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A recognizable, short figure with a top hat sat at the edge of the shore, looking endlessly at the horizon in front of him. The blue waters gave off an appealing vision to the host.

"A boat is soon to arrive in minutes. On it, our ten players selected from all over the Mushroom Kingdom to compete in our special game. Every one of them has come here to win, to succeed, to triumph over the others. They didn't come to this place to relax in the majestic scene of paradise. They are here, determined to solve the mystery surrounding this rather tropical-like setting. The mystery? To figure out the answer to one simple question."

In the distance, the host spots the motor boat traveling towards him, ripping across the surface of the water violently to its destination.

"Who is the Mole?"

The Mole: Saboteur's Island

The boat finally reached the island. As soon as it became stationary, a player stepped out into the open air. Energetically, he stepped onto the sand.


Surname: Kong

Birthday: October 21

Occupation: Competitive Kart Racer

A second person stepped from the boat. She looked around, pleased and happy at the location she had arrived at.

PLAYER: Rosalina

Surname: Galaxye

Birthday: January 5

Occupation: Flight Attendant

The third person to step down could barely wait to get off the crowded vehicle. She straightened her bow out and stepped down onto the sand.


Surname: Koopa

Birthday: November 7

Occupation: Singer/Dressmaker

The fourth person to get off the boat was smiling from ear to ear, all from excitement. The bright sun had no effect on him.


Surname: Vaporse

Birthday: February 20

Occupation: Security Guard

The fifth player stumbled his way off the boat in an inappropriate manner. He got off and looked at the others with a frown.


Surname: Garlimo

Birthday: September 29

Occupation: Moneylender/Explorer

The next person happily stepped off, feeling exhilarated and unfamiliar to the setting that she saw.

PLAYER: Goombella

Surname: Frankster

Birthday: April 16

Occupation: Archeologist

Another person stepped down carefully, full of life and fully baffled by her tropical surroundings.


Surname: Nimbis

Birthday: May 5

Occupation: Harpist/Oracle

The next person to get off the ship hopped and landed in a thud on the sand. He looked around and smiled.


Surname: Dino

Birthday: April 13

Occupation: Fruiterer/Waiter

A ninth person stepped off the boat. He took a deep breath, reminding himself of the wonderful scent of sea water.

PLAYER: Bobbery

Surname: Keelers

Birthday: August 17

Occupation: Admiral

The last person got off the boat carefully. She looked excited, wondering what would happen next once she was finally off the boat.

PLAYER: Vivian

Surname: Shadens

Birthday: October 4

Occupation: Visual Display Artist

Ten players. One saboteur. But who is it? Who is the Mole?

On the boat, the players had been separated by compartments and were not let out at all during the 3-hour trip, except for necessary emergencies and needs. Now, they had just seen each other for the first time. The boat left, ripping back to it's starting point as it had done coming here.

"Well, what a location," Diddy said with a grin, looking around at the players.

"Yeah, it actually made that boat ride worth it," said Wario. "Almost."

"No, the boat ride was nothing," Goombella said. "It's just so exhilarating to be here!" All players looked at each other.

"So, nice to meet you all!" said Wendy. "Is this all the players? Or are there still more on the boat?"

"Nope, just ten," Boo confirmed. "At least that's what I think it was."

"I really like this place," Vivian couldn't help saying. The others realized the same: their homes back in the Mushroom Kingdom were nothing compared to the tropical breeze and magnificent setting around them.

"It is...unfamiliar," Luvbi added.

"Not to me," Bobbery spoke out. "Reminds me just of home, and a younger version of myself."

"Were you a sea captain?" Rosalina asked him.

"Sea captain, admiral, same word," Bobbery replied proudly.

"This reminds me of my home too," Yoshi piped up. "But my island had fruits and uncivilized people everywhere."

"Yeah, I'm getting hungry now," Wario realized. "I want food." He looked behind them, at the humongous jungle of flora that made up nearly all of the island. He shrugged.

"But where are we anyway?" Yoshi asked curiously. The other players questioned themselves the same; they were in the middle of an island, with no means of transportation to get off.

"Well, I consider it absurd staying in this position," Luvbi said. "Go off, we must."

"Where to?" Wendy asked her. "I'm staying here until someone tells me where to go." Luvbi rolled her eyes.

"Okay, we're not going to just sit here and do nothing," Diddy spoke up. "Right?"

