Hello, everybody! It's me again, with yet another Indy fic! This is a oneshot from Temple of Doom, and it's in Indiana's point of view when the Thugee (did I spell that right?) force him to drink the "blood" of Kali Ma. It's really dark and freaky, just like the movie was. I seriously started hyperventilating when I watched it. I called my friend Bella afterwards, screaming and crying because Indy got possessed. Anyway, sorry about all my other stories. I've been EXTREMELY busy so I haven't got any time for them. This came to me while I was studying for midterms…oops. I'm gonna let you guys go…I forgot about the exams…BYE!

The bitter taste that fills my mouth disgusts me, and I want to spit it in their faces like last time, but the men hold my head still, and close my jaw, forcing me to swallow the foul liquid. Finally, they let me go, and I sink to the ground. My back is on fire from the whip, my whip, used against me. In my head, I hope that Willie and Shorty are doing better than I am.

That's when the pain comes.

They throw me on to the table roughly, and my body writhes. I grab my face and pull my hair from my head, but the pain gets stronger. My fingers clench from it, and I hear screaming. I wonder whose scream it is, and then I realize that it is mine. Yelling from the torture I'm going through, I my entire body spasms and I kick the candles on the table, knocking them over. I twist and turn, moaning in agony as the potion courses through me. The pain gets even stronger, coming at full force, and I can no longer hold back my screams. Just when I want it to end, when I feel like I'm going to die from the anguish, it fades. Slowly but surely, the pain diminishes. I sit up; my hands begin to stop twitching…

…and the Black Sleep of Kali Ma takes effect.