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WARNING! This is an Alice/Bella story, that might turn into more. Please, no flames!

'Come on, Bella, please?' begged Alice, her big eyes wide.

'Alice, we've been through this so many times!' I was almost whining. 'I know Edward liked the nurse costume, but what makes you think he'll like this one?' I held up the hanger.

'Because it's small, and sexy, and I just KNOW,' she smirked, pointing to her temple. 'So try it on for me, and then we can go home.'

I sighed. 'All right. Fine.' I marched into the change room area. 'But I am not showing you.'

Alice giggled. 'You know I will see you in it later!'

After trying it on and grudgingly admiring myself in a mirror, I reluctantly decided that even if Edward didn't like it, I did. I looked hot. I gave my reflection a wink, and then blushed, or would have, if I had blood. Ok, I might like this one. I could feel myself getting turned on. I quickly changed back into my street clothes and dragged Alice up to the cashier.

'Ok, I admit it, you were right. I like it, and I'm buying it.'

Alice gave a small squeal of excitement. 'Awesome! You'll have to show me when we get home!'

I would have blushed again at that. 'Alice!'


When we got home, Alice dragged me up to her bedroom to do my hair and makeup. To get me ready for my role. To try to butter me up to get me to try on the outfit for her. It wasn't going to work.

After less than half an hour, a record for Alice, she pronounced me ready and swung me around to look in the mirror. I looked at myself thoughtfully. Alice had put my hair up in low pigtails tied with a red ribbon and waved the hair that hung down my back. My makeup was fairly light, except for my lips, which she had painted a vibrant red. It looked as if it would match one of the colours in my skirt perfectly.

'I like it.' I sounded almost surprised.

Alice looked proud of herself. 'I knew you would. Now, go put on your outfit. I have to make sure the lipstick and hair ribbons go properly.'

I sighed again. 'I suppose that makes sense. I'll show you.'

Alice broke out into a smile. 'Don't sound so discouraged. You're sexy. Act it!'

I couldn't help but smile back at her. I got dressed in Alice's bathroom, examining myself in the mirror again as I did so. I did look damn good. I felt myself get a little wet as I let my gaze linger on the swell of my breasts and the hem of the short little skirt that barely hid my ass. Mmm, I would tap that! I would have blushed again, to hear myself think those thoughts. Who would have thought that shy little Bella would be interested in the female body? Certainly not me.

I stepped out of the bathroom, my eyes finding Alice, who was seated on her bed. Her eyes widened as I re-entered her room. She let out a low whistle.

'Bel-la! Wow. I knew you would look good as a naughty school girl, but seeing you here is so much better than in my imagination!'

'Alice! Stop it. You're making me blush!'

We both laughed then.

'Silly Bella. You're adorable. Get used to being told that you're sexy,' said Alice. 'Now let me fix your hair.'

Alice stood on tiptoe in front of me and arranged my hair with her brush, gently bringing some strands to the front and letting others fall behind my shoulders.

'Oops, I dropped the brush,' said Alice, peering around my body.

'No problem, I'll get it,' I said, as I turned around to bend over and get it from the floor. A gasp met my ears. I had forgotten what I was wearing, and when I had bent over, my ass had been fully exposed, other than my lacy black thong.

I whirled around to face Alice, forgetting the brush in my haste. 'Alice, I…'

I was silenced by Alice pressing herself up against me and moulding her lips to mine. I gasped and Alice slipped her tongue inside my mouth, running it over my lips and then massaging my tongue. She pulled away, looking in my eyes hesitantly.

I brought my fingers up to my lips. 'Alice? What…'

Alice turned away from me. 'I'm sorry Bella. I shouldn't have taken advantage of you like that. Just…you bent over, and my instincts kicked in. You're so hot, you know that? I'm sorry…'

I grabbed her upper arms. 'Alice, I think you're hot, too, but what about the boys? What would they think? Say?'

Alice looked me straight in the eyes. 'Jasper would want me to be happy. And I KNOW,' she tapped her temple again, 'that Edward would want the same thing for you.'

I hesitated for a moment, and then drew Alice closer to me. 'It would make you happy to kiss me?' I breathed.

'I would be happy to do way more than just kiss you,' winked Alice.