"We can," said Boo. "I kind of like staying here on this island."

"Yes, but we must be starting something," Rosalina thought. "I think we're doing something important at this very second."

"Oh, by all means, I can built us a boat out of of here," Bobbery joked. The others laughed with him, yet couldn't help but still be bewildered by their situation.

"Wait!" Vivian said suddenly. The others turned to her.

"What is it?" asked Diddy.

"I hear...something," Vivian told them. "Everyone, listen carefully." As soon as everyone turned their attention to the sound around them, they all began to hear a faint beeping sound. Boo turned around.

"Yeah, it's coming from behind me," he told the others. All at once, the ten of them walked towards the noise that was being admitted just a few feet away from them. They were all led to a batch of sand.

"Yep, it's under there," said Boo.

"Ooh, let's dig it up!" said Wendy, turning to Goombella.

"Well, it's not THAT deep that you'll need an archeologist to dig it up," Goombella said with a smile.

"You guys are so slow at this," said Wario, "I can show you how it's done!" He pulled his arm back for a second, then suddenly threw his fist down into the sand, directly above the source of beeping.

"Did you just punch the sand?" Bobbery asked, shaking his head. "Foolishness, I say!"

"Yes, and it worked," Wario said with a grin, sticking his hand further down into the sand. His mouth dropped open when his fingers felt a metal object, buried deep below the surface of the sand. He grabbed on tight to it and pulled his arm out.

"Hehe, I got it!" he said, almost in a boastful manner.

"It's a tape recorder," Wendy noticed. "Play it!" Wario pressed down on the only button visible on the front of the device, as the others listened carefully.

"Hello, players! This is your host, McHallyboo. The ten of your have been selected to play in a most magnificent game, and a stressful one indeed. You'll need strength, courage, and wisdom, but most of all, intelligence. This game will be lasting just a little bit over a month, but not all of you will make it there. The winner at the end, and only the winner, will be able to win up to a grand total of 500,000 coins."

"Oh my goodness," Vivian couldn't help saying. The others stared at the tape recorder in incredulity.

"However, one of you has a free pass to that very final round, because you are the Mole. Your job is to sabotage the efforts of the other nine, but most importantly, deflect suspicion off from yourself. To the other players: Do you know who the Mole is? At the end of this episode, the one who knows the least about the Mole will be leaving us. So, good luck." The tape shut off.

"A Mole?" Yoshi asked. "Why can't they use the word 'traitor' or 'saboteur'? I always thoughts Moles were those creatures who dug into the ground."

"Using the word 'traitor' would just make the game dull in my opinion," said Rosalina. "Hmm, I would find it amusing if Monty Mole was indeed a player." The other laughed.

"Well, whoever this Mole is, I'll be the first to find him," Diddy said, looking carefully at the others.

"Or her, perhaps" Vivian said.

"Well, I'm not sure about you guys," Boo spoke up, "but I had actually seen the first season of The Mole on television a few months ago. And that Mole was a female."

"Oh, then that just states it," said Bobbery, "The Mole is a male this time!"

"Or could it be a female again?" Rosalina asked. Nobody had an answer.

"Well, the only thing I'm sure of is that one of us here is the Mole," said Wendy. "My strategy: trust nobody!"

"It's near impossible to survive without a trust in possession!" Luvbi stated.

"Well, I think I can," Wendy said back. "I can do everything by myself."

"Try if you must," replied Luvbi. Wendy glared at her.

"Okay, so where's our first mission?" Goombella said, excitedly. Diddy scratched his head.

"What do you think?" he said to her. "The tape had nothing else spoken on it except the basics of this game."

"So is this game like Survivor?" Yoshi asked. "Cause we're on an island." Wario let out a groan.

"I hate Survivor," Wario mumbled. "Hate it, hate it." He kicked at a rock on the sand, which flopped into the hole that the tape recorder was in. The group was in silence.

Suddenly, they all looked up at the sky, hearing an intense noise from above. Into the view came an airplane, roaring straight above them and circling back as it passed the players below. The players were ecstatic, waving their hand in the air and jumping up and down, all in hopes of catching the plane's attention. They did.

"Whoo!" shouted Goombella. "They're here!"

"Over here, over here!" Wendy yelled. As the plane landed on the island, the players stepped back in awe, covering themselves from the immense amount of sand that flew about. The engine of the plane shut off and the players stood still, flabbergasted. Suddenly, a door opened.

