Hi. So you're probably all wondering, "Wait, why is Saboteur's Island being updated? Did Vivian not win? Was Yoshi really not the Mole? Was McHallyboo actually the Mole? (Lol, excluding the last chapter)

Well, nope xP. I just wanted to update you all that there WILL be the introduction of a 3rd season this summer. And probably very soon!


(inb4, "Huh? What is the meaning behind this weird title?" But as the story goes, you will see, hah. This game will take a small twist on things..location-wise.)

I have thought long and hard about making a new season, and I guess it's for everyone's best interest. Not only will you guys enjoy and benefit from another season (which makes me so immensely happy that you guys have read my stories in the past and have enjoyed them!) but I will also benefit from it as a person. Seriously, a life without the whole concept and adventure of the Mole has been hard on me so much, I EVEN CREATED AND FILMED A LIVE ACTION MOLE GAME ON MY UNIVERSITY CAMPUS!

(more updates on where you can find it for those who want to see me on youtube fail in Mole action :D ...or just google the phrase "MC Hallyboo youtube" and you will find it! Enjoy!)

Anyways, my biggest concern/one of the things holding me back from making a new story is that I knew how writer's block had killed me in the previous story at multiple times, and it makes me sad if you readers have to endure those again. So if I DO (and I will DEFINITELY, SUPER SUPER try not to at any cost), happen to have one of those awkward blocks of weeks of no updates, hopefully you will all be forgiving again, like so many of you during my past stories. So I apologize beforehand. Seriously, you guys rock.

Also, what better time to start than in the summer, when I'm doing absolutely nothing for 60% of my time? : )

Anyways, this 3rd installment of deceit and adventure will probably be uploaded some time this week. VERY SOON, actually, hopefully. Haha. So keep a look out in the near future! Stay tuned, people! : )And watch out for the Mole. He or she is a tricky one this time around...I hope.