Title: Settling for Second Best
Pairing: Hannibal King/Captain America
Fandom: Blade movie verse in The Avengers-verse
Chapter Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: I don't own Hannibal King, Steve Rogers or any other Marvel characters mentioned in this non-profit Non-copyright infringement..-ing fic. I also don't own Youtube.
Summary: The Avengers have to go up against some vampires; problem is they don't really know how. Blade is currently...who knows where and so they have to settle for second best, Hannibal King.
A/N: This fic came from…I don't know where but I hope you enjoy. AND I'm looking for a BETA, I don't write a lot so it should be too much work.

Settling for Second Best

Chapter One

"What the fuck, you're kidding right?" Hannibal King was standing in a large fancy room with a long shiny table, clearly meant for meetings like this, and at it sat The Avengers.

"No...We need your help" Captain America said, looking right at the brunette with a serious expression.

"I don't know if you guys pay attention to...i dunno...anything! But you want Blade, not me"

"You of all people should know that he's not the easiest person to get a hold of" He pointed out. Plus, he'd tried already and the only traces of the vampire hunter that was available to the public were hoaxes on Youtube and blurry pictures. So getting in contact would be a small problem.

"Really? did you try his cell phone?" He asked as he looked around the table, his comment earning a few glares and a sigh from the Captain. Moving on. "So, looks like you're setting for second best" Hannibal would have to take on this problem himself, he was fine with lone missions but it was good to have the rest of the crew along sometimes because they have your back.

"Looks like it"
There was a short pause as the hunter looked over all the members faces and gave a small frown, frankly they all looked stressed and annoyed with him. He wasn't sure if this was a good idea, working with The Avengers, but if it means killing a couple of fuck faces then, sure, he's in.

"Okay, uh, where do I sign up?" he asked with a wide grin, sitting back down and propping his muddy boots up on the table, which everyone took notice to.

"You. Feet. Off" Hannibal glanced to his left with wide eyes at the red and gold clad suit.

"Holy shit it talks!" The brunette jumped, nearly falling out of his chair. He knew about the stories and such about Iron Man but it was easy to forget about it...him when he's just sitting still for a good hour, not to mention the fact that King had a lot on his mind.

"King," Hearing his name, Hannibal turned his attention from the tin man back to America. "There's no real signing, we just want you to work with us on this one mission." He explained further, holding up one finger as he spoke, like he was explaining this to a small child and in some ways he was.

"Ah…so, like a limited run, appearance, cameo thing" King said with a small smile as to clear things up for himself rather than anyone else in the room and Captain America's eyes narrowed in minor confusion.


"So, The Motel 6 had no vacancies or are you guys always giving away fancy rooms to every random guest?" The brunette joked as he walked down a nice, exceedingly nice, hallway behind Iron Man and watched his reflection the back of the, equally as the table, shiny armor. The billionaire didn't answer his question or spare a glance over his shoulder, so king looked over his own shoulder to Captain America but the guy was just looking at the walls. Hannibal didn't think they were that interesting, then again neither was watching his nervous face on the back of a waking soda can's head. Blue eyes caught his and their owner smiled and King gave a grin, most likely a goofy grin considering how he felt at the moment.

"Hello? Pay attention kid, this'll be your room for the mean time" Iron Man informed as he pushed a large door open, it was made of some type of wood Hannibal didn't know the name of, he didn't really care either.

"If you wanted to buy me, consider me sold" he declared as he walked past the Avenger and into the large well furnished room. The hunter ignored the hushed voices behind him in favor of setting his duffle bag on the deep green bed comforter and unzipping the largest zipper. He kicked his shoes off, noting the brown carpet and bed frame. He scratched the back of his neck with dull finger nails as the sun's warmth from the open curtain touched his skin.


"Huh? Yeah"

"You really shouldn't mess with Tony like that"

"So, you are his girlfriend" he said with a snap as if he had just proven a long processed theory. He, of course, didn't mean that to offend, he was just uncomfortable and he did eat more sugar than he should have had before coming to Stark Tower this morning. He looked up at the Captain to see his brows come together in mild disgust before looking back to his bag and unloading all his toys.

"Um, no, more like a brother but he is a good guy-"

"Once you get to know him? I'm sure. Let's face it, he hates me" he concluded bluntly as he waved a gun in a 'it's obvious' gesture. America sighed and looked at all the guns that were pulled out of the bag and set on the bed, there had to be more than twenty-five as far as he could tell and King was still unloading them.

"How do you afford all these?" The Captain inquired as he picked up a handgun a bit disinclined and looked it over before looking to the vampire hunter.

"I date a lot of older men…so, how about it? My nine o'clock canceled on me so I'm free tonight"

The Avenger's brows knitted together and he coughed, dropping the gun back on the bed.

"You okay man?" He asked as he patted the larger mans back. The Captain nodded and cleared his throat, straightening up and heading for the door. "Y-yeah, thanks, I'll let you get settled now. We'll discuss the details later."

Hannibal watched the door shut and he opened his mouth to yell but the Captain was probably long gone by now. "Details? Wait, what about my decoder ring?" he groaned to himself with a small smile as he continued to unload his toys.