can get the courage of her being a witch he can't know"

"Unless he went to a spern doner"


"Hold on" He says dialing Logan's number


"Logan did you ever deposit some sperm to a donor registery

"Ah I don't know"

"Think really hard"

'Oh yeah Fin made us do it why" Logan says

Collin smiles "Tell you all about it when I get back"

"Where are you"

"Getting some answers bye"

Collin smiles "I know how we can skirt through that secret of guys and him know his children"

"How by acting like his step children no way"

"No donor"

"Um he's a newspaper guy he'll do research and find out they always do" Izzie says

"I know but it buys us time"

"Ah what the hell are you talking about"

"For him to get reaquinted with Rory" Collin says

"And what will be her story oh hey I went to a donor clinic got myself pregnant turns out you're the spern donor highly doubt that's going to go well"

"Well its only shot"

Isabella made a face "This is just going to be a disaster"

"I know" Collin kisses Isabella. She wraps around her arms around his neck and kisses him back.

Rory called McGee

"McGee what am I going to do"

"Ah Rory do you know what time it is"

"Yes but Logan needs to know the truth"

"That's what we've been telling you for years"

"But he's to narrowminded he's never going to understand"

"Ugh make him understand in lamon terms"

"Right and if he thinks I'm crazy and doesn't believe me what then"

"Its his lost at least you told him and tried"

Rory sighs "Yeah will you be there when I do tell him"

"When are you going to tell him"

"I don't know I just how the hell am I going to tell him I'm a witch oh hey I'm a witch went back in time and we ended up having two children"

"I don't know" McGee say s

"Ugh this is such a mess"

"I know Rore but you got nothing to lose"

"Just my freedom"

"Why don't you say you got vitro"

"He'll check up on that"

"Well then we must make it look like you did"

"And when he asks why I didn't contact him"

"Just say ah ask Izie Resa I'm no good at this"

"Yes you are"

"Just say it was anonymous"

"And when they came out looking like him what then"

"Ah just say you didn't think he'd believe you"

"This is messed up"

"Sure is you should not have messed with time"

"I know" Rory mumbles "I was trying to get to Jack"

"I know but instead you ended up with Logan"

Rory sighs "Okay how should I go about this"

"Take it one day at a time meet up with him wait don't you guys have that truth spell use the truth spell tell him spill everything to him see what he thinks then it only last twenty four hours"

"But he'll need more time"

"It's a test run"

"Right test run okay I can do this"

'That's my girl"

"But this is personal gang"

"Yeah and the first time wasn't either"

"I hate you"

"I know love you to" They hang up and Rory sighs how the hell was she going to tell Logan.

Logan was pacing in his old room. What did Collin need to discuss with him why did he ask him if he donated his sperm it was just an odd question to ask. Logan then stopped "No way this can be happening not to him not to them why would she not have told him she had gotten his DNA. Was it to hurt him. No he needed answers and he wanted them now.

McGee had to get to work in falsifying some records and paying off a couple of nurses and doctors to help his friends out. He knew this was illegal but it was the secret of Magic they were trying to not expose.