Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Combat Evolved

This story takes place just before the events of Star Trek Elite Force I and right after Halo 3. 7 of 9 detects something odd from Astrometrics and asks the captain to come down and take a look.

Chapter 1: Something strange

Captain Janeway walked into Astrometrics looked up and said "What do you have for me 7?"

"An unusual phenomenon Captain, it appeared as a rupture in space-time, fluctuated as if something was coming through then collapsed. Afterwards I ran a detailed scan and I found this." Said 7 of 9

Pressing some buttons she isolated a piece of debris near where the anomaly had been.

"This appears to be a ship of some kind or rather part of it anyway. I'm not detecting any life support or reactor emissions, although there is a power signature on board I cannot identify it."

"How far away is it?"

"Approximately one day's journey at warp 5."

"Sounds interesting send the coordinates to the helm. Astrometrics to bridge, helm set a course for the coordinates you will be receiving."

As 7 of 9 worked the controls the helm officer replied "Aye Captain receiving coordinates now."

"Engage at warp 5."

A day later they arrived at they're destination. Ensign Kim ran several scans then said "Captain, I'm not sure but I think I'm reading a life sign on the vessel."

"I thought you said there was no life support."

"Yes, Captain but, if my sensor readings are correct I believe they may be in some sort of stasis."

"Can you get a lock on him?"

"No, he must be in a stasis or cryo chamber."

"I guess we'll do it the old fashioned way. Tuvok, Paris and Kim, go over there and see if you can't revive this person."

"Aye sir." Said Tuvok

The three men entered a turbolift and went to a transporter room. Tuvok got some environmental suits out and the team put them on as there was no air on the other ship. When they were on the transporter pad Tuvok said "Energize."