I took a deep breath, even though I didn't need it, and pressed my lips to hers. Our lips moved slowly against each other, memorizing the feel of each other's mouth. My tongue shyly ran along Alice's lips, begging for entrance. She moaned and opened her mouth to me, running her tongue along mine, leading them into a dance together between our mouths. I placed one hand behind her head, grabbing at the hairs on the nape of her neck, pulling her head back lightly to deepen the kiss. My other hand ran up and down her back, tracing nonsensical patterns in the material of her shirt. One of Alice's hands rubbed over my tummy and then up to palm my breast, which she squeezed. The other found its place on my bare ass, under my skirt and she kneaded the flesh she found there. I moaned deep in my throat and kissed down her neck.

'Oh, Alice!' I gasped out. 'I want to feel you – more of you!'

Smirking slightly, Alice pulled away and teasingly started to play with the hem of her shirt. Slowly she lifted it, revealing more and more of her silky soft skin to my hungry eyes until she revealed her small breasts wrapped in red lace. I barely noticed her shirt leaving her body. Alice then stepped towards me and undid the solitary button that held my shirt on my body. She slid my shirt off my shoulders, taking in the black bra that encased my breasts. Slowly, teasingly, she ran the tip of her finger along the outline of my bra, dipping it underneath every time she came near the largest swell of my breasts. Her finger caught on my puckered areola, and I picked Alice up and put her on her bed. (A/N Yes, Alice and Jasper have a bed – all the vampire couples do. It's so much easier to make love on a bed, rather than a couch, don't you think?) I climbed on top of her and imitated what her fingers had done to me earlier, except I used my tongue. Alice arched up into my mouth.

'Bella!' she moaned, throwing her head back on her shoulders.

I reached around Alice's tiny body and unclasped her bra, and then biting it in the centre, I pulled it off of her and threw it off the edge of the bed. I took a moment to drink Alice in, and then latched my mouth onto one of her nipples, sucking the peak into my mouth and biting gently, making Alice gasp out my name.

All of a sudden, I found myself lying on my back, Alice straddling my waist. 'You are so very sexy,' she murmured. 'I want to make you moan MY name, now.' She undid the front clasp of my bra, brushing the cups off my body with a delicate touch. She ran her fingertips over my entire front, taking care to circle the nipple without actually touching it.

'Alice, please!' I whispered.

'Please what?' she whispered back.


Biting back a grin, Alice lowered her body down so that her breasts were touching mine, eliciting a moan from both of us. Her tongue plundered my mouth, making me moan as her tiny body rocked over mine. Our breasts were creating delicious friction against each other. 'Alice, you feel so good. I want to feel more of you!' I groaned into her mouth, as my hands reached around and grabbed her ass tightly, bringing her up against me. My hands ran around to the front of her jeans, working deftly on the button and zipper of her jeans.

Alice got off of me and stood beside me on the floor. 'Come stand next to me.'

I got off the bed, trembling with anticipation.

She reached out for me, running her hands along my body, down to my hips. 'Put your leg on the bed.'

I lifted up my right leg, and Alice traced her fingers along my leg, from my knee up to where my skirt met my thigh. I whimpered as her fingers flitted along my hemline. 'Do you want more?' whispered Alice.

'God, yes!' I moaned.

Alice pushed her hand up the inside of my thigh until she met the edge of my black thong. She rubbed the pads of her fingers across my wet heat and I moaned in response. Encouraged, Alice slid underneath the scrap of fabric and stroked my naked lips. She slipped one delicate finger inside my slit and groaned. 'Bella, you're so wet for me!' She pulled her finger back out and brought it up to her lips. Daintily, she flicked her tongue out and licked my juices off her finger. Overcome by emotions, I leaned in to help her lick her finger, our tongues dancing around her finger like dancers around a pole. Alice groaned again and crushed herself to me, removing her finger from our lips and pressing her lips to mine.

'These really need to come off,' I panted as I tugged on her jeans.

'Yours, too!'

We separated briefly and ripped the remainder of our clothes off. I was thankful for my vampiric speed as we only had to be apart for such a short time. I picked up Alice again and threw her on her bed, dragging her hips to the edge. I sat myself down on the floor and prepared to make a feast of Alice. First, I took a good look. After all, I might have the same parts, but it was rather difficult to see myself. I knew what I liked, and decided to try that first. I leaned forward and blew a soft breath over her, making her squirm. I placed my hands on her hips to hold her still. I wet my tongue and ran it from her slit all the way up to her clit. Alice's hips bucked, hard. I tightened my hold. I settled my tongue on Alice's clit, lapping at it with long strokes and then switching to hard little flicks. Alice moaned and gasped, her hands settling in my hair, twisting amongst the strands. I pulled her nub into my mouth and sucked on it, causing her to scream out my name. I hummed with pleasure and licked back down to her slit, sliding my tongue inside of her. After rolling it around inside of her for a while, I starting tongue-fucking her. Alice's hips were bucking against my hands like mad and I could hear her falling apart.