"Players," said one of the producers, sticking his head out from inside the plane, "Your first mission begins here. All aboard!" The ten of them made their way over to the plane, unsure and nervous, but over all, excited as they wondered what the rest of the day had in store for them.

But one of them was feeling confident and showed no signs of uncertainty. He or she knew how the game entirely worked, and all its rules. One of the ten players knew exactly what was to come for the rest of the day, as well as what was to come for the next thirty-one days of their adventure.

As the Mole got into the airplane, they couldn't help but smile.

"This is as bad as the boat!" Wario complained, as the plane door closed. Suddenly, the engine of the plane started, and the plane lifted off from the island. In a few seconds, they were already in the sky.

"Oh, it's rather comfy in here," said Rosalina, looking at the soft cloth that covered the entirety of the floor. But then she frowned.

"Are these..." she started, but then stopped. Everyone else had picked up the objects that were littered across the floor of the plane.

"Oh, darn it!" Wendy said. "Parachutes? No thanks, I'm staying here."

"Ha!," Diddy said, laughing. "I had a gut feeling our first mission would be a big one."

"No biggie," said Goombella with a smile. "I signed up for an adventure."

"Yeah, I did too," said Vivian nervously, stretching out one of the parachutes.

"Hey, look at that," said Boo, taking one of the few seats aboard the miniature plane, "The screen just turned on." All of them looked to the front of the train at the screen, which no longer displayed a blank screen. Instead, live footage of a grinning host was being shown.

"Hello, players!" said McHallyboo in his grandest voice "And welcome to The Mole: Saboteur's Island! I don't have much time to explain all the rules and such, though you should have already gotten them if you had found the tape recorder in the sand, but! Here's your first mission for 20,000 coins: skydive off this plane and meet me at the ground." The players cheered enthusiasticly

"For each player that jumps," McHallyboo added, "1,000 coins will be added to the pot. That gives you a potential 10,000 coins if all of you jumps. The next part of the mission involves a little mental work. For every person that jumps, a number will be added to a combination. So if all players jump, a 10-digit combination will have to be memorized. If just one person decides to jump, the combination will only consist of only 1 digit. So how important is this combination? It's worth half the money in this mission, so good luck with it. Remember, the less people who jump, the easier the combination will be to remember. But, you lose money at the same time."

"Yeah, we're all going to jump anyway," said Goombella. "Right?"

"Count me in!" said Bobbery.

Goombella: I don't believe at all that Bobbery is the Mole. He's a respectable player here, but if he is, it's a great cover-up.

"So with that, good luck!" finished McHallyboo. "I'll be meeting you all at the bottom. Oh, and I can't wait to see which one of you has enough guts to go first. See you later!" The television flashed off.

"Okay, I'm going first," Vivian decided. "I need to do this."

"Are you sure?" asked Rosalina. Vivian nodded.

"Okay, then I'm going second," Rosalina said.

"I'll go third!" piped up Yoshi, looking at the others. Everyone nodded with agreement.

"Does anyone want to go fourth?" asked Boo. Nobody raised their hand.

"Okay, I'll go fourth."

"And we'll decide from there," Bobbery said suddenly. "In other words, we'll decide who'll jump next after Boo goes."

"Uh, yeah, sounds fair," said Wendy. "So let's start jumping!"

"Err, I want to make sure that this is safe first," said Boo. "You know, I know a lot of people who had died while skydiving." Rosalina shook her head.

"We'll survive," she said. "The altitude isn't that bad. Otherwise, we'd be flying without our seat belts."

"Wait!" said Vivian nervously, "Is this tandem skydiving?"

"Of course it is," said the producer, coming out of the pilot's room with suits for the players to wear. "Put these on. We'll be opening the doors in a second."

Vivian looked down nervously, fear dreading inside her as she made her way to the edge of the open door. The others yelled out enthusiastically to her over the roaring wind that drowned out their voices. Thousands of feet below, the ocean glimmered invitingly.

"Where am I going to land?" she asked loudly.

"The airport!" the tandem instructer behind her yelled. "Here!" He put an earpiece up to Vivian's ear.

"Greetings, Vivian!" said McHallyboo. "You're the first to jump. The first number is 8."

"Eight?" she asked back.

"Yep! Good luck!" The tandem instructor pulled back the earpiece and gave it to the person behind him and Vivian. As he stepped forward to exit the flying plane, Vivian closed her eyes.

