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Chapter 18

Luna was watching her little sister running around the room, chasing a red,silver and pink panther. Sora skidded to a halt in front of Luna and transformed. She said "You need to go and recharge, mistress Luna, I detect your energy levels are low".

Luna nodded and replied "I can't believe how often Solaris needs feeding".

Sora said "I will take him to the nursery so that you can sleep".

Just then, Firebird ran in, tapped Sora on the leg and said "Tag! You're it now".

But Sora told her that she was helping her big sister as she was tired and needed some rest so their game must wait until another time.

After a few days Rodimus decided it was time to introduce his eldest daughter and his first grandchild to the population. He told the people that his daughter had been raised a decepticon but had not followed their ideals. He also told them that he would not tolerate anyone being nasty towards her or hurting her and anyone who does so will be punished severely. He went on to tell them about Solaris and how he had survived his early arrival and with First Aids permission was able to promise that any new sparklings born before 6 weeks will now stand a chance of survival. The crowd erupted in a loud cheer and once they had quietened down he then said "I have another announcement to make. My father has returned but he will not be taking leadership as he feels that he is too old, so I will remain as leader for the foreseeable future".

Rodimus arranged for a private funeral service so that Luna could say goodbye to her mother properly and hoped that one day Luna could forget about her traumatic Sparkling/younglinghood.

Luna's POV

My life has gone from being in the pits to finding my family and it was bigger than I ever imagined. I have a beautiful son who does not show any of his fathers traits, thank Primus!. I am able to move forward now as the other day the one bot that made my life the pits had been captured and sentenced to death for his truly evil crimes against femmes. Father asked me if I wished to be present at the execution but to know that Shockwave was going to pay was enough for me to go on.

As the execution took place, I was told that several decepticons had arrived and was seeking a meeting with me as they thought I was the new leader so Father allowed the meeting to take place. Soundwave walked forward and said "I surrender to the autobots and am ready to accept any punishment I was willing to hand out . I looked at him and said " Soundwave, I will not punish you as you once told me something. Can you remember what that was?".

He shook his head and said " I cannot remember, Lady Luna".

I looked at father who was seated near the door. He smiled at me and then I told Soundwave what he had said, and then I told him about my real father. To cut to the chase, Soundwave offlined in shock followed by the other bots. After accepting the surrender I went back home where I saw Firebird playing with Solaris who had just learned to sit up. I walked into my new bedroom and sank down onto my berth and started to cry.

"Oh why did you leave us Starscream?, where are you hiding?".


Rodimus Prime looked across the room at his family. He now had two beautiful daughters and a little grandson. He was pleased to hear that Optimus and Elita were going to stay on Cybertron as they wished to see his granddaughters and great grandson grow up. Many Decepticons had switched sides and the war was finally over.

The End

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