Dear Sasuke,

It has been a long time since Naruto, Sai, Yamamoto-taicho, and I encountered you at Orochimaru's hideout. Many things changed in Konoha and some stayed the same like Naruto being obliviousness about Hinata's feelings for him. Do you remember back to the night when you defected from the village and I tried to stop you? Remember how I professed my love for you and that I'll wait for you? The feelings I had for you waivered from you to your brother, Itachi during a mission. It was when Gaara, the now current Kazekage of the Sand Village, was taken from the village by Deidara of the Akatsuki to remove the jinjuuriki from his body. Kakashi-sensei was with us at the time and Team 7 encountered your brother and his partner. They watched in the forest surrounding us as we fought there clones. Itachi had activated his Sharingan and I made the mistake of looking into his eyes.

Trapped in the world of Tsukiyomi my Inner tried to break the Genjutsu but it was futile. It was at that moment that had Itachi curious about me, so for the next seventy-two hours we talked about anything and everything. After the whole ordeal with the other Akatsuki members and Gaara coming back to life Itachi kept tabs on me for a while. At the beginning it was random, he would come and just watch me sleep or leaving little notes asking how I'm doing. I truly don't know when it happened but when I realized that I had fallen for him I resigned as a shinobi. Leaving the village I made a cabin in the forest surrounding the only place I had known as home for so long, it took awhile but with the help from Itachi we were able to finish the cabin in three months. And in that time he became comfortable to share his past with me not only that but he came to realize the feelings he had for me.

We married in October, in secret of course, and since Tsunade-sama sends letters every so often, told her that I'm married. I told her to keep it a secret from everyone else and soon after I found out that I was pregnant. The months carried on with Itachi coming home whenever he could and the delivery date was fast approaching. On the 23rd of July I gave birth to two healthy boys, Riku and Raiku. Now that I think about it, isn't that your birthday also? Although we loved living in the forest we had to moved to a more populated area where Itachi wouldn't be recognize to raise our family. I hope that in time you will be able to seize hunting your brother for killing the Uchiha clan and talk about the night instead of fighting. Farewell Sasuke I hope that you find the one person who will be at your side till the end of time.

Uchiha, Sakura