Thanks for the reviews. For those of you not familiar with Toronto, Mount Sinai is an actual hospital in Toronto. It's downtown, and since I'm assuming that the SRU headquaters would be somewhere downtownish, I thought I would use an actual hospital. Please review.

Two hours later, Jules and Parker arrived at Mount Sinai hospital.

Wordy, it appeared, was going to be fine. The bullet went clean though, missing his spine. He had lost a lot of blood, drifted in and out of consciousness before waking up to the sight of his three daughters and beautiful wife.

As soon as he had regained consciousness he began a long time standing debate with Spike over which was the ultimate sport of all time. Wordy said hockey, Spike said football. Shelly was holding her youngest daughter in her arms and rolling her eyes. Her man was safe and on the mend if he and Spike were getting into sport arguments.

Ed was laughing and joining in on the argument as he believed that nothing was a better sport than hockey!

Sam dared to bring basketball into the equation and Spike started again with his reason why football was better than hockey and basketball combined.

Lewis just smiled and nodded his head, remaining neutral.

"What do you think Jules? Hockey, basketball, or football?" Wordy asked.

Jules looked at the men in her team. Always the one to cause trouble when needed, she replied, "Soccer."

There was an eruption of laughter from everyone but Spike. "C'mon Jules, that's a copout! Boss, help us out here!"

All eyes were on Parker. The team Sergeant, and the one who could talk anyone down from any situation, Parker simply smiled and said, "Curling."

Shelly saw the look of horror that passed over Wordy's face and couldn't help but laugh at her husband. His second family was like no other she had ever encountered. She was very glad that they were all here.

Parker was the first one to laugh at his own response, and his laugh was so contagious that the rest of the team started laughing right along with him.