'Bella you're going to make me cum!' Alice screamed.

I kept up the thrusting of my tongue in and out of her as she came in my mouth, her body gushing her thick, white juice. I stayed at her entrance as she came down from her high, drinking up as much of her fluids as I could manage.

'Alice, you taste so fucking good, you have no idea,' I murmured as I climbed up to join Alice on the bed.

'That was…amazing,' gasped Alice. 'Just…wow.' She turned to look at me, almost shy. 'I want to make you feel that good. I just hope that I can.'

I grinned at the beautiful vampire in front of me. 'I'm sure you'll be able to. You're just as fantastic!' I winked at her.

'Just let me catch my breath,' moaned Alice. 'I can't move yet.'

I burned with pride that I could make Alice feel this way. But I also burned with desire. Eating her out had been a most erotic experience that had turned me on to an unbelievable degree, and I needed release. I trailed my hand over my body, running my fingertips over my breasts, then down to my belly, and then even lower. I dipped inside myself, teasing, and my head fell back as I let out a low moan.

'Bella, let me,' whispered Alice.

Alice pressed her naked body up against my side and fluttered her fingers over my body, imitating what I had done just a moment ago. She traced around my nipple, pulling softly at the nub before moving on to the other peak. She replaced her hand with her mouth, licking and biting at my breasts, as her hand travelled down to touch my clit. She rubbed it slowly, pinching lightly with her nails and making me arch back on the bed with a scream. She massaged my clit, rubbing away the brief pain and turning it into pleasure. She slowly let her fingers slide lower and lower until they reached my slit. She slid one finger inside me, and curled it slightly, hitting a spot on my wall that made me moan.

'More, Alice, more!' I groaned out.

Spurred by my pleas, Alice slid another finger inside of me, and then another. She rocked them in and out of me, creating a delicious friction.

'Do you want more, Bella? Can you handle it?' whispered Alice in my ear.

'God, Alice, I want more of you!'

Alice's baby finger joined the rest, as her thumb rubbed my clit, causing me to spasm with pleasure.

'Fuck, Alice, you're going to make me cum!' I screamed.

'Cum for me, Bella,' whispered Alice in a seductive tone. 'I want you to cum.'

'Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice!' I screamed, as my body rocked with its orgasm.

Alice kept pumping her fingers in and out of me, letting me ride out my orgasm. When I stopped clenching around her fingers, Alice lowered her body down and started licking my clit. Her hand was drenched with my juices and she clenched it into a fist, and slowly started pushing it into me.

'Oh GOD, Alice!' I whimpered as she pushed her fist deep into me.

Once she had inserted herself up to her wrist inside of me, she paused, letting me get used to being so stretched. She continued to flick her tongue on my clit, alternating between soft and hard. She kept her eyes on my face, and I was astonished to see the lust in her eyes. Not that I could concentrate on that for long. He hand started to move within me, pumping in and out so fast that I could barely see the movement. It was a blur. I rocketed up to my peak and crashed over the edge with such a loud scream that I wouldn't have been surprised if people in La Push didn't hear me.

Alice climbed back on top of me. 'Did I make you feel good?' She licked her lips. 'Because you sure taste good.' Alice started licking her fist like a lollipop, getting all of my juices.

'I'm not done with you yet, Alice. We're going to do this way more often. And I have a few ideas that you might like.' I murmured in her ear.

Alice's eyes glazed over, and I knew she was glancing into the future.

'Oh Bella,' she breathed. 'I can't wait to try that with you. I have a feeling that we're going to get closer than ever in the next few days.'

I bent over to kiss Alice's lips, tasting myself on them. 'I can't get enough of you. We might be like this for weeks, or even months!'

We giggled and kissed some more, our kisses getting more and more heated as our tongues danced together and our hands roamed each other's bodies.

'Well, this is unexpected!'

Our heads whipped towards the doorway and a smirk crossed Alice's face. 'Care to join us?' she called.

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