This story kinda just sorta popped up in my yeah. :)

"Yes, yes, that's alright, Ms. Swan."

I nodded then frowned.

I walked into the dark hallway of Forks High and turned right, towards the orange-ish red rectangularish squares.

I gulped when I saw a bulging one.

A bulging one with over-flowing papers and books.

"God..." I sighed.

A pair of cold, long, strong arms wrapped tightly around my waist, with a whispered hello in my ear, making me shiver.

"Hi." I answered, breathlessly.

"What are you doing, love?" he asked, in his soothing, velvety voice.

I sighed.

"Ugh. You do not wanna know. Trust me."

"Hm?" he stared, raising up one eyebrow.

One, perfectly sculptured eyebrow.


He chuckled quietly and I rolled my eyes.

"Why is this such a horrible thing?"

I sighed, and started punching in my combination.

I finished, and pulled my body over to the left, in front of Edward.

I opened it quickly, and everything spilled out.


Books, papers, clothes, ripped things, pencils, pens, money, and more...

"Uh, wow, Bella." he said.

Two teachers came out to see if there was and earthquake or hurricane, I'd bet.

I blushed, and bent down, picking up my things.

Edward had been hiding behind a trophy case.

Obviously, he had snuck out of homeroom.

I threw trashed things and papers at him.

He threw them in a bin next to him.

After about 20 minutes of cleaning, I put my needed things back in my locker.

I closed it, and nothing was sticking out.

I sighed of relief, leaning back against my locker.

Edward had one eyebrow raised, and a paper in his hand.

I hadn't seen that...

I got it from his hand, and read.

Bella, my sweetie,

I know that you're new, and all, but I would think you might have some "urges" and if so, call me...PLEASE!

Mike Newton (Room 230)

There was something taped in there.

A condom.

I gasped, blushed, and fell to the ground, throwing the rubber thing at him.

He quickly ripped it, and hung that and a new card from the student bulliten, which almost everyone read.

The next day, Mike was at the bulliten board, reading the card, and gasped, as Jess read it, too.

Bella, love,

I want to thank Mike Newton for my new favorite rubber of all time...and I'm very glad we used it wisely. Very wisely. So can you please give Michael my gratitude of appreciation? Thank you, my love. Even though this was a year old, it worked great!

Love you, and I'll see you tonight.

Edward Cullen

I blushed and ran toward him.

"Nice revenge." I murmured into his chest.

"Heh, well, Alice can see the future...and I am coming over I will take you under your covers, turn off all of the lights, hold you close..."

I gasped.

"So you can see my new glow-in-the-dark wristband!" He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes, and punched him playfully, though, giving myself a bruise.

He then kissed my hair, and we walked to Biology, hand in hand.