Chapter 1- California to Canada

Chapter 1- California to Canada. Difference much?!

My parents were sending from California, to CANADA, COME ON PEOPLE! Don't you think that that's just a little teensy weensy bit, Oh I dunno CRAZY?! I mean seriously, don't get me wrong, I love my Aunt and Uncle… okay well, I love my AUNT. My uncle? Yeah…he can go die in a hole. Long story, not one I want to get into right now. Maybe some other time.


Back to my little story thing!

I sat in the passenger seat of my Mom's Pearl Gray Ford Escape my blue skull candy ear buds shoved deep into the recesses of my multi-pierced ears. I'd begged and pleaded my mom to let me stay in California with her but what do you know? She ignored me. I even used the fact that I didn't have much of a "winter" wardrobe and even that didn't work! But I mean it's just Canada, so how different can it be? I spent the whole 45 minute car trip ignoring my mother, first she makes me move and then she wakes me up at 5 A.M! We'd said our goodbyes back at the house so when she pulled up at the curb outside the airport and popped the trunk, yeah, I wasn't surprised; she was a business woman and all. I hoped out and grabbed my laptop bag from the backseat then went around to the trunk. I pulled it open and almost fell to the ground. I tucked a strand of ebony hair out of the dull blue things I call my eyes and dragged my suitcase out of the trunk. I pulled it to the curb then went back and slammed the door.

My mother called a happy, "See you on the holidays, Reed!" before I slipped into a group of other travelers headed inside the chilly airport.

"As if." I mumbled under my breath with an unsatisfied grunt.

I found my way to the old ticket counter and jumped in line pulling that damn suitcase behind me. I looked at the old women in front of me separating me by just four from the ticket counter and asked them in a sweet voice, "Do you know what time it is?" When I knew perfectly well what time it was.

"Why yes, it's…" She paused to look at her watch, "It's exactly 6 o'clock"

I gave a panicked look and cried, "Oh no! I'm going to miss my flight!"

The woman looked just as panicked as I as she ushered me in front of her as a ticket woman called for the next in line. I thanked old woman and her friends before I ran to the counter knowing that this would give me 2 hours to get through the 10 person security line AND buy something to eat. I grinned to myself as I picked up my ticket from the woman and looked down at my name printed in bold, REED THRIBER and made my way to the baggage drop off. I left my bags with the tired looking Hispanic man leaning against the x-ray thing and walked towards the security line my laptop bag slung lazily over my shoulder bouncing against my fragile hip.

I yawned into my hand as I stepped in line behind a young couple who, by the sound of their playful bantering, were going to Europe. I rolled my eyes and grunted as the couple stepped forward towards the tables set up with the crates that go through the big x-ray thing-a-ma-gig. I made my way to the one opposite of it. I dug my cell phone out of my purse before running my stuff through the scanner and suddenly realized that it was Sunday. I silenced a scream, and practically threw my stuff through the damn scanner. My Mom shipped to Canada, the day before I started school! Real. Fucking. Smart. She was such a bitch sometimes; don't get me wrong though, I love her to death, but at the same time… I hate her guts. I know I'm going to miss her though, I just know it.

I made it through security clean but it took quite a bit longer than I expected. I had about 45 minutes left so I headed to the McDonalds and fished out a five dollar bill from my wallet. I bought a biscuit and a bottle of water and headed to my terminal just as my group began boarding, god I hated flights that arrived early. I got on the plane and found my seat without a hassle, well… if you call without a hassle standing around on a plane for 10 frickin minutes. I had my laptop bag crushed to my side and hidden under my crappy little plane blanket. I had this insane fear that when I fell asleep on planes people rooted through my stuff. So to solve that problem I always held my bag and sat in the first row. My mom, being a business woman and all, provided me first class tickets. Which where always useless, seeing as I slept the flight away but, hey! If she wanted to spend the money, let her! Who am I to stop her from getting me the big seat that I, being the tiny fragile 17 year old girl I was, could curl up on WITH my laptop bag. I began to sleep away the hour and a half flight to the rural Canadian airport. The last thing I remember is remembering that mother told me that my school was full of lots of American teenagers, but that's about it.

Rural Canada

"Alice, what are you grinning about?" asked a beautiful boy of medium build staring at pixie faced girl over a chess board, mid-game.

"Monday, Edward, Monday" She grinned even wider and moved her pawn swiftly.

"Yes, Alice, we start high school, /again/. Now what about it is so important?" asked a tall brunette leaning over Edward's shoulder.