"Okay, here we go!" he said, and they both jumped out of the aircraft. Flying freely through the air, Vivian was able to summon up her courage and open her eyes.

Vivian: It was the most incredible experience I had ever felt. I was just so happy I decided to face my fears first. Otherwise, I would have never went at all.

The next to go was Rosalina. Her tandum instructor put the ear piece up to her ear.

"Rosalina!" said McHallyboo. "Your number is 6!" With that, they both jumped off the aircraft and into the open sky.

Rosalina: Thanks goodness for my experience as a flight attendant, otherwise I would have probably fainted.

Both Rosalina and Vivian landed almost simultaneously, yards away from each other. Dazzled, they looked around at their surroundings; they had landed at the Delfino Airport. After Vivian unhooked herself from her tandem instructor, she walked over to Rosalina and laughed.

"That wasn't too bad," she admitted. "I'm so glad to have gotten over it first." Rosalina nodded and looked around.

"The question is, where are we?" she asked.

"The airport, according to my tandem instructor," Vivian said, unsure. From behind her, a short figure with a renowned, blue top hat came into their view.

"Weeeelcome!" he said out loud. "I'm McHallyboo, host of this game and happy to meet you."

"Why, happy to meet you too!" Rosalina said. McHallyboo only replied back by giving her a microphone.

"What is this?" she asked him.

"It connects all the way up there, of course," he said, pointing to the hovering airplane above. "And poor Yoshi is just about to jump off. Tell him your numbers, quick! Don't forget to remind him to memorize them."

"Mine was eight," Vivian said. Rosalina pressed the button of the microphone and spoke.


"Hello, it's Yoshi! Who's this?"

"It's Rosalina."

"Oh! Where did you go? Did you land in the water?"

"Yoshi, the numbers you have to memorize are eight and six."

"Eight and six? Got it!" McHallyboo grabbed the microphone back.

"Congrats for jumping!" he told them. "While waiting for the others to arrive, go through those doors. The camera people are waiting to interview you." He pointed to the small house structure in the center of the airport, and the two female players went off.


"I am ready!" Yoshi jumped off with his tandem instructor, as the others watched him disappear into the endless blues of the sky. None of them aboard knew what the jump's result would be, laying thousands of feet below.

"Oh, my God, I'm so nervous," squealed Wendy, "And I don't know if I'm going to do this!"

"To be honest, it's much worse than you think it is," Diddy said, looking at her.

"No," said Goombella, rolling her eyes. "We all know you're trying to scare us, and it's not working." Diddy shook his head.

Diddy: Goombella is an archeologist, and in my own opinion, a great pick for possibly the Mole.

Luvbi: Diddy trying to make us feel scared? Not acceptable and very odd on game standards.

"Come on, guys!" Diddy pointed out. "Haven't you done scarier things than skydiving?" Luvbi turned to her tandem instructor behind her.

"Is this safe at all?" she asked him.

"For heaven's sake, you can fly!" Boo said to her. "So can I. If we happen to unhook, we'll save ourselves."

"Not possible," Luvbi told him. "The wind speed will hinder my flying." Boo nodded in realization.

"I can't wait to get off this stuffy aircraft!" Wario told the others. "I want to go next."

"If I remembered correctly, it was Boo who was to be skydiving after Yoshi," recalled Bobbery.

"Well, that's wrong," said Wario with a laugh, "Cause I'm going." His tandem instructor walked to the edge with him to Boo's dismay.

Yoshi: That was too much fun! I'll probably go sky diving again in my spare time. Well, if I ever have the time or money in the future.

Yoshi landed on the base of the airport and looked around. He thanked his tandem instructor and made his way over to the patiently-waiting host.

"Hi!" Yoshi said, sticking out his hand. "Umm...who are you?"

"The host, McHallyboo!" McHallyboo said. "Welcome! Enjoyed your jump?" Yoshi nodded happily.

"Add the number four to your combination," McHallyboo instructed him. He handed Yoshi the microphone as Yoshi grabbed it curiously.

"Hello?" he spoke.

"Hey-a! Who's this?"

"It's Yoshi! The combination is eight, six, and four, repeat! Eight, six, and four, last one being four, first is eight, middle six. Confirmed!"

"I'm not good at memorizing!"

"Try your best!"


"I repeat things in my head to memorize them. What do you do?"

