It was last Summer, before the Quileute boys came for a visit. Josh had just graduated, and moved away to Converse. I missed him, and he decided to surprise me with a visit. He came sneaking in my room late one Thursday night.

"Bella. Come on. I'm springing you from this joint for the weekend!" He said to me. I followed him without question. We slept in the back of his truck while parked on the beach that night. We were going to spend the next day on the boardwalk.

After breakfast we were walking along the pier when I spotted clown. I AM TERRIFIED of clown, so I screamed a little. I had never told anyone about my fear, and when Josh found out he teased me about it. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the horrible creature.

"Excuse me sir" he says "My friend here wants to hug you. She's shy though. Can she?" The clown somehow believed him so instead of just saying yes, he tries to hug ME! I freaked out and ran away, but the evil clown BoBo followed me, thinking it was a joke. I ended up tripping and falling, knocking down some poor caricature artist and his easel. To make it worse, he was using pain or something, and it all covered me. Josh just stood there laughing, and since BoBo saw he wasn't going to help me up, he tried. I ended up fainting because I was so scared. He's never let me live that down.

I guess what Josh told them could've been worse. God knows I've done worse, but still. It's horribly embarrassing!

"What are they all laughing at? Emmett's explanation told me nothing." Edward whispered in my ear. I inhaled a deep breath and turned to face him.

"I've never told anyone this. Josh figured it out, and he told them. But since everyone else knows...you should too. I'm really afraid of clowns. And one day we were on the boardwalk, and there was this clown there." My voice cracked a bit, but I cleared my throat. "Josh tried to get him to hug me and when BoBo, the clown, started coming towards me I freaked and ran. I fell onto a caricature artist, and all his paints fell on me. I just at there looking like an idiot while Josh laughed. BoBo, I guess, saw that no one was gonna help e up so he tried, but when he got near I freaked and passed out." I said the rest in one huge breath so fast I'm not sure he heard it all. I couldn't bear to look him in the eye, but Edward pulled me into a hug and I could feel his chest shake with silent laughter.

"Its okay Edward. You can laugh." And he did. A lot. I didn't think it was that funny. "SO, anyway. Josh! How long are you staying?"
"I'm going back Sunday."
"Yay! OH! You should stay here! I'll convince Charlie! Pleeeeeeeease?" I begged. I really did wand to spend time with him.

"If he says it's cool I'm in. Saves me money, honey."


"Freak." was his retort.

"Looser" I sneered.

"At least I don't pass out when I see a clown!" Oh, he didn't.
"At least I didn't get suspended from school for stripping during lunch because I was drunk!"

"No, but you DID get suspended from school for stripping on the roof of the cafeteria! And you weren't even drunk that day!" Damn him!

"AH!" I threw a pillow at Josh, hitting him squarely in the face.

"You stripped on top of the school?" Edward asked me, while looking slightly awed but more disturbed.

"I was playing strip poker and I lost. I only got caught because I tripped!" Then the whole room burst out in another round of laughter, I even joined this time.