"Bella, love… your crushing my shoulder…" Edward said prying the Brunette's fingers off his shoulder.

"Oops, sorry." Bella said lifting her hand and looking away sheepishly, "And this is only your Second time so don't be worried" Edward said looking up at her kissing her fingers tenderly.

"Now, Alice. What about Monday?" She demanded turning her head back to the pixie faced girl.

"It's about Devon," She began. A blonde head snapped up from the couch, the long golden hair falling away to reveal a face just as beautiful as the others.

"What about, Devon? He's not going to snap is he? We /should tell Carlisle, keyword, Should." She said her eyes growing wide and a devilish grin appearing on her pale smooth face.

"Oh do shut up, Rose," Edward mumbled. She shot him a glare narrowing her golden eyes at him.

"Tell me what?" asked a tall man in his early twenties as he wandered in the door.

"Will you all just let me finish?!" Alice snapped a quite growl ripping from her chest. The others shut up and she continued. "Devon, is going to find his ma-" suddenly her face went blank and Edward watched her before burying his head in his hands.

"Would've been easier if he followed Jasper's examples and not mine!" He mumbled to himself, but Bella heard, they all heard.

"Oh god, Edward, Alice, you two don't mean that she's…she's….She's…" Bella said trailing off. The others finished for her the voices all monotones, "Human"

"Edward, Bella, after all the trouble we went through to keep you two apart, look where you are now?" Carlisle said with a smile.

"Carlisle, you don't understand. The visions, it's like watching a newer version of them. He's going to make her go insane. Worse than crazy over there went." Alice said quietly throwing her head in Bella's direction, "And we can't stop him" she paused, "She's either going to die or he'll try and change her… I can feel it. But she's quite beautiful, but shy. She can read people's body language and emotions quite well though but, she'll show us all this on Monday." She moved another pawn but didn't let go of it. "She is human though." She added as an after thought before moving the pawn back and flicking over her king in defeat. Edward grinned and the two began to reset the pieces.


I got off the plane and followed the crowd to an escalator underneath a large sign giving you directions. I saw the baggage claim halfway down the escalator and then soon spotted aunt. I smiled and waved from the escalator at the medium sized woman already holding my suitcase. When I finally reached the bottom I rushed towards her and embraced her in a tight hug. She hugged me back and squealed, "Oh, honey! I'm so happy you're here! It's going to be so much fun!" I gave a happy laugh and grinned, "Yep!"

We made our way outside as she told me about her town along the way. It was a small town that went by the name of Windmill. It was shortened to Windmill from its original name Windmill Valley. It was nestled about 30 miles outside of Calgary in Alberta near the border of British Colombia. I helped my aunt throw my bags into the back of her gray Volkswagen four door car, and no, it was not a little Bug car. I was surprised to hear that she was only about 20 minutes away from the airport but that the planes flew in from the opposite direction; I was greatly relieved by that little fact. I was a very light sleeper and I usually slept with my windows open, I was weird that way, even in the winter. We stopped at a stoplight and I rolled my window down to look at the Shiny New Volvo parked next to us at the stoplight. I saw movement behind the tinted glass but we took off to fast to get to see who was behind the glass. They took off the opposite way and I frowned. We arrived at my Aunt and Uncle's two story brick house, which was still all covered in ivy just like I remembered it, about 10 minutes later. I asked her my Uncle was and she replied with a grumpy "Business trip" as she parked the car. We both hoped and she grabbed my suitcase for me. I offered to take it but she refused so I settled with carrying my laptop bag. She opened the front door and stepped inside. She headed for the stairs as I asked following her, "You leave your door unlocked?"

"Oh yeah, It's a small town. Nobody's going to try anything." She replied happily opening the only door on the second floor. I smiled and set my laptop bag down on my desk as she placed my suitcase at the foot of my new queen sized bed decorated in a pretty purple and black checkered comforter. I ran a hand over the comforter and then flopped down on the bed with a sigh. I rolled over to face her.

"So you start school tomorrow. I let you get settled in and get unpacked and everything. I'll call you down at dinner." My Aunt told me as she backed out of my room closing the door behind her. I got up and began to unpack my things. I didn't own a lot of fancy, wrinkling things, so the closet went mostly unused except for my shoes. Before I knew it my aunt was calling me down to dinner. I headed down the stairs passing my own bathroom as I went. I'd throw my stuff in there later. I sat down at the table as my Aunt brought me my plate. We didn't say much as we ate. After our awkward silence filled dinner I headed back upstairs and fell asleep quickly, my mind wandering off into dreamland.