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A nearby street lamp flickered as the last of the generic darkly clothed Mafioso went down silently with a barely audible bang, the unmistakable sound of a gun. The very pistol used was still warm from the shot, and he felt at home with it in his seasoned hands.

Reborn chuckled morbidly to himself. Seasoned? Seasoned was what you would say to reassure yourself when you were haunted by bloody and gruesome images of the corpses of those you killed at night. His hands were those of a killer's, constantly bloodstained by the death of his enemies.

The blood would never wash off.

But, he prided himself in his work; he shot with accuracy and speed, able to shoot down an opponent before he even got a chance to draw his gun. He could shoot a heart with the bat of an eye, render you crippled by precise shots with a hand behind his back, and get a head shot as if it were nothing.

But, there was one thing that he couldn't capture…

The heart of one boy. One simple boy. He wasn't particularly extraordinary, at least at a glance. But as his tutor, Reborn knew him more than he knew himself. His pupil was too forgiving, too trusting, and was far too naive.

It was what had drawn him in.

No matter how many times the infant put Tsuna in an awkward situation, and no matter how many times he would hurt him, the boss-to-be would always look to Reborn when the time came. He always forgave.

Though the Arcobaleno was nothing but cruel in his Spartan ways, Tsuna always trusted him to be there when he needed him the most. He always trusts.

When he had first met his tutor, Tsuna had judged him for his appearance, a baby and that was his gravest mistake. Most babies didn't carry around guns, most babies didn't wake you up with various torture devices, and most babies were definitely not in the mafia! He was too naive.

Tsuna had always seen the best in people. Many of closest friends were those who had tried to kill him on more than one occasion. But Tsuna being ever so forgiving, trusting, and naive welcomed them all back with open arms.

But sometimes, he had dreams, even more terrifying than those of his victims. They were nightmares filled with fearful eyes, rejection, and emptiness.

If Tsuna knew of all of the sins Reborn committed, would he still forgive? If he knew of the many he had betrayed just to stab them in the back, would he trust? If he had even caught a glimpse of his body splattered in blood, would he still be as naïve?

Out of all the fears that Reborn, the strongest, ultimate hit man, could have, he did not fear death.

He feared being hated by the one he loves.

" Ireallylikeyou!" Tsuna's face couldn't have gone any redder, he was so embarrassed! Why did he have to confess like this!? Just a second ago, he had been busy with his algebra, but after seeing Reborn looking out the window, probably day dreaming, it just slipped.

Reborn's head had jerked round to face him, and for a second, Tsuna thought that Reborn was going to cry, but that thought instantly disappeared when a smile that was purely Reborn crept up that face. Tsuna's heart jerked in it's place, almost as if he were suddenly shot.

"Do you really have time to say things like that, Dame Tsuna?" The smirk widened. "You have thirty seconds to solve problem seven or else…." He gestured to a box with a lever that was appropriately numbered seven.

Tsuna gave a yelp before furiously scribbling on his page once more, there was no way that he would get blown up!

That night, Reborn didn't dream of blood.

That night, he dreamt of the clear blue sky that bathed him in its warmth and love.