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"Crosses don't shii...they uh, don't work"

"What a let down, I thought all those movies had the right idea"

"So did I" King was at the head of the long over waxed table in a conference room, now he knew it was one of many, with all the Avengers sitting down. He was running through what's effective against vampires and when a 'guy', that's what he called him, and was corrected, Bruce asked about the effectiveness of crosses. He gave his answer; they don't work, only to have Peter bring up movies. At this point the hunter wanted out of this shiny tower and into the action but this was necessary if he didn't want anyone to die.

"So, crosses don't work. How about garlic?"

"Yeah, those fuuu...suckers are allergic to that stuff big time"

"What else would work against them?"

"Remember my guns you were looking at Steve?"


"Silver bullets" he said as he pulled one of his guns from its holster on his waist and held it up then set it on the table.

"So, garlic, silver...that it?"

"Sunlight of course...or a UV-"

"Mr. Stark"

"What is it P-"

"You guys better look at this" Pepper came in the room, flushed like she took the stairs all the way from the lobby, then grabbed a remote and pushed a button. A screen projected against the lowering shades of the large window, it was the news. Shit. The reporter looked pale like he was going to spew chunks all over the screen and light beads of swear trickled down his forehead. Shit.

"-llowing video is graphic" The man informed as he looked down at his desk and King was sure he was going to hurl. "Again, viewer discretion is strongly advised...the following video...is graphic". A small screen in the top right hand corner appeared with a video then the image took over the whole screen.

It was a Caucasian woman on the screen this time as she looked a bit...off, "There has just been a shooting, if you look over my shoulder you can see that the police have captured the man that..." The camera zoomed in behind her and it showed four uniforms on the screen and two civilians, one on the ground pooling blood around him. The police got the man cuffed and in his car then drove off, the two remaining officers stood around the area while other people in uniforms came. "...no motive for the shooting-" She was cut off by a shrill scream that sent chills up King's spine, he didn't notice that the screen had been focused on her till they zoomed in again and his eyes narrowed. The man had gotten up off the floor and was attacking the surrounding people; from far away it was hard to tell what exactly was going on. Everything that followed was a blur till the camera suddenly dropped to the floor, for a short wile the only thing on the screen was the camera light lighting up the asphalt, then the reporter's face fell before the camera. She looked terrified, her brown tearing eyes shocked with pure horror, the man was hardly in view on the screen when he mercilessly dug into her neck. The crimson liquid poured from her wound fast, blood fell from her mouth and jumped onto the screen when she coughed on the chocking blood. Shit Shit.

"No one knows what exactly happened last night but-" The projecting screen cut and the shades came back up to filter sunlight into the room. He sat there just looking at the window where the video was, shocked; he'd seen some shit in the days but...

"You alright son?"

"Y-yeah" He gave a slight nod and shook it off, he had to be strong. King looked over everyone at the table, Tony looked disturbed and Steve looked...shocked but they covered it pretty well compared to everyone else. A woman he only knew as Jessica (he'd met her in the elevator, not interested) looked horrified, same as the bug lady, Wasp (They met before the first conference, not interested). Aside from looking disturbed, the doctor looked like he wanted to analyze the video, Peter looked disgusted and the big guy...well King thought he was an interesting guy. "We need to handle this but I need to make sure you guys are ready for" He was in a spot, they needed to deal with this as soon as possible but at the same time he didn't want to loose anyone of them, especially Tony and Steve, they were good friends.

After that feed on the news, Steve cleared them for a sweep of the city tonight. King was glad he could finally shoot something, that's what he was here for wasn't it? The hunter held his gun up, aiming it at a large window and looked down the barrel, "Good" He holstered the gun and set off to meet with The Avengers, a few doors down from his own, a rich blue caught his eyes. Hannibal walked over to the door and peaked inside before pushing it open a bit more to reveal Captain America. "What's with the hat?" he inquired bluntly, spotting the article in the man's large hands.

"It's a mask" Steve corrected as he pulled it on and turned to face the hunter.

"Yeah, well, it's got...wings on it. Seriously, what's up with that? It's like Chicken-Head"

"Chickens can't fly"

"Neither can your head." The comment earned a small smile from the Captain, "So, you're uh...costume" Hannibal started as he gestured to him and his shield that lay on the bed.

"What about it?"

"The American flag"

"Yes...I am Captain Ameri-"

"I know, I know but you only have three stars..." There was a pause, Steve looked himself over then his shield before King spoke again, "American flag has 50 stars last I checked" Hannibal crossed his arms and just watched the older man with a small smile, earning a 'and your point' look. "So, I say, the other forty seven are on your boxers" He said, pointing an index finger below Steve's waist.

"Really?" The blond asked with a soft laugh, he thought it was funny that the hunter came up with this off the top of his head or had been thinking about this since they met but the fact that he even thought this all out...it was hilarious. "Well, I guess you'll have to find out"