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Sympathetic Fire

Spike and Wordy were covering Parker, like they often did when he was negotiating. One was just slightly in front of the other, so that they wouldn't accidently shoot each other. Their job was to protect Parker and each other. They both knew this and they both were very good at their jobs.

The negotiating was almost at an end. The subject had taken a hostage female, but Parker did what he always did, and managed to get the guy to calm down enough to reason with him. The subject was almost at the point of putting his gun down when the shot rang out.

Parker and Spike dropped for cover. Wordy simply dropped. Spike knew Wordy had been hit, but he should have fallen backward if the shot came from the subject. It was in that instant that Spike knew Wordy had been hit by sympathetic fire.

The subject panicked and shot his gun at the first available subject in view – Wordy. The next bullet that rang out ended the whole situation. It was Jules who was Sierra 1 that day, and on Ed's orders, she shot the subject before he could shoot anyone else.

As soon as the subject went down, Spike darted out to check Wordy. There was blood dripping down his back. "Officer down! Officer down!" Spike yelled. "Hold on buddy, the ambulance is right here. You're going to be fine. Just fine."

Parker was busy making room for the EMS guys to make their way to Wordy.

As Spike held him, Wordy closed his eyes. Spike didn't remember screaming, but it was Parker who had to drag him off of Wordy's body.

"He's alive, Spike, but we have to make room," Parker said. Spike went limp in Parker's arms and Parker released the tension he had on the younger man.

"What the hell happened? Wordy was shot in the back boss! Who shot him!" Spike turned to the mass of cops that had assembled behind them. They were supposed to be the second line of defence. They weren't supposed to shoot anyone. "Who shot my teammate! Which one of you did it!"

"Don't do this Spike".

"Boss, Wordy's been shot by one of us. One of US!" Spike pointed at all the uniforms looking gloomily behind them.

"I know. Let SIU handle it. I need you to go to the hospital, okay. Jules and I are going to be questioned by SIU."

"The hospital, right. I need to call Shel."

"I've made the call Spike," Lou said as he came out from the truck. "C'mon. Sam's got the SUV ready. We'll keep you informed boss".

Parker nodded as he headed to Jules. This call had not been by the book. He didn't know what the media was going to make of this.

This drabble was inspired by the first episode where Sergeant Parker uses the term "sympathetic fire". I absolutely love Wordy's character but am wondering if I should kill him in this story? I'll keep writing and see where this leads. It's going to be a two chapter story. I love reviews, so please take the time to review.