A/N: This is based on a true story that happened to one of my friends. I honestly don't know how something like this can happen but its freaking hilarious!

Belt buckles

When you're on an island that serves you nothing but brown sludge to eat, you learn how to go without food. Courtney had never intended to lose weight but after seeing what Chef could make for them she knew she was more than willing to starve a little, besides even when chef did give them something somewhat edible it was never much.

Courtney had probably lost a good 2 to 3 inches from her waist and needed to start wearing a belt in order to keep her pants from slipping. God forbid any of the guys, especially Duncan, saw her underwear.

It was just another day and Courtney had to use the bathroom, unfortunately when she got to the facility room all the stalls were taken up. The girls usually threw out all the boys when it came to shower time, but throughout the rest of the day the stalls were occupied by both sexes, which in Courtney's opinion was revolting considering how messy and disgusting boys could be, especially when it came to the bathroom. (A/N: seriously guys try to not to miss all the time)

Finally Courtney heard one of the toilets flush and just when she got her hopes up, out came Duncan.

"What's up princess?" Duncan asked still buckling his belt.

Courtney shuddered and considered waiting for another stall to be open, but she really had to pee. "Duncan would you just hurry up getting on your pants so I can go to the restroom."

Duncan scoffed and continued to fiddle with his belt buckle which was huge metal skull with crossbones. "Last night you were telling me to hurry up and take them off," Duncan teased deviously.

Courtney gasped. "You're such a pig!"

Duncan only snickered. "Whatever," he said finally getting his belt adjusted. "Just do your business you big prude."

Courtney started to walk towards the stall shoving past Duncan. "I am not pru-"

Just as Courtney was about to walk in the stall something pulled at the waist of her pants and prevented her from entering, even more weird was the fact that she was so freaking close to Duncan.

When Courtney looked down she realized that one of the cross bones on Duncan's skull had caught in the buckle of her belt. She had gotten too close to him and now she was stuck to him at the waist. 'Oh no!'

"Duncan get off!" Courtney yelled trying to free herself. They were so damn close Courtney could feel Duncan's breath on her.

"I didn't mean to get on!" Duncan said trying to get their belt buckles apart. All the while though, Duncan was laughing and smiling inside, he couldn't deny that he kind of liked being stuck this way with her. If the time they had gotten their dumb deer antler hats tangled together hadn't been priceless then this took the cake.

Courtney was trying not to touch him as much as possible, but their legs, waist and everything else were rubbing up against each other. Courtney felt her face going red and her skin begin to tingle; she wasn't use to this kind of physical contact.

Much to her dismay she heard the other toilets begin to flush and other people begin to exit their stalls. Courtney tried to be invisible but it was useless.

"Whoa! Duncan!" Owen hooted. "I knew you were into the dirty stuff but I didn't think this dirty."

"Well you know me," Duncan said proudly winking.

Courtney kneed him in the crotch which sent Duncan staggering backwards. Luckily he caught a wall before they both fell and Courtney squeaked when his hands grabbed her waist. She knew he was just supporting them both from falling but that didn't make things any better.

Courtney pushed herself off his chest and glared at him. "Just get us out of this," she hissed

"Well I would but you're not helping!" Duncan hissed back still in pain from the low blow. He started to fiddle with the buckles again but Courtney moved his hands and tried to do it herself.

Duncan smirked. "Well I knew you liked to be in charge but this-'' He stopped talking when she gave him a death glare, he didn't want his balls to shrink any more than they already had.

"Oh my god you guys, I've heard of sexual frustration but this is just too much." Gwen said giggling.

Courtney turned her head towards Gwen and yelled at her "There is no sexual frustration!"

"Oh yeah this is completely innocent," chided Gwen.

"Would you stop moving," Duncan demanded Courtney trying to unhook the buckles himself again.

Courtney tried to move his hands away but he was too strong. "Duncan just stop you don't know what you're doing."

Duncan snorted. "Course I know what I'm doing, this isn't the first time I've done this."

Courtney's face went bright red and she was about to yell at him when all of a sudden Duncan hoisted her up in the air and sat her down on one of the bathroom counters. By now everyone was laughing their heads off.

"Duncan, what the hell!" yelled Courtney trying to stand back up. Duncan just stayed glued to his spot while Courtney shielded her eyes with her fists and yelled at everyone to stop laughing.

Duncan however seemed oblivious to everyone else in the room and continued to fiddle with the belts. The position was so awkward now that Duncan was standing right between her legs but he was really enjoying this and hoped he wouldn't be able to free them.

"This works a lot better when you're sitting down," he replied nonchalantly.

Another stall opened. "What's going- oh?" it was Bridget and she started to laugh hard. "I didn't realize Duncan and Courtney had finally decided to take it to the next level."

The laughter continued and Courtney tried desperately to escape it while at the same time trying to ignore Duncan and their position.

"Crap," Duncan groaned. "This sucker is stuck; you're going to have to take off your belt."

Courtney's mouth flew open and her eyes went huge. "Like hell I do! Why can't you just take off your own belt?"

Duncan just sneered at her. "Because you're the one who got us into this mess so you're the one who's getting us out! I would take off your belt for you but I prefer to keep both of my balls."

"How can you say this is my fault? You're the one with got your belt stuck in mine."

Duncan didn't even budge, he still standing right in front of her right against her and everything smiling devilishly, she could tell he was enjoying this and would probably get more pleasure out of it if she started taking off her belt. Courtney couldn't take it anymore, she was probably going to regret this for the rest of her life but no way in hell was she going to be the one taking her belt off.

Courtney grabbed the buckle of Duncan's belt roughly and pulled the strap through releasing the both of them. Duncan's pants, being baggy, slid off revealing his boxers. Now the room was filled with laughter.

Courtney gasped and put her hands over her eyes while Duncan stood in shock of what she just did.

Finally Courtney got up and ran out of the bathroom with Duncan's Belt still attached to her own.


"So dude did you ever get your belt back?" asked DJ still trying not to laugh after he heard the story.

"Yeah I got it back," said Duncan holding up what looked like melted metal.

"Whoa man! What did she do to it?"

Duncan shrugged. "She went to Chef and I guess he melted it off with his cooking stove or something. Anyway I don't care about the belt."

"You don't?" asked DJ confused.

Duncan looked over his shoulder to Courtney who was trying so hard to avoid eye contact with him. She glanced up at him for a second and went bright red before looking away again. He smiled and replied. "Nah, in fact I think I like the belt a whole lot better.

A/N: just something short and simple, I really like the episode when they get their deer antler hats stuck together and when I heard what happen to my friend I just had to record it. Hope you enjoyed. See you next time!