"What? That's won't help!"

" this Wario?"

"Never mind! I got it-"

"See you at the bottom!" Before Wario could speak back, Yoshi had already ended their conversation. He smiled triumphantly.

"Go through there," said McHallyboo, pointing through the small building. "Get interviewed while the others arrive." Yoshi nodded, jumping his way to the odd building.

"Ready, Wario?"

"Let's jump already!" the obese man shouted back, as the two of them jumped out of the plane. Bobbery shook his head as the doors closed.

"The fellow has too much mass," Bobbery said out loud. "It's a wonder they allow him to tandem skydive." Diddy couldn't help but laugh.

"Okay, I'm going next," said Boo, putting on his skydiving goggles, "because I was just supposed to go right now, but Wario took my place instead."

"Yeah, I'm really unsure of this," Wendy said, sitting down on the floor of the plane. "If I don't go, will you guys hate me?"

"Sabotage," Diddy muttered. Wendy shot a look at him.

"It's not sabotage!" she replied, "It's fear! You probably have a worst fear too."

"I do not want to jump either," Luvbi stated.

"What? You too?" Wendy asked in disbelief. "That makes no sense! You can fly!"

"Ridiculous," Boo said. "We can't have two people quit already." He looked at Wendy and Luvbi.

"It's only 2,000 coins," Goombella realized. "I mean, success for the Mole of course, but nothing too big. Right?" The doors of the airplane opened once again, as the roaring wind swarmed around them.

Back at the ground, Wario had landed at the airport.

Wario: Falling freely at its best! I should be able to afford my own airplane and do that again. I'm stinking rich.

"So, you were able to skydive?" McHallyboo asked, almost in a surprised voice.

"Why would you ask that?" Wario asked him. McHallyboo shook his head quickly.

"Well," the host continued, "You must now tell Boo the combination, but add the number five to the end of it." He gave Wario the microphone.

"Who is this?"

"Who is this?" Boo asked.

"Okay, listen up. The combination is eight, six...wait, I think it's eight, six, and four. No!" Wario counted his fingers.

"Four, six, and eight?" Boo said, confused. "What do those numbers mean, by the way?"

"The combination, you idiot!" Wario retorted.

"You're the idiot!" Boo shouted back. The other players aboard the plane were amused by Boo's mild argument, one that was taking place right before he was to jump thousands of feet out of a plane.

"You can't even remember a 3-digit combination!" Boo pointed out. Wario snorted, then scratched his head.

"Either eight, six, and four, or, eight, four, and six. Then add a five to the end regardless. Whadd'ya say?"

"The second one sounds better to me. So eight, four, six, and then five?"

"Yep! Bye, dead guy." Wario gave the microphone to McHallyboo, who kept his face ambiguous.

"Over there," said the host, pointing to the small building entrance in where the others were being interviewed. Wario went towards that direction.

"Here goes nothing!" Boo yelled out, jumping out of the plane door. Five had jumped, and only five remained.

"So, what was the order of jumping now?" Goombella asked.

"I forgot," Diddy said, trying his best to remember. He then looked at Bobbery.

"Or maybe it was because Bobbery decided to cut our list short," Diddy told them. The admiral looked him back.

"Pointing fingers just raises awkwardness," he replied. Wendy looked, wide-eyed as the doors of the plane opened once again.

"Okay, I'm going next!" she shouted. The others were startled by her sudden, high-pitched statement, then laughed.

"Well, good luck to you," said Diddy, grinning. "Happy landings! I hope you'll be fine." Wendy felt a certain reluctance as she made her way to the open door, the wind howling around her. Her tandem instructor gave her the ear piece.

"It's Boo!"

"Hi Boo, oh my God I'm about to jump!"

"It's not that bad to be honest. Combination is Eight, four, six, five, and one."

"I'm soo scared! Encourage me!" Boo thought for a second.

"Er...the chances of dying are as likely as surviving?"

"NO! That did not help! Thanks for nothing, Boo!" Wendy handed the ear piece back to her tandem instructor, who gave it to the tandem instructor behind him.

"Ready?" he asked Wendy.

"No no n no no, YES!" she shrieked. They both jumped.

In an instant, both of them were gone, falling thousands of feet to the tropical paradise below. At that moment, the Mole was content.

Whoot! Season 2 of Traitor Aboard returns, and with an all new title! For those who felt as if they had seen that title before, perhaps you have.

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