I don't own transformers - Hasbro,Dreamworks/Paramount do. I only own Luna, Pegasus, Astra, Firebird, Sky Stryke and Solaris.

Chapter One

My Name is Luna and this is my story. Be warned it is not a happy tale.

The Screaming and shouting never stops. My father has a violent temper which is made worse by going on drinking binges. Tonight is no different, in fact it is worse as he has just lost the last battle in a war that has been going on for many,many years. He is the Decepticon leader known as Sky Stryke and he is very narked off indeed, he is also drunk, (very,very drunk). "Where are you femmes?" he bellows. He trips over a small table and i can't help giggling. Mother tells me off. Dad shouts "Those slagging Autobots"!

Mother tells me to go and hide as she knows that she is in for a beating, but she gives me a small box to keep safe. i run and find my secret hiding place just as a loud crash comes from the lounge and i can hear mother shouting at him. I hate it when they fight, no, in fact i hate him. he starts yelling again "That little Autobot upstart, Rodimus Prime has just destroyed the last of my troops and he is on his way here to arrest me, but he won't get me." Mother laughed at him and then i hear another crash followed by lots of crashing and swearing. I try not to cry but the tears start to flow.

All of a sudden it goes silent.