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Summary: What she sees breaks her, and she leaves him, pregnant with his child. Yet, when she finds comfort, why does her heart suddenly blossom with this kind of love after she vowed she never would never fall again? Hitsugaya/Rukia/Ichigo. Please R&R!

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Tears well in her eyes and creep down her cheeks like a monster of sadness. She rubs her stomach, her two month pregnant stomach, and cries. It rips at her, killing her. She will run. She doesn't care what anyone has told her. She will run from this problem, and will escape it. But first, she writes him a farewell note.

Goodbye my love. You used to be the only blossom in my heart, but now the truth tears me apart. I leave you with her. I suppose you'll be happy without me. You were with her.

Goodbye, my love.

Goodbye, Ichigo.

She had to rewrite the note twice in order to make the message clear, and in order to make it so no tears wetted the piece of paper. She folded it up and stuck it upon the desk, the smooth, hard desk that she had bought for him. The room sings of his presence, making only more tears cover her face. She has to escape. Even his thick smell is suffocating her.

She ran outside, desperate to escape. It was only four, he wouldn't be back until five. Probably out with her. She already hastily packed all of her things, and all she needed now was a quick phone call. She couldn't help but let the tears slip out as she remembered what she had seen. As she remembered why this monster was tearing her apart.

"I'll see you after work." He told her happily, his huge goofy smile decorating his smooth face as he bent forward and kissed her on the mouth. His bright orange hair was spiked as always, and she smiled at him.

Rukia kissed him back, then laughed as he ruffled her hair, then rubbed her only slightly protruding stomach. "Keep beautiful, Rukia!" He told her happily, and exited the doorway, getting in his car, and driving away.

She smiled after him.

For the whole morning, she had nothing to do. All she did was laze around, and finally, she decided she needed to get out of the house. Dressing in one of her classic sundresses, she exited the house, locking it after her. They could only afford one car, and he always took it when he went to work.

She decided to go to a new diner that had just opened. It was close to her house, and she strolled evenly and quickly, her footsteps quick. She loved little diners, and today wouldn't be any different.

However, what she saw nearly killed her. She froze as she looked into one of the diner windows, and gasped. She saw Ichigo… Ichigo…

He was kissing another women! He was bent over the diner table, and kissing a long haired women. He then leaned back, and smiled at her. She could barely hear what he was saying.

"You're so beautiful, Kumori." He said to her happily. "I bet that child inside of you will be just as beautiful!"

That did it. Rukia burst into tears and ran home, trying to be conscious of the baby inside her. She slipped into her house, not doubting what she must do. With vigor, she grabbed her clothes and shoved them into a light baby blue bag, trying to ignore the monster in her belly. She would leave him. She would never talk to him again.

She dialed the numbers, and waited for somebody to pick up. After three rings, a deep voice answered the phone.

"Rukia?" Came a voice. The voice she was looking for. It took her a moment before she could think of the words to say, and gulped twice. She was shaking so badly she could hardly hold the phone.

The voice got a little irritated. "Rukia, are you there?"

"Y-yes, brother." She replied shakily. Instantly, Byakuya sensed something was wrong.

"What's wrong, Rukia?" He asked instantly. "Are you okay? What happened?" His questions were deep and concerned. He was always worried about her and Ichigo's relationship, and whenever she was sad, he always seemed to want to kill that orange haired man.

Rukia sighed. After she had married Ichigo, Soul Society had allowed her to live on Earth, and if she wanted to, she could return to her post as a sub officer. "Brother." She said softly. "Can… can you come get me? Something has happened…"

"Of course, Rukia. I'll be there in seconds, but I expect an explanation." He replied.

Rukia nodded, although he couldn't see her. "Yes, brother. But I might not come back here for a long time."

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